Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Mob Wives: Karen Gravano A Character In Grand Theft Auto V?

Does Antonia Bottino resemble Karen Gravano?

The New York Daily News is reporting that Karen Gravano is suing Grand Theft Auto 5 for using her likeness and details of her life for the game. Could this be true? The image does look like what about the details? I took a look at a video of the game featuring Antonia/Karen to see what similarities I could find...there are plenty! First take a look at Antonia Bottino's profile.

Let's see...Karen/Antonia both have fathers who were underbosses in the mob. Karen's father is Sammy Gravano, Antonia's father is Sammy Bottino. Sammy Gravano worked for the Gambino Crime Family under John Gotti, Antonia's father worked for the Gambetti Crime Family, under Don Jon Gravelli. Karen's father was arrested for murder and turned informant for a plea deal. Antonia's fatheer was arrested for murder and turned snitch. Both Karen and Antonia had trouble accepting their father's cooperation with authorities. Karen and Antonia's families both moved out west to go into hiding...we know Sammy Gravano moved his family to Arizona. Both fathers made a lot of enemies. Both father were against their daughters being in a reality show...Karen in Mob Wives and Antonia in Mob B*tches. Come on...if that's not Karen who the hell is it?

Now, here is the video, the dialogue is summarized above. So what do you think of the similarities? Does the lawsuit have merit? I would hate to think that this is the only way we are going to see Karen back on television. This lawsuit is a perfectly REAL storyline for Karen on Mob Wives Season 5 along with her confrontation of pitiful Alicia!

Picture and Video credit Grand Theft Auto V

P.S. My favorite Staten Island lawyer, Elura Nanos, has weighed in on the subject of the lawsuit. Looks like Karen may have a case!


Anonymous said...

The script certainly sounds as if it's based on Karen's life along with David. RaeI

Hey you said...

I think it's based on Karen's life