Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Mob Wives: Jennifer Graziano Wins An EMMY?

This year will be the 64th Primetime Emmy Awards honoring the outstanding shows on television. I believe that Jennifer Graziano deserves this year's Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Reality Television Show.  After watching the last two episodes of Mob Wives, I have come to the conclusion that Mob Wives is the one show that puts the “reality” into Reality Television. I have seen other housewives shows and walked away shaking my head wondering why people tune in every week. I have even stopped to blog about the "Real" Housewives of New York in the past, not out of enthusiasm or interest in the show, but because they seem to be so popular. I actually did a blog comparing the “Real” Housewives of New York to the Mob Wives. Our Mob Wives put all the “Real” Housewives shows to shame. Their incessant petty arguments are pretty unreal. 

I’ll admit that my lack of interest in watching any of the Bravo franchise shows puts me at a great  disadvantage in making a strong argument, and I certainly cannot be objective. I don’t apologize for being a fan of Mob Wives either. Mob Wives is my sinful pleasure. However, I did go to someone who I consider to be an bonafied expert on the Bravo "Real" Housewives shows, Stoopid Housewives, and asked her about her thoughts as to the “reality” of the "Real" Housewives versus Mob Wives. The Stoopid Housewives blog covers everything related to all the real housewives shows, all day, every day. She basically told me that we would never see anything that “real” on Bravo. Bravo would edit anything “real” to death and spread it out over three or four episodes.  Our Twitter exchanges on the subject are shown above, and then she tweeted this gem:

Given what Stoopid Housewives said during our brief exchange, I am more convinced than ever that Jennifer Graziano's Mob Wives deserves an Emmy nomination, at the very least. This year’s Emmy Award ceremony will air on September 23rd, 2012. So what can we, as fans do, to help get Mob Wives nominated this year? That’s what I need to know! All I could find out is that we can tweet the Television Academy @PrimetimeEmmys and let them know Mob Wives and Jennifer Graziano need to be on the nomination ballots for 2012!

What do you say? Will you do your part and make this dream a reality? If the show and Jenn win an Emmy it is sure to keep them on the air a lot longer! Follow @PrimetimeEmmys and try to tweet them once a day. If we all do it who knows what can happen?

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Veritas Cosmetics said...

Jennifer deserves an emmy & a vacation that includes a frozen drink!

Anonymous said...

I was curious. You talk to the cast, (bloggers here :) I remember seeing a promotion and Jr was on it with the rest of the cast. I'm wondering, did Renee demand like that I heard or was it Jr'.s wanting? Also, it's the Production Co. that edits it. That's why Bravo gets away with saying "we don't edit it' Hence, see cast of BB wives she explains that the Producers tell them who they wil film with and what to talk about.
U ever notice why it has to be a big deal when they confront eachother? Why everyone is there? They have the same Pro. Co as RHNY. All productions companies film / edit and produce. The networks show them. The cast actually get paid from the Productions and not bravo. Sorry, my keys are sticking bad.

Anonymous said...

Very True about Production Edits.. That's why bravo gets away with saying it. okay. Regardless of who edits it's still wrong, or at least they shouldn't call it reality T.V. cough bravo and shed media. Glad Jenn got away from Shed Media.
That does make sense though because Just Jenn Productions is the brain behind Mob Wives and they shoot the episodes as well. Bravo your very sneaky...