Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Mama’s Boys of The Bronx: Recap Episodes 1 & 2

I loved the opening scenes from the show, and I love the song they put along with it. It gave me a very nostalgic feeling. I hope everyone enjoys this recap.

Episode 1: Watch Your Mouth In Front of My Mother!

Finally we get to meet the boys. And yes, their mamas too, who at times I like even better! We meet Chip (37) and his mom. Chip who obviously spends a lot of time in the bathroom and can’t seem to find anything. Several times he calls out to his mom, Camille, for assistance. Camille seems like a tough cookie. But Chip is lost and needs help locating his personals. I’m thinking, how far did these things go from yesterday? Chip is a personal trainer, and prides himself on his visual look.

Anthony and Patti

Next is Anthony (36), who I think he is a big baby and his mom, Patti, does too. Anthony also spends a lot of time on his appearance. He gets his hair done twice a week! Anthony loves living life and chasing girls. Mom doesn’t like his choice of girls and, more than once, calls them sluts. Ooohh...that was blunt. But even though Patti puts up a good fight with Anthony, in the end she gives into Anthony’s needs. Or maybe I should say demands?

Frankie (38), boasts about living on the avenue, how it’s old school and how he’s the product of this regular Italian neighborhood upbringing. Frankie also seems lost in the bathroom. Everything has seemed to disappear from yesterday. But his mom, Gina, is there to help him and tell where he can locate his personals. Of all the 5 boys, Frankie seems overly fond of his mother and has no problem letting everyone know that she’s the best and he’s not going anywhere.

Giovanni (38), who lives with his Aunt Gina after losing his mom a year ago, seems to be pressured by her nagging. Giovanni is outspoken tells it like it is. Aunt Gina has a passion for food and she takes pride in cooking all day. She lets Giovanni know that she’s not happy about him wanting to run out and spend time with the guys instead of eating at home. “You don’t eat, so you got no ass.” So, of course, Giovanni sits down for dinner. I tell ya right now, who wouldn’t? Homemade ravioli? I love Aunt Gina and need some recipes!

And then there’s Peter. The only boy that’s in his 20's, 28 to be exact. He seems the most sensible. After all, he’s the only one with a girlfriend. He lives at home with his father, Gus, who clearly states that he can’t wait for him to get married and move out. Peter is thinking about taking his relationship to the next level with Grazie.

The flower shop

The guys get together for drinks to see what announcement Peter is going to make. They meet at Pine Bar and Grill. Anthony tells them he thinks Peter is ready to propose. At first the group boasts allot of hey-ho's. The guys think maybe he’s getting sucked in or maybe it’s just another one bites the dust. Finally they cheer and salute! Thank goodness. I’m thinking, because I’m happy for Pete! They dance, drink, flirt and 2 of the guys pick up girls. Frankie meets Sara, takes her for a walk and they end up over by a storefront. He pulls out set of keys, unlocks the gate and all. All the while I am thinking that there’s a velvet leopard colored bedspread over some old couch on the other side. Oh, I hope I’m wrong. And I was. It’s the flower shop where Frankie works part time.  He makes a bouquet for Sara and they leave. Now that was nice!

Anthony leaves with his date. We’re not sure where yet.

The next day Peter and Grazie talk about his night out. He seems a little worried, but I don’t think Grazie gets mad easily. She’s upset she can’t go out and meet him, but Peter tells her it’s only the guys. Grazie lets Pete know that “classy girls don’t hand out with trashy girls.” I think Grazie is young, pretty, and classy.

The unforgettable toast!

So Frankie decides he’s going to bring Sara home to meet his family. The guys don’t think its a good idea and tell him “hey, you haven’t even had sex yet!” I was happy about that. Gina doesn’t look too impressed with Sara in the beginning. She thinks she’s too artificial. They laugh at the table and Sara decides that she’s going to do an Italian toast. She toasts, “Cheers to us and F*** everyone else!”  Gina laughs and now is thinking maybe this is the girl for Frankie. But, you had to see Mama Gina’s face when Sara said it. It was priceless.

Giovanni, Chip and Peter go ring shopping in Connecticut, where they hear the Yankees frequent. Personally that sounds like trouble, I mean in the budget sense. But, you gotta love a jewelry store that serves espresso. Its a wonder these guys can sleep at night! The jeweler goes on to explain color and settings. Giovanni tells Peter the "F" rating in color stands for forgetaboutit. Typical joke from Giovanni. Chip starts busting the guy and wants to know if he got his suit at the Men’s Warehouse. Pete seems nervous, but decides on a ring. Lastly, Chip chimes in that maybe he should just buy a broach. Chip seems to be the prankster in this group. I have a soft spot for him!

They head back to Arthur Avenue and the episode ends with everyone voicing their opinion that maybe Pete’s not ready for marriage or maybe he needs more time.

I enjoyed the first episode. I think they guys bring light hearted comedy. I love the moms. I think the show stuck to the guys personalities and we will all decide who our favorites are. I know last night on twitter everyone seemed to fall in love with Chip.

Episode 2: I Change Girls Like I change My Underwears!

Frankie and Mom

This episode opens up with Frankie once again, letting his mom Gina know that he has no real interest in getting married or leaving. He has the best cook right here at home. He loves the family dinners and says, but don’t be late, otherwise the drama will start. Frankie seems very fond of his mom. Mom is fond of Frankie too, but would rather him meet a nice girl.

Anthony enjoys being spoiled by his mom. She takes care of everything. The next morning his mother, Patti, discusses the girl that Anthony snuck in and out. You know, the cleaning lady. Really Anthony? Your mom knows what’s going on. Patti suggests he takes the girls to a motel, but Anthony brushes it off. I gotta say, I agree with Patti!

Peter is planning a surprise birthday  party for Grazie. She thinks she going to the engagement party of a friend and is upset to share her day. She urges Peter that they should go out tonight to celebrate instead, but Peter makes up excuses and Grazie tells him that he owes her not 1 or 2 presents, but he’ll make it 3. I like Grazie. And I think Peter is lucky.

The guys go suit shopping on the avenue. They show up at Vito's, again sipping espresso. Some of you will think that this doesn’t really happen, but trust me, I’m no stranger to the Avenue.  I know some of the shop owners and sometimes I can’t get out of there fast enough. It doesn’t take long before I am sipping espresso with sambucca and eating the ends of bread. The guys break Vito’s chops and tell him the espresso is cold and the clothing is overpriced. Vito takes it in stride. Obviously he’s watched these wise asses grow up. So who walks in next, but Aunt Gina. She is in search of Giovanni and it doesn’t look like the first time. “Giovanni, you still here? What happened to the bread?” Giovanni looks agitated from the nagging. But I gotta tell ya, maybe Giovanni brought on the nagging. Giovanni, bring home the bread already! Peter second guesses himself with his decision to marry, but the guys assure him they’ll always be there for him. Good going guys! He needs your support!

Chip is at the gym waiting for his client. He’s been training Larry and says he’s his protégé. When Larry doesn’t show up, Chip calls him and then finally goes out looking for him. Where does he find him? On a bench eating pastries. Well, I hate to say it, but I rather be doing that also. Chip yells at him and takes him back to the gym to work out. Chip demands jumping jacks and push ups. Push-ups? Larry says, Im not doing them. But who could after eating those pastries? I’m am looking forward to seeing Larry’s progress here at the gym. I hope he sticks to it. While training Larry, Sara shows up to work out. Chip suggests that if she’s hot she can take off her shirt. Chip! What are you thinking? That wasn’t professional! I’m glad Sara kept it on!

Pete stresses over the party. He’s making follow up phone calls and goes for his suit fitting. Afterwards he and Giovanni go to get pedicures. The other boys are getting ready for the party. Anthony spends time on his hair once again and Chip goes tanning. Chip says he even looks going to bed, and I believe it! Both Frankie and Giovanni need help getting dressed. At least Pete is dressing himself! He is definitely the only one semi-ready for marriage.

Grazie big surprise party!

Pete and Grazie make it to the party in the pouring rain. Pete seems nervous. They get there and typically everyone yells surprise. Grazie looks surprised and happy. Pete picks his moment and proposes and Grazie says yes! I think I love these kids ! Everyone seems to be having a great time. Grazie says the night was crazy and didn’t want it to end. I thought she looked beautiful and her dress was gorgeous. The guys all seem to be happy for him.

This episode ends with Peter saying that after all the hard work he put into this party and proposal he’s looking for six months of hard labor from Grazie. Well....I say Peter, you better look somewhere else because you should be happy you found a nice girl!

I enjoyed this episode too. I look forward to maybe seeing Peter and Grazie marry, but I’m not sure with 6 episodes left that we’ll see that. I laughed several times and several times I wanted to kill these guys! I must say I think the comedy is funny and its a feel good show. Overall the guys don’t seem to be bothered with any real serious issues in lives. They may fret about cold espresso or a tie not being tied correctly, but all in all their lives seems sort of simple. After watching the show, I was thinking that it wouldn’t be so bad if I had someone cleaning, cooking and doing errands for me!

I hope you enjoyed my recaps. Please leave your comments below. Thank you for taking your time to read the blog. And thank you to Mob Mistress and Chiara, who about a year ago started this blog and made it what it is today. I am elated to be part of their team!

Written by Carmela Corleone

Picture credit: TLC & Carmela


Chiara Soprano said...

Carmela, this was a great detailed recap. I loved the show, maybe because I relate to it so much. I think it has potential if it also appeals to those who are not of Italian decent. If it does then Italians are the new Reality Stars of the future LOL. I hope everyone who saw it comments because I'd like to know what they thought of it.

Julie M. said...

CARMELA I have to comment on how well your recap was detailed. I have not yet watched this show but with what you wrote I feel when I do watch it I wont be lost. I will no who is who and what's going on. You fit right in with Mob Mistress & Chiara!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Carmela

Her name is spelt Grazia LOL

Michelle said...

Hi Carmela!

I was so excited for this show, and I am so happy that I can actually watch this show at the same time as you comment. I am in Canada and love Mob Wives, but we get the shows later than you all.

I love this blog and read it everyday! Welcome Carmela!!


The Underboss said...

When I started watching, I could not understand why men in their mid to late 30s would still be living at home with their moms. I was a bit pissed thinking that these guys aren't men but boys. I watched both episodes and realized that they are a true representation of men these days. Maybe it's a culture thing but I could not wait to find my way. I never searched for a mom replacement. I was looking for a companion. The guys are likeable enough that you forget they are big babies. I enjoyed the recap. Sorry I was a bit negative but I guess I was raised differently and cut from a different cloth.

Anonymous said...

I agree, Underboss. I know the show is supposed to be tongue-in-cheek, but honestly at times they did come off as kind of pathetic and not even always too respectful to their long-suffering mothers. But, they also remind me of the guys I grew up with, the smartasses, so I did find them likable at the same time. They're the kind of guys who are fun to hang out with. Thanks for the recap.

Anonymous said...

hi I will like to know where did you get your dress from cuz i love it