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"The Walking Dead: After" Mid-Season Premiere Recap

Season 4 kicks off at the prison, but this time, the prison is in shambles as herd of walkers infest the once-secured prison yards. Michonne seems to be the only one that hasn’t fled completely but instead, is observing the chaos. She notices two walkers in particular, members of Team Governor, and traps them into the spikes and makes them into her walker pets. Sadly, she stumbles upon Hershel’s head and puts (him?) out of his misery once and for all. She then heads onward into the woods within the hordes of walkers, shaken about what had become of Hershel.

Meanwhile, Rick and Carl are walking down a desolate neighborhood road. Carl is walking feet ahead of Rick, as Rick stumbles behind him and yelling at Carl to wait up. Rick is beaten up and bruised badly. The two end up coming across a small bar-b-que shack. Rick reminds Carl he stays guard while Rick clears the building of walkers. Carl isn’t having it so they both go in together. They come across a walker and Rick tells Carl to save his ammo as Rick lunges an axe at the walker’s head...unfortunately, the walker doesn’t completely fall so Carl shoots it in the head. Rick is mad at Carl for pulling the trigger but Carl mouths back that Rick didn’t kill it with the axe. They collect a little bit of food and continue on.

Michonne has her walker pets and they come across a path of footprints to follow.

Rick and Carl come across a house that they to use to settle in for the night but as usual, they make sure to clear it. Rick is barking at Carl to stay put. But Carl has other plans and knocks on the walls, yelling for the assholes to come out. Rick tells him to watch his mouth. Once again, Carls talks back. They head into the kitchen and gather food and water. Carl explores the second story of the house and comes across a boy’s room with an Xbox and flat-screen. Realizing there is no power to enjoy some Call of Duty, Carl grabs some of the electric cords and goes downstairs to tie a knot at the front door.

It’s night time and Rick decides to take extra precaution and pushes the couch towards the front door, which greatly annoys Carl. Carl assures Rick that the knot is very secure and decides to take it a step further by telling Rick that Shane taught him how to tie a knot.

“It’s a knot that Shane taught you remember him?” 

^^^Probably every viewer’s reaction^^^

Rick tells him he remembers him everyday and if there’s anything snarky and smart Carl has left to say. The two settle in for the night but not before bickering some more over eating the food. Rick then goes to the bathroom and it coveres in bumps, bruises and scratches. He is beated up mentally and physically.

Michonne is in the kitchen preparing food and then cleaning her blade as she’s talking to her lover and his friend, who are sitting at a table talking about art. Michonne’s little baby walks up to her. Michonne picks her baby boy up and cooes him. The two men are talking about why it’s worth living life in a post-apocalyptic world. Michonne continues to look at them and smile, holding her baby. “What is the answer here...why?” Michonne’s lover ask. Michonne asks them who will open the wine when the two men’s arms are cut off. Atlanta is dark and decayed...Michonne screams and is horrified.....

Michonne wakes up from an abandoned vehicle she sleeps in, panting and sweating from the a nightmare.

Carl wakes up and still sees his dad is passed out on the couch. Carl gets something to eat and goes back to see his dad still not woken up. Carl furiously shakes at Rick and screams at him to wake up. All the sudden, walkers knock and rattle the front door. Carl sneaks around the house and observes the two walkers at the front door. Carl leads them away from the house and down the street. He takes them to a side road, not realizing there’s a walker that’s sneaking up behind him.

Carl stumbled back as the walkers close in around him. He shoots  the first two walkers as they topple on top of him but the third one tries to climb over the walker pile to get to Carl. Carl takes a couple shots. He struggles to get out of the corpse pile and loses his breakfast. But he still feels victorious, chiming in “I win”. Carl continues to explore the desolate road and ends up going back to the safe house.

Back in the woods, Michonne is walking along side her pets and in the middle of the zombie horde. Right next to her is a walker that looks exactly like her.

Meanwhile, Carl walks back to the house, with Rick still passed out on the couch. Carl decides to be the big bad boy he is and tell Rick how he REALLY feels about him even though he is practically unconcious;

“I saved you. I didn’t forget when you were playing farmer...I don’t need you anymore. I don’t need you to protect me anymore, you probably couldn’t protect me couldn’t protect Judith...Hershel...or Glenn...or Maggie...or Daryl....or just wanted to plant vegetables and wanted to hide. He knew where we were and you didn’t care!....They are all gone because of you! They counted on you! You were their leader! But now? You’re nothing...I’d be fine if you died!” 

Carl then continues exploring the neighborhood and comes across another two-story house. He picks up a lawn light and tries to kick open the door but fails. He finally breaks into the house and first heads to the kitchen to get food. He then discovers a treasure: chocolate pudding-in-a-can. Carl, with his deadly grass light, explores the second story of the house. He opens the doors and checks to make sure they are clear. Before he can open another door, a walker pops out. Carl smashes the walker's hands in the door but the walker is too strong. Carl attempts to shoot the walker multiple times but is unsuccessful. The walker grabs onto Carl's legs. Carl tries shutting the door and walking into the other room to escape from the window but it proves unsuccessful. The walker goes after him, nearly biting his leg. Carl escapes, leaving his shoe behind and shuts the door behind him. Carl sees some chalk and writes "Walker inside. He got my shoe but he didn't get me." Carl chuckles and enjoys sitting on the rooftop with his chocolate pudding. 

Back in the woods, Michonne comes across a walker that looks like her and it shakes her to the core. She can't stand seeing her "dead reflection" another moment and slashes the walker. Michonne then goes on a walker slaying spree, even slashing her walker pets. Michonne cries out after, coming to the realization of what she could've become. 

Once Michonne collects herself and moves on, she continues to follow the footprints. 

It's nighttime and Carl can't sleep. He looks over and sees his dad is not awakened. Rick then starts breathing and reaches his arm out to Carl. Carl, fearing the worst, takes the gun, leans back and points it at Rick. Rick stumbles down on the couch, continue to reach out to Rick. Rick grabs onto Carl's leg and Carl breaks down, letting the gun down. "I can't do it!" he cries. Carl sobs, waiting for Rick to bite him...only Rick moans out his name...when Carl realizes that his dad is still alive. Carl continues to sob and caresses Rick's head. "I'm scared...." he whispers to his dad. 

The next day, Michonne comes across the Bar-b-que shack Rick and Carl were at a day earlier. Michonne sits down near the entrance and calls out to "Mike". She begins sobbing. "I missed you even when I was with you, back at the camp," she said. "It wasn't you who did it. You were wrong because I'm still here. You could be too and he could be....I know the answer...I know why...." After Michonne collects herself, she leaves the restaurant and follows Rick and Carl's trail. 

Rick and Carl sit on the couch. Rick warns Carl that it's too dangerous going out alone but he's glad Carl found more food. Carl confesses to eating the 112oz can of pudding. Rick tells Carl that he knows he can't make things the way they were before and commends Carl for being a man. "I'm sorry," Rick tells Carl. "You don't need to be," Carl replies. 

Michonne walks on the trail and finds the can of chocolate pudding. She continues on, and looks through the window to see Rick and Carl, alive and well, sitting on the couch. Michonne tears up with happiness and relief, seeing her friends alive and with food. She knocks on the door. Rick looks through the peephole, chuckles and tells Carl that he has a guest. 

Picture Credit: The Walking Dead Wiki 

Jane's Notes: OH where to begin?? I knew Carl was growing up but who knew that the downfall of the prison would make him so snarky and resentful towards Rick? Looks like all the animosity he kept to himself finally exploded once Rick and Carl were in a safe zone. So I have not much to say about Carl except Rick has to sit him down and give him the “no more kids’ stuff” talk like he did back on the farm. Maybe Rick’s words of wisdom gave Carl a slice of humble pie to go with that pudding. 

BUT I want to talk about Michonne because if you looked up the word “fearless” in the dictionary, her picture would be on it. While everyone else has fled from the prison and separated, Michonne lingers behind. I am very glad that this season, the direction focused on Michonne’s vulnerabilities, her demons and how she was confronted with her own worst nightmare with that walker that looked just like her. Now I haven’t read the comic so comic-readers, bear with me if this is wrong. When Michonne first held Judith, Michonne broke down. When Andrea asked about the original walker pets, Michonne showed pain and anger, not wanting to talk about it but assured Andrea “they deserved it” (the whole no-arms, no-jaws thing). Michonne seems to forgive Miek, knowing “he wasn’t himself”.  From the pieces I could put together, Mike and his friend turned and possibly went after Michonne’s baby. 

Quick note, this picture sums up my thoughts on Headless Hershel 

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lee said...

So happy waling dead backmon and the governor is dead, that was just a frustrating situation I hated him, and that they have leftnthe prison cause that was getting old......
I love it when there on the move and having encounters with walkers. Poor Rick really needs a good break and some serious R & R!
That reaction when carl mentioned shanes name was priceless haha...
So good that Michonne found Rick n carl.
Its gonna be good to c nxt week if they findceach other snd judith