Thursday, April 12, 2012

Mob Wives: Renee & Jenn on Cosmo Radio

Seems that both Renee and Jennifer Graziano stopped by Cosmo Radio to discuss the show Mob Wives recently. Jennifer says their lives have always been crazy and they had an opportunity to allow cameras to capture in and allow viewers to see what the women in the lifestyle go through. Jennifer explains that her father was upset about the show in the beginning and stopped speaking to her, but now that it’s been on the air he knows it has nothing to do with mob secrets. Renee says if they were secrets, they wouldn’t even know what they were. The host says it really shows the female perspective of the lifestyle which we haven’t gotten on shows like the Sopranos or Goodfellas. The host mentions that the women are equally punished when their men go away. Renee feels they are punished more than the men. 

They go into the incident at the Poconos, when Renee calls Junior to pick her up. Renee says, “It was either that, or the guy was going to lose the other nut he supposedly had!”  Renee gets upset when guys come over to make conversation when the girls are out. She says she isn’t looking to go out and meet guys in a hillbilly bar! They all blame it on Karen. Karen like to talk to guys and flirt. Renee calls Junior when these situations come up because he shows up to put them in their place. Renee says she did always expect him to rescue her in the past. And she says that’s one reason why she thinks she had her nervous breakdown in January. Because she lost her “protector” when she lost Junior. Renee says she feels abandoned because he was such a big part of her life. He left her and AJ to fend for themselves. Once you become a “snitch” or a “rat” people look at you completely different. But Renee says what she has come to realize is that she is a really strong person on her own. The interview ends with a few laughs! Have a listen.

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