Thursday, April 5, 2012

Mob Wives: Carmela Meets Mob Wives

Carmela On Meeting Drita and Jennifer:

Everyone likes to talk about their brush with fame. I am no different. I love that adrenaline feeling you get before meeting that certain star. Earlier this year I set out to meet Drita in New Jersey. I really wanted to go alone because I didn’t want to have anyone stand in the way of my chance to meet her one on one. So I went with a friend who didn’t even know who Drita was. I figured this was safe. I went very early to make sure I could get the best seat. Within hours the club filled up. There must have been over a few hundred people there. The dance floor, that seemed so gigantic when I got there, was now filled. Passed the dance floor, in the back corner, stood a roped off area where security guards were present. In the DJ booth was DJ Toro. I am also a fan of his. I listen to the rollout at 5 pm on 92.3 and converse with him through twitter. So I patiently waited. I tweeted to Drita a few times that I was there and waiting. She responded that she was on her way. They said she would arrive around 11 pm. At that time I left my friend at the bar, she had no problem getting the ear of some handsome guys. 

I made my way all the way up to the roped area and planted myself right in front of the security guard. He passed me a look as if to let me know that there was no way I was getting any farther than where I was. I passed him the same look that read, we’ll see about that. I think it was after 12 am when Toro announced that Drita was in the house. Everyone was getting so excited. I made some dance floor friends and we were all yahooing. Then there she comes. Beautiful of course. Biggest smile on her face. She seemed truly happy to be there. She spoke off mike to Toro for a bit and then took the mike and spoke to the fans. Everyone was feverishly taking photos. Since I was front and center, I was getting shoved closer and closer to the forbidden area. I took my phone out and snapped photos of Drita. I got the attention of Toro and asked him to tell Drita that I was there and that she would recognize my twitter name. 

After that everything was a blur. It was then I caught a glimpse of the real star. I couldn’t believe it. I gasped. There she was. The brains behind the show. I called out her name and she came directly over to me. She thought I looked familiar. She was amazed I recognized her. We chatted and she gave that security guard the look of, its ok let her up here. And up I went, thru the roped off forbidden area. I sat on a couch next to Jennifer Graziano. Five feet away from me was Drita who sat talking, kissing, taking photos and trying to update her twitter. She got up walked over to me and said "its finally nice to meet you.” I don’t know if Toro gave her the message or if Jenn mentioned something to her, but I was speechless. I gave her a hug and we took photos together. And of course I couldn’t miss the opportunity to take a picture with Jenn. “Ugh,” she said, “I hate photos,” but she obliged. It was a lot of fun being in the circle of someone you admire. I had a great time and just sat there and soaked it all in. The funniest part was when all the fans on the other side now wanted to take my photo. I guess they thought I was someone. Well, at this time, my friend, who I definitely left flat, wanted to go home. I said goodbye to Jenn and thanked her for being so nice. That night I left with the reassuring feeling in my heart that being a true Mob Wives fan was certainly worth it.

Carmela's Meeting With Karen and Ramona:

I’ve been loyal to watching the Mob Wives from the beginning. I have my favorites. We all do. Then there’s a point in time where, somehow for some reason, you cross the line and your old favorites become has beens. I was never really thoroughly stargazed over Karen. But, during season 2, she put a starlight in my eyes. So I thought I owed it to myself to go to a book signing. I arrived very early. I always like to make sure that I am at the center in all the going ons. They had seats set up for the fans, while we awaited the arrival of Karen. We purchased our books and received a list of “not to do's.” They told us where she would be entering, where to stand to take a photo, expressing not side by side. They explained that we were to get our book signed and exit through the conveniently located door 6 feet from where Karen was to be seated. Well, I didn’t take this lightly. Really I said? So as I sat down and waited, I hooked up to twitter. 

Well, guess what? Lots of tweeting was going on about there being a special guest coming with Karen. I said to myself, who can that be? Well twitter has no secrets and Ramona tweeted a clue. Wow, I said to myself, Karen and Ramona together. How lucky am I? So I tweeted Ramona and told her I was there and, by any chance, could she talk to that big bodyguard who thought he was going to escort me right out of there after signing my book. We sat and waited. This particular signing was being filmed so I was thinking that was why there were so many rules they were trying to lay down. Well they arrived. Ramona comes in first. Gorgeous to say the least. How four children came out of that body one can only wonder. But what struck me right away was the fire in her eyes.  She scoped the room and remained so calm. And then in walks Karen. She can’t believe the large audience there. She seemed choked up. Ramona sat down with us and Karen did a question and answer session.  Can you even wonder how brave this girl is, after all she’s been through? 

We were all given numbers and were told to go up in that number order for a photo and signing. Well you could have thrown that list of rules right out the window. Karen and Ramona put everyone at ease: the fans, the security and the camera men. Ramona even told me not to worry, I could sit in her seat and stay after my book was signed. I gave up my number and was one of the last to get signed. I chatted with Ramona, she even signed my book near her picture. I asked her where her next appearance would be, and she invited me to come to her birthday party at Sugar. Unfortunately, I couldn’t make it, but I was elated. I don’t know if was a public invite, but none the less, she asked me.  I took photos with each of them. Not on the dotted line either. I realized at this moment these two girls were true friends. I stayed till the very end. When I got home and checked my twitter I realized Ramona and Karen were off to yet another party and were posting photos. I tweeted to Ramona, “Hey, and I thought you two were going home! I wish I could have come!” And Ramona tweeted back, “next time!” After this night, I am now not only stargazed over Karen, but Ramona also. 

REMINDER: Be sure to tune into “Mama’s Boys of The Bronx” on Monday, April 9th on TLC. Carmela will be back here with a recap of the show!

Picture Credit: Carmela Corleone

Written by: Carmela Corleone


Mob Mistress said...

Thanks for sharing your wonderful time meeting some of the Mob Wives.

I'm cracking up @ Jennifer Graziano's, "Ugh, I hate taking pictures!" She doesn't change her tune.

Monique said...

Welcome Carmela!! This blog gets better and better!

Anonymous said...

Nice! But I'm sitting here wondering why not 'side by side' for photos? How was it done lol? Never heard of that before.