Sunday, April 1, 2012


We all love music around here. We as in the 4 bloggers soon to be five.  VH1's hit series Mob Wives seems to always feature great tunes. I am not sure what the selection process is for the bands or songs chosen.  Whatever Left Right Productions' method each song chosen blends perfectly with each scene & emphasis on the Mob Wives' actions.  One of the bands featured in the first episode of Mob Wives season 2 was MUTEMATH. The two songs the viewers heard were "Blood Pressure" and "Allies".   We all should remember the premiere episode one.  It was unforgettable and explosive.  The songs chosen fit as perfectly as my size 13 Jordans.  Many of us had issues with our blood pressure as we watched Renee on the operating table.  I wish I could forget it.  As the Drita and Karen discussion begins it's another high blood pressure point.

"Blood Pressure" starts with a screaming guitar and then drums kick in.  I can't make out all the words but blood pressure is featured prominently throughout.  It talks about controlling your rising blood pressure. MUTEMATH have hit the mark with this song. I love it (not as much as I love Karen Gravano).  The song builds as if the tension in the episode builds.

"Allies" was also a great alternative rock song.  It fit like a glove, Mob Wives (besides the women's lives) is very much about allies.  You know the Ramona has Karen's back. Carla has Handy Man & Drita's backs.  Karen has Renee's back.  Bigg Ang has Louis' (the pomeranian) back.  I'm not for sure who has Carla's back.  Though highly unlikely, I wouldn't be shocked if the songs are written for the show. They're the good and appropriate.  "Allies" chorus features the line "we got to find our enemy."  Later in the song we hear this war is out of control. The lyrics so fit the episode and the Karen/Drita situation. The lead singer Paul Meany's voice is great. I almost want to go start a fight with somebody because the song has me pumped up.  The music could get all of you up off your couches and punching a bag like Drita D'avanzo or dotting an eye as if Karen Gravano.   I have listened to the Odd Soul album.  It impressed me.  I really like the album. I actually listened to Odd Soul a few months ago. I first learned about MUTEMATH from Christian Rock magazine, I was reading years ago.  I read the article about the group.  Messing around with Rhapsody app on my iPad, I downloaded the Odd Soul album. The music is good. The drums have an electronic feel on some songs.  There is also a older feel to the album. It feels almost kind of Pink Floydish or even a little progressive. Not bad for a Christian rock band, let alone any band. Who says Christian groups can't rock it out?  Let me know what you think of the songs I've embedded.

It's Sunday folks! You know what time it is! Mob Wives time on VH1 @8PM/ 7PM Central.  To those I've unfollowed on Twitter.  I'm not mad.  I am uninterested or don't want to be bothered.  If my tweets don't interest you, I'd expect you to unfollow me.  It's that simple, no hard feelings.  It's Twitter and it's not that serious to me.


Mob Mistress said...

I enjoyed both songs. Allies is my favorite of the two, I remember it from the episode. I too enjoy Meany's voice.

Great post, and I apologize for taking forever & a day to get your contributions up. I'll try to do better.

Chiara Soprano said...

I am musically challenged, this is an education for me! Nice to see your blog up! Now back to Final Draft!