Saturday, April 14, 2012

Mob Wives: Sydney Rae Wants You....

The lovely young lady pictured is Sydney.  Who is she?  Well she's A.J. Pagan's of Mob Wives girlfriend.  She seems to love her some A.J.  The affections seem to be a two way street.  In Twitterland the young Mr. Pagan is quick to rep & defend his girlfriend.  Don't misunderstand Sydney is a feisty little spitfire.  A.J. would love his main squeeze to have some more followers on Twitter.  Another reason why I know I'm getting old is I have no idea why young people tweet the things they do:

If your younger, I'm thinking 16 to 18, why don't you give Sydney a follow here.  If you prefer someone older to follow give a follow Love Majewski.  She'll be a part an Deadly Sins episode airing tonight.  Clicking her name we'll lead you to her Twitter account.

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Anonymous said...

I haven't evolved enough for this to ever be okay - regardless of who is being referred to as the n-word. I unfollowed Big Ang when she retweeted something by her niece that had that word. I don't even see where anyone replied to the tweet and pointed out that maybe she shouldn't use the word. I would chalk it up to youth but when unarmed 17-year-olds are being referred to as fuc$!ng coons shortly before being killed, our youth can't afford to be so insensitive.