Thursday, February 27, 2014

Mob Wives: Reunion Show Sneak Peek! Wow!

"You ain't never been my friend!"

This is one very intense moment between Drita and Renee. Drita and Renee always seemed to have a good relationship, and if not good, at least peaceful. They hardly interacted at all this season and when they disagreed it was over the new girls. Take Natalie. When Natalie entered the show, Renee loved her and Drita and Ang hated her...then the attitudes all reversed, Renee hated her, Ang and Drita loved her...then they reversed back. But I didn't see any real issue between Drita and Renee...until now.

I don't know what Drita was drinking or if she has been watching a Mob Wives marathon of the first three seasons, but someone put a bug up her ass about Renee. All of a sudden Drita is over the top...turnt Renee for what happened and things she said in previous seasons concerning Lee. Frankly, my memory isn't that good, but all I remember on that issue was Renee encouraging Drita to get back with you all remember that too? Anyway, I am not about to watch the first three season to see what Drita is talking about. Renee attempts to defend herself and says other people were doing the talking, not her. Drita screams: "People are YOU! You did it. Ain't nobody talking about my can go back first, second, third season, you ain't never been my friend!" Now where the hell did that come from? If what Renee said was so bad, why wait until now to rehash it?  I have my own theories. I think the show is trying to set up some new drama for season five and they will pick up the confrontation where this one leaves off. Poor Sherri Shepherd looks like a deer caught in the headlights...I wonder if she will eventually say something to diffuse the situation? I'll be watching her expression to see if this argument is real or scripted. 

Meanwhile, don't forget to watch tonight on VH1 at 10 PM EST and check out Alicia's wrist to see if she is wearing that Cartier Love Bracelet over the Eddie tattoo! 


Anonymous said...

I do remember in Season 1 Renee saying that she didn't like Lee, but I think that was to Carla, not Karen. I think when we see the entire show, we'll see that the "You were never my friend" comment is probably Drita referring to Renee always siding with Karen and Ramona and during that battle. I think you're right though, I think they are planting the seeds for the main storyline of Season 5 to be Renee vs Drita. I wonder which side Ang will fall on that one?

Notice how everybody gets their turn to feud with Renee. With the exception of Ang, every girl that has been on this show has had beef with Renee. I would love for the producers to send the Philly girls on their way, bring back Karen, Ramona, and Carla and let everyone that has been happening behind the scenes play out on screen. Ramona and Renee definitely do not get along anymore, and Carla seems to be very friendly with both Karen and Ramona. That would be interesting TV.

Chiara Soprano said...

Anon, we are on the same page...there are enough REAL beefs to play out without creating them. Let's get back to NY Mob Wives and REALITY!

kadii said...

I have re watched and all i can come up with was when renee said to carla 'i dont care for lee' and when her and karen were sitting in renee kitchen and she made a dig about lee pulling out safe deposit boxes when he robbed the bank.
Drita said Renee was eith talking or with Le ex girlfriend is this karen she is refering too or someone else.
Unless it happend off camera?
Renee di talk a lot with Renee about Lee and Drita so maybe its all that entwined?
Can anyone else think of any other comments?

Anonymous said...

Yes! Philly chicks have got to go!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

To kadii: That is really a low blow to innocent people since safety deposit boxes (unlike bank accounts) are NOT insured by the federal government.