Saturday, May 19, 2012

Red Widow: ABC New Fall Mob Show…

Marta, mob wife turned mobster!

Mob wives are such a hit that everyone network wants a show of their own. FOX has scheduled “The Mob Doctor,” and ABC is introducing the “Red Widow.” From the sound of the characters names, I think this show will be portraying the Russian Mob, not the Italian Mob.  At first, I wasn't sure about the "Red Widow," but then I saw the trailer for the show (WOW!) and I will have to give it a try.

The main character is Marta Walraven, played by Radha Mitchell, who is a suburban housewife living in Northern California. She has a wonderful husband, Franklin, and a beautiful home, and three great kids. Marta is either in denial or chooses to ignore the fact that her father, brother and husband are in organized crime. However, when her husband is murdered in the front of their home, with one of their children looking on, she can no longer keep her head in the sand. The story involves her trying to avenge her husband’s murder while protecting her precious children. This plan means that she herself will have to join the “family” business by “filling her husband’s shoes. In the process, Marta discovers that her has an inner strength that she never realized.

It sounds good to me! You’ll find me in front of the television set giving this series a try! Will you?

P.S. Maybe FOX and ABC should give Jennifer Graziano some credit and a "cut" for opening the doors to the idea of Mob Wives? These are two new shows essentially about mob wives doing whatever they have to do to protect their families. Sound familiar?

Video credit: ABC


Rosey said...

Wow, thanks for the info about the new series Red Widow. It seems like it will be great too! When you hear when it premieres let us readers know. Thanks for always keeping your eyes open for new shows. Chiara and Mob Mistress do a great job, thanks!!!

Anonymous said...

What is the song in the preview do u know

Anonymous said...

Same here. What's the theme song ??

Anonymous said...

The theme song is by hayley williams of paramour