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"The Walking Dead: Inmates" Episode Recap

The episode opens up with Beth reading from a journal entry from when she and the group first discover the prison. She reads about finally finding a safe haven and sleeping in her own bed. Beth hopes that the stay is permanent and her hope is inspired by her father.

"We can live here for the rest of our lives."

Sadly, the harsh reality is that her and Daryl are running in the woods away from walkers.

Nighttime falls and Daryl and Beth sit around a fire. Beth is desperate to search for survivors. Daryl remains silent. Beth isn't taking Daryl's silence easy and is adamant on tracking down survivors. She marches off into the woods, Daryl following her. It's the next day and they are still in the woods. Daryl notices footprints on the ground. Beth thinks they are human tracks but Daryl is less optimistic. He notices that the tracks become more frequent and concludes that whoever the tracks belong to, they got away in a hurry. Beth tells him to have more faith when Daryl tells Beth "Faith didn't help your father". Beth glares at him before scouring for food as Daryl patrols the area. Beth and Daryl come across two slain walkers. A walker rustles in the woods and sneaks up behind Beth. Daryl drags the walker down as Beth stabs it. Daryl and Beth come on and come across railroad tracks. Sadly, they come across a couple walkers eating human flesh. Daryl takes care of them and Beth looks at the carnage. As Daryl walks on nonchalantly, Beth just stands there and begins sobbing. The duo continue on, stopping at nightfall to start a fire. Despite the bleak reality, Beth wants to go on for her dad's sake.

Lizzy and Mika are in the woods, Mika crying and wanting to see Carol. Ty is leading the way, holding a safe Baby Judith. It's nightfall and Ty and the girls take a break. Ty wraps a wound on his arm. Lizzy spots a bunny and kills it. Judith starts crying. The girls are scared that the walkers will be attracted to the crying. Lizzy hands Ty a baby bottle to calm Judith. The girls hear a twig snap. The group take off. It's daytime when the girls spot grapes to pick. Judith is still fussy. The crew stops for a quick diaper change. Mika gets more freaked out. They hear a sound and Ty hands the baby over to the girls and looks in the brushes. Turns out, it was just a group of birds but Mika takes off, Lizzy and Ty (holding Judith) following her. Mika said she got scared and Ty comforts her. He tells Mika to try to stay close. Mika remarks she's not like Lizzy but Ty assures her that it's okay. The crew are interrupted by screams. He places the girls back to back, Lizzy holding the baby. Ty assures them to stay close and to either run together or fire if they have to. Much to Mika's distress, Ty takes off to help. Ty runs to the train tracks where two men and a woman are being attacked. Ty goes to help kill off the walkers but it's too late for the family. Meanwhile, baby Judith won't stop crying. Lizzy covers Judith's mouth to stifle her cries. Two walkers come out of the woods towards Mika. A gun shot is heard. Ty finishes off the walkers but not wihtout the older man being bit. A voice calls out for Tyrese. Ty turns around and to his surprise, it's Carol with the girls. The girls and Ty are stunned and happy to have Carol back.

Before he stumbles to his death, the old man tells the newfound group to follow the tracks to a "safe place". The group heads down the tracks. Carol explained that she kept looking around and tried to go back to the prison but she went when it was too late so she followed Ty and the girls. Ty suggests going back to Carol's car but Carol said it was pointless. The group catches a sign that reads "Sanctuary for all, community for all, those who arrive, survive" and then a map is shown with a place called "TERMINUS".

Sasha is tending to Bob's wound on his arm while Maggie is sharpening her knife. Bob is trying to convince Sasha that Tyrese escaped. Sasha is telling Maggie that they have an advantage with the water and are going to camp for the night. Maggie tells them that the two can stay and that she is going to track down to find the bus and find Glenn. Maggie is adamant on going. Sasha tells her they can't split but she keeps going. So Bob joins her, a frustrated Sasha following. Sasha is pissed because they should be foraging for food and shelter. The crew come across the deserted bus. Maggie runs toward the bus, the two following her. They check the bus up close to see it is full of walkers. Maggie is hellbent on getting in the bus but Bob and Sasha suggest they open the door and let one walker out at a time. Sasha lets out one, a male walker. A few more walkers are let out, none of them being Glenn. However, Sasha is overpowered by the walkers and they all pour out. The three slash the walkers, Maggie bashing one's head in the side of the bus before stabbing it's head. Maggie, still unsatisfied, goes into the bus to see what is left. Maggie notices a walker is still awake, a walker with black hair...but it's not Glenn. Maggie slashes the walker and falls onto the bus seat, sobbing at the thought that her husband is gone. But Glenn isn't dead...

In fact, he's on the second story of the now dreadful prison. He is met with a horde of walkers below but calls out for Maggie. Glenn grabs his rifle and goes into the now vacant C-Cell and back to his room. He goes back in the cell where he stayed with Maggie and pulls out his riot armor and helmet. Glen lays down on the bed to take a breather and comes across a picture of Maggie on his bedside. He begins weeping, wondering what happened to her. Glen goes into different cells and gathers supplies before heading back out where he came from. Glenn bravely jumps down as hordes of zombie surround him but the padding on his gear protects him. Before he makes his escape, he finds Tara sulking in the garden.

Glenn approaches her, asking her what she's doing. Tara isn't responding, ridden with survivor's guilt. Glenn asks her for help and hands her a gun. He then lights up a Malatov Cocktail and throws it at a nearby car, distracting the walkers. Glenn and Tara make their escape. They come across Carol's burned vehicle. As they are walking down the road, Tara explains that she trusted the Governor and that "Brian" told them all that Glenn and his crew were bad. Tara feels enourmous guilt for being part of it once he saw how the Governor killed Hershel. Glenn throws it in Tara's face how Hershel was a good man and he taught Glenn to believe, so he believe he needed to find Maggie. Before they can go further, they come across more walkers. Glenn kills a couple before realizing he can't take much and stumbles down. A walker sneaks behind  Tara so she turns and bashes his head in. A big Army truck pulls up. Tara turns around, out of breath and yelled "hope you enjoyed the show, asshole!"

A big, broad-shouldered man and his male and female companions hop out, all carrying guns. "You sure have a mouth on you," the man remarked: "What else do you got?"

Janes Notes: For starters, I LOVED this episode much more than last week's and the development of the stories between the different groups and how each survivor reacted to being outside the fence and "exposed". My guess is Beth took it the hardest. Even during the apocalypse, Beth was somewhat "sheltered" and never really participated in the fighting. She was more of the "nurturer" of the group but however, it is impressive to see her carrying on and wanting to look for the others. 

AND CAROL, I had NO idea we would see her so soon but alas, I am glad that the show had at least one or two heartwarming moments. But why did Lizzy tune out when Mika was calling for her and she had her hands over Judith's mouth? Was Lizzy actually trying to do more than just muffle Judith's cries? I'm telling ya, she reminds me of one of those twins from "The Shining". 

I forgot about Tara making it...but what happened to her sister after she shot the Governor?? Seems her downfall is her immense survivor's guilt. '

Now I'm saving the exciting part for last....MICHAEL CUDLITZ!!! 

You gotta understand, I am a HUGE fan of the cop-drama "Southland", where he played the gay veteran cop that struggled with past addictions. The show is phenomenal and I recommend if you want to see more Michael to catch the show. I am SO excited to see what he has to deliver in the coming season! He is not just a great actor but a great person too so I'm glad to see him on another favorite show of mine. 

Picture Credit: The Walking Dead Wikia
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