Monday, March 17, 2014

Real Housewives Of New York: Searching for Carole‘s “Ghostwriter” Ep 602

Oh, I think I found Carole's Ghostwriter!
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The second episode of RHONY is titled “Give up The Ghostwriter.” Apparently, as far back as July, 2013, the word on the internet is that Aviva has been allegedly trying to find out who is Carole Radziwill’s “Ghostwriter” for her new book, The Widow’s Guide to Sex and Dating.” It’s true. It was being reported in the newspapers, if you can believe what you read in them any more these days. I prefer to get my news from blogs. Anyway, the preview of this episode shows the girls discussing Aviva’s insulting question to Carole about her “ghostwriter.” And then, before you know it, the whole issue took on a new dimension on twitter, with a little back and forth banter between Aviva and Carole. I can’t wait to see the episode to see exactly how the whole thing goes down. If it’s true, Carole is quite indignant, and rightly so. I’m not sure why Aviva would even think Carole would jeopardize her integrity and credibility?

Even the ghostwriter is confused!

Frankly, the whole idea is preposterous. When you look at Carole’s career accomplishments, as a journalist for over 25 years and the fact that she was on the New York Times best seller’s list with her first book, I don’t know how anyone can suggest she needed, wanted, or even considered using a “ghostwriter” for her book. When I read Carole’s blogs on Bravo, they are detailed and witty and her “voice” clearly comes through in every piece. I will sometimes glance at the other blogs just to see what the other wives have to say about the show and there is no comparison. None. In fact, Carole could publish her all her blogs tomorrow with a few juicy insider stories about her experience and it would fly off the shelves. Also, I cannot for the life of me see Carole putting her name on anything she did not have total creative control over.

I expect to get more than a few laughs and "What The Hell Moments" from tomorrow night's episode! Tune in at 9 ET for episode 2 of RHONY..."Give Up the Ghostwriter."

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