Monday, April 2, 2012

Mob Wives: Recap The Ultimate Betrayal Ep 212

This episode focuses on The Ultimate Betrayal

The episode starts at Renee’s house where she has been alone and keeping to herself. She lost the two men in her life within a couple of hours of each other, just before Thanksgiving. Nikole calls and asks how Renee is and Renee says not good, she tells her that her heart is broken. Renee wants to stay by herself. She is worried for AJ. Nikole wants her to spend quality time with AJ. Renee tells her no one know the pain and suffering of losing someone who is still alive. AJ told her he feels they just disappeared. Nikole is worried, but there is nothing she can do for Renee.

Ramona goes to the Drunken Monkey to fill Big Ang in on what is going on with Renee. She is not in a good place, she is heartbroken. Junior didn’t say goodbye, he just wrote a letter. Why did Junior turn himself in? Big Ang wants to take Renee out to distract her from everything. Big Ang asks Ramona what she is doing for Thanksgiving. Ramona says the holiday is bitter sweet because her grandfather died of cancer at Memorial Sloan Kettering on Thanksgiving. He was the real definition of a gangster. He did his time like a real man should do. That was loyalty. The new generation doesn’t act like that any more.

Carla and Drita meet at Monaco’s and talk about Junior and Renee’s father going back to jail and that it is too much for Renee to deal with. Drita says she hasn’t spoken to Renee after what happened in the Poconos. Drita hasn’t taken the kids to see Lee in a year, but now with all this happening to Renee she is rethinking this decision. She still loves him even though she is leaving him. Carla says that Junior left Renee a letter. Drita can’t believe it, it’s not normal, it’s cold.

Drita goes to the Drunken Monkey to talk to Big Ang about Renee and Big Ang tells her how worried she is. Again Drita feels she should take her girls to see Lee. Drita says jail is a scary place for kids. She says she and Lee are ticking time bombs. Big Ang says there is something about guys in jail, they look hot, they don’t age, they look great in their jumpsuits.

Carla meets Joe and the kids at the skating rink. Carla is happy Joe is home. Everything that has happened to Renee makes her appreciate Joe being home even more.  She wants him to be a great father and never go back to jail. She regrets that the kids were cheated out of all that time with their father. The scene ends with the whole family skating together.

Renee goes to see Ramona, who invited her over for a pre-Thanksgiving dinner. Ramona says Renee looks good. Renee says she is glad that Junior can’t cheat on her for the next seven years. Renee plans on waiting for Junior and wants to marry him when he gets out. She just wishes he had waited until after Thanksgiving before turning himself in. She wanted to have her holiday with her family. She asks, “When do they stop going to jail?” Renee is upset and cries that her father was only home three months after serving eleven years in jail and now he was taken away right before the holiday. 

The doorbell rings and it’s Karen. Renee says she still doesn’t want to be around anyone. Karen comes in with a bottle of champagne and says they are celebrating the fact that they are all here together. Renee gets upset, she says she can’t celebrate, her son AJ is on the edge. Karen says she just wants to thank God that they have each other. Karen reminds Renee that Ramona lost her grandfather on Thanksgiving. Renee says her grandfather might be better off dead because the feds would have taken him. Renee leaves, she can’t handle the get together.

Drita and Giselle are at home and Drita talks about how hard it is to be a single parent. She has to be super mom so they don’t miss their dad so much. Drita tells Giselle that they are all going to visit daddy and she asks her if she wants to see daddy. Giselle doesn’t know who Lee is and she doesn’t want to go. Drita tries to talk her into going, but Giselle has no concept about what a father is and doesn’t remember Lee. The last time Drita took the girls to see Lee was about a year ago. Drita cries because she grew up having a very close relationship with her father and he was everything to her. She decides she will not force Giselle to go see Lee.

Big Ang takes Renee out to “Lips,” a fun place that features drag shows. She feels Renee needs to get out of the house and she wants her to have a good time. Big Ang loves drag shows. Karen and Ramona are there too. Renee can’t help herself, she starts laughing and enjoying herself. They all say “Thank God!” Renee dances with a drag queen and starts to feel a little better despite of her situation.

Carla and Drita meet up to talk about Renee. Drita drops a bomb! She says the word on the street is that Junior flipped and ratted out Renee’s dad. Carla is shocked and can’t believe it. Drita says no one ever speaks of these things, so maybe it’s true. Drita says every time she has heard someone called a “rat” it’s been true. Both Carla and Drita’s husbands went to jail because of “rats” and they hate rats. Jerry Capeci, who runs the website “Gangland News” had a story up that Junior flipped and he rarely, if ever, gets anything wrong. Drita says that in the article it says Junior wore a wire to tape Renee’s Dad. She is pissed and says if you are going to be a criminal and commit crimes, be prepared to do the time and not take everyone down with you.

She always gets around to the "cheeseburger"

Ramona and Karen meet for dinner. They also discuss the Gangland News article about Junior cooperating with the feds. Karen says all the signs are there that he is cooperating, he turned himself in and isn’t using his attorney. They talk about how much Renee was looking forward to Thanksgiving because Junior and her father were home. For Junior to wear a wire and tape Renee’s dad, that is the most scummy, low life thing he could do. Karen says her father told her to be there for Renee, her world has been ripped apart. Then Karen reminisces about her own life, when Sammy cooperated and all her friends were told not to have anything to do with her anymore. She says she remembers how Ramona came to her house and told her what was happening and said she would not stop being friends with her no matter what anyone said. Karen has tears in her eyes as she told the story of how Ramona, her loyal friend, stood by her during this extremely difficult time in her life when so many others turned their backs on her.

Karen and Ramona go to Renee’s house to support her. Renee doesn’t believe the Gangland article, she says Jerry has been wrong three times. He had to have made a mistake this time too. Renee is in denial, she will not believe that Junior was capable of ratting her father out. Renee cries for AJ’s pain and loss. Renee is extremely emotional as she worries about her dad and AJ. The tears are from her heart that is breaking because she feels AJ is being punished. She is especially sensitive to Karen and what she went through and says to her, you are reliving your life. As Karen hugs her and tries to comfort her, she tells Renee that she has people who love her. Karen says her mother was the glue who held the family together when her father cooperated. Renee starts telling Karen she is so sorry over and over. Karen feels Renee may feel guilty over how she treated her when she came back to Staten Island and in not welcoming her back. But Karen says she will always be loyal to Renee and support her. Ramona reminds Renee that she has to take care of AJ. Renee says she has to remove 23 years of love from her heart. She was planning to grow old with Junior. Karen tries to prepare Renee for the probability that this story is true because all the signs are there. Renee is still in denial and can’t accept it.

Renee goes to church to pray and ask God for His help. Renee blames herself for everything that’s happened. Big Ang goes to see Janine at the puppy store to show her the headlines in the newspaper “Hubby A Snitch,” and tell her about Junior. 

Renee says that Junior has been like a son to her father and this is the Ultimate…the Ultimate Betrayal. Renee cries for her father, who is 71 and back in jail.


For obvious reasons, my two cents this week will have none of the usual snarky remarks and humor that I typically insert. The topic is too serious, too real, too emotional and feelings are still raw. I will just address briefly how I feel about Renee’s strength in all she has had to deal with concerning Junior’s betrayal.

I just can’t imagine another reality show dealing with such a personal and devastating storyline. A storyline that we watched unfold in the news and then again in Renee’s life on the show. How difficult must it have been for her to live it and then relive it again for filming and relive it again for interviews and relive it again to watch it on television? How many times did she have to confront this situation head on, pull herself together and try to carry on with the show, promotion, media questions, meeting fans, and Lord knows what else? 

I’m grateful for the fact that this was filmed months ago and that we have seen Renee and AJ since then and they seem to be doing well. They seem to be coping under these extremely difficult circumstances and going on with their lives. We can see the love, loyalty, and show of support from their closest friends. Friends who know and understand what it means to be in their shoes, because they have lived it too. Renee doesn’t have to explain, they understand it all. They understand how much Renee loved Junior, how she had hopes for the future; how much she loves her father and how devoted she is to him; and how much she loves AJ most of all, and wants to protect him from everything that is painful in this world. As a daughter, she must feel a sickening, grieving loss for her father, who she only had back in her life for three months. As a mother, she must feel a despair and helplessness at not being able to make AJ’s world a safe and happy because of things that are beyond her control. It’s hard for a mother when she feels she can’t protect her child from the harsh realities of life, and this is as harsh as it gets. As an ex-wife/fiancé of a man she has loved with all her heart for 23 years, and who is the father of he precious son, she has to feel a heart shattering, utter and total betrayal. It had to be unexpected, and it couldn’t have been more devastating because her father was betrayed and taken from her again by a man he considered to be like a son to him. 

Renee has to carry all of this around with her every day as she smiles through her pain, deals with her battle with depression and faces several more corrective surgeries. So many people would just withdraw from the world so they don’t have to deal with it. What does our Renee do? She carries on without skipping a beat. She puts her life out there on national television and worldwide because she made a commitment to do this when she signed up for Mob Wives…not knowing or even being able to imagine how bad things would get. 

You have to admire that kind of strength. She carries on with all her commitments and she still has dreams. She tells fans she dreams of being on SNL and DWTS. Who else would, after going through all that she has, turn around and focus on more positive things? That is not an easy thing to do, but we have all seen it. And we want Renee’s dreams to come true! We can help make them come true. As fans we can all do anything we put our minds to doing. We can help her put this chapter of her life behind her, support her and AJ, and together I’m sure we can help make good things happen.


Julie M. said...

Chiara beautifully done!!
To Renee: my heart goes out to you and your family and I pray that you all continue to be strong for one another and that God has put peace in all your Hearts!!

Kel said...

I cried so much when watching this episode. Very emotional and heart breaking episode. Poor Renee.

English Mobwives Luva said...

Thanks very much Chiara, great job as usual.

So sad.

Anonymous said...

Great recap! You know, from the preview I just really want to know the backstory between Renee and Carla. Renee always seems to look out for Carla while supposed "no drama" Carla seems to have so much hostility towards Renee and is always disparaging her.

Chiara Soprano said...

Anon we don't know too much about the background of Renee and Carla, except that they hung out together as teenagers and they know each other a long time. Renee says that until the boyfriend issue they had never had an argument before. Then there was the issue of Carla not calling while Renee was in the hospital last summer. Renee seems to have forgiven her for those things. However, I sense from previews, that there is more drama around the corner.

Funlady28 said...

I cannot imagine how emotionally devastating this was to go through. I applaud Renee for staying strong and working through it. Much respect.

Deana3452 said...

Thank you for this recap, because I didn't realize I missed the part with Renee at church. My DVR missed it. So, I taped it again and saw it. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

you couldnt have said it better

that woman has been to hell and back and she still standing thats why i love renee graziano
she is as tough as they come
im voting to get her on DWTS

and about carla
ughhh i hope she has something coming to her
cuz in season one i loved how renee threw her
by the hair quick
id love to see that again

Anonymous said...

I'm glad that they are showing this because for awhile there, I was getting tired of the old "Team Karen" "Team Drita" drama. I'm glad MW steered the wheel back in the right direction and went back to base with what the show is about.

Honestly, what I find so interesting is that in their world, "real" men do jail time and don't snitch and they face their sentence like a man....and yet these same "men" are the ones that have side pieces and cause so much devastation among their families. Not sure what to comment on that except I found it very interesting and was somewhat confused since I felt this idea of what "real men" are, are somewhat contradictory. Guess that's part of "the life", know what I mean?

I'm very curious for episodes to come how this all plays out...but do we seriously have to wait another two weeks??? Or is there going to be more episodes leading up to it??

Anonymous said...

i had googled it n wikipedia had 13 now it has a list of 17 but idk if jenn graziano would make it that long reality shows usually have 12-13 episides
someone should ask her on twitter

noshiz80 said...

Okay, I knew that I had to get on here and comment on this fantastic re-cap. I watch many reality shows and I have never felt emotional like I did watching Renee go through this horrible ordeal. It was gut wrenching to watch someone break down the way she did. All I kept thinking was “Oh God, make it stop.“ I can’t imagine what she and AJ are feeling/going through. I’ve never thought that “the lifestyle” looked glamorous and I have never envied anyone for living it. It’s true that all the women on this show should be proud of who they are and where they came from but there isn’t enough money or respect in the world that would make me want to be a part of it. Watching Renee just set in stone my feelings of why I feel the way I do. I could never deal with it. I can’t believe JR did this to her and to their son. Devastation is an understatement. Renee and AJ are in my prayers and I know that Renee is a strong woman. I can’t help but feel a pang of heartbreak when I hear Renee say that she feels responsible. I have a feeling that things like this were going on long before she could be responsible for anything. None of these ladies asked to be a part of this stuff.
I also wanted to comment on Karen. Always been my favorite Mob wife and I could never really pinpoint why. Well, this episode is why she is, in my eyes, the realest and the best. Allowing herself to be patient and forgiving with Renee, last season, and then not ridiculing her for being in almost the same position that she was years ago gets my applause. Renee really gave Karen a hard time about coming back to NY and Karen was there for Renee with what seemed all the grace in the world. I loved that. I’ve heard/seen ppl say things about Karen and Ramona and how they are the ones who cause the problems because they are always talking shit. But, something that I’ve come to realize is that everyone talks about everyone wherever you go so they are no different than the rest of us. What counts is being there for your friends the way Karen and Ramona are. We should all be so lucky to have friends like them.
On a lighter note… Did anyone notice the Zebra statue in the background at Ang’s house? I couldn’t stop staring at it when they would cut to her friend. Love big Ang!!!!

Anonymous said...

oh and i have also read that drita doesnt wanna be in the same room ss ramona or karen, karen has suggested they all be in the same room but i guess dritas scared???

maybe in season 3 drita vs ramona will happen

Chiara Soprano said...

Noshiz you are completely on point with Karen!

Anon, I hear there will be 15 shows this season, originally they said 12. I guess the added, unexpected turn of events gave them more to film.

Deana3452 said...

I asked Jenn Graziano on Twitter before the most recent episode aired how many were left and she said 7. So, with this one behind us...6.

Kel said...

With all of Renee's suffering, it was hard for me to really focus on anything else in this episode, but after watching it a few times I cannot help but feel sorry for Drita's daughter. How sad that she doesn't know or understand the concept of a father. But really, I'm confused and can't help but get a little angry too. 1) Drita says that Lee is an excellent father and that he's always on the phone with his daughters... If this is so, why does Gizelle not know about her father or feel comfortable seeing him? Secondly, I can't help but get mad because I feel that Drita's personal talks with her girls seem so very staged. These women are all lions when it comes to protecting their children. Renee doesn't allow for AJ to he filmed when he's going through something tough(e.g. What just happened) and this is completely understandable, as I know I would do the same. So why in the world does Drita continuously place her very young girls on camera for tough conversations?!!!!!

Monique said...

Kel, good point. Drita is constantly claims Lee is a great Dad. Um, ok. The proof is in the pudding as they say.

As far as Renee, she is a very strong woman. It is unfortunate because I am a firm believer in fate. I am sure there have been many many red flags out there that warned her to stay far away from Junior. I am sure that her own gut told her to move on MANY times, yet she fought against those strong emotions and wanted to move forward with him anyways and then you see the fate she had to face.

This episode and watching Renee's life unfold before my eyes has taught me a HUGE lesson in my own personal life as well as it should to all the viewers.

ALWAYS LISTEN TO YOUR INSTINCTS!! THEY ARE NEVER WRONG. You can follow your heart, but take your brain with you!

It has put a lot of things in perspective for me, things I have had indecision about. I now know what I have to do, because sometimes we fight within oursleves on decisions we know are right but just want it so bad at the moment. I've learned not to do this by watching Renee. Sometimes what you want to be right for you so bad (but know in your gut that it isn't), is actually the worse thing that can happen in the long run...

It is scary, devasting, gut-wrenching and saddening what Junior did to her and her dad. My prayers and good vibes are with the Graziano family.

Nate said...

What is the name of the song or artist playing in the background as it opens?