Thursday, March 20, 2014

Real Housewives of New York: The Ghostwriter-Gate Liar?

Did you hire a writer? 
No, I didn't...
Did you write it yourself?
No, I didn't...

You decide…but it’s a no brainer.

On the show Aviva and Carole’s conversation:

Carole: Did you end up hiring a writer?
Aviva: I didn’t.
Carole: (appearing a little surprised) So no one’s ghosting it?
Aviva: No. It was like writing an email…

Then Aviva’s Blog posted same night as show:

“OK, I will once and for all, answer Carole’s burning question, "Did I write Leggy Blonde all by myself?" All by myself? No way. I wrote the initial draft then continued working on it with my own superb team, and I don’t think I could have written the book without them -- certainly it wouldn't be the same. I didn't thank them on the title page; I did in the Acknowledgements but still, regrettably, probably left out a couple of dozen. I admire Carole for doing her book all by herself; it’s a huge task. It was for me anyway.”

Now let’s see what Carole said on the show:

Aviva: You wrote a lot of essays. Right, right. Did you ghost your books?
Carole: (seemingly stunned) Are you kidding me? No, I mean I’m a writer, I don’t know.
Aviva: You didn’t?
Carole: No I didn’t.
Aviva: So even though What Remains was your first book, you did it yourself, right?
Carole: I did it myself. I’m a writer, that’s what I do for 20 years. I thought you knew that.

Carole’s Blog posted the same night as the show:

"1. Aviva Says: Bill Whitworth ghostwrites my books.
The Truth: Bill Whitworth is a real person, and an editor. He's not a writer and he's not a ghostwriter -- not mine or anyone else's. He's retired now, after a long and distinguished career, but still considered one of the best and most respected editors in the business. Bill makes a cameo on the show!

2. Aviva Says: Her "Publishing House" passed on my novel.
The Truth: They didn't pass, they made an offer. They were one of six publishers who bid on it, but they lost in a heated auction.

3. Aviva Says: Her "Publishing House" told her I hired a ghostwriter.
The Truth: Houses can't talk. Aviva hired a ghostwriter. I have a professional relationship with her "Publishing House" and no one there told her my books are ghostwritten. No one wants to talk to Aviva about anything – surprise, surprise."

Carole went on WWHL the same night as the show and once again she addressed all Aviva's lies with the facts. She has never used a ghostwriter. The mere thought of it is insulting.

So who was lying on the show? It’s clear even to the village idiot. It’s Aviva. She comes clean herself in the blog. Carole shouldn’t have to try to defend herself and her career against absurd allegations and lies. It constitutes slander. Maybe that’s why Aviva was very low key the day after the show and just retweeted the occasional tweets of support she got? Guilty conscience?

I really dislike liars. Carole’s Blog goes into much more detail about all the circumstances surrounding the lunch conversation and what preceded it. Maybe Aviva’s memory is faltering even at age 44? In any case, if this is going to come up again in future episodes, I like to be clear and have all the little pieces of the puzzle in place.

I encourage you to read Carole’s wonderful blog, she does a much better job than I ever could of setting the record straight.

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