Friday, February 21, 2014

Mob Wives: Recap Season 4 Finale, Ep 412

Renee's New Book will be out April 8th

Let’s start off with an eye roll @@ instead of a drum roll! What the hell kind of finale was that? Just about every scene was either scripted or filler and no drama. I have to say I am very disappointed. I tried to talk to Mob Mistress, but she was no help since she fell asleep before the first commercial. I’m going to label each scene scripted or filler or both. Let’s get this over with…

Deck the halls, it’s Christmastime. Renee, Drita show up at Ang’s door. All the delicious food comes out. Renee tells them she has been journaling and she has been writing so much it turned into a “sex” book. Renee and Drita are surprised. Renee says it’s not about her, it’s about the lifestyle, the girls the guys and loosely based on some aspects of her life. In other words the 50 moods of Renee. The publisher is throwing a big party for her. This may actually be the only piece of “new” material in the show and I’m happy for Renee. The name of her book is “Playing With Fire” and I believe it will be coming out on April 8th. This scene is also a way of promoting Renee’s book. I wish her the best of luck

Alicia and Natalie meet for dinner. Another insufferable round of poor, poor pitiful me from Alicia. Alicia feels so alone, but never once mentions her longtime boyfriend, Rob Lascala, on the show. Can you believe it, she is still denying it. The word on the street is that he has been paying all her bills and recently bought her a Cartier bracelet to wear over the “Eddie” tattoo on her wrist. I think it’s safe to say she has moved on long ago. She feels down, defeated and anxious. I think she is a broken record. She claims she is fine by herself. She says she took her rings off the day she heard the wiretaps, she can’t get passed everything Eddie has done. What? Now she tells us? After she has been crying over the love of life, Carla and Chinese food all season long? Do you think she took off her rings and went straight into the arms of her Boo? She is still complaining about being depressed because in 48 hours she is being sentenced and the judge could send her away for 5 years. Really Alicia?  Then why does your VH1 bio say you could get 0 to 6  months or house arrest?  Which is it?  Can’t you keep your stories straight?  Scripted…and not very well.

Remember him from the Christmas Day Blog

Ang and Drita invite Natalie over for a visit now that Renee is in a good mood. They tell her Renee was pissed off over the tweets. Natalie says she was defending Alicia. Drita and Ang are all of a sudden angry with her and defending Renee. They think Natalie should not get involved in Alicia’s issues. They want her to stop tweeting and mind her own business. Natalie says when Renee stops she will stop. Mob Wives fighting over tweets…Please. Scripted…makes me think the tweets went out and then they decided to create some drama with them.

Renee and Ang are driving around the neighborhood looking for houses in case Ang and Neil have that baby. Like her house isn’t big enough…yeah, right! We have seen that house and it’s plenty big. They stop to look at Ang’s old house, her favorite house. Who cares? Filler Scene.

Drita takes Giselle on a casting call for a children’s clothing line. Giselle decides she doesn’t want to be there after pestering Drita for months about modeling. I don’t know if I believe that. They want to take her picture, but Giselle won’t do it, so Drita shows her how by posing herself. Drita is disappointed. But finally Giselle comes out of her shell a little. I hope they didn’t talk Giselle into doing this just to create another…Filler scene.

Natalie at Renee's party, yawn.

At the Central Park Restaurant, Renee, AJ and Nikki are there with a crowd to celebrate Renee’s new book party. Ang shows up with her son, AJ. Alicia and her brother go to support Renee. Drita is next to arrive. The party is on and poppin’. And last, but not least, are Natalie and London. Natalie says she has a fun surprise for all the girls tonight. Drita says Natalie better not get out of line. Renee does a reading from her book. Everyone loves the sex scene. Renee starts dancing and she looks wonderful. So Natalie gets a bright idea. She gets on stage with a fake English accent and sings her “Delicious” song. Drita looks pissed. Drta says, “Renee just has to give her a look, like take her out.” Renee says she won’t get pissed, she will take it as a tribute to her. Renee is happy that Drita and Ang are there supporting her and their friendships are still in tact. This is just more promotion for the book. I have to wonder if VH1 financed this “Delicious” song a month or two ago so it would be out there and they could use it on the show? Real book, real party, but scripted, lousy song.

At Alicia’s house, her brother asks if she is ready for tomorrow. She says she has no choice. She wants to go over a few things with him like where all her important papers are. He is going to be looking after the boys, with their mom, if she goes to prison. Her brother does not look one bit concerned, as usual. Finally, Alicia admits she committed a crime. I thought she didn’t do anything wrong? She never cooked any books. She says, “If she ends up in prison“…yeah, right. I really believe she knows, and everyone knows, she will not be going to prison. A source of mine said she already got a plea deal and prison is off the table. I tend to believe that. Scripted scene and storyline played out to death. This storyline should be taken straight to Carto’s Funeral Home and buried.

Ang is making a salad. AJ and Neil and the fours dogs, and AJ’s girlfriend, are all driving her nuts. Neal’s daughter Briana is there too and she is having a baby. Neil wants an old fixer upper house for the growing family, instead of the beautiful mansion they currently live in @@. Suddenly, out of the blue, Ang wants to put their baby plans on hold…on the back burner…the girls are having babies, that’s enough babies. Neil instantly agrees. Wow. Just like that. Maybe when Ang is 60 they can revisit the idea @@.  A season 4 filler storyline, entirely made up. I am up to my eye balls in BS. 100% Filler.

Natalie and London are having a meal and she tells him she is a Philly girl. She will not move to New York, she has too much to give up. He doesn’t think about all her sacrifices. She says her dream is to get married. He says she likes to rush things, but it’s a process. She wants him to move to Philly so they can start their lives together. They are definitely not on the same page. Filler and scripted storyline to give Natalie something to do besides harass Renee.

Drita is going to have Christmas home this year. She is talking to the girls about making carrot cake. Aleeya doesn’t like carrot cake. It’ll be the first time in a long time they are spending the holidays together. A nice little Filler scene, we all love to see Drita “the mom.”

Alicia’s day of sentencing has finally come. It’s already been played out in the media and on social media. We know what happens. She sends her boys off to school and makes them lunches. She doesn’t know how she got to this point. I tell you how, it’s called committing a crime and getting caught. Renee prays for Alicia and sends her a supportive text. Alicia’s brother drives her to court. She says there is a small possibility she might not come home today…yeah right. Drita and Ang talk about Alicia and feel really bad for her. Oh brother…I feel really bad for me and all of us sitting through this finale, but I have to watch it and write the recap. Alicia is still blaming Eddie for her troubles. Get over it Alicia. Mostly Scripted, the going to court was real.

Nikki calls Renee and tells her she got a phone call from her friend. It seems that Junior knows that Renee went to see an attorney. Renee is very upset. Someone leaked the news, Junior found out and he isn’t happy. Hmmm who could have leaked the info? VH1? Everyone filming the show and production knew Renee went to see a lawyer and then it was televised! No leak. Excuse me for being a skeptic, but I don’t believe Junior has been writing letters and trying to get back with Renee. We know he turned informant. We know how the mob feels about informants. It’s hard to believe he would be safe on the streets of New York and he knows it. Scripted Filler.

Natalie shows up at court to support Alicia. What else does she have to do? She walked in alone and she left alone. I think she was just filmed on location and wasn’t even there that day. They needed her to call Drita and fill her in on what happened. Filler.

Renee tells Drita that Junior is being released, he isn’t in the program. Somehow Junior found out Renee went to a lawyer. She says it was to protect her family. Renee hopes and prays he moves on and leaves her alone. They are all on pins and needles waiting to see if Alicia goes to prison. Scripted Filler.

Alicia leaves court
Boo hoo, what will she do?

Natalie leaves court alone. No one has heard from Alicia. Natalie calls Drita. Natalie tells them you will never believe what the judge did! We already know what the judge did because Alicia tweeted it out the day it happened. Apparently, the sentencing was postponed because they couldn’t agree on the fines and restitution. Her lawyer must be fighting it. The prosecution wants $20,000 in restitution and $96,000 (her earnings from Mob Wives) in fines. This happened back in early January. Alicia says she is sick and can’t believe what just happened. No one can believe what just happened. Scripted.

That’s the way it ends??? Seriously??? To be continued?  She couldn’t just say her sentencing was postponed until March and the delay is over money? That is the shocking ending? Come on, we can do better than this. I am so disappointed that this is the “finale.”

Now we wait for the Reunion show. I understand all five Mob Wives will be there and they will also be in season 5. I don’t know how they can make up storylines for next season. What would they be? A Phantom Junior stalks Renee? Ang takes the baby off the back burner? Alicia is or isn’t sentenced? Drita opens another store? Natalie creates a make-up line for dead people called “Just Dead?”

an extra two cents...

This is what I want to see. I want to see the Philly chicks go home, but that’s not happening…so let’s make the best of it and get back to reality! If Alicia stays, then bring back Karen Gravano to confront her about all her lies! That’s realty! That’s keeping it real! And what about Alicia’s Boo? You know, the married guy who is so taken with her he was even on one of the episodes, in her kitchen, because he allegedly can’t stay away from her. I thought Alicia didn’t approve of Carla because she slept with a married man? Hypocrite much? How do we know Lee is working is in sports memorabilia store all day? Hmmm. Let’s get him to appear on the show. Maybe his ex-goumada should confront Drita? What is Natalie’s purpose…to be Alicia’s friend? We can do without that. How much excitement can putting makeup on dead people bring to the table? Bring in a new and REAL Mob Wife with a compelling storyline! I have my ideas for that, I’ll leave the details to the genius of Jennifer Graziano. Renee should start dating a real man, the rest of her life seems to have fallen into place. Ang will have her new grandchildren to fuss over, at least they are real.

Thanks for reading!


Anonymous said...

I can't believe what a "snoozefest" this show has turned into. Particularly, Alicia's storyline. She's been moaning and groaning about the same stuff ALL season. Last night, I feel like she kept repeating herself. I couldn't even muster up any sympathy for her...I just yelled at the TV "SHUT UP ALICIA". Jenn Graziano seems smarter than this....I wonder how she could let this happen to her "once wonderful show!" I'll still watch, with the hopes that Karen will return. I'm sure Lee doesn't show up because of his "mob ties", so as not to lose street cred. But who knows......maybe it's for legal reasons as well.I also hope Renee's storyline gets more real and interesting. I want to like her, because I used to so much,but this season's storyline seemed to "out there" for me. Kind of forced and like she was putting on a show. Oh well.......

Anonymous said...

Great blog! Alicia has been her own worst enemy for her first season. Her pity me act while trying to maintain a Goddess role is played out. Natalie does not belong on this cast and either does her best friend. Bring back the originals please! In my opinion Ang was never going to have a baby, just sayin'.
I agree with your take on Renee/Junior situation also.
renne and her 50 moods are much more entertaining then focusing on trying to make Junior drama.

Anonymous said...

This used to be my favorite show. For the first time, I actually turned it off in the middle. Sick of hearing/seeing Alicia - and Natalie is just a wanna be porn star. Hope some changes are coming next season ....... or good bye.

Anonymous said...

Anybody know what the L tattoo behind Alicia's ear stands for?? If I had to guess, I'd say it's a tat for her bf using the initial of his last name. That's the only thing I can come up with. None of her kids names start with an L and her maiden name starts with a D. I'm thinking it's for him since he also got her that Cartier bracelet to wear over Eddie's tattoo and if that's true, I can totally see a guy like that convincing her to get a tat for him too.

Chiara Soprano said...

To the last Anon...great observation about the "L" tattoo behind her ear. This is the first I am hearing of it, your guess is a good one! I'll have to ask around. Thanks for reading.

Casey said...

Chiara, I give you so much credit for sticking with this, during the worst snoozefest season imaginable. The whole season seemed like filler to me. The Ang/Neil baby story line makes me want to just jam my whole hand down my throat, lol. I mean, come on! The guy has a grandchild coming and he wants a baby with a woman in her 50's. Just stupid.

I guess the Philly girls aren't going anywhere since they are on the Season 5 poster, but I am up in the air as to whether I will even watch. Right now I feel like I want 12 hours of my life back :)

Chiara Soprano said...

Thanks Casey, I try. Gives me an excuse to write, do a little investigating and poke some fun as a hobby.

Anonymous said...

jurnior got to testify against his 2 codefendents in the upcoming trial for that murder robbery and the feds wont let him in the program cause he lied to much already and probably forgot to tell them about a couple of his other hits. when he does get sentence next yr or later this yr the judge will still give him 10yrs. so he got about 7 more to go with good time. I sure they wont want him around Brooklyn or long island. he killed a major money maker for another family. that's a big no no plus guy had lots of friends.

Anonymous said...

The finale was horrible!! I was even more disappointed to see that those Philly girls will be back..that's all I need to know to not watch anymore!! Great recap!!

Anonymous said...

This was so disappointing. I was watching and honestly unless they bring Karen back I am going to have to stop watching. I adore Renee, Ang and Drita, but not impressed with the new.

Renee and Jr storyline...enough already! There are not any awards for Reality for acting or dramatic appeal. Stop already Renee is better than this and has more going for her. Her life is better than exploiting that betrayal and still rehashing all the pain that period had caused. Just my thoughts.

If Alicia really thought she may not be coming home you know darn well she would have had a detailed list and would show him everything and not just where her "life insurance" was really who does that! She wouldn't just let her brother "wing it". She would have been crying or at least showing some emotions and making sure she was hugging and kissing those kids. Also, wouldn't you want to take your kids to school? I understand about trying to keep a brave face or things as normal as possible..but come on where was the reality to that plot? Hello!!! You may not come home right? I have four kids and darn well know it would not have been that smoothly if there was a possibility of not coming home and seeing those kids anymore.

Thank you Chiara for another great blog.

Anonymous said...

It's hard to believe Natalie states Renee gives married men.... disgusting, that has to be scripted because the more drama the better the ratings and its a win win win $$$$$ I also think they learned from Love, that violence isn't the answer but it's hard to believe they give Natalie a pass for being so nasty to Renee. I love Big Ang, now her life is show what a wonderful humble person she is who tells it like is it. Poor Neil her husband! She states he wants a fixer upper and then says what's he going to fix!!! All In the Family, Mob Style, too funny!!

Anonymous said...

Interesting blog posts.

Karen Gravano will likely not be back. In one of the last episodes she was in she said she wanted to help her father with his legal case as he may have been in prison too long and not properly advised of the sentence he agreed to.

That takes lawyers to argue and they have to be paid. Under the Son of Sam laws, crime perpetrators cannot benefit from publicity (books, movies, television) related to their crime.

If I were a family member of one of the 19 people Mr. Gravano admits to murdering, then Karen's profits from her publicity (gained through her father's "notorious" crimes) should not go to help him in any way. That may be the real reason she is not going to return. She wants to help her father get out of jail and can't use money from the show (based in part on his murders) to help him do so as that benefits him.

Bring back Ramona!

Lee said...

It feels like a long drawn out bedroom experience with no climax at the end.......
There has been a lot of negative views and thoughts about this season and it's obvious to do with the was to many.
80% of loyal viewers will only stay tuned in if some old cast members are brought in somehow even as fillers if need be as the general feel is that it's gone off track from the early seasons and no one is buying it or enjoying it.
Season 5 has not starting filming yet?
We won't see the new season until at least after July and I think they will have to pull out so,etching big to bring back the fans.
Jenn graziano has probably made enough money now to not really care as I'm sure they will only go to season 6 then that will be a wrap for the franchise.

Anonymous said...

This whole season was a major disappointment. When Rene hugged Natalie I thought I would throw up.
If they get rid of these Philly girls and either bring back some of the original cast or some new Staten Island blood, this is it for me. This is the only reality show I have ever watched and now it's not real at all. Jen, shame on you

Anonymous said...

I'm disappointed that VH1 renewed this mess. I'm also disappointed in Jennifer's trite reference to people frustrated by this season as "haters." You can be critical without being a hater.

This season was lazy and uninspired. I also don't think that the producers of this show respect the intelligence of the audience. It doesn't take much to do a little googling to discover all of the inconsistencies between the "reality" on the show and what's actually going on with the women. It takes a special kind of hubris to put these contrived plots together for the show and expect fans to accept them without question. All reality shows have an element of scripted story arcs, but this show isn't even trying to create scripts that are believable.

I hope Karen doesn't come back. I like her and I think she's too good for the show. I don't think the conflict with Alicia would be satisfying. Jennifer had no problem supporting a storyline in which her sister was antagonized and ultimately driven to the point of a relapse. Karen could return to a storyline designed to make Alicia look good - despite the fact we've all decided that we're not here for her sob stories and crocodile tears.

I don't expect next season to be any better. What motivation do the producers have to improve when their mediocrity has been rewarded with renewals and new shows?

Chiara Soprano said...

I'm reading all the comments and it's no secret how I have felt about this season. I see the vast majority hold the same opinion I do. I don't know how or why the ratings would be high enough for a 5th season esp when they are including these Philly girls yet again. It boggles the mind. You're right that all the lies and inconsistencies can be googled or found on Twitter. Liars can't keep their stories straight. I expected more than that. I expected "reality" but what we got was poorly scripted, uninteresting, storylines...some of which were created without any basis in fact, just for the show. I have been a fan and supporter from day one, but I am very disappointed.

Chiara Soprano said...

So, One of our Anonymous commenters mentioned an "L" tattoo Alicia has behind her ear and that maybe it was for the last name of her alleged boyfriend "LaScala." I found the picture of it, however I also learned that her mother's name is Loretta and she could just as easily say it stands for her name. I might have blogged this, but I won't make something out of nothing. If are curious to see it watch the video

Morris Park said...

Could anyone explain Big Ang's life? Season 1 she was a bartender living in a crappy apartment. Suddenly, she is in a mansion.

Now we hear she has a daughter. Can't wait to see her. Jenn must be doing a lot of work to get the daughter ready for the show - a strict diet, black wig, plastic surgery, low cut clothes and a husband.

Why not have Alicia admit she was a mob wife and make her storyline interesting?

Why does everyone love and fight over that fat husband of hers?

I understand the gossip on Big Ang is that Middle Eastern men LOVE her...maybe that is what is paying for the mansion and her buying the Monkey bar?

Where is Drita and con husband getting the money for such a lavish redo on the house? Does VH1 pay that well?

Bring back Carla.

Anonymous said...

I honestly have not much to say about the finale because what is there to really say? It lacked substance. Lots of fillers with a faux storyline of the "poor innocent" housewife going go to jail. Although my AH-HA! moment was when she said she "committed the crime". Barely anyone believes her facade. No one cares about you constantly crying about your "poor me" life when you're driving in an Escalade and are decked out in LV.