Saturday, April 14, 2012

Mob Wives: What's Next For Karen

Best Selling Author may write new book!

Karen Gravano was recently interviewed by Phoenix New Times, while she is in Arizona this weekend. She discussed several things concerning her life, her family and the mob. It seems that Mob Wives and her book, Mob Daughter, are only the beginning of this new phase in her life. Karen has always said she is moving forward in a positive direction. That direction is taking her to many more new endeavors than ever before. In the interview, Karen indicates that there will be a season three of Mob Wives (was there ever any doubt?). She is working on a movie deal for her current book and has even been approached about doing another book! Karen says that she would like to open a restaurant with her brother, Gerard, in Arizona, who has always worked as a chef. A cookbook, co-authored with her brother, may be another possibility she is looking into. Karen is making the most of the opportunities the show and her success as an author has opened up for her. The link to the entire article is below, check it out.

I know Karen has extensive experience in skin care, owned a spa and she has been working on a skin care line. I'm sure she will want to pursue something in that field as well. There is no telling how far she can go. The sky is the limit! I wish her the best of luck in all her upcoming projects!

NEWS: Karen will be doing a booking signing today, Saturday, April 14th, @ 2PM in Phoenix! @ Barnes & Noble at 21002 N. Tatum Blvd., Phoenix AZ

Interview from Anderson's Bookstore!

Article: Phoenix New Times: Karen Gravano

Video Credit: Anderson's Bookstore


Chiara Soprano said...

Karen, if you read this, I suggested the title All About Lee for your next book. See how that goes over LOL!

Julie M. said...


Anonymous said...

Maybe she will also move in a positive direction of taking some ettiquette classes and learn that saying things like "she can lick my "m##$% p#$$%&" on national TV is not appropriate for a lady or a mother. Have some self respect, maybe she can find some of those classes too.

Chiara Soprano said...

The show is called Mob Wives for a reason, and Karen isn't the only one who is a mother and can improve her language. On the Sit Down the prize for most expletives went to Drita. But let's face it, who would watch if they all minded their p's and q's and spoke like Martha Stewart? Maybe she said it to provoke interest and conversation or controversy? I have spoken to Karen several times and she has never used vulgar langauge, so I think she knows when and where to use it, when the situation calls for it. That's my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Im not talkin about the every day expletives that everyone uses so freely (including me), Im talking about her description of a certain sex act that another female can do to her with the intent to demean (sp?) them. When and where is not on national TV where all including both of their children can see and will readily be avail on utube, reruns, etc; but maybe in the bedroom behind closed door with her partner...just sayin.

Chiara Soprano said...

I don't use the everyday "expletives" and could do without them. I didn't make a note of everything everyone said during the course of the show, but Karen's statement was over the top and she may regret taking it that far, but that's reality.

Mob Mistress said...

Karen's comment was an insult. It wasn't meant for the bedroom.

When I use expletives, I'm very colorful. People have a choice they can listen, hang up the phone or walk away. The Mob Wives viewer can equally change the channel if the cast's language & dialog is too much for them.

Anonymous said...

Chiara, your right, we all do and say things we regret..I hope she does, I would respect her more if she stepped up and owned it. Mob Princess-I know it was an insult, unfortunately she also insulted herself in the process....just sayin.