Thursday, April 12, 2012

Mob Wives: Renee & Dr. Fiorillo on The View

Renee & Dr. Fiorillo before the show,
and they are "in the pink!"

The View invited Renee Graziano and her new doctor, Dr. Fiorillo, to the show today to discuss her plastic surgery nightmare and how she is handling it. Don't they both look great? 

Tina talks about Renee, her good friend!

But first, Tina Fey, a star from SNL, is a guest and guess what? She talks about Renee! And we have been trying to get Renee on SNL! God works in mysterious ways! What are the odds that Renee and Tina Fey would be on the same show? Tina says she is friends with Renee forever because before Mob Wives, Renee's cousin worked at 30 Rock! "She is so nurturing" she says of Renee. Renee even offered her water pills. Tina also does a little impersonation of Renee that is on point and hysterical! Tina Fey please help us get Renee on SNL! I love Tina Fey, can you tell?

Back to Renee and her handsome Dr. Fiorillo, who were waiting in the greenroom, for their segment...they show a clip of Renee breaking down on the show, over her father and Junior. The most extremely emotional footage of the series. Then Renee is welcomed to the show. They discuss Junior's betrayal of her father. They ask her if he got back with her just to betray her father. Renee agrees that's why he did it, because he was being charged with armed robbery and homicide and cut a deal, getting less time than her father. He is now in witness protection. She also adds she forgives him, not for him, but for herself. She says she is in contact with her father now. No one knew he was an informant until her father was arrested. 

Then they move on to the plastic surgery and the terrible complications. Renee describes the full body surgery for a smaller tummy and a full ass. The Dr. Klapper cut off too much skin and she got a deadly infection. She has to have several corrective surgeries by Dr. Michael Fiorillo, who is in the audience. He says she has a hole in her back the size of a lemon that went down to the bone and he had to help her heal physically and emotionally first. On May 7th the first corrective surgery will be performed. Renee says the worst thing she has had to go through this year is her son having to deal with his father putting his grandfather into jail. Sherry wants to know at what point do you let a man go. Renee says she cannot be be anyone who is a snitch, ever.

In the greenroom!

Great interview, but too short! I loved seeing Renee, but I sensed that these subjects were still very difficult for her to talk about, but she did it. It's a testament to her strength and courage. Bravo Renee!

Picture & Video Credit: Jennifer Graziano and Dr. Fiorillo Twitter & The View

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Kathy cummings said...

Another great blog! The more time goes on the more I love Renee. She really is an inspiration. She has been so open and honest about all aspects of her life. From her surgery, her struggle with depression to all that has happened with her father and Junior. I'm sure their are plenty of people who still may not understand her, but you have to give her credit for her strength, honesty, the endless fight within her and get undying loyalty. I adore her and respect her. She is the perfect example of the saying "it doesn't matter how many times you fall down, it's about how many times you get back up." I wish her live, happiness and some inner peace. God knows she's earned it!