Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Mob Wives: Bensonhurst Italian Spelling Bee

Judges: Lorraine Bracco and Tony Sirico (Sopranos)

This hilarious video was posted on Funny or Die and boy is it funny! I don't know how many times I watched it before I could compose myself long enough to blog it for you. Italians will especially appreciate the humor because we have lived it! I will give you a few choice Italian words that you may want to learn before Mob Wives Chicago airs because Leah DeSimone loves to sprinkle them into her conversation! Here are some popular expressions...

Fuhgeddaboutit! = Forget about it!

A fa Nabila! = Go to Naples (literally) Go to hell!

Agita = Heartburn, indigestion

Cafone = idiot, lazy good-for-nothing

Malocchio = evil eye, Italian curse

Pazzo = crazy

Stoo nod = stupid

Sta ta zee = shut up

Picture and Video Credit: Funny or Die


Mob Mistress said...


*crying laughing*

Softail98 said...

What a perfect cast for this. Still laughing and I have watched it 4 times.


MissCrop609 said...

Hilarious! I miss Lorraine Bracco and Tony Sirico. Oh heck, I miss the Sopranos!

Chiara Soprano said...

MissCrop I was in tears when the Sopranos ended, there went my family I thought, until now...NOW we have Mob Wives!