Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Mob Wives: Sneak Peek "Life Sentences," Ep 410

Where's Renee?

Well what have we here? Drita, the "peacemaker," has arranged a luncheon for all the ladies to iron out their differences. Unfortunately for all of them, the main person they want to talk to does not show up. Who would that be? I'll tell you...Renee. Ang claims Renee called her as she was leaving for the get together and told her she wasn't reason. Drita is pissed because it makes her look bad. In fact everyone has their reason for being pissed. I'm sure Renee has her reasons too. All I know is, if I were Renee, I would not want to sit down with those SOUTH Philly chicks under an circumstances because of the issues she has had with each of them. Frankly, I would want to sit down to a meal with Ang or Drita either. It seemed to me that Ang and Drita left Renee on her own and didn't have her back all season long. Drita recently told a media source that she doesn't consider herself Renee's friend, they are co-workers. Drita claims she was Jenn's friend and Renee was her older sister, that's it. I guess I had a different impression the past three seasons?

On a side note, I read Drita was having a Grand Opening for her new store. I am a little confused. Wasn't her new store already open to the public? How long does it take to open a small store? Can this be the second store that she mentioned in Vegas? Maybe we will see more about that in the near future.

Meanwhile, How To Use a Meat Cleaver is out! Lots of "delicious recipes in there for your special Valentine! And, if you need gifts for Valentine's Day, check out Renee's Mob Candy store for some great ideas.

Video and Picture Credit: VH1


Anonymous said...

Haha! Renee kills me! Good for her. She owes them nothing at the rate this season is going . So I guess we will watch them all sit there and talk about her ruthlessly behind her back? Thanks for the warning then because I may skip this week. Get recap here :)
Drita will never change. She did this to every friend she had on the show. First it was great friends and lived with Karen , then we were never friends so I took Lee. Then Carla is no -go for this season and they no longer friends. Now its Renee she was never friends with but was her friend for so many years. What will become of poor Ang one day, since she has been the closest with her last 2 seasons?

TP said...

I do not blame Renee for not wanting to break bread with people who clearly do not care about her. In Renee's world backs are for having, in their world, backs are for stabbing. As far as Drita's new store. It seems as it is a 2nd one since it is a different address then her 1st one. I guess the 4k, 8k, 100k or $1 she lost in Vegas didn't really matter.

Praying to everything that is Holy that these South Silly chicks are gone next season and they bring back Karen & Ramona.

Chiara Soprano said...

A couple of people have told me this is Drita's second store, so she is branching out with her empire...thanks for letting me know TP!