Friday, February 28, 2014

Mob Wives: Recap Reunion Show Season Four, Ep 413

A view of the set

“Just when you thought you were out, they pull you back in.” Great quote to start off the show, especially when the sneak peek that was released gave us the impression Drita was going to attack Renee and flip tables. That really didn’t happen.

The New Blood Reunion Show, is hosted by Sherri Shepherd, who says tonight we are breaking bread rather than breaking faces. They did neither. All the ladies are seated around a dinner table with Sherri at the head of the table, asking the questions. They had to get a comedian to host the show because season four was a joke. The whole season is a flip-flopping tennis match! They say one thing one minute and the next the opposite!

Sherri asks Alicia about court and the sentencing. She is being sentenced, she isn’t being sentenced. Alicia says she cannot be sentenced until the restitution issue is settled, but she says there is no date. It’s been reported it was postponed till March. How convenient is that…right between seasons! And what about the big “to be continued…” at the end of the finale? That was very misleading when they already had some answers about what went on in court in January. They tried to make it look like she was sentenced to five years and a million dollar fine the way everyone was “acting.” The New York Post is on it, we will find out as soon as anything happens with regard to this issue.

Moving on to Natalie. Sherri points out that, at first, Renee liked Natalie and called her a mini-me. Renee said she called her a mini-me because Natalie is outspoken and then they have to go and rehash the “delicious” issue yet again! I feel that word has burned a hole in all our brains. Renee gets pissed all over again about it like it just happened. But wait a minute, didn’t she just laugh about it in the finale when Natalie sang the song at her book party, and they hugged afterwards? Which is it, is she over it or not? Sherri wants to know what’s the big deal about that word. Renee says it was rude. Renee says she doesn’t think Natalie was hitting on her man, but it was disrespectful. Natalie still doesn’t feel she did anything wrong and Renee says she is done with Natalie and the "delicious" conversation. Thank you God. Amen.

Renee confronts Natalie

Next topic is the ladies trip to sin city, Las Vegas, for a vacation. Sherri asks why Renee was acting out like that. Renee says she relapsed in her addiction with alcohol and anti-depressants. Sherri says that’s not the best place to take someone who has addiction issues (ya think?) and wants to know who takes responsibility for that. Naturally, no one does because this trip was probably cooked up by the production team as part of the script. The fact they allowed this to go on for three episodes was really overkill! But, where else can Renee get unlimited liquor and go crazy for the camera? Didn’t anyone have a clue something wasn’t right with Renee? Anyway, Natalie questions Renee’s recovery and Renee immediately gets pissed. She doesn’t want Natalie to talk about her recovery. Renee yells and screams at Natalie because she doesn’t believe Natalie ever cared about her or her recovery. I thought I heard Renee say Natalie even gave her cocaine, but I have to confirm this because things were being bleeped out. I check with @Tweetpolice to see if I am hearing things, she says no and sends me the video tape! Renee says, “You don’t give a f*ck about my recovery, if you did why would you get high with me?…don’t pretend to care about me and then give me the f*ckin’ cocaine or the pills!”

Sherri looks like “what the hell did I get myself into?” Renee says she is done with Natalie. Renee says she is embarrassed by her own behavior, she never picks her hands up, but she just snapped after being antagonized for 45 minutes. She is not proud of it and it’s out of character for her. That wasn’t her, she is 100% sorry that she put her hands on Natalie, but she was under the influence. Natalie was surprised by the headlock. Alicia hasn’t said a word so far, hmmmm. Natalie says, on the contrary, Renee was antagonizing her, she was in her face. Renee starts crying. Renee feels humiliated. Drita says while Renee was wrong, she has an illness. Renee says the girls were laughing and joking about her issues. Renee found it hurtful. Drita says it was hurtful to the rest of them too. Ang says they are over it, Renee has been great ever since.

"What the hell did I get myself into?

So far Sherri has survived. Moving on to happy Drita. Sherri brings up the way Lee talks to her in such a disrespectful way, and Drita says we only hear one side of the conversation. Drita defends the way Lee talks to her by saying she talks to him that way too. Isn’t that sweet? I think we have been hearing both sides of the conversation and Lee is definitely verbally abusive. In any case, I hope they don’t carry on this way in front of the girls. Drita says she bonded with Alicia. Drita gave Lee and second chance. Drita is doing a rap song with Method Man. Her house is renovated and she opened a second store…everything is coming up roses. Notice how no one asked her about the “stalker” or Aleeya’s “bully,” the two “real issues” in her life? If that was me, those things would concern me most, but I’m not a Mob Wife.

On to Ang and her baby storyline. Can I get a big eye roll? First she is having a baby, then she isn’t. Of course the baby thing isn’t happening. It was never happening! Ang lists all the events in the family. Two grandchildren coming, a wedding, an engagement. Ang says she is going through “the change” and a baby is more or less the last thing on her mind. You know what? The “change” is usually a 7 year process and I’m sure it just didn’t happen this season since she is 54. That just adds to the absurdity of this storyline, if that is even possible! I can’t believe viewers are buying into these things.

The famous "coke whore" tweet

On to Natalie’s disrespectful TWEETS. Natalie called Renee a “f*ckin’ coke whore.” Renee is pissed. Yeah, we just saw the tape where Renee says Natalie gave her coke and got high with her.” Alicia finally speaks up and says Natalie was defending her in the tweets. Like that makes it okay? Natalie says anyone can tweet anything they want. She says Renee has tweeted bad things too. Renee answers nothing as bad as Natalie. Renee is upset and says she doesn’t care about if for herself, but she says these things hurt her son. Renee wants her to apologize to her AJ. Natalie says no, she didn’t do anything to him. Renee says Alicia has her own big mouth and can defend herself. Natalie says she knows she was wrong and is sorry.

Boss B*tch is back. Renee has been seeing a therapist and getting back to her old self, and in the process she wrote a “sex” book, “Playing With Fire.” Renee says she got another letter from Junior, after the one we saw on the show. She says he wasn’t exactly out of prison, but he was being transferred to Brooklyn for another case. She is upset and afraid and she just wants to live and have peace. They just want him to go away. Now for the sex book, Sherri wants to know if it’s about her life. Renee says some of it is, but there’s a lot of fiction in it and it comes out April 8th. This is actually one of the “real” things that happens this season!

Oh, oh woe is me, poor, poor pitiful me"
she is even looking like Linda Ronstadt!

Now we get to Alicia, who has been pretty much speechless up to this point…oh brother. First the rehashing of her storyline this season. Eddie, cheating, lying, jail, sentencing, Carla, Chinese food, tapes…and she says she puts her faith in God. I’m sure God has been very proud of the way she lives her life. He probably gave her tips on embezzlement too. While Alicia doesn’t seem to want to say it on television, her sentencing was postponed to March, last we heard. Ang thinks Alicia will get house arrest. Alicia says, “the point is I committed a crime.”  I can’t believe my ears! After months of swearing she is innocent and didn’t cook the books, Alicia is saying she committed a crime? Sherri asks what we have all been saying, it is hard to believe she didn’t know her husband wasn’t in the lifestyle considering how her father in law was killed. Alicia says she was naïve and in love. Please!  She is divorcing him now because he betrayed her, not because she has her own Boo who may be pressuring her to do it. Wow! Sherri asks if Alicia is seeing anybody and of course she dodges that answer like it's a fatal bullet. But, don’t we all know about the Rob LaScala “rumors,” that are all over the internet. Did anyone see that Cartier Love Bracelet with all that bling “poor single mom” Alicia is wearing?

It just dawned on me that you have been
talking about Lee behind my back for three seasons!

Next issue is how Renee and Alicia’s friendship unravels. Alicia says Renee gossips to her friends about her business. Renee says hello, you are on national television with your business. Thank you Renee, I was yelling that at the TV myself!  Sherri says Eddie is the big culprit. Drita rehashes about how Renee talked about Lee with Karen Gravano. Drita instantly goes ballistic over this all of a sudden. Renee says people were talking and Drita screams, “People are you, you did it… you ain’t never been my friend, first, second, third season..” Renee says she was a friend to Drita more than anyone ever was and then Drita agrees. WTH? Was Renee a friend to Drita or not? Wasn’t everyone talking about everyone’s husband? Weren't they all talking about Lee, Junior and Joe? Why is Drita just now blowing a gasket? Did production help Drita get riled up by maybe showing her some cutting room floor edits where Renee said something we didn‘t see? Because, as far as I know, Drita already watched all the shows from previous seasons, but this is the first time she is having an issue with Renee about it. Why not show a clip of what Drita is referring to? This is totally out of left field!

Time to discuss the men in their lives. Sherri wants to know what or who Lee looks like. Drita says, the Rock. I look up The Rock because I am clueless. I don’t think he looks anything like Lee, but I have to give Drita the benefit of the doubt since I have never seen either man. Renee loves her son, AJ, who always gives her good advice. Alicia’s brother is good looking. Ang says no one is looking for Neal. I say who cares? They still left out Rob LaScala.

And that concludes season four of Mob Wives “New Blood.” I hope to see some drastic cast changes and/or additions in season five and a lot more reality!

Let me take this opportunity to say I have always loved the concept of Mob Wives even with my strong opinions. I would like to congratulate Jennifer Graziano on an obviously successful season four and a new season five!


P.S. I did look for and see the Cartier Love Bracelet on Alicia's wrist. Hard to spot it while she is moving her hand around, but VH1 took and after the reunion picture of her and if you look at her left wrist the bracelet appears to be the one furthest away from her hand. I do believe I saw diamonds spaced out on it so that one runs about $10,000 or so. Nice.


Anonymous said...

Great recap!! I totally agree with everything you said. I was shocked at the way Drita blew up at Renee and said they were never friends!?!? Where did all that come from? I'm so over Drita and the tough guy attitude. Wasn't she the one with the black eye n missed hitting Ramona even tho Ramona was right in front of her? Geez.....I saw on twitter someone called Alicia a role model...plez! She's a thief and a liar!! I hope her kids don't go down the same path of their parents! I hope Jenn brings back the old girls! Im not sure i can watch next season if they don't! Great blog! I try to follow u on twitter but it won't allow me :(
I will continue to reading your blogs I enjoy them!

Chiara Soprano said...

Here is my twitter name @ChiaraSoprano1 I hope you get through. Thanks for commenting, I see the same kinds of comments everywhere so why are they coming back in season 5???

Anonymous said...

Listen reality is Renee likes to talk. If you call yourself a "friend" then you don't talk about them to other friends. That's called backstabbing and being phony. Yes we didn't see Renee talk about Drita or Lee but I'm sure lots of crap was talked about behind the scenes. Hey maybe Karen told Drita some things you never know. As far as the Philly girls I don't like them but Natalie is the only one that's ever called out Renee. For Renee to say she fell off the wagon in Vegas is a lie. From the first scene of MW this year she was drinking. I'm tired of Renee and her fake tears. Enough is enough. Clearly Jen wanted ratings and ignored her fall. The old girls are never coming back at this point either end it or just give Renee her own show cause that's basically what it was.

Anonymous said...

Chiara It is Sranalli. Great recap, but you didn't say anything about Jr. That is something I am wondering is if he is out and will that be part of next season if so. Just now catching up on everything. Have been working late at work and dead tired when I come home. Unless Karen is coming back and things change I am not even looking forward to next season. at this time I cans do with or without.

Chiara Soprano said...

Sranalli, thanks for commenting. What I heard about Junior, I thought i wrote it somewhere, is that he isn't "out" but was being transferred to Brooklyn for more testifying. I have no idea if he is being held for his own protection, so he can testify, or serving some time while testifying.

I do read other blogs and articles to get a feel of what viewers are thinking and saying. I will tell you that the vast majority do NOT like the Philly girls and have been critical of the season as a whole, as have I. However, someone must be watching while they are hating it because season five was approved very quickly which can only mean great ratings. Go figure?

Anonymous said...

When I was in my 20's (now 70), I "hung" with the NY mob guys. They ALL had girlfriends on the side, and most had an apt. for their nights away from home. (One - the father of a Mob Wife.) No wonder these men wandered. The girlfriends were the exact opposite of these wives .... lady-like, beautiful (some Copa girls and Playboy bunnies) and classy. Yes, it was wrong to be dating a married man, but the fun they offered was hard to refuse. Plus, it seemed to be their "lifestyle." Try to act like a mistress instead of a street thug and maybe you'll be able to keep your man.

Anonymous said...

Boy it looks like Renee has gained a substantial amount of weight,very noticeable!I think Alicia's bracelet is beautiful but why all the accusations about where or who gave it to her, really that's no one biz other than hers!

Chiara Soprano said...

I really don't see any weight gain on Renee. As for Alicia's bracelet, her denials of alleged cheating with her long time family friend when our sources and people from Philly say otherwise, irks me. I don't like liars so I like to call her out on it. She made all her business public when she went on a REALITY show. Too bad she isn't real about anything. It took her 13 episodes to admit to committing a crime.

Rosey said...

First, I do not like the Philly girls "New Blood". Feel like Alicia lied all season stating she did not know what her husband was doing? You and your husband were robbing trucker pension funds!!! I think that is horrible. She and her husband should have to pay restititon. Also Natalie too "young minded - still act like a kid" for this crowd of women. Need to bring Karen back as a regular.
I couldn't want MobWives the night it came on. I would always catch the rerun because I could not stand to hear Alicia talk about going to jail and missing her kids. Did you and your husband think about all the money you were stealing and what you were doing to these truckers families.
Could not stand it!!!