Saturday, June 11, 2011

Mob Wives: A Big Thank You!

I, Mob Mistress would like to take the time to thank some folks.  Tonight, I decided to take one last look @ the Mob Wives Blogspot and the counter was @ 99,999 page views.  Tired I sat here for 12 minutes waiting for one more page view.  Well I needed to refresh because we went from five figures to 6.  I had to laugh because I was like someone, anyone come read us.  When I refreshed 39 more readers had dropped by. Duh!

I have to thank Chiara.  One she agreed to blog alongside me.  Two she's a bit O.C.D. in regards to blogging.  So when I am lazy, sick, irritated, working or on vacation Chiara makes sure you all have something to read new each and every day.  She keeps the blog moving along.

I'd like to thank Underboss for adding some testosterone to our blogging mix.  His perspective on movies, series and other things mob, mafia & gangster related is quite interesting to me.  It's also nice to have a set of balls around here.

I'd like to give thanks to all the Mob Wives (including Carla Facciolo) for agreeing to open up aspects of their lives & rolling with the punches, chokes and hair pulling.  A double kiss cheek & shoulder grab to Jennifer Graziano for having the concept & drive to see her vision come to fruition.  We have something to blog about around here that is actually quite fascinating.  We have a never ending wealth of stories & connections that we could blog until the cows come home.  A special thanks to Renee Graziano who understands what we do.   We simply share our opinions based off an outside vantage point.  Whether we love a particular mob wife and/or dislike another one, at the end of the day we watch & blog about the show that entertains us.  It ain't personal around here.

Now who deserves the biggest thanks is you the reader.  We are an infant blog, just 2 months old.  We have over 100,000 hits.  A very huge accomplishment in eWorld were everyone and their mother has a blog.  So thank you for reading!  Thank you for spreading the word about us and posting our link in various forums.  Thank you for voting in our various polls.  And thank you, thank you for those insider tips.  We are working on your tips as I type now.  We like to take our time with things.  However, we read you and most of your blog stories ideas & tips will be addressed.

Follow us on Twitter mobwives_blgspt or e-mail us @!  Now we don't know about you.  But we have been tweaking around here as if crack addicts.  Two weeks without our beloved hated Mob Wives was just a bit too much to take for us.  Damn MTV Movie Awards bullshit!  Tomorrow we will get our fix on Sunday 8PM/7PM central thanks to VH1.  I think Dr. Klapper may come up again.  Tune in to find out!


Linda said...

Congrats! This is a great blog. It's cool because there are 3 writers so there are 3 viewpoints. I just started reading this blog a few weeks ago and now I check in everyday. Keep up the excellent work!

Chiara Soprano said...

I'd like to add my thank yous to Mob Mistress'. I love to write and this gives me a chance to pursue a show and topic I am interested in, as well as research and write about them. For me it doesn't get much better than that. We do read all your comments and try to respond and take note of what you are interested in so we can deliver. As Mob Mistress said, we try to have something new up every day so you don't waste a trip to the blog. It's very gratifying to see how well received we have been to date.

Linda said...

Yous are good stuff.

The Underboss said...

As the new guy, I am excited to see the reactions to the blog. Also I would like to say thank you to the mistress for allowing me the opportunity to get my crazy thoughts out.

Mister Sister Blogger said...

BRAVO!!! You guys are the best! I think I've been here from the beginning, lucky enough to google something and you popped up! I laugh, I pout, right along with you! And, you inspired me and helped me start a blog about Sister Wives myself!!! Love you guys!