Thursday, October 24, 2013

Mob Wives: Karen Gravano Speaks Out!

Karen addresses some issues the first ten minutes of video

The premiere episode of season four of Mob Wives is set to air in early December. The rumors that three wives have been dropped and a new Philly wife added has been pretty much confirmed. What we still don’t have is any legitimate explanation why. Carla is crying it’s about the money (money, money) and Ramona also says it about money and being lied to by the producers to stir up drama. Well now Karen is answering a few questions about it in a recent interview with This Is 50. You can hear it for yourself.

There is some indirect history or connection between Karen and new Philly Mob Wife, Alicia DiMichele Garafalo. Karen says Alicia’s whole story line is Karen. It seems that Karen’s father, Sammy Gravano, was responsible for the hit on Alicia’s father in law, Edward Garafalo, which is old news. But Karen says that his son, Edward “Tall Guy” Garafalo Jr., Alicia’s husband, wants to use his wife’s being on the show to help bolster the case against a man who was involved in his father’s murder by allegedly having her reveal information he hopes will reach jurors. Karen is pretty adamant in her interview. She feels the producers decided this would be a “good” story line for season four and she doesn’t agree it should be a one-sided story line.  It appears that this difference of opinion led to Karen’s being let go or quitting. Karen seems to feel that producers may have told Alicia that Karen wasn’t going to be on the show to get her to sign on. But, Karen adds, when she came back to do the show, the “dry snitch” Edward “Tall Guy,” who is currently in prison, allegedly didn’t want Karen on the show so he could get out his story on this 23 year old beef. And, although Karen will not be seen in season four, she says we will be hearing a lot about her because of this mob history. Karen is limited by contractual obligations not to reveal many facts that I’m sure she would love viewers to know. Karen has always operated from a position of truth and I’m sure it bothers her a great deal to have to withhold the truth or be faced with a lawsuit. In fact, she says as much in recent tweets.

I’ve heard Karen speak about how she was persuaded to join the cast of Mob Wives by her friend and Executive Producer, Jennifer Graziano. From what I’ve heard and read, I think it took quite a bit of convincing. Karen had to leave her daughter in Arizona to come back to New York to film the show. Karen had no idea what she would be facing on her return. Many in Staten Island, families of the victims of Sammy’s crimes, still harbored a great deal of  anger at Sammy and everyone in his family. They tried to block her book from being published and even tried claiming the profits from her best seller, Mob Daughter. It wasn’t an easy move on Karen’s part, she gave up a lot, but her lifelong childhood friend needed the Gravano name to help sell the series to a network and to insure viewers would tune in. She ultimately agreed. So when Karen says there would be no Mob Wives if she hadn’t joined the cast, I think it’s safe to say it’s the truth. Karen ends by saying the show shouldn’t even be called Mob Wives any more, it should be called Mob Stuff.

I guess we will see how season four gets along without three of the original wives and without the name that got viewers and the network interested in the first place.


Anonymous said...

All 3 seasons r great..ok new cast for season far as replacein karen ramona and carla many companys do the same thing peopel get fired quit whatever its a learning xperence for the cast what's done in the work place today..getin screwed is not a pleasent xperence no..but every dog has its day in the mean time bills still need to b paid..lesson learned..

Ed Scarpo said...

You guys have chosen to believe Karen.... why? Do you think Alicia is going to discuss mob business on TV? Her and Eddie are divorced - I heard she hates his guts. Karen was dumped - she's creating this big conspiracy to explain. Garofalo is a made guy working for psycho Teddy Persico. He has to know he's gone if he's doing what Karen says he's doing. I also doubt she needed to be convinced to be on either.... remember she had a book to promote....

Anonymous said...

They need Karen and Ramona that's why majority of people even watched it at first lol what's next replacing drita and Renee and big ang lol I wouldn't doubt it in time

Anonymous said...

Ok, so if that's true, then why did Rene greet Karen the way she did in season 1 with such hostility?

Is the show scripted?

How do you go from doing a childhood friend a favor to get the show some recognition to being their arch nemesis in the first episode?

Anonymous said...

Because it's scripted