Monday, March 5, 2012

Mob Wives: Recap “Tricks Or Treats” Ep 208

All's fun and games on Halloween!

Carla and Drita take their kids to the pumpkin patch to pick pumpkins. Drita talks about her Halloween party and Carla is looking forward to it. There will be no drama, they share the same friends. They want Renee to come too. They talk about Renee’s depression and they are both worried about her. She is in bad shape. They want her to get out, have fun, dance, laugh and have a good time. Drita feels bad she isn’t friends with Renee’s friends.

Ramona meets her friend, Lina, for lunch. They haven’t seen each other in years. They worked together years ago at Ramona’s ex-husband’s telecommunications company. He promised Ramona he would have nothing to do with organized crime, but he got involved with them and had a lot of connections, even though he is Arab. Her father wanted her to marry FBI…full blooded Italian…but she didn’t, so she got disowned. Ramona wanted out of the mob life for the sake of her children. Then she falls in love with a boyfriend who gets arrested. You can’t run from destiny.

Karen and Carla go golfing. Renee was supposed to join them, but never shows up. They are having a good time together, laughing. Karen tells Carla that Ramona likes her. Carla thinks that Karen could be a genuine person. Karen apologizes for getting aggressive at their dinner. Carla tells her she wants to be Cher for Halloween and that Drita is having a Halloween party. Karen tells her so is Ramona! Ramona is going as the Devil.

At Renee’s house, Renee and Junior have an argument. Renee thinks the marriage counseling is making things worse between them. She feels they can’t move forward without getting rid of the past. He is annoyed and irritated. They talk about him packing and leaving. He tells her an apology doesn’t change the way he feels . He is turned off. Renee wants him to understand her apology, she doesn’t like his attitude. He complains she is so loud, she is hurting his eardrums. He doesn’t like her approach. He takes off. She says he runs from the truth.

Ramona and Karen go Halloween shopping. Ramona loves the holiday more than Karen. She is having her party in New York City with hookah. Ramona isn’t shocked that Drita is having a party the same night. “Drita is a monkey and monkey see monkey do.” Ramona says no one is going to Drita’s party, it will be boring and in Staten Island; there is nothing more that needs to be said. Carla says she will go to Drita’s party first and then maybe Ramona’s. Ramona will be the Devil in honor of Drita calling her Lucifer.

At Renee’s house, Renee and Junior cool off, no drama. Maybe marriage counseling isn’t good for them. It’s dredging up bad memories. Junior thought it was going to start with the present and teach them how to move forward without going into the past too much. They are trying to make things work, they have a long history, but they don’t want to relive the past, it’s too emotional. Renee feels great being with Junior. She hugs him.

Big Ang does a great Drita!

But Drita does and even better Big Ang! Hilarious!

Carla and Big Ang are at the wig store and Drita joins them. Carla talks about the two parties on the same night and she doesn’t want to be in the middle. Drita feels it’s weird that Carla is now hanging out with Karen and Ramona. All the ladies have fun trying on the wigs. Big Ang wants to be Drita and Drita wants to be Big Ang. Carla says Joe can’t go to the party if Junior goes because he is at the half way house and cannot be around felons.

It's your party, but I'll cry if I want to.

Renee, Carla and Karen get together for lunch. Renee feels that Carla and Karen bonded over golf and she just wants Drita and Karen to make up. Carla mentions she was invited to Ramona’s party and Renee gets pissed because Carla was invited before her. Carla says Renee is Miss Drama because she makes this all about loyalty. Renee feels she should have been called and invited first and seems irritated with Ramona. Renee says she rather spend the night with Junior on the couch. Karen says she is concerned about Renee and what is going to happen when Junior goes back to jail. Renee gets very emotional. Her father’s driver was picked up by the Feds, maybe her father will be next, and Junior is going back to jail. She can never have her whole family home at the same time. She feels good with Junior right now…Renee get anxious and can’t breathe.

Carla gets together with her friend, Etty. Carla tells her about Drita’s party, there will be family and fun. Then she says Ramona is having a party the same night and she wants to remain neutral. Carla feels Drita will always be her friend. Carla hasn’t decided if she will make an appearance at Ramona’s party yet.

Karen meets with her friend Rena and tells her about her argument with Dave. He feels abandoned and that she left her family in Arizona to go to New York. Karen mentions her Mob Candy magazine cover and that her book might be a best seller. Karen talks about her father Sammy, there are some things she hasn’t old him yet. Rena is concerned with Karen’s safety now that the book is due to come out. Karen understands her concerns, but says she is telling her story and it’s the truth.

At Drita’s house, Drita is on the phone with her cousin and she tells her Ramona is having a Halloween party the same night she is. She feels it’s weird that Carla has been hanging out with Ramona and Karen. The cousin tells her that Drita stuck by Karen in the past and Karen forgot all that. She tells Drita that she grew up different from them, she has morals, she gives respect and wants it in return. Her cousin tells her that they bring out the worst in Drita. Drita says she married into the lifestyle and she will divorce it. She feels likes an outsider.

Big Ang and her son AJ have dinner at her house. She makes him fillet mignon, mashed potatoes, wine and a salad. She tells him she needs a rich guy to take care of her. She can’t go to Drita’s party because she has to work at the bar that night. She is tired of working such long hours, till 4 AM. It’s too much! AJ is back on track and staying out of trouble. Big Ang is happy. AJ talks about opening a pizzeria in Boca Raton, Florida and says his mother can invest her money in him and she can be a 50% partner. They’ll call it Ignazio’s.

Drita’s party! Drita is an airline stewardess. Junior and Renee show up wearing prisoner costumes, orange jumpsuits. Drita is very happy to see them. Carla shows up as Cher. Renee loves Carla’s costume and says what people don’t know is that the ice princess can really sing. Carla loves seeing Renee in a good mood. Renee is enjoying herself. Renee hates the fighting. She feels it’s a tug of war. Enough is enough, she feels pulled in two different directions and she doesn’t like the separation. Renee will have to leave Drita’s party, but Carla is not leaving. Drita says she thinks Renee should stop trying to bring her together with Karen and Ramona. It won’t work. How can they ever be friends when she smashed one to the ground (Karen on the rooftop) and punched the other in the mouth and made her bleed (Ramona at Renee’s party)?

Carla wants everyone to get along and not be petty. While the women are talking, Junior announces they have to go to Ramona’s party. Renee isn’t happy with his not being too discreet. Renee asks Drita if it will bother her if she leaves. Carla says she is staying. Drita understands that Renee is trying to do the right thing. Renee feels she is in the middle and always trying to make everyone happy.

If Karen's the nurse, Underboss has a fever!

Ramona’s party is drama free. Karen is there as the naughty nurse and she wants to play doctor. She is on the prowl. Ramona says if Karen’s smiles to the left and has a twinkle in her eye, then that means she is horny. Renee and Junior show up and Ramona thinks it’s comical they are in prisoner costumes. Ramona says she never expected Carla to come, she is Drita’s sidekick and she expected her to stay at her party. There is “hookah” at the party and Karen is getting weirded out by a guy who is acting like it’s his party. Someone mentions cops and Junior hears it. Junior’s face changes and Renee sees it and asks him why. He doesn’t answer, but she knows something isn’t right and they have to go. Junior is on edge and paranoid and it won’t end up good.


First let me thank God, Mob Wives is back on! Now to get to business!

Something does sit well with me, blame it on my skepticism or my cynicism, but why were both Ramona and Drita’s parties on the same night? A Thursday night no less? Halloween, October 31st, 2011 fell on a Monday, so there were plenty of other days to have parties. It makes no sense unless they were looking for a break in the price because restaurants will give you a mid-week discount? OR they wanted to create drama and tension for the show!

I almost fell off my chair when Ramona told her friend that her family wanted her to marry FBI (full blooded Italian)! Ramona has more colorful expressions than I can count. If she wrote a book about her life and used them all in there it would be a fascinating and hilarious read. I find her words stick in my head. Anyway I digress again.

Carla just wants to get along with everyone. For once, I have to say, it’s the mature sensible thing to do, but she is still boring, even in her Cher costume. Renee says no one knows it, but the “ice queen can sing.” I wish they would let Carla sing and add a new dimension to her personality. I know I would love it. Even a karaoke night, when the girls all go out together, would be fun and much better than golf! I knew Carla would go to Drita’s party. Really that was the right thing to do considering how divided up the group is right now. That’s all I have to say about Carla.

Renee and Junior wear matching orange jumpsuits, prisoner costumes. We all know the ending to Renee and Junior‘s story, but now we are seeing what unfolded before the news hit the papers about his being an informant. It doesn’t make him very likeable or sympathetic that he is leading Renee on this whole time, knowing he is betraying her and her family. I have to wonder if his bad attitude is because Renee was “hurting his ear drums” or really from feeling guilty about wearing the wire and stringing her along? He has been very irritable the past couple of shows. His behavior at the party was strange too. Guilt has a way of changing your personality, and not for the better. I’m just glad the truth came out and however hard it is on Renee, she can now make up her mind to move on; she’s not in limbo any more.

Renee’s feeling about being in the middle and pulled in two directions by her friends are valid, but I don’t think they want her in the middle. Renee has too much going on to be stressed out over their issues. They need to work them out themselves, one way or the other. Karen and Carla made amends for now. I say for now because how long is Drita going to be cool with Carla hanging out with Karen and Ramona? I predict we will soon see she is not ok with it at all. Renee needs to take care of herself and let the chips fall where they may, where they are concerned. Not everyone is going to get along.

Karen goes to Ramona’s party as the naughty nurse. I wonder why she picked that costume, but someone on our writing staff seemed to appreciate it very much and started playing sick (Underboss). Karen was pretty much low key this episode, but she was very busy with her book coming out, so I hope we see a lot more of her next week. 

Big Ang didn’t have much of a role. She didn’t even show up at Drita’s Halloween party because she had to work at the Drunken Monkey. Now if only she and Drita had played each other at Drita’s party, that would have been a riot and a much better use of air time than her and her son, AJ, having dinner.

Yes I am working my way up to saving the best for last! Drita. I am not a Drita hater, I am just telling it the way I see it. I have a couple of issues to vent about. The first is her phone call with her cousin, where they are basically bashing Karen and Ramona’s morals or lack of them. They also say that they don’t respect people, but Drita does. It’s true Drita was raised differently, outside the lifestyle, but she turned her back on her family when she decided to date and marry Lee. In fact, all three women chose to go “outside” their culture, when they chose the men to be the fathers of their children. As for morals, I have not heard either Karen or Ramona brag about being in fist fights for the last 20 years or how many people they have sent to the hospital, like Drita does. It’s just not something to be proud of, if in fact it’s even true.

Then there is the issue of her saying that Renee is basically wasting her time trying to get Karen and Ramona to be friends with her because “she smashed one to the ground and punched the other and gave her a bloody mouth.” I don’t care if you are a Drita fan or not, we all have eyes and saw the footage. There is no way in hell that Drita did either of those two things. If she is lying about those two fights I can only imagine how her other fights turned out! She never smashed Karen to the ground on the rooftop! Renee held Karen back and then fell on top of her, pinning her down. That’s when Drita was standing over Renee and Karen, kicking Karen in the ribs! Fair fight? Yeah right. Smashed her to the ground? What show was she watching? I really don’t like lying, especially when the proof is right there for the world to see.

As for Ramona, there is no way Drita punched her in the mouth at Renee‘s party. Yes there was some blood, but it was the result of a cut caused by someone’s jewelry. No one knows who caused the cut because of the chaos. There was no bruise. Ramona didn’t even know about the cut until someone mentioned it. If she had been punched, as Drita claims, she surely should have felt it, right? Ramona was fine afterwards, which is more than I can say about Drita’s eye. Why is Drita still talking about both those incidents and making herself sound so tough? Neither Karen nor Ramona are going around talking about Drita’s eye. She clearly got the worst of it, but she never mentions that.

Well that about wraps it up for this week. Nothing too controversial happened, but it was good to see all the ladies back and having a little fun. Next week they go to the Pocono’s! I’ll try to find the summary and sneak peeks this week to blog for you. 

So what did you think? I’d love to read your two cents!


Anonymous said...

VH1 definitely had them plan their parties on the same night for the drama! C'mon even with them hating each other, they obviously have mutual friends, why would they have a party on the same night? I really feel bad for Renee, she really gets so sucked in by Junior, but honestly enough with the crying!! Ramona did not make up the expression FBI (full blooded italian), you can see at any t-shirt shop!

Deana3452 said...

This is a good recap. I am a Drita fan, but I DO agree with most everything you said...except one thing..Karen DID talk about popping Drita--she said she was "proud of it".

Hey you said...

It was a fun episode and i do agree as to why both parties were on the same night. everyone had a great costume, lol. Hate to see Renee so emotional and fun to watch her have a fun time at the party. Mob Wives is the best reality show!

Mob Mistress said...

I enjoyed the episode.

I think Renee was the star of the episode.

Drita's impersonation was hilarious & spot on. Her party seemed a bit empty.

Ramona's party seemed to be a hit.

Karen gave Renee solid advice. It was great to see her hang out with Carla, no chat about Drita.

Carla was the winner of this episode. She stayed out of the drama & stayed loyal. I got a glimpse of the Carla I liked episodes 1 & 2 season 1!

Anonymous said...

My 2 cents is ur 2 cents, it's like we were twins separated at birth!lol:-) Personally, the comment that was said about Karen not having any morals,.. that's going 2 start a Huge fight all over again, and i don't have 2 pull from my psychic abilities 2 know this either,it's just common sense... anytime someone questions a person's morals, on national T.V. ....there's going 2 be a problem. The Season Final, wow.. i can't imagine!;-)

Chiara Soprano said...

Hi CeeCee, thanks for commenting, I can't lie, I love it when people agree with me LOL! Yes I also feel it was not the best idea to question Karen or Ramona's morals. I think the cast knows a lot more than we do, they have a long history. If they wanted to blow anyone out of or the water for lack of morality, they have the power to do it. I would chose my words more carefully if i were Drita.

Chiara Soprano said...

Deana, Karen was proud of poppin' Drita, because this is the second time Drita tried to attack her and this time Karen wasn't pinned down and was able to defend herself. Also Drita supposedly spent the summer bragging about how she hurt Karen on the rooftop, so maybe Karen wanted to give her a taste of her own medicine? People do have limits.

Deana3452 said...

I understand what you are saying---I was just responding about what you said-"Neither Karen nor Ramona are going around talking about Drita’s eye" but that Karen Carla...On another note, I think you are spot on about how the cast knows a lot more than we do! I wish we DID know more!!

Anonymous said...

What I noticed is Drita's party was dead and Ramona's was happening.

Also Renee really can't see that Junior hates her guts and is quite disgusted with her. She really couldn't see that in his eyes and body language? She was so desperate to be loved by him and the combination of the prescriptions she's on that it has numbed all her senses. She always look stoned. Presciption meds are drugs too ya know.

Drita is plain and simply pathteticl. All the tough talk is a bit much. We all know that she isn't tough. All talk.

They should indeed exclude her from the activiites. lol. Yeah hang on to Carla for dear life for she is the only friend Drita has and that most likely won't last long once Carla starts to see "her" for what she actually is if she hasn't already.

Monique said...

Did anyone else find it really wierd how Junior acted when he found out the guy at Ramona's party was a cop? He completely freaked out. He was already walking on thin ice then and it showed.

He never admitted (on camara) to Renee why he was acting so weird. I have never seen someone so shady in my life! It sucks cause Renee keeps it real. Complete opposites!

Chiara Soprano said...

I found it strange, but it was such a quick scene and I don't know how it was edited or why he was irritated with the police when he was working with the Feds already.

Monique said...

Very true. They should have been BFF's! LOL