Sunday, February 23, 2014

Mob Wives: Alicia's Love Bracelet A Christmas Gift?

The Cartier Love Bracelet
(prices starting around $5,000 without diamonds)

The talk on the web is Alicia is wearing a new bracelet these days, and by bracelet I don't mean handcuffs. The article appeared in a few days ago and sparked my interest and curiosity. I am usually too busy to pay attention to jewelry when watching the show, taking notes and tweeting. Come to think of it, "poor Alicia" seems to have tons of jewelry weighing her down (along with her legal troubles) in every episode, dangling from her wrists, neck and ears. If I wore as many bracelets as she does I couldn't lit my arm, but I digress.

Curiosity got the best of me so I took a fast look at the finale again, which I know was filmed after Christmas because both Renee's book party and Alicia's sentencing happened in January. Lo and behold, Alicia did appear to be wearing a bracelet that looks an awful lot like a Cartier Love Bracelet. The price tag for such a luxury item should be out of Alicia's own reach right now because, as she said on the show, all her nine bank accounts are frozen solid by the Feds. I suppose it is possible that Eddie gave it to her during their marriage, but considering she is divorcing him at the moment and blames him for her all her legal problems, I doubt she would wear a symbol of love from him right now. So that leaves me to draw one conclusion, the same conclusion reached in the original article (which has some other very juicy details in it)...that it was a gift from her Boo aka "long time family friend", Rob LaScala. By the way, she is wearing it on the same wrist that has the infamous "Eddie" tattoo on it.

"Eddie" tattoo

I took a few shots of her wrist adorned with said bracelet and, while it resembles the Cartier, I can't be 100% sure without seeing a close up myself. What do you think?

At Renee's Party

Talking to her brother about important papers

Just an inconclusive close up

Alicia On Wetpaint, Keeping It Real!

I am going to make it a point to take a good look at the bling during the REUNION SHOW, which will air this Thursday, February 27th at 10 PM EST on VH1. It will give me something to do while I listen to more of the same BS. 

Picture Credit: Cartier Jewelers and VH1  

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