Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Mama's Boys of The Bronx: Autograph Day

This past Saturday I joined three of the Mama's boys down on Arthur Avenue, to support them on their autograph signing day. Giovanni, Chip and Frankie were in attendance. From my understanding, Pete was ill and Anthony was in California. The boys, just as three old friends who would meet to play stickball, they went over their rules, joined and got comfortable at the pastry shop. Whether these guys are signing autographs or shooting the breeze, it seems always happens here. 

Leah and Frankie ;)

Leah with Frankie & Giovanni

The boys were fortunate enough to have spent the last few days with a visit from Chicago mob wife,  Leah De Simone. Chiara blogged about her visit to Arthur Avenue and shared some photos of Leah with the guys. I spoke to Leah a few times, and was looking forward to meeting her, but unfortunately she was unable to make it back Saturday afternoon. We shared tweets back and forth and, I can tell you, she is a very funny and upbeat person. I enjoyed listening to the stories the boys had to tell of the hours they spent with her and a good time was had by all.  Leah's sweet and jokester personality made an impression on them and they seemed just thrilled with her as I was. It was so thoughtful to get a phone call from her apologizing that she was running late while shopping. I mean, besides our twitter connection, I’ve never met her, but you can tell that she truly cares about her fans. That’s the way the Mob Wives roll, well most of the real ones anyway. Leah will be back in June and I can assure you I will be ready to meet up with her.

Giovanni. Frankie and Chip

The Mama's boys have a good rapport with the locals, as well as the tourists, that came to shop at the market and noticed them. The support of fans seemed to make them very happy. TLC has abruptly cancelled the show and it was very disappointing to cast and fans. Everyone wished them well and most of us are crossing our fingers and hoping another network will pick up the show. These guys are trying very hard to keep the Mama's Boys in everyone’s mind. If a network doesn’t pick them up soon, I’m afraid their notoriety may fade. 

Hand rolling cigars

A few other highlights of the day was watching skilled laborers hand roll cigars at La Casa Grande, in the market. Paul Di Silvio, who runs the shop, also filmed a short  video clip called "Light em up Fridays," which is an informative video about cigars and the pick of the week. It can be found on youtube. The word is that Leah filmed with the boys. Another memorable moment was my meeting Aunt Gina. She was on her way to a party and came to pick up cookies and pastries. She’s a delight and I will definitely do a complete interview with her if, or should I say when, the show gets back on the air. Also there, for moral support, was Larry. He’s the guy Chip has been training and was found eating pastries on a bench on one of the episodes. Today, Larry stuck to eating fruit and says he’s still training with Chip.  And lastly, after a full day of watching the promise these boys have in themselves, I wish only that the future has nothing but good fortune for them. They certainly deserve it, the boys and their mama's.

Written by Carmela Corleone

Picture credit: Carmela Corleone

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2sandywithlove said...

I am so taken with @Goivanni, have to admit he's my favorite. Leah and Frankie hummmmm Can I say; it's more than the smell of cannoli's baking at the Arthur Ave, neighborhood bakery? Could they be the next "Rocky and Adrian Of the Bronx" representing #MobWivesChicago and #MamasBoysOfTheBronx? guess we'll have to wait and see, all we have is time, plenty of opportunity to wait for it to happen. ;o)