Sunday, April 29, 2012

Mob Wives: Sunday Is Italian Family Day!

Beautiful Graziano sister: Renee, Lana, Jennifer

Sunday is family day in most Italian families, and today I am in a family mood! I got to thinking what to blog and  then it came to me. It's been a while since we had some family pictures posted from the collections of our Mob Wives. The picture above, of all the Graziano sisters, is a rare gem tweeted by Renee the other day. Even rarer still is the next picture of Renee with her mom and dad! I wish Mrs. Graziano would appear on the show,  I'd love to see the woman who raised three beautiful daughters, but I doubt that would ever happen.

Her beautiful mom and handsome dad!

Jenn's favorite of Mom & Dad

And not to leave anyone out of Family Day, I collected a few more of my favorite  pictures to post here in honor of "La Famiglia."

Jennifer's handsome son, Justin!

Jennifer want to show off her "baby" Nolie, awwww

Karen and her beautiful daughter, Karina

Ramona and her beautiful daughter, Gianna

Carla's handsome son, Joseph, and Elvis

Drita and her beautiful daughter, Aleeya

It's nice to visit with family on a Sunday afternoon. Many Italians go to mom's for dinner for some pasta dish with homemade sauce. It's tradition. I love it. Have a beautiful day and remember to tune in to a new episode of Mob Wives tonight..."Taking the Rap!"

Picture credit: Renee's Twitter; Jenn, Carla, Drita, Ramona, Karen's Facebook pages; 


Kel said...

Wow Renee's mom is really pretty! That old picture of her and her husband at dinner made me realize how much Jennifer looks like her mother! Lana looks more like their dad and Renee, well she seems to be a very pretty mix of both. This was a very sweet blog to read Chiara. Thank you for posting the pictures. They're all very sweet.

Anonymous said...

I love Sundays!!!! That is nice that you guys included a pic of Drita and Aleeya. I sometimes feel bad for her because it always seems to be about Giselle. ( No offense to the kids, they are beautiful innocent children!).

Anonymous said...

I love Carla and Drita. They are beautiful!
I was so upset when I heard that Drita was at Parx Casino and I didn't get the chance to see her in person. And I actually live right down the street from the Casino! And my friend took a couple of pics with Carla in New York and said she is stunning and also very sweet. Renee is also one of my favorites as well.