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"The Walking Dead: Infected" Episode Recap

It is night time and someone is out and about the prison yards and feeding rats to the walkers lining up the fence…this can explain the alarming amount of walkers seen lately against the fence. Meanwhile, Ty and Karen are having some quality time in the library while everyone is asleep. They soon part ways to go back to their cells. Karen goes to the showers to wash her face with water. She hears a noice and when she investigates where it’s from, she sees nothing. She continues to wash her face and leave…which catches the attention of Patrick, now a walker. Patrick rises up and follows her to the cell. But someone coughing in their sleep catches the walker’s attention…the walker goes in their room and has a nice feast.

Patrick turning back....
To make matters a lot better in this situation, while Rick and Beth are tending to baby Judy elsewhere, the eaten up man awakes as a walker…so there’s two walkers loose. Glen and Maggie are up at the tower and Maggie just wakes up. They share some tender moments before Glen goes down the tower and Maggie keeps watch. Michonne takes her horse and is ready to make another run and asks Rick and Carl if they want anything. Michonne takes off while Rick and Carl go to the farm. They both notice that there’s a big herd of walkers leaning on the fence. Rick and Carl go feed the pigs when Carl apologizes. He then asks when he can get his gun back. They hear gunshots from the cell block. Rick rushes as Daryl, Ty, and Sasha run out and go to the cell with Rick. Carl opens the gate for Michonne to enter but a walker sneaks behind her. Two walkers are on Michonne as she kicks them back. Carl gets out a rifle and shoots one while Michonne kicks the other in the traps. Maggie rushes to help Michonne and seal the gate.

Michonne rides back to the rescue. 
Hell breaks loose in the cells as men, women and kids are screaming and scrambling to safety as walkers are on the loose and attacking. Rick, Daryl, Sasha, Ty and Glen scramble to save the people and kill the walkers. Meanwhile, Carol takes a man in the cell. The man is bitten in the arm and Carol creates a tourniquet. After everything quiets down, the crew make sure that all the cells are checked and that all the walkers (and dead humans) are bashed in the brain. The man in the cell Carol is tending to asks Carol to watch over his two little girls since they have no one else because he sees how Carol looks after the kids like “they are her own”. Carol grabs the girls so they can say goodbye.

New threats are exposed in the once safe cell. 
Rick notices a walker in the cell and stabs it. But…there was blood down his mouth as if he choked in his own blood. They noticed it on a walker outside and on Patrick too. A couple more men come in (doctors I assume) and observe that the walkers had a serious illness before they died and are all exposed to this mysterious virus. Meanwhile, the two girls, Lizzy and Mika, cry as they see their dying father in the cell. Lizzy grabs her dad’s hand. “Take care of your sister,” the dad whispers before taking a final breath. Lizzy volunteers to stick the knife to the side of his head so he won’t turn but she begins hyperventalating. The girls cling onto each other and cry as Carol finally ends it for them.

Rick goes out to check on Michonne, Maggie and Carl. He breaks the news to Carl that Patrick was killed and that he was a good kid. But Rick warns them that they have to remain a good distance so they don’t exposed to this virus. Carol, Daryl, Glen, Hershel and Sasha discuss this mysterious virus and how to resolve this issue. But before they can come to a serious conclusion, they hear Karen severely cough in the hallway. The crew goes out and see Karen and Ty. They tell the two that Karen may be exposed to the virus and that she needs to be placed in a separate cell where they would treat her as best as they could. Hershel wants to conduct another meeting later for a solution. Carol is concerned about the girls and their well-being. 

Carol and the girls are outside in the yard. Carol tells Lizzy that they have to talk about what happened. Carol tells her that their dad told Carol she is in charge and that Lizzy “lost her nerve” back at the cell and her life relied on her acting and not hesitating. “He’s dead…he’s dead…why did we kill him?” Lizzy cries as she runs away. “She’s messed up, she’s not weak,” Mika tells Carol.  Meanwhile, Daryl (wearing gloves and a bandana) is digging up more graves. Rick stops by to check on him. Daryl thanks Rick for all he has done for the screw. Rick admits he “screwed up too many times” and how he almost lost his boy. Daryl said he earned his time away to recollect. But before they can talk more, Maggie yells out for them. The outside fence is caving in. Rick and Darly joins her, Glen, Ty and Sasha as they slaughter the walkers.

Daryl covering himself from the mystery virus (Huffington Post) 
Beth is in a cell wrapping up Michonne’s ankle. Michonne regrets “being so stupid” and how Maggie and Carl should’ve left her or they could’ve gotten hurt. “When you care about people, hurt is part of the package,” Beth said. As Beth finishes wrapping up, baby Judy starts crying. This obviously strikes a nerve with a stoic Michonne. “Does she always cry like that?” Michonne asks, looking away with tears in her eyes. “She probably picks up on other people’s feelings,” Beth suggests as she picks her up.

While the crew is out at the fence killing walkers, Sasha is appalled at finding the dead rats and demands who has been feeding them. Before she can get an answer, the fence begins falling. Rick tells Daryl to get the truck because he has an idea.

The walkers growing and the fence caving in ( 
Back in the prison, Carl is hammering a cross for Patrick’s grave, even though Patrick was an atheist. Carol checks in and tells Carl about training the kids to use weapons and how she kept it a secret because some of the parents would disapprove. Carl says that he doesn’t want to lie to Rick but Carol assures him that he’s not lying to Rick, he’s just not telling. Ultimately, Carl feels it’s none of his business and that it should be between Carol and Rick.

As Michonne does situps, Beth is singing to a quiet Judy. But then Judy begins crying and spits up food at Beth. Beth rushes to Michonne as Michonne reluctantly holds Judy so Beth can clean off. Michonne’s lip trembles and tears fall down her face as she holds Judy close to her. Beth notices and just lets Michonne have her space.

Outside, Maggie opens the gates as Daryl rides a trick with Rick on the trailer and they drive on the field. Daryl makes a stop to distract the walkers in their way. Rick gets out a pig, slashes part of its skin and drops it in the field for the walkers to eat. Rick does this a few more times, dropping off a couple more pigs and slashing them to the side. The pigs are used as bait to distract the walkers away from the fence while Sasha and Glen try to lift it up.

The Counsel pondering what to do with a new threat ( 
On the other side of the prison, Carol is talking to the girls about the walkers. Carol mentions to Lizzy that she didn’t mind that the walker called “Nick” had died. Carol is trying to expose Lizzy to death and the walkers as a way of desensitizing her (at least, that’s what it looks like).

Back at the pig pen, as Rick is tearing it down, Carl tells Rick that Carol has been teaching the kids weapons in secret. Rick thanks Carl for telling him and Rick mentions that he won’t say anything or stop her. Rick lights a match and burns down the pen. He then opens up a toolbox and gives Carl back his pistole. Rick holsters up himself and takes his trusty colt. He then takes off his blood-soaked shirt and throws it in.He looks on and sees more walkers pressed up against the fence, wondering what is next in their bleak reality.

Ty walks to Karen’s cell with a boquet of dandelions…only to see her body is missing and there is a big trail of blood. Ty turns on the lights and follows the trail. It leads him out back to the courtyard and before him, lies two bodies that were doused with gasoline and lit on fire…on of the bodies being that of Karen…

Janes Notes: Um, wow, this was a pretty squeamish episode for me and it hasn't been that way for me since the TJ/Lori death episode. This was an intense one for got kids involved eating people and making more losing parents...the walkers are growing by the numbers and threatening the prison yard perimeter...aaaaaaaand now it looks like we have a new virus that mother nature is throwing into the mix. I can't say much on that since well, it's mother nature. 

Call me cray-cray but I think the Governor is behind the murders. He knows where the prison is at. He's not one of those people that busts in but waits, waits and waits for the buildup, getting rid of anything interfering and then when the occasion calls for it, he strikes back in a ginormous way. That's his MO. Chances are, he found more henchmen, promised them a place of sanctuary (the prison) but instead of just attacking it, being sneaky about it is the best way to go. Dude is a villainous asshole but he's also super sharp. 

Quite note, the piggies being used as bait upset me the most in the episode. 

I don't know...who do you think is behind the rat feeding and murders? Are they correlated at all? (I think they are) 

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