Sunday, March 2, 2014

Mob Wives: Renee Graziano’s Take on Reunion Show

The Reunion ain't over till the Mob Lady Sings!

Note: We have been blogging Mob Wives since before the show aired. I love blogging about the show and the storylines. I enjoy researching the background history of the families. I love digging up the details of scandalous situations and relationships. But, I think most of all I love reading the comments of our readers. I read them all, and appreciate the different opinions and takes everyone has about the cast members and what takes place on the show. I thank all of you who take the time to read the blogs and comment.

Up until now we could only wonder what the cast members would have to say about a particular episode after the fact. But we don’t have to wonder any more, Renee Graziano has taken to blogging the episodes of season four this year. I came across her blog on, “rehashing” the Reunion Show, and was very interested in what she had to say.

It’s not surprising that Renee and I agree on many things concerning the Reunion, the cast and season four in general. The cards were definitely stacked against her. No one had her back and it felt unbalanced. Renee and I agree about Natalie. Why she is even being considered for season 5 is a mystery to me, especially since Renee tells us she tried to sabotage her recovery by giving her cocaine and pills and got high with her in Vegas. She knew Renee wasn’t herself and yet she provoked her time and time again. Natalie will not be the “face” of Mob Candy and in my opinion contributes nothing to the show. Is she even related to anyone in the Mob?  She isn’t an asset, she is a liability. She isn’t even a funeral director, she’s a cosmetologist and hairdresser whose clients can’t complain because they are all dead. Enough said.

When it comes to Ang and Drita, Renee and I see eye to eye on their behavior all season long. They betrayed and hurt her. Where was their loyalty? They were Renee’s friends for years, but every chance they got, they took Natalie and Alicia’s side over every issue. I could feel Renee’s pain. It was hard to watch and harder to understand. Even if Renee was wrong, they knew she had relapsed, and they should have tried to protect her from herself. Many times both of them just sat there and let the situation escalate. They watched as Natalie taunted Renee. In Vegas, they waited until Renee got physical with Natalie before getting up to help. They never tried to diffuse the situation. No wonder Renee questioned their loyalty and friendship…who wouldn’t.

As for the Twitter beef…since day one, every Mob Wife has tweeted insulting things about the others concerning what took place on the show. It promotes the show and engages fans. Renee admits to doing that. But Natalie’s attack on Renee was personal. Renee has every right to be angry. Natalie’s tweet, calling Renee a “f*cking coke whore,” was a low blow. Natalie knew about the relapse and still hit Renee below the belt. I feel this almost a repeat of season 3 when Carla called Renee a "junkie" a couple of dozen times. You just don’t go there when someone has an addiction and is struggling with sobriety.

Check out this clip of Season 2 where Drita is talking about Junior and Renee's Dad to Carla. I guess that's okay?

Renee was stunned by Drita’s outburst at the Reunion…weren’t we all? I agree with everything Renee had to say in her blog about Drita (it was plenty!) and am sorry she was in too much shock to say it all to Drita’s face on the show. So what if Renee talked about Lee with Karen? I don’t get it. Lee was also part of Karen’s life for seven years. But aside from that, are you going to tell me that Drita didn’t talk about Junior or Renee’s father to Ang and Carla the first three seasons? See the above video! Everybody talks about everybody! Renee didn’t do anything wrong and certainly nothing that everyone else isn’t also guilty of doing. Just the fact that Drita admits Renee was a better friend to her than anybody else proves her argument never held water. And, I have to add, why was Drita screaming at the top of her lungs, the veins in her neck bulging and about to explode? She had three previous Reunions and lots of “air” time on the show to call Renee out about this if it bothered her so much. This is the type of reaction I expected from her over her “stalker” or Aleeya’s “bully,” not ordinary gossip! Renee and I both have the same opinion about Drita’s definition of “friendship.” I don’t think she has a clue what the word means.

Now this is where Renee and I disagree. Renee didn’t say much at all about Alicia. She was soft on her, I am not. Renee basically feels she is a great mother and is sad about her sentencing. She also doesn’t have much to say about the “Carla affair” and “leaking information” accusation. I do. I wonder why we are so out of sync on Alicia? I wish Renee had said more, but she was probably exhausted from giving Drita a huge piece of her mind. Alicia finally admitted to committing a crime, “embezzlement“, on the reunion show, after denying it for 12 episodes. Alicia prances around, dressed to the nines with manicured nails, opening boutiques, wearing expensive jewelry, living in a huge house with a pool, crying the blues like we should all feel sorry for her. Renee might, but I don’t. So what if the Feds want to take her house, the 50 gold bracelets on her wrists (including the new Cartier Love Bracelet), her Rolex, her necklaces and earrings…were any of those paid for with the truckers’ pension money? So what if they want to take all her earnings from Mob Wives as restitution? The truck drivers should get every dime of their money back with all the earnings or interest that they would have made on it! Alicia will probably not get jail time for her crime, but the very least she can do is make her victims whole financially. I think all those faux tears are for herself, she doesn’t want to part with any of “her” money, but she thought nothing of helping herself to theirs!

As for Alicia's accusations against Carla, Renee’s lifelong friend, where is the proof she was sleeping with Eddie? Chinese food is not proof. If she heard something substantial on the tapes then let’s hear that portion of the tape or a transcript of what was said. She threw Carla under the bus without a shred of evidence. Carla wanted to confront Alicia about her accusations. “I have a phone…ring it!,” was Carla’s message to Alicia. That would have made for a great scene, but it never happened? Why? Maybe Alicia was just slinging mud and it didn’t stick. Meanwhile, if you Google Alicia and cheating, there are tons of articles that pop up alleging she has been cheating on Eddie, the love of her life, for years now. And don’t just read the article, read the comments too! Her “Philly” people have eyes and ears and some shed light on what is really going on off camera in Philly despite all her denials. It almost sounds like she has been with Rob LaScala, a married man, since the day after Eddie went to jail. What does that make Alicia? A Hypocrite? A Cheater? Sounds like the (lying) pot calling the kettle black to me.

Great Blog Renee! You really should read Renee’s Rehash of the Season 4 Reunion at WET PAINT. It’s insightful and you’ll see how Renee really feels!

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Anonymous said...

Since you read Renee's blog go read Drita's from OK magazine. She defines friendship in the article. My opinion, Friendship isn't a season and then you take a break and come back in 5 months to read a script. As much as I don't like Carla F. she's 100% correct about Renee. A phony, an instagator, a liar, and a hypocrite full of crocodile tears. Believe it or not the philly girls are not the reason why I stopped watching its cause of Renee. And I call BS on why Renee has "no clue" why they would bring Natalie back. Jen brought her back and Jen let her sister spiral out of control for ratings. Jen was in Vegas with them so enough with the BS already.

Anonymous said...

I agree with anon about Jen. The things that came out about the coke use at the reunion were disturbing. Renee should stop doing the show, but I think we all know she won't. Her real addiction might be the fame and perks of being on this show.

As for Drita, I really don't care how she defines friendship. Likewise, Renee's definition doesn't matter either. It was an untimely outburst. New viewers to the show wouldn't have had any idea what the hell Drita was yelling about. I'd say that she should stop talking about old shit, but I'd almost rather her rehash irrelevant stuff from previous seasons than hear her talking about her "rap career." I know people like Drita, but she has no storyline - maybe that's why she's throwing shade to Renee. She needs something - other than popularity - to keep her involved in the overarching storyline for the season.

As much as I hated the new additions to the show, Alicia, Natalie and Renee were really the only ones with actual storylines this season - despite how contrived the stories were. I love Ang, but I am not here for these delusional talks about having a baby. Please, spare us.

The first improvement they could make is adding Renee's friend Carla to the show. I'd also love to see them bring Lee's side piece on for an episode or two - since Drita wants to stay relevant by drumming up stale beefs about her never on camera husband. Give her what she asking for and see how she likes that.

Rosey said...

Read the blog and it was on point. Who does Drita think she is threatening Renee about talking with Karen, her husbands old girlfriends about her Lee? Lee and Karen were together for at least 7 years and Drita was friends with both of them while they dated.
I want them to bring Karen back next season!! It would be mixing the old and the new and lets see where friendship lines are drawn.

Anonymous said...

Renee was spot on with her words. Drita has zero loyalty to anyone but herself. Next thing you know Ang will disagree with her and she will hear" Ang we were never friends". Im so bothered by how Drita came at Renee like that for no good reason. I twas all a pile of crap she harbored for years? Makes no sense. She is so tough and ready to confront one when she has a problem right away though right? She is a fraud.
I hate that Renee relapsed but I hope she finds peace she needs to stay on track. At the end of the day she never claims to be perfect and always tries to right her wrongs. I cannot fault her for that. I was really hoping the Philly Fools would be exiting show but I guess they are coming back? I hope Karen Gravano comes too! I would not even mind Carla F coming back to give Drita a dose of reality with the definition of a real friend.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry I have to disagree with Renee admits to her wrongs. She only admits to what you see on camera. As far as off camera sorry I don't believe it. I mean Carla F. , Ramona, Natalie, Alicia and now Drita all saying the same thing about Renee how she defines friendship. Come on one woman complaining about Renee fine but 5 different women all complaining that's Renee's a liar, a hypocrite, an instagator and etc. and even if you want to take all of them out of the equation and just leave Ramona I believe Ramona when she ripped Renee a new one on twitter. And we all know Ramona is true good friend.

Anonymous said...

The Drita thing aggravated me. Drita must have heard something about Lee to put her on the defensive. Face it, she isn't Italian, and I always saw her as a bit of an outsider. She is probably embarrassed by the way Lee speaks to her, on a television show no less, imagine what he might say when not being broadcast. He is a criminal, a cheater, a low-life loser, and she took him back knowing all of these things. It is only a matter of time until this man cheats again, commits a crime again, and probably beats the crap out of Drita. She is dumb enough to think anyone would buy this rap career thing, 'now that she is happy she can't write raps anymore'.......laughable.

And I think Drita will forever feel like Karen would have been Lee's first choice, and she was second. It obviously is a touchy subject for her. I don't remember anyone saying that much about Lee or talking about him except acknowledging the prior relationship he had with Karen, I mean could that be enough to set her off like that?

Ang is a real life cartoon character. She doesn't give a crap about anything, she takes care of her family and business and is riding this gravy train until it is over. She seems like she can take or leave anyone.

Alicia, another dishonest woman, and about EVERYTHING. About her marriage, her innocence to her husbands criminal activities and her own, her boyfriend.

Natalie, who cares? She is a beautiful idiot.

And say what you will about Renee, she is the most honest, authentic person on the show now. She is a mess, but you have to admire her willingness to appear so weak and vulnerable. I wouldn't do it.

I miss Karen, but she has her book going for her, and who would want to be a part of this crappy show anymore? It is pretty much over.

Chiara Soprano said...

Thanks everybody for the comments, I appreciate your taking the time to voice your opinions. We may not all agree but it makes the show a little more interesting sharing the experience with other people and seeing things from a different point of view.

Anonymous said...

I also felt the outburst where Drita attacked Renee was completely out of left field. They were discussing Alicia and Renee, not Drita and Renee and all of a sudden Drita jumps in out of nowhere. And Drita was screaming at Renee and threatening her... that's not how friends speak to each other. Where did this come from? Has Drita been harboring this all these years? I really don't like people with hair trigger tempers like that, you never know when you could just be walking along and happen to step on a land mind. Drita is way too sensitive when it comes to Lee, get over it Drita, people can and will talk about your lying, cheating, criminal of a husband. Renee can be quite crazy herself but this outburst of Drita's was uncalled for and she owes Renee an apology.

Anonymous said...

After watching the reunion,I was wondering if all this venom would be spoken to Renee if she and Junior were still together.Or would it not matter.I didn't understand why Drita seemed to fly off the handle towards Renee now instead of in the past.The only time I remember her voicing her displeasure with Renee was after her fight with Karen and Ramona she was screaming she felt set up.

Chiara Soprano said...

To the last Anon, I don't recall any problems between Renee and Drita either, just the scene you mentioned and she got over it. Someone stirred the pot to get her riled up before the show, that's what I think. Ridiculous to bring up past seasons without clips. Didn't Drita talk about Junior???

Anonymous said...

Again would these tin plated tough girls(with the exception of Big Ang)be talking out of pocket if Junior was home and with Renee?The way Renee seems to fear him makes me believe he's really about that life until they start talking jailtime.
This season made me look sideways at Drita and even Ang to a certain extent.The way Renee was thrown under the bus with them siding with the new girls was suspect to say the least.Alicia had to have heard tings/witnessed things and/or used common sense to know Eddie wasn't a missionary on the corner.She was even gunning after Karen for the hit(eventhough Karen had nothing to do with it).Alcia also was all in her feelings related to Eddie talking/having dinner with an old girlfriend(who's now a friend)but couldn't step to her husband and let him know how she felt.Girl Bye-I have ex boyfriends who are now like brothers-It's nothing going on and have met the new girlfriends/wives to assure then of this[and I'm no slouch at 5'10 36H-30-40 and damned good looking but I respect myself and sanctity of marriage.