Saturday, April 7, 2012

Real Housewives of New York: Season 5 Preview

Three Old & Three New Cast Members

Well I just couldn't help myself when I came across the preview for season five of the Real Housewives of New York City, I had to watch it. I have to admit that a big part of the reason is that I am always comparing them to Mob Wives in terms of "reality." I have managed to watch a couple of shows last season, specifically the ones where the RHONY went to Morocco and the reunion episodes. Those few episodes were about all I could take, and I have blogged about my experience watching them here. Well let's move on to the preview...which includes three old wives and three new wives: Luann, Sonja, and of course RAMONA Singer; Carole, Heather and Aviva (as you know, Alex, Jill, Kelly and Cindy were cut). Looks like they have compiled a little bit of every episode into three minutes:

Aptly named "Backstabbers, Blackmail and Orgasms"...the preview of season 5 shows Ramona acting like Ramona always does, saying they not only have a Countess now, but now a Princess too! Jealous much? Luann, 47, tells her French boyfriend, Jacques, that she wants to have a baby with him. Is it me? Something about this guy just irks me to death, his high falsetto voice, his grandiose nose or the fact he is years younger than her...oh well. The baby part kills me, if anyone thinks she is serious, please leave a comment! And Ramona's Pinot Grigio is a staple of the show and makes it into the clip of course; this wine is so fabulously famous that it almost gets more air time than the other cast members. It is certainly in more scenes than any housewife! Ramona and Sonja gulp down wine and discuss the many phobias of one of a new housewife (sorry I don't know their names yet). Apparently they all take a trip together and end up in a pool, with Ramona and Sonja engulfed in each other's arms. They seem to be getting very chummy this season don't you think? Ramona has a tiff with a new housewife who apparently doesn't invite her to London because their initial meeting was far from love at first sight. We get a glimpse into Sonja's life, who says she is going to "sell her house, pay her debt and sue her ex's ass." What has she been waiting for? This has been going on for some time already. Even I know that!

Ramona's expression for most of the clips shown!

Whoa! An irate Luann has it out with a stunned or drunk Ramona, saying that Ramona called and threatened her with blackmail! "What other dirty tricks do have to pull out of your Pinot filled ass?" asks Luann! Now that sounds like something worth tuning in for! And Ramona gets mad at Sonja for not supporting her as a friend. Ramona points her finger at Luann screaming "You are always the instigator!" Ramona yells at a new housewife for talking behind her f*cking back. A big argument between Sonja and a new housewife, has Sonja storming off in a royal huff. One of the new housewives says to Ramona and Sonja "You're both white trash, frankly!" I need to figure out who this new one is because she is fast becoming my favorite! 

Is it me or should they rename the show, "Ramona, The Unreal Housewife of NY?" She is in so many scenes and frankly doesn't seem to get along with anyone...looks like the same show, different faces, with more Pinot Grigio, to me. What do you think?

Also, if you love parodies, check out the NEW Amy Phillips video where she does more RAMONA and Bethany and other Bravo celebs...I love Amy Phillips!!! Amy's tribute to Andy Cohen's Birthday!

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Rosey said...

Oh wow, new season with 3 new woman will be pretty exciting from the preview! Usually Bravo does not fire 3 housewives who originated a series but it seems the gamble may have paid off. Can't wait to watch the new season. Thanks for the great blog update.