Friday, February 7, 2014

Mob Wives: Recap “Life Sentences,” Ep 410

"This could be a bury the hatchet or the last supper"
Go get'em Renee!

Plenty of drama in this episode, if you want to call it that. I don’t know if everyone wants to talk to Renee or Drita wants everyone to talk to Renee. Why does Renee need to make peace with them as though Drita’s life depends on it? Alicia keeps saying the same things over and over in every episode. It’s like being on a merry-go-round that doesn’t stop and you are desperate to just jump off. Here we go, off to…

SOUTH Philly. Alicia calls Natalie about Eddie’s sentencing, which is taking place today (again), she has mixed emotions and she is excited to know what their “future” holds. Already, two minutes in, and I am irked by that comment, but too busy taking notes to rant on Twitter. “What their future holds?” It’s all over the internet that she left Eddie about three years ago. She tweeted herself that she wasn’t with him any more, so rumors of her cheating are false. So can someone please tell me what future she is talking about? This episode came right after Halloween right? I may have to dub her the SOUTH Philly Pinocchio. But I digress. She is anxious to know if the judge will accept his plea deal. If she doesn’t, they will have to start the process all over again. Awww, I feel so bad for her…NOT! He will get a year or two, if things go well. She hopes to come home from court with good news. She won’t tell the kids anything until they have an answer. If there is a delay in his case, it will postpone her case. Natalie is very supportive. Alicia hopes he will come home soon, but fears the worst. If Eddie, “the love of her life,” does come home soon, I wonder where he will live? With Alicia and the boys? What about her current Boo? The people in Philly claim he is always at her house? He couldn’t even stay away during the VH1 filming of her family get together, he was in the episode! They say his car is there in the early morning hours. Hey, maybe this could be a new spin off? “Three’s Not Company,” “Alicia, a Restaurateur and a Mob Associate,” “Who Let The Mobster Out?”

"Alicia, a Restaurateur and a Mob Associate"
They may need a bigger bed?

Over in Staten Island, Renee and Natalie meet to discuss their issues. Renee invited her to dinner because they haven’t seen each other since Vegas and she wants to clear the air. Renee doesn’t think it’s a good idea for them to work together on Mob Candy. Natalie says she decided she couldn’t work for Renee after she put her hands on her. Renee says she doesn’t think either of them were sincere in their apologies. I agree with Renee, but Natalie says she was. Renee explains that she didn’t go to the Halloween party because she felt uncomfortable, like it was a set up or she would be blindsided. Natalie says she was hurt; she felt lied to and betrayed. She finds the whole issue with Renee ludicrous and doesn’t understand why Renee treated her the way she did. Renee said she is sorry she made her feel badly. Natalie says she is “huge with loyalty” and the only way they can get past it is over time by Renee changing her behavior. Natalie doesn’t think she did anything wrong. Renee is getting angry and says she is loyal to who she wants to be loyal to. Natalie says Renee was disloyal to her, and she was disloyal to Alicia too. That does it! Renee says she is done and refuses to talk about it any more. Natalie brings up Alicia to deflect the conversation. Renee gets up and leaves the restaurant. Natalie says this is what a guilty person does, runs off. Natalie asks, “Does that mean no dinner?,” as Renee walks out. That was probably Natalie’s best line of the season!

Alicia calls Big Ang, who is happy to hear from her. Alicia tells her the judge accepted the plea deal and Eddie will be home in a year to a year and a half. Ang says he will probably get strict parole when he comes home. Ang says her boys need their father back home. Ang is happy for Alicia. I’m thinking, now what? Oh did I forget to mention that there are rumors on the internet that Alicia served Eddie with divorce papers? I guess when he leaves the halfway house he’ll have to go stay somewhere else.

At Drita’s house, Lee calls. She is so busy these days that she talks to Lee mostly on the phone. She complains she can’t write rap lyrics any more and it’s Lee’s fault. He has turned her into a softy, she is in la la love land, all stupid. So in this state of mind she can’t write good lyrics. And I guess she can’t channel all the hurt and anger he caused her  for in the past either? Is Drita the NEW Sandy?  She’s hopelessly devoted to Lee. Just having her family together is unreal. Lee compliments her on the house renovations. He says he is proud of her. Did Lee turn over a new leaf recently? He is almost always verbally abusive to Drita. Maybe he doing more than sitting at the sports memorabilia store? Anyway, she thinks they are made for each other and he is her friend, so who am I to disagree? Drita tells him she is going to organize a get together with all the girls, a classy luncheon, where they can be nice to each other. She wants to tell everyone how she feels about the situation because she sees all sides of the stories. And there we have it, proof positive that Drita is really in la la land.

I'm hopelessly devoted to you...Lee

Renee is upset with good reason. Her nerves are shot, between the girls not having her back and Junior’s letter. She goes to see a lawyer. She doesn’t want to upset her family by talking to them about Junior. She explains her situation with Junior to the lawyer. The lawyer says it’s troublesome he is writing her letters because it means he still feels a connection to her. The lawyer says it’s dangerous. The lawyer wants to get a “stay away” order so there can be no more contact of any kind. Renee feels it goes against her lifestyle to go outside the family for help. The lawyer says this is not ratting, this is protecting. Renee says she just wants to be left alone. I think this was a very wise move on Renee’s part, hope she follows through with it and has no second thoughts.

Renee and Big Ang drop into a salon. Ang says her daughter, Raquel, got engaged and now they have to plan a wedding. Ang says a lot of good things are happening in her family. Ang asks about Natalie. Renee says she met with her and apologized once again She tells Ang that the conversation got uncomfortable when Natalie brought up Alicia. Natalie told her she was disloyal to her and Alicia, and now Renee has to prove herself. Ang says all Renee had to do was apologize, that’s enough. Renee says she left when Natalie disrespected her again. Renee doesn’t understand these Philly chicks. Don’t feel bad Renee, neither do I.  Renee wants to be left alone, she isn’t playing games any more. What I don’t get is hwy, when Ang is with Renee, by themselves, she can be supportive, but when the Philly chicks are around she sides with them. I know I am not imagining things. Drita has always been a flip-floppin’ floozie, so I don’t expect much from her. She even went so far as to be quoted recently as saying she and Renee are NOT friends, they are co-workers. So there you have it.

All the girls are meeting for the lunch date Drita arranged, and the Philly chicks are looking forward to talking to Renee instead of about Renee. They walk in and see Ang is already there. Then Drita arrives and asks, “Where is Renee?” Ang says Renee called and cancelled at the last minute, no excuse. Drita is pissed because of how this makes her look. Ang says she can’t believe it. Natalie thinks Renee is avoiding the issue. Alicia says she left them hanging and it’s like a “big F*CK YOU.” If that’s the message Alicia got I, for one, am glad.  Drita feels the Philly chicks went out of there way to come and when she talked to Renee she seemed okay with the luncheon, so she is really annoyed. Considering the circumstances, they all should have expected something like this might happen.

Renee talks to her friend, Nikki, about Junior’s letter and going to the attorney to protect herself. It’s not her style, but she feels the situation is serious and she has to do what is best for her. She is a survivor of domestic violence. Renee doesn’t trust Ang and Drita right now, as long as they are siding with the Philly girls. Renee appreciates Drita trying to be the peacemaker, but it just ain’t happening with these girls. Renee introduced them all and now she is the outsider. I have to agree with Renee, that’s the way I have seen things evolve all season long. I can only imagine that Renee may be angry with Alicia and Natalie, but she has to be hurt by Ang and Drita’s lack of loyalty. Who wouldn’t be?

In Big Ang’s kitchen, she and AJ talk and he tells her he proposed. First he got his girlfriend angry by telling her the house was a mess and starting a fight. Then, when she was good and pissed, he got down on his knee, with the ring, to surprise her with his proposal. Great. Ang is proud of him for turning his life around even though he doesn‘t have a clue about a “romantic“ proposal. Ang loves the ring. Both her kids are getting married now, AJ is having a baby and she and Neil have to figure out how to build their baby. Is it just me, but do you find the “build a baby” phrase distasteful? It reminds me of the “Build A Bear” store at the mall. I am not sensing the emotion and feelings, from either Ang or Neil, about the whole baby idea. Nothing about this storyline has the ring of truth to it.

A "penny" for your real thoughts, Renee
I guess we have to wait for next week?

Drita and Renee meet. Drita wants to know why Renee didn‘t show up at the luncheon. Renee says she was upset after her meeting with Natalie and couldn’t go. Renee says she doesn’t hate the Philly chicks, she is just done with them. Drita still wants them to all get together to see if they can get past it. They can all have dinner at her house. Drita thinks it will be fun. Renee agrees to go. Renee hopes Drita doesn’t expect a miracle. She is doing it for Ang and Drita. What can I say? Of course we all want to see a big sit down, with screaming across a table full of food, where no one gets to taste a bite! It’s what we’ve come to expect and look forward to. Renee has to be there. It’s been her against the world all season long. No Renee, no drama. But, in the real world, is this the way to go? The last two times Renee tried being nice to Alicia, she attacked her and then wonders why Renee doesn’t want to talk to her? Renee apologized to Natalie only to be told she has to prove herself? That’s a great way to patch things up. And then, every time there is a confrontation, Ang and Drita sit there like bumps on a log, saying nothing, and then talk about Renee behind her back. Why the hell would Renee agree to go unless it’s so the cameras can catch the all drama, and trust me, there should be plenty.

Natalie is doing a big fashion shoot and Alicia is there to support her. It was a modeling gig. They are both pissed about Renee standing them up. They rehash Eddie’s sentencing and hers…again Alicia says she is going into a state of depression. She is in a bad place. Natalie tells her to stay positive and she is there for her if she needs her. Alicia says it’s her destiny and no one can save her. I think someone is trying to save her the past three years…her Boo. Alicia can’t be too depressed, except for the cameras where she puts on a good act for us and the court. She has moved on with her life. She has replaced Eddie, she has opened a second store, she probably has a “no jail” plea deal worked out with the restitution and fines the only remaining details, and she is airing all her dirty laundry on national television (at $8,000 an episode) and then points her accusatory finger at Renee for doing it. Can you tell I am done with Alicia and her “poor poor pitiful me” act?

There are only two minutes left, but the next thing we know, everyone is going to Drita’s house for dinner. She is busy cooking. Her house is gorgeous. Natalie gets there first, then Alicia and Ang arrive. Everyone is impressed with everything. Drita wants to know if anyone heard from Renee. Ang says they (she and Drita I guess) are sick of being in the middle of this mess. Natalie thinks Renee has a lot to answer for.  Renee is driving and doesn’t know what to expect when she gets there…“a bury the hatchet or the last supper” dinner. This meeting is going to be a make it or break it event. But there is no time left this week for anything more to happen…

the doorbell rings…Renee has arrived. Let the Mafia Wars begin!

P.S. All sarcasm aside, we at Mob Wives Blogspot, would like to congratulate Big Ang and her family on all the wonderful news!

We also want to thank the Graziano Ladies for autographing copies of How To Use A Meat Cleaver for us! We can’t wait to start cooking! I need to make Jenn’s chicken cutlets asap! Make sure you get your copy today!


Anonymous said...

I want to know when it became acceptible to go to your husbands plea deal hearing dressed the way Alicia did. No dress, skirt, nice pants, nothing! Tight jeans, black tee and a leather jacket. These girls have zero class!

Anonymous said...

Loved the write-up

lilolme said...

Renee is a domestic violence survivor?? Really?? I don't recall ever hearing this before. And why hasn't there been more of a big deal made out of the fact she relapsed in Vegas?? They're just going along like it never happened. I'm afraid that just like all scripted reality shows, this one has jumped the shark..don't think I'll be watching next season.

Anonymous said...

Wow, this is so boring I can't watch it anymore. I know reality shows set up situations like lunches etc. so they can get the members talking to each other, but this WHOLE SEASON is completely contrived. These women aren't really friends, so why should we care about them? (we don't) Alicia and Natalie were brought in, a manufactured friendship was formed. A big snooze. Drita's "rap" career is laughable. Alicia is just a straight up liar, she is pretending to be someone else, she has to play up the relationship with the husband because that is the mob connection, but everyone knows she is with someone else. And Natalie, while a very pretty girl, is a train wreck: dressing in the finest hooker/stripper attire, prancing around SOUTH Philly, New York City and Staten Island, I mean who is taking care of her kid? She speaks like she is semi-retarded and I just want to slap that stupid look off her face with those pursed lips. UGH Meanwhile, we get a front row seat to either a deeply disturbed addict or possibly a manic depressive unraveling before our eyes with Renee. How her sister can exploit her like this ($$$$) is disturbing. She has moments of clarity and then she is completely unhinged. Very sad. But frankly, she was similar to Alicia about Junior, she knew what he was and took him back to give him an opportunity to rat out her own father, Again while Jenn Graziano stood by and watched because it made good television. Hopefully this will all end soon.

Chiara Soprano said...

lilolme, Renee was abused by Junor, that's where that came for the relapse, I have to agree with you. If they stopped filming for rehab that should have been mentioned at least

Leah said...

Ummm I thought it was all over the news that Eddie got 7 yrs? What's this 18 months they are talking about?
Is it a twist to come or what?

Chiara Soprano said...

Leah this is the way I figure it. He got seven years but he has been in prison 3 years already. They usually let you out after you serve half your time if you have good behavior. So if they take the 3 yrs he served off the seven maybe 1 yr to 18 months more is all he will have to serve.

Kadii said...

Wow where to begin firstly Alicia court attire was very inappropriate.....she really is a spoilt b***** . She has a fairy tale lifestyle with Eddie a big house, nice car, 2 boutiques and complains about being punished for stealing funds of ppl doing the right thing and making there company money....
The only person Alicia is a victim of is herself...she did the wrong thing of course she knew it because u have to know what ur doing. So maybe the depression is actually realisation?
Natalie dresses like a stripper acts like one, sounds ridiculous and said " like Ang said its time to clean the air"........ It's clear the air Natalie
Really Renee should just leave it and so should drita and Ang I mean who gives a shite if Renee gets along with Alicia and Ang ........for a short friendship there has been way to much sit downs and apologising....just move on for gods sake.
In short I think the show is dragging out some silly issues that could be easily resolved but i guess it's what they signed up for and we have come to expect.
Drita for a beautiful girl looks to skinny this season, maybe Lee being home has that affect? In season 1 she looks so much healthier and better.
FACT: Drita, Karen and Ramona were all friends with Jenn back in the day and they just knew Renee as her older sister so it's not really authentic friendships,
It was Carla, Ang and Love that knew Renee.

Anonymous said...

HOLY SHEET, I couldn't stop laughing for five minutes at the Alicia pic and Sandy video!!!! Priceless!!!! :'D

I think Renee is being the smart one here and just keeping her distance. Why can't Drita and Ang see that that's probably the best thing right now? But do Drita and Ang even know about the letter or is Renee just assuming they wouldn't have her back and is not telling them because she feels like a "rat" for going to the lawyer?

I want to know since when did leggings, boots, shirt and a jacket become appropriate court attire? Guess she has to maintain her "sexy mobstress" image with the New York Post ;)

Natalia, uck, girl is gorgeous but where in her right mind did she think bringing up the tapes was a bright idea? I don't get how these SOUTH PHILLY girls, with their "connections" think that everyone the feds pick up on you is so "private".