Friday, March 30, 2012

Mob Wives: Drita D'avanzo Reveals Made Up Storyline?

Drita D'avanzo of Mob Wives in action.
Some thought I should do this post due to my gentle ways.  Oh boy were they so very wrong.  Chiara, Underboss and I get these continual repetitive questions about aren't we suppose to be unbiased or impartial.  I've never written anywhere that we are unbiased or impartial.  We are viewers just like most who read our site.  We watch Mob Wives every Sunday it airs like many of you.  We don't know the story lines.  VH1 doesn't give us previews of upcoming episodes.  I'm sure big brother Viacom doesn't even know we exist.  The 3 of us, soon to be 4 do this because we like blogging & watching the show.  If you can't tell by now Chiara likes it the most.  Underboss does what he can when he can.  He's on some sort of strike because I have a backlog of posts he's written that have yet to see the light of day.  We were all unbiased & impartial when we watched the trailers last year & 1st episode.  Once we got into season 1 of Mob Wives, we like who we like any given Sunday.  You don't have to like who we like.  You don't have to dislike the same Mob Wives we do.  Frankly, I don't wake up thinking, "Who likes me today?"  So, I sure in the hell don't give a flying rat turd if you like Karen Gravano, Renee Graziano, Ramona Rizzo, Angela Raiola and sometimes Carla Facciolo.  I do.  I concern myself with who I like.  Who you like is your business; though you are welcome to share your opinion for the most part.  I dislike Drita D'avanzo per the show.  I am of the opinion that she is one of the lamest chicks ever on reality television.  Danielle Staub formerly of The Real Housewives of New Jersey is more credible than Drita D'avanzo in my opinion.

Recently, a pretty good site Reality Aired posted an interesting post.  I recommend all of you read it,  by CLICKING HERE before you continue with my post.  IMPORTANT UPDATE the original post has been edited.  I still stand by my reading comprehension & original opinion.  From firsthand experience, I know sites & blogs will edit or remove out of courtesy.  I still think Reality Aired is a really good site. You can still view part of the original post by clicking the picture below.  In the post it seems they spoke with the lovely Drita D'avanzo.  She allegedly revealed part of Mob Wives season 2 storyline by claiming her and Karen Gravano will make up.  She sure can't hold water! Drita also allegedly stated she likes to move forward.  Well move forward already!  Your life isn't at a stand still because the friend who wasn't your friend that you never said you weren't friends with is done with you.  Drita would love the viewers to believe all the fuss is about Lee D'avanzo and Karen can't get over that she married him & had kids.  Some of you believe that with all your little hearts.  I don't. I think it's about Drita NOT BEING A STAND UP FRIEND.  Today, it's about every time Drita feels some bit of truth is about to be revealed, she attempts to throw a punch.  You know she's trying to build the number of people she's put in the hospital and all [insert extreme eye roll here].  I don't know Karen Gravano & cannot speak for her.  However, I would NEVER EVER make up with anyone who physically attacked me twice.  I also wouldn't give the individual the time of day until they owned up on camera to the truth.  I do mean the WHOLE TRUTH and NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH.  Not some lame ass play nice so Drita can save face for all her adoring fans & remain relevant per Mob Wives.  Since Drita & Karen's falling out, one of them is a New York Times bestselling author & has multiple businesses coming to fruition.  It seems to me Karen Gravano has moved forward in a very big way.
Click picture for larger view of photo of original post.
Why does so so tough Drita need to make up with anyone to move forward?  I doubt it has to do with anyone else besides keeping herself in the loop of filming.  In addition, it crossed my mind this is a ploy to paint Karen into a corner by having fans pressure her into a reconciliation.  Since Drita is stating publicly she wants them to make up.  Didn't the cast sign confidientiality contracts?!

 Season 2 of Mob Wives hasn't even finished airing.  Yet, I can't wait for season 3.  I imagine mob daughters & wives are coming out of the woodwork as if termites to be a part of Mob Wives.  I say cast someone with a strong connection to the lifestyle & ditch Drita.  It's not like Drita D'avanzo doesn't have other options.   She is appearing in some rapper's video.  Per my first interview with Jennifer Graziano I hear Drita has mad rapping skills.  We can't forget her potential as a model.  Arizona Muse,  Toni Garrn and Chanel Iman move over.  She also has a cosmetics line we've read is coming out soon over and over again.  (CRICKETS)   I'll be sticking with Cargo, Make Up Forever, Yves St. Laurent, Veritas, Bobbi Brown and Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics thank you very much.  Doesn't Roxanne Rizzo Drita's old friend from back in the day have a line out.  Summer is coming and I suggest you checkout her Bronze Glow.  I hear it's one of the best spray tan products available on the market.

As always whether I love, like or dislike a particular mob wife  I wish them all the happiness & success they can stand.  I don't know about you but I'll be tuned into Mob Wives this Sunday @ 8 PM on VH1.  On Sunday, we'll be posting a Renee Graziano interview done just days after discovering Junior's cooperation with authorities.  Special thanks to Eva Howard, Joshy, Cee Cee, Helen Wheels, Rach, Lizzard, Monique, Somaya, Hey You, Dee, MissCrop609, Julie. CrazieShayzie, FunLady28, Nicole in MA, Just Passin By, Keebs and our nameless readers & commenters.  Toodles.

Original Story: Reality Aired
Picture Credit: Our Bookie


Anonymous said...

You nailed it, through Drita's smoke monster of spin, she's basically demanding that Karen make up with her despite continuing with her bs and lies, and if she won't she's gonna spin even harder that Karen is the problem, stuck in the past, can't move on. Etc. I don't think Karen is ever going to be dumb enough to get played again, so it's gonna go on and on and on.

God, doesn't she ever get sick of herself? If I were her I'd be sick of me every single day before my feet hit the floor beside the bed.

Julie said...


Chiara Soprano said...

LOL, I marinated on this story in my sleep and was prepared to write a blog on it this morning, after talking to you. I was happy to see your blog MM because I wanted to see how different it was from the one I was thinking about. They are like night and day. Mine was not bad, but I was right to defer this one to you, it's a masterpiece for many reasons. Many reasons! Kudos!

Just Nicole In MA said...

Hey.....I got me a mention in your blog. Sweet :)

As for the "make-up", Drita has nothing else going on in her life of interest other than the "Karen drama". If Karen isn't foucsed on it (and why would she with her book and I am hoping for a movie. I will settle for a Lifetime movie about her liefe) then what is Drita's point on the show?

However if Drita can garner pressure for Karen to make up, then we can live next season with Drita-Vs-Ramona with Karen in the middle. That makes Drita revelant for another season??!!??

Chiara Soprano said...

Just Nicole, that is an interesting idea...LOL

Kathy cummings said...

Hey guys!! Great blog, as usual. I thought it was kind of strange for her to come out and say that when they aren't allowed to talk about what hasn't been aired yet. There is another site that had an update about that interview and they posted that Drita actually said you'll have to wait and see if they make up when asked if there was any chance of her and Karen reconciling. Not sure exactly what is the truth, but I've seen other interviews do a play on words before. I happen to like all of the mobwives. There's things about all of them that make me cringe and things about all of them that remind me why I love this show and what each offers. At the end of the day I wish them all success and can't wait to see how the rest of the season Plays out. Thanks for a great Blog MM!!!

Anonymous said...

Excellent work! As always
Fashionista Betch

Anonymous said...

Drita strikes again. lol She'll be sure to respond to this with a 'punchline' or two. :D :D

Anonymous said...

Drita gone? lol never gonna happen.. she's the popular on the show

keebs said...

Every reality show has a person who is hot tempered...Mob Wives has Drita. She only makes the show cause she thinks she's Ali in the ring, she had a ton of"one liners", and she lies to cover her own ass. She's the comical one on the show..If her and Karen do make up, it's gotta be for reality tv ONLY cause u know damn well Karen could care less about her right now.

Anonymous said...

Like the game "telephone" often times 2 or more people can see the same accident and you will get just as many descriptions of what happened. I dont see the same show you all see. I LOVE Drita. I think Ramona is fat, ugly, and stuck-up. Her and Karen talk about Loyalty all the time yet Karens dad was one of the biggest rats in mob history and Ramonas grandfather brought an undercover FBI agent into the mob. Whatever.
Drita has scenes in EVERY episode so far, even without hanging out with the fat chicks. She's funny. She's fun and ya'll are haters.

articulate said...

"the friend who wasn't your friend that you never said you weren't friends with" - couldn't have said it better myself.

Mob Mistress said...

"I think Ramona is fat, ugly, and stuck-up. "

If Ramona is fat, Drita & Carla are fat too.

*shakes my head laughing at the supreme foolishness*

Anonymous said...

I think its mighty funny how the 1 Drita fan is hating on the nicely shape, beautiful , damn right she has the right to be stuck-up Ramona.

Was it just me or was that not the same I'LL BEAT ANY BITCH ASS THAT STEP IN MY FACT" Drita when Reena was asking her if she was sure that Ramona was talking shit about Jr. I mean did you all see the look on Drita face before she gave Reena an answer. She had the I DONE F$@K'D UP NOW expression going on before she said yes. I mean if you a true fan of the show then you would know the Drita we know wouldn't wasted no time saying Something like "Yes Ramona it. Put us in a room together and if she lie and say she didnt i will hit her in the fucking face".
However that normal reaction we are use to we didnt get. Her ASS was nervous as hell and didnt know what to say. something about that just didnt seem right to me and had LIE written all over it.

Anonymous said...

I think you should go back and read the article! No where does it mention that she has made up with Karen. Maybe you should read the article before basing an entire blog on it! As far as her being on the show...I love her! Seriously...go back and read the article. She only says she hopes for reconciliation. If I'm wrong about this please correct me but she doesn't give anything away at all. Reading this blog is just like listening to Ramona and Karen...twisting and turning things to make something out of nothing!

Chiara Soprano said...

The Reality Aired is where the story Drita told originates and if you click our insert you will see the original article which has since been EDITED. The original quotes are also still also on "Her BLOG," the one she frequently tweets and encourages her fans to read. Have you read it? Here are a few choice quotes that are there and credited to Drita:

I will quote to you from "Drita's Blog" whose title asks the question and ANSWERS it with quotes from Drita: "Drita says, “In the last few episodes you’ll see the reconciliation of Karen and Drita" AND "Drita tells Reality Aired that the two do end up making up" AND "Are you surprised Drita and Karen made up?"

She has made it clear on numerous occasions that this is the site her fans should read because they tell the truth. If you have a bone to pick, it's with Drita and her blog.
Not us. We are just the messengers. Reality Aired made changes to their article, click our insert and read the original. As for "her blog" IF in fact they got it wrong and misquoted Drita, then it's on her to have them pull down the blog, issue a retraction or correct any misinformation. Thanks for commenting.

Chiara Soprano said...

It appears that Reality Aired and VH1 is doing some damage control today because they have edited their original interview with Drita. You can find the original article with Drita's revealing quotes on the insert in one of our blogs. You can compare that to what is online today. We stand by the original article for obvious reasons. We would appreciate those who insult our intelligence in particular, to read both before commenting.

Deana3452 said...

I don't know why people have to get so personal! I mean, in my opinion, I am not Ramona's biggest fan yet, but I don't think she's ugly nor would I say so if I thought she was...the bottom line is none of us KNOW any of these people and while I understand people giving opinions about the show and actions, why in the world do people feel the need to make it downright personal? Opinions are one thing, slinging around things just to be cruel is another--and just so we are clear, I do NOT mean the writers of the blog....I am talking about some of the comments on not just this post, but others.

Mob Mistress said...

It's not personal Deana. They're just attempting to insult & get a rise. There will be stronger moderation guidelines from this day forward.

People are welcome to read. People are welcomed to comment no matter their opinion. However, excessive disrespect & lies aren't welcomed here.

I hope you are having a great day.

Deana3452 said...

That's it...excessive disrespect...thank you...that's what I meant. It's sad!

Mob Mistress said...

You're welcome. It'll get better or quiet around here. LMAO!

Deana3452 said...

LOL! Uh, oh!!! Look out! :)

Anonymous said...

I guess all we can do is wait and see if they reconcile or not. If they don't we will know that blogging is risky when you don't quote the direct source of information. Something to consider before quoting any Tom, Dick, an Harry. You might cinsider your sources in the future if you want to be taken at all seriously. Just Saying what everyone else is thingking cause now you are having to do damage control too! In the future I would check a few resources before basing an entire blog on something that maybe did or did not happen. It is frustrating to the reader!

Mob Mistress said...

"Oh for Pete's sake please go and read ***** blog. She is posting it for everyone to read because they have updated it because THEY misquoted Reality Aired as you did too."

I did not misquote Really Aired. I have the original available within the post.

"Even the one posted here on your blog says she only hopes for reconciliation. What happened was you quoted a someone eles blog that misquoted Reality Aired and you made the mistake of not reading it before quoting it."

I referenced Reality Aired who had the exclusive. I did not reference in other site. Reality Aired published the following (before edit),

***Drita talked exclusively with last night during a meet and greet featuring the Mob Wives star at 900 Park Restaurant in The Bronx. And she says the unthinkable will happen before the season comes to an end.

"In the last few episodes you'll see the reconciliation of Karen and Drita, the outcome of Lee (Drita's estranged husband) and drita, and you get to meet my baby girl," Drita says.***

"Again Reality Aired never wrote that they have reconciled ever."

Reality Aired quoted Drita as stating there is a reconciliation. In addition, she mentioned having the ability to move forward, and hopes it can be possible with Karen.

"This is just a case of you f'ed up so just admit it and move on. Isn't that what Karen says? Just admit you didn't fact check or do your homework and all will be good!"

I'm not the one who f'ed up. There is nothing for me to admit. It's already good, I know the truth. I read the story as others did before the edit.

"Its annoying that you won't. Before quoting Drita, her blog, or Reality Aired again in your reply please read each peice thoroughly! Then you can reply and admit that sadly you are wrong. Not once in this blog does it say your quoting another blog, that misquoted Reality Aired, and didn't bother to ACTUALLY read the Reality Aired article before your jumped the gun and quoted it based on someone else's blog that made an error (and admits their error and update for all to see!) and got to typing away."

Well aren't you an Einstein. You keep reading a site that annoys you. You also keep mentioning some other blog. The blog I read was Reality Aired in regards to this post. I never quoted ANY blog in my post. I only referenced Reality Aired. LOL, and you have the nerve to worry & take issue with my reading comprehension.

The rest of your comment continues accusations that I read some other blog to get my information. Blah, blah, blah,blah.... The reality is I read Reality Aired as a reference to my opinion.

I hope you have a wonderful afternoon. BTW my readers are good. Thanks for looking out!

Mob Mistress said...

"I guess all we can do is wait and see if they reconcile or not. If they don't we will know that blogging is risky when you don't quote the direct source of information. Something to consider before quoting any Tom, Dick, an Harry. You might cinsider your sources in the future if you want to be taken at all seriously. Just Saying what everyone else is thingking cause now you are having to do damage control too! In the future I would check a few resources before basing an entire blog on something that maybe did or did not happen. It is frustrating to the reader!"

I didn't quote any other blog in my post. I also clearly stated I was referencing Reality Aired which is not any Tom, Dick or Harry website. It was the original source. I'm not doing damage control. I'm informing the readers that Reality Aired edited their post. Hence the *IMPORTANT UPDATE* in yellow so readers know what I've added to my post. I still wanted those who were reading my post to visit the site I was referencing.

Who says I didn't check sources? ROFLMAO! If you are frustrated over a blog, I suggest you stop reading it. By the way, blogging isn't risky to me. It's not that serious. Risking is playing in traffic. Thanks for commenting!

Mookie Duke said...

I agree with this post. I dislike Drita after viewing her true character and she just doesn't get it. Doesn't owned up to her own and that's pretty sad. I feel bad for her children. And I wish Renee would just realize that Drita is nothing more than a liar. You GO KAREN! Love you and your book!!

Anonymous said...

"In the future I would...."

Anon, I don't want to be mean, but seriously? No one cares what you would do! You sound so young and ridiculous, stamping your little foot and telling the blog owners what to do. If they want your advice or care about your opinion, they'll ask. Wait by the phone. In the meantime, since you're such an expert in how to be taken seriously and how a blog should run, why not start your own? I'm sure when they see how you run yours, they'll be so impressed with how great it is that they'll start incorporating all of your orders and suggestions without you even having to run this constant symposium
on what you want them to do all the time. It's just a TV show and you really seem to get all worked up about a bunch of strangers. Hate to tell you but "all will be good" whether you like what they do or not, nobody needs your permission.

Chiara Soprano said...

To the last Anon, I just have to say thank you, I could not have said it better myself!

Anonymous said...

MOB MISTRESS U Have Spoke 100 percent Truth!!!:-):-):-):-):-)!!!
If people stop watching the show because they already know whats going 2 happen..the ratings go down...the ratings go down... people loose money...
And Everybody Knows U Dont...U Never...mess with peoples money.
This is a good example of speaking with out thinking.

I have a headache 2day, so i didnt feel like sugar coating anything, Lol!

Chiara Soprano said...

CeeCee sorry about the headache, but loved your comments all the more LOL

Anonymous said...

I think the person who writes this blog and constantly talking crap about drita is just jealous that drita has more fans than those two ***** **** karen and ramona. Get over it! Drita is the star of the show.

Mob Mistress said...

I'm sorry Anonymous directly above me, we are no longer allowing disrespectful comments. Your comment was edited out of courtesy. Next it'll just be deleted.

I do not nor does anyone else from this site constantly talk about Drita. Beyond watching the show Mob Wives or writing for this site, she doesn't come up in my life. We are approaching 600 posts on this site. They are not all about Drita. Fact: Most of them are NOT about Drita.

You are entitled to your opinion. However it's not based off of logic, fact or reality in regards to this site.

Moving along, I have a great marriage. I've spent well over a decade with an intelligent, humorous & sexy man. He is a loving father who guides his children. He doesn't steal to buy me homes, furs or diamonds. He actually has a wonderful career which provides our family with a very comfortable lifestyle. I do not have to endure prison visits, care packages nor his cussing me out on the phone. I married a stand up guy who made his family a priority in life. There is nothing for me to envy or be jealous of in regards to Drita. I wish her the best. I don't have to like her television persona.

Kel said...

MM: AMEN!!!! That's exactly what I've been saying all along! Why in the world would anyone be jealous of her?! LOL. That is a joke of utter ignorance. That's like saying a fille mignon is jealous of tofu. Really? Reallyyyy?!!! Oh please grow up. And to the other Anon, not everyone else is thinking it love, cause I sure am quite happy with the blogs here as they are... over estimate much? If you want to pick apart someone else's writing, start by learning how to make a good thesis first. Blah! I don't like all this negativity on my (mostly) happy, funny blog. Go away.

Monique said...

WOOT WOOT!! I got a shout out on the best blog ever!

This blog has captured my attention, particularly for the accuracy of their facts. Anyone can start a blog, but it is the hard work of these ladies (and man-lol) that actually make this blog just as good as the show if you ask me. If, for any reason, there is a mistake, they are are quick to correct it and provide the valid reasons behind it, as opposed to a lame excuse. I wish more people would actually live like they blog- state facts, state your personal opinion (without caring what anyone thinks), be honest, if there is mistake they relay or in this case a slip up by someone (like Drita), explain the reasons why and show proof. Keeping it real!

You really couldn't ask for more.

As far as the content of this post, yes, I do believe that Drita did slip up and speak more than she should. Like some previously stated, they are in damage control mode 100%. I am sure everyone expects a reconciliation, but now Drita is trying to look like the good guy like she is the one reaching out to Karen or better yet pleading her case to the world like a victim.

C'mon Drita, everyone sees throught the BS. You don't really want to make up with Karen, you just want to create an image like you tried everything you could. You had your chance (twice) to really be a standup person and show some class, loyalty and friendship.

Let's see if third times a charm or
will we be saying three strikes and you're out?!! LOL

Chiara Soprano said...

Thank you Monique!I can't disagree with one word you've said LOL