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Mob Wives: Recap "Taking the Rap" Ep 215

Renee calls Big Ang outside of court!

Renee leaves the courthouse after her father’s hearing. She calls Bigg Ang to tell her how it went. She was shunned by family and friends who sat on the other side of the  courtroom. She says she went there for her father and it was f*cked up because it was her ex-husband who did this to him. She says her dad looked tired and disappointed. He looked at her and says, “that’s my daughter.” He knows Renee and AJ are 100% on is side. He looks at Renee with love in his eyes.

Big Ang says, "It's expensive staying beautiful!"

Bigg Ang and Janine go for botox treatments at Dr. Lederman‘s office. Everything bothers Bigg Ang, she wants botox all over her face and neck. She never had botox before and all the needles are freaking her out. She thought she was going to have a heart attack, she was sweating, and she declares botox is a nightmare! But, in the end, she loves the results and wants more. The doctor tells her to come back for another appointment.

At Drita’s house, she is sitting outside with her little poodle, Lucky, when the phone rings and it’s Lee. She tells him Aleeya is depressed and she bought the kids a puppy. The dog is a girl and weighs one and a half pounds. Lee says he is done with his state time and is going to a federal prison, possibly in Brooklyn, for another year.  Aleeya will be happy that he isn’t 8 hours away any more, it’s so much more convenient and she will be able to visit her father. Drita doesn’t know how she feels about it.

Drita says, "I've been rapping since I was walking"...hmmmm

Drita goes to Bad Boy records to do a music video with French Montana. Jason Wiley, VP of Bad Boys, explains the concept of the video. It’s about a woman dating a guy who robs banks (this is sounding a little like Lee). She says she has been rapping since she started speaking. She loves the idea of a bank robbery. She feels confident she can do it.

Bigg Ang is with a hairstylist looking at extensions. Staying beautiful is expensive. Bigg Ang laments over all the guys she has been with over the years. She ends up complaining about her husband, Neal, who goes from bar to bar every night. She doesn’t like anything he does, but she is planning a trip, a second honeymoon, to try and work things out. This is his third strike; if it doesn’t work he is out.

Dr. Fiorillo and Karen, Luminique partners

Karen wants to get back into the spa industry. Dr. Fiorillo has asked her to join him as a partner in the spa. In two weeks there will be a grand opening and he gives Karen a lot of the responsibility to get things ready. Karen wants something solid before bringing Karina back to New York to live with her and this is it. Karen is excited and a little overwhelmed about getting everything together for the grand opening. Ramona drops by and Karen shows her around the spa. Karen asks Ramona to help her. She says she is thinking of asking Renee too, to take her mind off her problems. Ramona agrees to help in anyway she can.

Karen needs help and who better to ask?

Renee, Ramona and Karen go to a winery to pick out wine for the spa opening party. Renee is happy to be part of the spa team. Karen goes over what she needs done with Ramona and Renee and gives them each something important to take care of for her. Karen’s goal is to use the spa to bring Karina back to New York because it is a solid business. They toast to partnership and family!

Drita goes to see Anthony to help her with her rap. Drita is nervous because this is a one shot deal. Drita says she doesn’t need a lot of time, she knows where is going with the rap. BUT, when she actually starts rapping, she has to slow it down, she forgets lines.  Then Anthony tells her to do what she feels and she gets into the rap groove. She says she nailed it, she felt it, she is mailing it to Bad Boy Records. 

Carla and Renee go to lunch. Renee is glad she and Carla worked things out. She tells Carla about court and what happened there. Carla gives Renee credit for going. Renee says everything with Junior is over and buried. She tells Carla that Karen is opening a spa in the city and that she asked Renee and Ramona to partner with her. Renee wants Carla to go to the opening of the spa. Carla says no, it may cause drama and conflict.

At the Drunken Monkey, Bigg Ang and Ramona talk about all the jewelry that was confiscated when her boyfriend was arrested. Ramona asks Bigg Ang to go to the spa opening. Bigg Ang is happy to go and asks Ramona if she thinks Karen and Drita can make up and if Ramona can make up with Drita. Ramona isn’t having any of it, Drita has done too much for her to make up with her. Ramona is done! Ramona says, if Karen wants to make up with Drita, Ramona will be watching over the situation. 

Renee, Drita and Carla get together for lunch. Drita is excited with her big news. She tells them about the rap video and Renee is very happy for her. Then she adds that Lee is leaving the state prison and going to a federal prison maybe in Brooklyn. Renee thinks Lee is going to try to get back together with her. Drita says no, because she can never forget her cheated and that will always affect their relationship. She has friends who have taken men back after they cheated, but she isn’t one of them. Renee still thinks they will get back together. Renee tells them about the spa opening. Renee asks Drita if she would be willing to make up with Karen. Drita says if she could talk to the “old” Karen, she would be willing to talk to her. She says she doesn’t want to fight any more for the sake of her kids, that’s why she went to anger management (yes, @@ one session). Renee is happy, Drita just agreed to talk to Karen…one down!

Karen and Karina are talking. Karina flew in from Arizona and they are looking over the new spa. Karina likes it. Karen starts talking about Karina coming back to live with her in New York. Karina says she is still thinking about it. Karen understands she is just a kid and doesn’t want to leave her friends, but she can’t go on living here without having her daughter with her. She explains to Karina that sometimes in life things change. She has many opportunities in New York that will provide for their future. Karen is the adult and will make the final decision and Karina will adapt. This is what is best for both of them.

Drita is shooting the video with French Montana. She loves the concept of the video She is going to be the getaway driver, after a bank robbery, and she has to wear a mask. They start the filming and she takes off in the van with the “robbers.” French heard her rap and wants to use it as the trailer for the video. He says, she is a rapper now. She says her dream is on n’ poppin’. She killed it, it worked out perfect. 

No lasers and no gift bags? GREAT!

Karen is excited. It’s the big day of the spa opening. Dr. Fiorillo is there taking a tour and tells her there are no lasers. Karen is frustrated with Ramona, she gave her the job to make sure the lasers were there and she dropped the ball. Ramona seems very flippant about the oversight. Then Renee gets there are she has no gift bags! The one thing Karen asked her to do. Karen is pissed and Renee says I’ll get gift bags. In ten minutes Renee had all the gift bags, with gifts, ready to go. “It’s what I do,” Renee says. The guests arrive. She says the skin care line is going to be called, “Luminique” and it will also be the name of the spa. Karen thanks Dr. Fiorillo for offering her this opportunity. When she is done, Renee seizes the opportunity to approach Karen about talking to and making up with Drita. Karen is frankly sick of hearing about Drita. She tells Renee she will meet with Drita, she wants to hear what she has to say. She really just wants to move forward and put this behind her.

Rena gives some "hard-hitting" advice! (love her!)

Karen talks to her cousin, Rena, and tells her that Renee approached her about talking to Drita. Rena, is dead against it. Drita has proven not to be a friend in too many ways and too many times for them to get past it. But Karen doesn’t want to fight any more, she just wants to get past this and move on. Her cousin says she isn’t your friend and tells her she should tell Renee it’s impossible for her to talk to Drita, she should just “crack her jaw.” Karen has some thinking to do.


This was one of those drama free episodes with a lot going on. I almost felt like a tennis ball being hit back and forth over the net. Let’s get down to brass tacks! 

Bigg Ang’s botox and hair extensions…she has to do what she needs to do, especially now that she has her own show. However, I am not one who appreciates plastic surgery, botox, implants or any other artificial means to cover up aging. I have always felt that it is best to age naturally and gracefully and keep your original look. So I won’t be having any work done on myself. But, if Bigg Ang is happy who am I to tell her what to do? I hope everything she has done leads to the look she is going for. She did seem pleased with the botox filler.

Speaking of fillers, Carla played her “filler” role well this week. She is a good listener. She listened to Renee talk about her experience in court. She listened to Drita talk about her new rap video and Lee’s change of prisons. No one asked if he can still get packages? I need to know. But, what is Carla up to? Nothing. She even refused to go to the spa opening. Is she being phased out or was there just too much going on? These looked like two gratuitous scenes just to have her in the mix. We had already heard all this information from other scenes…moving on to the two main events, the spa and the rap video.

Rapping is not something I know much about, but I know I enjoyed Ramona’s group, Final Draft’s “Do It” and I did not enjoy Drita’s rap at all. I don’t know how much of that had to do with Drita’s singing or the song itself. The important thing is French Montana liked it or was being nice about it. Either way, he got a ton of free publicity from the show and some new Drita fans pumped up about this video. It was a little painful to hear how Drita started, after bragging she has been rapping since she was walking. She was probably nervous, but if she has been listening to rap and singing it for so many years, she probably should have hit the ground running. And why did she say she didn’t need to spend much time on it, she knew where she was going with it? If this is your one shot at a dream and it has to be perfect, a little practice might have been in order, don’t you think? The proof was in the pudding, as they say, when she finally got to the studio and started off on a bad note (in more ways than one). Funny how the video had to do with a woman who dates a bank robber and drives the getaway car? Was that a coincidence? I think it was purposely done so Drita fans could relate to it and tie it in with her life story. That was a brilliant idea. Oh, after boxing and anger management, can she please squeeze in some voice lessons too? Just sayin’

Doctor to the Mob Wives makes his debut!

Grand opening of the spa! A lot went into this event. Congratulations to Dr. Fiorillo and Karen for their new joint venture…Luminique MedSpa…I wish them nothing but success.

Now for the storyline. Karen came back to New York to take advantage of two big lucrative opportunities, Mob Wives and her book, Mob Daughter. She left Karina behind in Arizona, with her father and family, for several reasons. She was concerned for her safety, she didn’t want to disrupt her routine with home and school and she also knew she would be going to many events promoting the show and her book all year. I think it was a very wise decision and I would have done the same thing. But now, Karen has an opportunity to partner with Dr. Fiorillo in a new state of the art spa and get back into the skin care industry. This is a venture that is more stable and long lasting and could even lead to a chain of luxury spas down the road. Now that Karen has two season of Mob Wives behind her and her book has been a huge success as a best seller, she has the time to devote to the spa and she wants to bring Karina here to live with her. I think the time is right now too. Karina will have the whole summer to adapt to New York and the move won’t be as bad as she thinks.

As for Renee and Ramona’s help with the spa, here is where my skeptical, cynical side comes out. There was no drama in this episode, so let’s create some. Let’s let Ramona and Renee drop the ball on helping Karen with one of the biggest, most important projects of her life. That will piss Karen off and lead to drama. Sorry, but I am not buying into this scene. I will say, that for reality television, Mob Wives is as real as it gets, but sometimes I think scenes have to be “enhanced” for viewer interest, and this was one of them, in my opinion. There is no way in hell that I think Ramona and Renee would let Karen down…period. First of all, when Karen asked Ramona about the lasers, Ramona wasn’t the least bit upset that she “forgot.” And then Karen was able to get lasers in ten minutes…no harm done. Then Renee walks in without gift bags and says something like we couldn’t make up our minds which ones we wanted. Really? Karen looks annoyed, but ten minutes later, there were the gifts bags ready to go. Renee says, “That’s what I do!“ How is that possible, even for the great and multi-talented Renee? It’s called entertainment. Who thinks that Renee would have let Karen down after all she has done for her this season alone? Not me. That is not Renee! 

What is interesting is that Renee is busy trying to get Karen and Drita to make up. Renee wants everyone to get along, but can they? Too much water has gone under this bridge. But it certainly can bring about another famous Mob Wives “sit-down” finale! First Renee gets Drita to agree to talk to Karen. After all, Drita is so well prepared, after her ONE session with anger management, that she can handle anything now. Even singing the rap song made her feel like she was in a fight. She says, “I feel like I’m beating somebody up!” Everything makes her feel like fighting. Boxing only fueled her urge to fight. Karen’s book makes her want to fight. Cheeseburgers make her want to fight. Maybe talking is not one of Drita’s strengths? But so what, she agreed. 

Renee doesn’t stop there. She corner’s Karen at the spa opening, of all places, and gets her to agree to talk to Drita. I think Karen just surrendered so she can put this behind her once and for all. Let’s face it, Karen can NEVER trust Drita so what kind of friendship can they have? At best it will be very superficial for the sake of the show. Ramona was 100% right to say she was done, and Drita didn’t do anything to her compared to how she treated Karen. I also liked the fact that Ramona said she would watch over the situation if Karen decided to “make up” with Drita. 

What Renee forgets is that Karen and Drita are still not on the same page. That’s why there was the blow up at her party in the first episode. Drita just wants to say, “Let bygones be bygones” and start talking. Karen wants answers about all the things Drita did that violated their so called friendship. Drita gets defensive. Panic punches fly. Maybe another red eye? Who knows? There are two episodes left and we can speculate until then, what we think will happen. 

And lastly, some NEWS! Kudos to Renee Graziano who went two full episodes without shedding one tear. Renee looked healthier and happier than I have ever seen her. Maybe that is partly due to her new, wonderful Dr. Fiorillo, who has been a great help to her over recent months. Renee announced on Twitter that she will be on Mob Wives Chicago! I can’t wait to see her on that show too.

There are twitter rumors that Jennifer is looking into a couple of promising new cities for more mob wives: Philly and Miami/Florida! I suggested Providence, R.I. too. I think something is already brewing in one of the first two cities. Stay tuned!

And NEXT week look for David Seabrook, Karina’s father, to make his debut on Mob Wives. He was on my wish list for season two! David in here in New York. Follow him on Twitter @DaveSeabrook1 if you are on Twitter.

If you are interested in knowing more about the Luminique MedSpa, of Dr. Fiorillo and Karen Gravano, located at 350 Hudson Street in NYC, visit their website or call 212-647-0007.
Luminique website:

Picture Credit:  Dr. Fiorillo's Facebook


Anonymous said...

I think that Drita is having a childhood regression of soughts. Her overwhelming love for 'hip'hop'/rap is fine but her desire to become a part of this 'scene' or culture I think is taken too far. Lets face it, her 'rap' ability in the opinion of many is, well lets say, below standard at best. I see no emotional or educational benefits for her young children here. Do you? and that should be the priority. The smartest individual on the show this week........Dr Fiorillo NO DOUBT!! He saw and leveraged an opportunity with the popularity of the 'show' and Karen's indivual popularity. He gets 'free' advertising, marketing and a greatly increased business stream! Karen, in return gets her share as well. She invited Renee in as a 'payback' to Jenn G. After all, if it was not for her, Karen's life would be VERY different (as it would be for all of the MV's) As far as RaMona is concerned, I do not think that she will be able to 'hang' for all that long. I doubt her business acumen, in other words, I think that she lacks business savy and will eventually prove to be a burden to the business. We will see.......
Angela? She is becoming a cartoon character........enough said.
Carla? She is Carla and her series 'use' seems it has reached its end. One person's opinion...

Chiara Soprano said...

Well Anon I enjoyed reading your opinion on all counts. Not sure I agree with what you think about Ramona. I think her personal life is complicated and not something she wants to bring up too much on the show. But, you are right, we will see.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Chiara! By the way, I 'like' RaMona and you are correct, I know virtually nothing about the lives of these ladies. Its only a guess on my part from what I am able to determine from viewing the show. You do a nice job here weekly. I have commented prior but not in a while.

cwedd30 said...

Awesome rundown of last nights show! I agree that Karen and Drita will probably have the "sit-down" in the finale. I don't see it lasting too much trash talking and fighting happened for that relationship to ever be solid. But no one can say no to Renee for long!!! Love that girl's persistence!!!

Mob Mistress said...

Great recap as alway Chiara. I have to run off to work!

Devon Szymanski said...

Good recap. Very detailed. I would like to see less Drita bashing. It's very obvious that your are team Karen. I'm wondering if we are watching the same show. Ramona seems to stir the pot. Alot! She does it with Renee often. Isn't Karen a big girl? Can't she manage her own relationships. Do we really need to see Ramona live out her aspirations through Karen some more? What does Ramona do?....Besides the coat tail adventures that Karen brought to Ramonas table? Karen's infamous "check my bloodline bitch" line is hilarious to me. I see that bloodline as being full of rats, murderers, admitted cheaters, thiefs, drug dealers, and someone who would cash in on her fathers crimes against grieving families all while putting people in her book who don't want to be in it. Then has the nerve to act so nonchalantly about it. I don't see any form of respect there. None to be given! Renee is fabulous! Love her. At least she will apologize which is more than you could say for Ramona or Karen. Nothing is ever their fault. I think Carla is great as well. Maybe she's not got a lot going on right now cause her ex is home and for once her world is not so crazy. Maybe she's laying low on purpose enjoying her family. Just sayin!

Julie M. said...


Chiara Soprano said...

Anon, it's obvious I am team Karen, team Renee and team Ramona. I have said so in so many words, directly and indirectly. What you call "stirring the pot" in the Poconos, was Ramona defending herself against what Drita told Renee she said that got Renee all upset. Ramona also made several attempts to diffuse the conversation between Drita and Karen that escalated into a brawl, thanks to Drita. Karen made one comment "check my bloodline" indicating that she isn't one to be bullied and pushed around by Drita. Drita has made dozens of comments as to how she beat up and put people in the hospital, unlike you I do not find that funny, nor the fact that she is still fighting at 35. Seems to me we are watching different shows too, but different opinions are what makes life interesting. Thanks for commenting.

Chiara Soprano said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Chiara Soprano said...

The comment above was addressed to Devon.

Julie, Drita is at least 35 years old, time to stop fighting, as her brother so wisely advised her.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the recap, great post! I am so aggravated I have to just go straight in. The level of happiness Drita feels about the whole bank robbing video is gross. Im glad its funny to her now because when other people talked about it she wanted to knock people out. Making a mockery of what your children's dad did is disgusting! Doing for it money embarrasses me for YOU. Didn't you say you divorced this life and the people in it? But as long as you get something out of it , its ok right? She is the biggest flip flopping floozie I have ever seen on a reality show!

Julie M. said...

So true....i'm so tired of herring her talk about fighting how tuff she is and with a punch they go down. Its long over due she needs to wake up ......I wonder if she watches the show .....she would see how dumb she looks with what comes out of her mouth.

Lady EL said...

SCORE!!! Exactly!!

Lady EL said...

Okay Peeps, I had read the blog and the comments. So, before I segway into my "Drita Bashing" which I have no problems admitting to because, unlike Drita I Really Dont Give A F*@*. I would like to mention how much I really enjoy these blogs and admire the dedication the bloggers have in their work. Kudos to all of you! Gotta say, I too feel as though there was something amis in the scene where Renee and Raroma dropped the ball(air quoting) that is very unlike either of them PERIOD. But, whatever the powers that be felt like they needed to do for the show so be it. The scene where Renee has lunch with Drita and Carla was interesting only in retrospect for me. When I listened to Dritas rap lyrics about haters and fighting and so on and how she once again went on and on about her big bad self I had to sit back and wonder about her comment on how she is a changed person and asked Renee ans Carla if they had noticed how much she had changed and grown in that lunch scene. Wow, really. Nope, no matter which way I turn my tv I still can't see it huh. Carla was pretty much non existent, which was fine by me. Bigg Ang made me laugh as usual, bless her heart. Karen is up and running in her life now which is great to see and her cousin was awesome with the advise. Love to see more of her too. Renee looks Fab! So nice to are her strong and smiling! Lastly, some words of wisdom for Drita. Stay in the ring cause thats clearly where you belong and out of the music biz, technology now days can make even my dogs howls sound like good music but that doesn't mean their going to appear on an album with Snoop anytime soon.. feel me?!

vai said...

Great recap as always, I just loved how you break things down. I am team Karen and I'm so happy for all she achieved. So many opportunities thrown her way and she took advantage of it, I loved it. I'm very happy that it all played out now and proved the haters the reason why she took lots of risks and also why she made a decision about Karina staying in Arizona. I admitted I'm one of her fans that constantly fought for her on Facebook with Dritas fans about this. I believed in my girl Karen Gravano that one day it'll played out on tv how real and good her heart is. So many people doubted her about what kind of mother she is leaving het kid in Arizona but as a mother myself i would do the exact same thing for my child's future. Now I can say WHAT NOW HATERS.. Liked you said REAL KNOWS REAL and I'm proud to say I'm Team Karen:). The rapping, gosh only drita started rapping ever since she started walking. Like wtf and seriously if she's trying to change and stop with her fighting and shit, why in the world you rapped about it. I think it's all bull. Dritas fans Tweed or comment on fb saying Karen's jealous of Drita. For what? Caused if y'all pay close attention Karen's 5 steps ahead of drita. Good for her, her dream of rapping came true but French Montana was smart to promote his song or whatever and gain publicity by the most hit show. Anyway I can't wait for next week episode finally we're going to see Karinas dad and Karens meeting with Drita I think.

Chiara Soprano said...

Lady El and Vai we are all on the same page and I like it when what I see is validated by others comments. Sometimes it seems to me fans are watching different shows because the opinions are so extremely opposed. I try to give examples why I see things the way I do so others can understand. I think we are going to have more to say in the next two weeks!

Anonymous said...

Chiara, I felt like a tennis ball also! lol! What an hour.. Drita- no nice words to describe at this point. Carla, dragging out the drama. Bigg Ang delivers she is a hoot as always. I don't care what anyone says Ramona is funny, she is an everyday girl and ( Minus the boyfriend and ex hubby situation) and that is a relatable personality. Karen- luv how she has grown and come into her own, even since the show started, so happy for her. Renee seems to be getting back to her true, normal self, and I am happy to see her without all of the screaming. I commented earlier above, but I was so aggravated with Bone -Thugs-N- Drita, I lost my commenting purpose and aimed at just her, sorry.

Anonymous said...

Chiara,Great Recap!

¯\_(ツ)_/¯Congratulations 2 #Luminique MedSpa!
★Karen is a true business woman.★
There is no doubt in my mind,
#Luminique MedSpa will be a Success!
❤Ramona looked Beautiful as always❤
¯\_(ツ)_/¯and Renee, didn't cry, yay!!

#Luminique MedSpa should have its own show, now that would be great! and it would bring in a lot of bushiness!

The Doctor, Karen, Renee, and Ramona.

Big Ang could come in 4 a little relaxation!
and Carla could even stop by!
It would be nice, don't u think?
(...Lol, I've locked the door and i am continuing 2 drive,lol, Chiara put ur seat belt on.)

Lmao!★❤★;-)Inside Joke)

Lol!Enjoy ur day Chiara;-)!★❤★❤★★❤★❤★★❤★

Morris Park said...

The ladies must make up or there will be no show! And new villians must be found for the next season.

I expect Jenn to bring in another lady who will - by her actions - make Drita & Karen & Ramona bond together! You know it will happen.

And what is this about Carla being the "mistress" of some made guy?

Drita hasn't had sex or a date in 6years?

How does these women live in such beautiful houses without jobs?

How does Ramona support herself and 4 kids without a job?

Big Ang is the only one who works and lives in an apartment!

Hey you said...

It may not have been packed t=with drama but i enjoyed watching the episode. All the mobwives had some type of success going on and thats great to see. As always, i cant wait to see the next episode. Thrilled anout Mobwives Chicago, and Big Ang's Show!! MobWives Rule :)

Anonymous said...

why does it matter to you if carla didn't go to karen's spa opening? She's her own person and makes her own decisions.All karen and ramona do is talk bad about drita and say "carlas mind is molded by drita", which i think is the opposite that ramonais molding karens mind. Karen just acts tough because she brung "back up" (eyerolls)

Chiara Soprano said...

Anon, it doesn't matter to me if she goes to the spa opening or not. She made a point of trying to get along with Ramona and Karen and move on. She skipped Ramona's Halloween party, she skipped out on Karen's spa party and now the spa opening. It would have been more air time for her if she would have gone. Personally, she is adding less and less to the show in my opinion.

Deana3452 said...

I was wondering about Sunday's episode and why Carla had such a small part in this one. I guess nothing much is going on...but hoo boy! I am curious to see next week when Joe reveals that he has a girlfriend! Carla looked PISSED!

Chiara Soprano said...

Deana, the Joe/Carla scene caught my interest too. Especially since Carla had a BOYFRIEND while he was in prison. Everyone should read Mob Mistress' Handyman blog before the next episode airs.


Mob Mistress said...

"why does it matter to you if carla didn't go to karen's spa opening?"

Thank you for this wonderful giggle! We blog about the show, what happens in each episode from our perspective. Also we blog about the cast of Mob Wives.

In the context of our own lives Carla does not matter. We don't care.

Karen is tough. She doesn't need backup nor did she bring any on the rooftop. Ramona was invited to Renee's Celebration of Life party. Therefore she was a guest not some random friend tagging along.

Why does what we do for 10 minutes or 90 minutes of our day (otherwise known as a hobby) lead you to believe we care.

Blogging is entertainment for us. Mob Wives is entertainment. It's just not that serious.

Anonymous said...

Am I the only one who enjoys watching ALL of these women?

I thought it was a great episode, and I love that Karen is handling her business and moving upwards.

I love that Renee has gone from worrying about Junior Junior Junior, to having this invigorated spirit. She seems determined to turn things around, and I'm rooting for her all the way.

Whether you agree or not, clearly it is Carla's perception that when she gets together with Karen and Ramona it somehow becomes a Drita bashing session. Basically what I see from her is--"if we can't have a good time without you bringing up Drita, then we can't have a good time." She's letting them know where she stands (even if she does make up excuses, it should be quite obvious by now), so they need to stop inviting Carla to these things, and let it be. If they didn't know how she really felt, I'm sure they do now...

Big Ang--she's her own caricature, adn I love it!

I normally don't care for Ramona, but like Carla, I love the fact that she has her girl's back no matter what. That alone, makes me like her a litle more every episode. And she has nice taste in clothes.

And now onto Drita- I cannot help but like her. Is she hood? Definitely. Foul mouthed? Absolutely. Entertaining? Without a doubt! You either love her or you love to hate her! I love her, right or wrong. She's not a former princess, or beauty queen pageant contestant, or a ghost writer for Miss Manners. Plain and simple, she is ghetto. And thuggish. And talks a lot of shyte. And for as many people that dislike that about her, I have no doubt that you can ask Renee, Big Ang, Carla, and at some point in history Karen, and they would all probably say, that's what they like(d) about her--she's down to earth, fun, and in a fight she'll have your back.

On a side note, I think Jenn G put this show together PERFECTLY. She knows what every female group must have:
1. the straightlaced one--Carla
2. the emotional one that keeps everyone together because she tugs at everyone's heartstrings--Renee
3. the funny one that keeps everyone laughing, even when things get tough--Big Ang
4. the ambitious one that everyone admires, and looks out for her girls--Karen
5. the one that will take off her earrings and fight for her girls--Drita
6. the classy one who will also give it to you straight--Ramona.

Now, which one are you? I'd like to think I have a little bit of all of them in me, but my friends would probably see differently, lol...


Mob Mistress said...

I wouldn't label Drita ghetto. Not all public housing is located within the context of a 'ghetto'.

I've met all sorts of people who lived in a 'ghetto.' Most I've met act nothing like Drita D'avanzo. Some do, however their behavior is not exclusive to living in a particular socioeconomic level. I've met those born of wealthy families with similar personality traits to Drita per what I see on the show.

A lot of individuals who enjoy watching all of the Mob Wives. There are moments I am entertained or happy for Drita. However, she usually ends it with some remark about beating up somebody, blowing up cars or putting people in the hospitals.

I watch Zoe Saldana, Chuck Norris, Steven Seagall, Angelina Jolie, Denzel Washington & Matt Damon to watch that sort of action, instead of listening to Drita reminisce about her street brawls.

Drita is great for reality television. She's just not my cup of tea.

lilolme said...

Love Ramonas group, don't care for Dritas rapping. I'm shocked.
Btw-you don't need "singing lessons" to rap as they are totally different things. "Ghetto" is not where one lives, it is a term to describe a certain type of personality. I agree with Anonymous who finds something to like about all the women, (although Ramona is my least fav.)and sometimes tire of all the Drita bashing.

Anonymous said...

Mob Mistress,

Just to clarify, when I called Drita ghetto, it had nothing to do with where she lives. I was referring to her state of state of mind.

And to respectfuly disagree with you, I've lived in public housing before and I will agree that while not everyone who lives in public housing is ghetto , I will certainly say that public housing=ghetto, no matter what city or state you live in. And it breeds a certain tough, "ghetto" mentality in its residents. There's nothing wrong or right with it, in my opinion it's just the way it is. I guess that's why I still like Drita. When my mom would get riled up about something, my dad used to tease her and say "you can take the girl out of the ghetto, but you can't take the ghetto out of the girl..." And to me, that's Drita in a nutshell--I wasn't describing her residence, I was describing her state of mind.


Mob Mistress said...

Ghetto is not a term to describe a personality.

The dictionary should be everyone's daily read.

1. a section of a city, especially a thickly populated slum area, inhabited predominantly by members of an ethnic or other minority group, often as a result of social or economic restrictions, pressures, or hardships.

2. (formerly, in most European countries) a section of a city in which all Jews were required to live.

3. a section predominantly inhabited by Jews.

4. any mode of living, working, etc., that results from stereotyping or biased treatment

Anonymous said...

Mob Mistress, since you are a renowned blogger, which--according to a quote from the movie "Contagion" is not writing, it's graffiti with punctuation--I suggest the urban dictionary be your daily read, which expounds on the definition of ghetto to the modern day use of the word, much like what lilolme and I were trying to explain. But I think you already know that.

Mob Mistress said...

I am a blogger. I wouldn't refer to myself as a renowned one. Though I appreciate your comment anonymous because it gave me a great laugh!

I don't turn to fictional movies to give me definitions of words. In my day, my parent, teachers & professors recommended a dictionary.

a Web site containing the writer's or group of writers' own experiences, observations, opinions, etc., and often having images and links to other Web sites.

a person who keeps a Web log (blog) or publish an online diary

You may explain away. I'm clear on the definition of ghetto. It's inappropriate use doesn't change it's definition.

Deana3452 said...

Chiara--just saw your the boyfriend had slipped my mind. Thank you for bringing that up. I was thinking she cares more for Joe than she lets on...but you're right on the money...she can hardly say anything since she was with the bf...!