Monday, April 23, 2012

Mob Wives: Recap "If Books Could Kill" Ep 214

A little chat about what Carla said or di-ent say!

Ramona and Renee meet for lunch and Renee updates her on what is going on in her life. Renee says she is done with the pity party and she is being loyal to herself. She wants to raise her kid with moral and ethics. Renee is coming out of a dark place and it’s the hardest thing she has had to do. Ramona is proud of her and tells her what is going on in her life. When her boyfriend was arrested they took $200,000 worth of her jewelry from his house. She wants it back. Renee says they do what they want to do. Ramona is going to have to fight to get it back.

Karen meets Anessa, the event planner, to discuss her book release party at the Greenhouse. She wants everything to be perfect. Her brother is flying in from Arizona to be there. Everyone is invited and she wants everyone to have fun. The red carpet will be held outside and downstairs there will be a media room. Karen is nervous, but she stands behind her book and what’s in it.

Bigg Ang has a Christmas party at her sister Janine’s house. It’s a big tradition in their family, Uncle Sally used to have them all the time. Her sister’s house is big and gorgeous. Renee shows up and sees champagne, caviar and music…and hot looking guys. Drita shows up and is amazed at the size of the house. Renee and Drita start chatting and Renee says she heard that Carla said something like, “Come on she didn’t know?” Drita says she doesn’t think Carla meant it. She tells Renee that some people talk before they think and Carla is one of those people. Renee says regardless of what she meant to say, it came across as that she knew Junior was wearing a wire. Renee adds that Carla always calls her a mental case. Renee decides that Drita is acting like the voice of reason and she needs to listen to her.

Drita and Carla shop for a Sweet 16 present for Carla’s niece. Carla casually asks Drita if she has seen the girls. Drita tells her about meeting Renee at Bigg Ang’s family Christmas party and that Renee wants to talk to Carla. Carla says, don’t worry she wants to talk to Renee too. Renee blows everything she hears out of proportion. Carla thinks Renee should call her when she hears something. Enough is enough.

Ramona meets with her boyfriend’s lawyer. The police confiscated all her stuff. He says Joseph’s case is difficult. Ramona says it is so wrong that they took her jewelry and she has to prove it’s legitimately hers now. He tells her they put it in a vault in Texas. Ramona feels violated. Ramona goes over the jewelry list, item by item, to make corrections. She says she got all of the jewelry as gifts. They even took her grandfather’s medal, it’s priceless and irreplaceable. Her heart is broken over that, of all things.

Carla is a little too defensive

Carl and Renee meet at the diner and get things “rolling.” Carla wants to clear the air, she is pissed about what she has been hearing. Renee tells her what she was told Carla said, that she knew Junior was wearing a wire. Carla says that’s ridiculous, she knows how Renee feels about her father and she would never say that. Renee says she didn’t question the person who told her because she trusts them. Carla says she wants Renee to trust her more. Renee admits that she jumped the gun and was 100% wrong. Renee wants to make up because she needs a good support team right now. They make up.

Ramona takes Bigg Ang and Karen belly dancing, to share with them something she enjoyed from when she was living in the Middle East. Bigg Ang struggles because of her large breasts, Karen is doing her own steps because she can’t concentrate. Karen has a lot of things going on right now and can’t think about the moves. She doesn't feel sexy right now. Karen talks about her book’s haters and one of the family members of Sammy’s victim’s who is trying to sue her for the profits from her book. It had nothing to do with her.

Drita spend some quality time with Giselle after school. They have a moment of fun. Drita says that both her girls are so good and great students and she is very proud of them. As a reward, she tells Giselle they are going to get a puppy. However, after exchanging ideas, they don’t seem to see eye to eye on a name yet.

At Carla’s house, Renee comes over for a quick visit. Renee says she is going to Karen’s book release party with AJ and she wants to know if Carla wants a ride. Carla says no, it’s not her cup of tea. She says she is done with drama and all the talk about Drita and she doesn’t think Karen cares if she is there anyway. Renee says rumor has it that Lee and Drita are in Karen’s book. Renee thinks that Drita will react badly if she and Lee are in the book.

Karen’s day has arrived! It’s a celebration and she looks out from the balcony of her hotel room over NYC. Ramona shows up and says, this is a party celebrating Karen’s life, and Ramona will have her back if anyone even thinks of starting trouble. Karen gets flowers from her mom and dad who wish they could be there, but they are they in spirit. Karen gives Ramona a copy of her book with a very personal and special message inside. Karen says, “You can’t find someone more loyal than Ramona.” Ramona gets a little choked up. She is so proud of Karen.

Drita and Carla meet for drinks. Drita is excited and tells Carla she is getting a new puppy. Carla is thinking she may have to get her kids a puppy now. Then Carla tells Drita that she and Renee resolved their differences and Renee admitted that she was wrong. Carla says that she was invited to Karen’s book release party, but she declined to go. Drita says that they will blame her for Carla not going. Carla says maybe they should read it and see what it’s about. Drita says the book means nothing to her and it’s probably full of lies. She don’t give a f*ck about Karen’s book!

Book Release Party! There is a huge turnout…pictures flashing, camera’s rolling and Gerard, Karen’s brother, is right there by her side. Karen walks into the party and Renee gets up on a chair to kiss her over a partion. Oh, and there I am, front and center for a second! Karen is in the media room answering questions. One person asks if she is worried about retaliation for writing the book. Karen answers no. Another asks if Drita has read the book. Karen answers she doesn’t know, but she should, it’s a good book. Karen and Ramona make a couple of nice speeches. Karen says she is a survivor and she feels her book is going to be huge.

Ramona tells Karen the latest news

Ramona calls Bigg Ang, who is working at the Drunken Monkey, to tell her about another big mob bust. People they know were arrested all because of Junior. Ramona just wanted to give Bigg Ang a heads up because she knows the people arrested. Then Ramona meets with Karen to tell her the news that the situation with Junior has escalated. The husbands of Renee’s best friends have been arrested because of Junior. Renee is going to be shunned by the people she trusted and cared for. Karen says Renee has gotten strong since she learned about Junior wearing a wire, after getting over the initial shock, but how much more can she take?

Renee enters court building to support her father

Renee calls Bigg Ang. Renee is nervous because she is going to court to support her father today. She is going to a status hearing where they will discuss the discovery of the facts. Bigg Ang can’t get over what Junior did to Renee. Renee says it was the most gutless, selfish thing that anyone can do. Renee says people will look at her like it was her fault, but she is strong and will do what she has to do for her son. No matter how anyone treats her because of this, she will go to court to be there to support her father.


I’ll break it down mob wife by mob wife again this week starting with Bigg Ang. Bigg Ang makes every scene she is in a commercial for her new show. She is hysterical, even when it’s supposed to be serious. At the Christmas party she has her nephew dressed like a “hunk” and it shocks Renee. At the belly dancing lesson, Bigg Ang is having such difficulty she calls it a nightmare. What was Ramona thinking bringing Bigg Ang when it’s Renee who loves to dance. Renee could have used this moment to show DWTS her skills! Come on, who is running the show? Do I have to think of everything? And when it comes to talking about Junior’s situation, no one says the word “rat” more than Bigg Ang, and it’s not just how many times she says it, it’s how she says it with emphasis, disgust and attitude!

Loved seeing Drita with Giselle! Giselle may look like Lee, but I think she has Drita’s stubbornness. Oh but, wait till the teenage years when attitude really blossoms. This was a cute little scene explaining how they got their puppy, Lucky Santangelo…yes that’s the name they settle on for their little brown toy poodle. This is my week for loving Drita because when she meets with Renee, who calls her the “voice of reason,” I almost choked! However, Drita made her most brilliant statement of the series yet when she says “some people speak without thinking and Carla is one of those people.” I agree with Drita! And because of those two scenes I am going to cut her a little slack on the fact that she is still cursing about Karen’s book when she hasn’t even read it! I can’t imagine myself not reading a book that my husband and I are in, can you? Maybe she has nothing to be angry about? Maybe she has more to be angry about? Wouldn’t you want to know? I have found that your imagination can be your worst enemy if you let it. Read the book already, Drita! (I see that in next week’s preview, Renee wants Drita to make up with Karen too. How is that even possible?)

Ramona’s jewelry somehow got “arrested” (confiscated) with her boyfriend and now she can’t get it back. I don’t understand what her jewelry has to do with his case or how it’s evidence. I’d be pretty upset too. I don’t understand why it wasn’t in a safe of some kind or a safety deposit box? Ramona’s life is still pretty complicated. On a brighter note, Ramona made a very nice speech for Karen at the book release party. It’s impossible not to see how close they are and how much they love each other. We could all use a friend like Ramona!

Karen finally gets her book published. She is radiant at the book release party and she looks beautiful. The Greenhouse was filled to capacity with family, friends, fans and supporters. And why not, this was a huge accomplishment and it took a lot of courage for her to expose the details of her life. I give her a lot of credit for doing that, knowing that many people will have unkind things to say. At the same time, I imagine it’s a relief for Karen, who is always straight forward and honest, to put it all out there and not have anything about her life hidden. She has literally and figuratively become an “open book.” I think it’s an important step for her in moving forward in a positive direction. I wish her all the best and every success in all her future projects!

As for the Carla and Renee drama, well we saw most of it in a sneak peek and there really wasn’t much more to it. It left me feeling like I was waiting for a firecracker that didn’t go off after it was lit. This is the third time their little “sit downs” have fizzled out. I know Renee wants support and not drama, but Carla has proven to be not very supportive, as far as friends go. I mean, when Carla heard what Renee was saying, she didn’t pick up the phone to call her either, right? She was all pissy and complaining to Drita and Bigg Ang and bad mouthing Renee to the max, but she didn’t pick up the phone and say, “Renee, I heard someone was telling you things about me that aren’t true or that you misunderstood and we need to talk.” Yet, she wants Renee to call her? The phone works both ways. Carla needs to “own” her part in this miscommunication. Even Drita says that Carla talks without thinking…even Drita picked up on that. Hello! And, if you remember, it was that Drita showed insight when she told Carla that Renee was mostly angry about the boyfriend issue because Carla basically called Renee a liar. As far as I know, Carla never apologized for that, but she wants Renee to trust her more? Carla gets a lot of free passes as far as I am concerned. I’m still not satisfied that Carla is as innocent as she claims. She told Renee she just said Junior was acting different and she thought something was up. However, I want to know what she meant when she told Karen that “people” were talking and asking “what’s up with Junior,” and if “people” were speculating too, then what were they saying on the street? Carla loves gossip like a bee loves honey, and you can bet she polled all of Staten Island, by phone, to get their ideas on what’s up with Junior. I’m not buying what Carla is selling…nope.

Now, a couple of words about me, as I see I made the final “cut” and saw myself on the show. Yes, I was there during the scene of Karen’s Party, when Renee got up on a sofa to kiss Karen as she walked in. For one second, I was front and center, and it was damn near a close up! So in a year I have gone from starting a blog no one ever heard of, to writing for the number one mob wives blog, to talking to the executive producer and cast members, to meeting cast members and Jenn, to alienating two cast members, to being on the show. What a difference a year makes? Well, I had my one second of fame and now it’s back to work for me.

I have a favor to ask Jennifer? Can I be invited to the Reunion Show taping? I would love to see Joy in action and of course all my mob wives! I just need Ramona and Karen to protect me from Drita and Carla!


Mob Mistress said...

I saw you for way more than a second. I caught several glimpses of you! I just cracked up. It was so wonderful to see you on television! I would love for you to be invited to the taping of the Mob Wives Reunion. I'm sure Jennifer would love for you to sign that confidentially contract too!

Great recap as always! I have questions:

How is it that Drita doesn't give two f*cks about Karen't book? Yet in the same breath it's annoying & she needs her therapist on speed dial.

How is Karen to write about her life & exclude the people who have been a part of it? Isn't she divorcing Lee? It's not like she didn't know Lee was with Karen for years considering she moved in with Karen when she was still with Lee.

Drita may have been book smart during her school years. However, her logic is lacking in my opinion.


As always "spot on" with your recap. Straight to the point. Loved it. I can't wait to watch it again. I will admit that you beat me to the "punch" by asking to go to the reunion, I was going to make a request for us both since we are in close proximity.

Ice8380 said...

I loved this episode, Big Ang is a hoot and always makes me laugh. I do not trust Carla one bit, she's the kind of friend that talks shit to everyone behind your back. Gotta love Drita's raw honesty, even if she's saying something you really don't want to hear, her point is usually valid. Love the friendship between Karen and Ramona,I have a friendship similar to this one so I can truly relate. Ramona is a lot less annoying with Junior out of the picture and seems like she's getting it together, words of advice for Ramona, don't trust Carla. Can't wait for the next few episodes.

Julie M said...

Fantastic recap as always!!
It was nice to see my favorites at the party smiling and having a good time!! That's what I hope we see more of them having fun!
Drita has never been a favorite but when she was with her daughter btw is a doll I kinda got a little soft and thought maybe she's not that bad But when her and carla got together ever word was f'en this f'en that about the Karen and her book. There's pure jealousy and it showed on dritas face. I can't understand why she wont read the book there's nothing bad about her or lee.....carla gossips to much and than lies I don't think anyone should trust her.
Over all I love the show and my favorites and can't wait for Sundays episode!!

Anonymous said...

Nice recap! Honestly, Drita looked like a mental case getting so worked up about Karen yet again. All they do is whine and cry this and I popped her in the mouth that. Okay, we got it, move on. If Drita wasn't an illiterate wannabe thug and was actually capable of writing a book, I'm sure she would react really well to being told what she can and can't write about since she reacts to everything like a 5 year old anyway.

I don't get why Renee is still trying to get Karen into an uncomfortable position with Drita. When Carla said she didn't want to go, she made a big deal of how she understood, why can't she extend the same courtesy to Karen and care about her POV?

Lady EL said...

Okay heres the thing, I have NOT watched the show yet due to work and traveling. However, I did DVR this episode and have every intention of watching it this evening when I return home. Heres the crux, I enjoy your bogging so much that I could not help but read it before I had a chance to watch this weeks episode. Well played Mobwives blogspot, well played indeed! ;)
I do so enjoy the recaps and POV's and will throw in my 2 cents after I have seen it. Keep up the good work!!

Hey you said...

Downloading t he episode and im gonna look for you!

JW said...

I'm in total agreement about Carla. I think I made this point in one of my first comments on this blog - Carla stirs a ton of $hit up and is never really taken to task on it. Drita deciding not to read the first chapter of Karen's book started with some "helpful" advice from Carla. Sneaky, sneaky!

Anonymous said...

Lol 2 Good Looking brothers for 2 weeks in a row!!! VH1 Thank U!

Gerard Granvano will 4ever b my eye-candy!;-);-);-)!!
(shh..i have a little crush on him;-)but im sure im not the only 1!;-)

Anonymous said...

Great recap!!! Someone pointed out above about karen being put into situations and I agree. The courtesy needs to be shown equally if you are friends, close friends at that. Also, I thought awhile back on twitter Tony tough guy Drita mentioned something about writing a book as someone said something about her and a book on here..First, LOL! Second- what the hell would she write about? She is not about that life and made it clear she is happy to divorce it. The only thing she can write about potentially would be anger- misdirected and unnecessary anger! Maybe it would be comedy, I do not know...Carla was good for 2 episodes this season that is it. Now she is more annoying then before. Didn't her and Drita meet because one or the other 's parent's bought the other's house? Now they are best friends? Sounds like friendship out of desperation..just sayin.

Lady EL said...

Hello dolls, I see I'm fashionably late per usual. ;) I watched this episode and as expected this blog was right on point with all the shenanigans. Of course, I use the word shenanigans to describe Carla and Dritas appearances this week. I will however give Drita her due credit for her interactions with her children. Those scenes always depict her.. umm, shall I dare say tender side? Unfortunately, those tender moments seem to inevitably give way to her more dominate jealous, insecure and frankly nonsensical side. As an example, for all the Drita lovers reading this, Her IDGAF attitude towards Karen and Ramona*aka: Lucifer* she proudly displays in her interviews/sit-downs and then seems all consumed about what they are doing and who they are doing it with. Now, if I didn't GIF about someone I would care less about what they did with their lives. Perhaps it may stem from the fact that Karen has book signings, events and so on she is doing and Drita is signing autographs for $5 at the local Gas & Grub. Who knows. (insert wink here) Carla on the other hand is more sneaky about what she says and does. And to me, that is far worse than what Drita does. At least with Drita you know without a doubt she detests Karen and Ramona. Carla on the other hand has no problem playing "kissy-face" with EVERYONE while she is talking major amounts of sh*t behind their backs. Hmmm talk about a snake in the grass. Believe it or not I liked Carla and had high hopes for her not so long ago. I just cannot ignore the writing on the wall in regards to this chic anymore. Sorry Carla, as the case with Drita you dug your own neurotic grave. (figuratively speaking of course, inserts eye-roll) So, I find myself gravitating more and more towards the other ladies with each passing week. I wish them enormous amounts of love, luck and success in all of their endeavors. And for Drita and Carla, I wish you enormous amounts of KARMA.

Anonymous said...

I look forward to Mondays now to read your blog. They are so real and dead on!.