Friday, April 13, 2012

Mob Wives: Karen Should Make-Up with Drita

"IF" Only...

There I said it. Karen should make up with Drita, but it’s not unconditional. There’s a BIG "IF" attached to go with the title of this blog and I am going to lay it out for whoever cares…and I am not even going to go into the whole “Lee/Friendship” drama. We are all so over that. Let’s just move on and keep it real and let’s see how we can maybe make this happen.

Maybe, Karen should make-up with Drita “IF” Drita apologizes to Karen for not reading Chapter One of her book. Why? Karen offered it as a peace offering, an olive branch, a way to mend the friendship, and what did Drita do with it? She smiled in her face, took it, then went behind her back and badmouthed the book and Karen to Carla. She didn’t even read it, or accept Karen’s phone calls, or call Karen and say, you know what Karen, I’d rather not read it, but thank you. 

And, maybe Karen should make up with Drita “IF” Drita apologizes for attacking her on the rooftop. Why? Karen went there to have a nice dinner because Drita called the meeting. Drita went with a huge chip on her shoulder. Karen was still waiting to hear what Drita thought about the book. Once again the past is rehashed and Drita goes on the attack. The problem is she couldn’t get to Karen because Renee was lying on top of her trying to prevent the fight. That didn’t stop Drita from going in there swinging and kicking. Karen walked away fine, but poor Renee had a huge bruise on her leg and tweeted this picture:

And maybe Karen should make up with Drita “IF” Drita apologizes for allegedly telling half of Staten Island and Brooklyn that she put Karen in the hospital after the rooftop fight. Who else talks about fighting and putting people in the hospital 24/7? Why else would people, that Karen and Ramona know personally, report back to them what Drita was saying, unless they heard it? 

And maybe Karen should make up with Drita “IF” Drita apologizes for throwing the first punch at Renee’s party that started a whole melee and ruined the entire celebration. Drita could have taken her cue to end the discussion from Ramona, who went out to the balcony when things were getting heated, and said this is not the time or the place, let’s drop it.

And maybe Karen should make up with Drita “IF” Drita apologizes for insisting that Karen leave Lee out of her book. Karen was with Lee seven years and that’s five years longer than Drita actually spent “with” him after they married. Why would Karen leave out one fifth of her life to appease Drita. If you don’t want someone you know writing about your husband in their autobiography, then don’t date and marry your "friend’s" Ex. 


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Anonymous said...

I cant wait 2 see if its really going 2 happen!!!

Anonymous said...

Great blog! I wanted them to make up before, but after reading MobDaughter, no way! Karen is very genuine and true to herself and others, and even though people hate on her, she is very forgiving! The book was very informative and I can see why she is so loyal to Ramona and others that truly have been by her side no matter what! Some fans that watch and hate against Karen, do not really know the real reasons Karen may have had a problem, they only go by what a certain someone says or tweets and what they see on tv( which is understandable to a point). For Karen to go back to Staten Island and be goodhearted person is commendable in re to Drita. Drita was not only her friend, but brought her current boyfriends on double dates with Karen and Lee, on top of hanging out with her, and living with her, and that was not even the reason Karen had issues with Drita! God bless her, she really is a good person who overcame so much in her life and is still not afraid of anything or anyone! Unfortunately, I do not think the other person would realize as a grown woman what her faults were, why she treated Karen the way she did, and defend her reasonings to act the way she does. Personal opinion is that obviously anger management does not work for everyone.

Anonymous said...

Love it! I love that Karen is just done because it keeps the show moving. Carla and Renee's friendship is also played out but Renee can't just cut the cord, so it's the same thing over and over. When is Carla gonna backstab Renee, when is Renee gonna forgive her, when are they going to find something else to put on TV. They keep saying they need to get Drita and Karen in the same room to make the show work but it's better just having everyone who needs to avoid each other avoiding each other and doing their own thing.

Anonymous said...

I think they should not make up, and Drita should leave. She doesn't need the crap, shes ok without the show, focus on her kids & herself and stay far away from Karen and Ramona. -Drita fan in Cali

Kelly said...

I would never make up with someone who put their hands on me. Drita has done that to Karen twice, not once and that in itself, is indespicacle. Drita has not been any decent type of friend to Karem and yet Karen forgave her for some major trespasses in the past-- that speaks volumes about Karen's character and heart. I say no making up. They should each keep in their own lane as Drita doesn't seem to have it in her the ability to recognize her transgressions. Not to mention that she (Drita) doesn't have a clue as an to what respect means. How would she like it if someone treated one of her daughters the way she's treated Karen?

Mia said...

and maybe Drita will make up with Karen IF karen apologizes for continually bad mouthing Drita after Drita apologized and it was put to rest.
and maybe IF karen apologizes for jumping her with Ramona last time i checked 2 on one was a fight it was bullying.
and maybe IF karen apologizes......shall i go on. its so one sided ur site i hate it

Chiara Soprano said...

Your facts are a little askew Mia. Drita and Karen were fine until Karen gave her chapter one and Drita started bad mouthing her to Carla. Karen and Ramona did not jump Drita...Drita thought they might, but Ramona was trying to diffuse the situation, rewatch the scene. Please go on so I can reply and set you straight. Thank you.

Missy said...

@Chiara LOL Well at least the Drita fans are fiercly loyal to her. Can't fault that, even if they are a little delusional.

Anonymous said...

U need to go back and check watch the series again from beginning to end and see drita is dirty and Carla is just messy

Anonymous said...

first of all ramona n karen didnt jump drita

drita swung first n wanted to show off in front of the cameras like always but she got what she deserved lmfao
shes a sucker punchin ass ho

i never trusted drita ever since season one when carla & renee fight shes a sneaky ass lil hoe she was pulling renees hair & wen karen saw she post up to her n was wit her lame ass excuses that she was breaking up the fight
but it is what it is cuz karmas s bitch n drita sure did get hers when ramona came back
cant wait for the reunion
dritas scary ass has to be in the same room wit ramona somrthing her scary ass has been avoiding