Monday, May 7, 2012

Mob Wives: Recap “Of Dogs and Men” Ep 216

Karen tells Ramona about meeting Drita!

At Drita’s house, Drita is feeding Lucky treats when the phone rings and it’s Lee. He says this is his last year in state prison and he is going to Brooklyn. She tells him she made a rap video with French Montana about a bank robbery. She asks if he needs anything. She tells him she is going to start dating and wants to know if he hopes she meets a nice guy. He says yes. Drita says Lee was always very supportive and now he is being sweet. She says his being sweet reminds her of why she loved him in the first place, and that makes the divorce harder. She is glad they are friends right now.

Karen and Ramona are walking through a store. After talking to Rena about meeting Drita, Karen wants to hear what Ramona has to say. She mentions the meeting with Drita and Ramona says, “no, sorry.” Karen says Renee keeps asking her to sit down with Drita and Karen wants to clear the air with Drita. Ramona says, “You might as well put Drita out with the trash, cause she’s trash,” and will never admit anything. Karen wants to do this for Renee and be the bigger person. Ramona says Drita doesn’t like the truth and when she hears something she doesn’t like she will attack her.

Carla gets wise about Joe's girlfriend from Bigg Ang

Carla and Bigg Ang go for drinks. Bigg Ang asks about Joe. Carla says nothing romantic is going on, he doesn’t come around that much. Carla doesn’t want to get back together with him, she doesn’t trust him, he cheated on her 100 times. She says it’s all his fault their marriage fell apart.  Bigg Ang asks if he has a girlfriend. Carla says she doesn’t know. Big Ang thinks that’s why he hasn’t been coming around to see Carla and the kids. Carla says she needs to find out if a girlfriend is taking up all his quality time.

Big Ang and AJ are at the jewelry store. She is buying him a gold chain for his birthday. They talk about his girlfriends. He is 23 and she wants him to get serious and settle down. She is cooking his birthday dinner. She mentions a bunch of things like pigs feet, sweet sausage and braciole, some of his favorites.

Renee, AJ and Sydney go to a bowling alley. Renee is concerned about AJ, he is withdrawn and having problems keeping his grades up ever since her father went to prison. Renee asks him about school; the school called her to tell her he wasn’t doing well. He says nothing is going on at school, but Renee senses a bad attitude. AJ is her only concern. She asks Sydney to talk to him and tell him how important school is. Renee says AJ still needs the guidance of a parent, she is concerned.

At Karen’s apartment, Karen says her book is done and the spa is open; the next thing is for her to bring Karina to New York to live with her. Dave is flying in from Arizona to see Karen. She is excited to see him. She wants them to talk and figure out what is best for Karina. Karen left her in Arizona to keep her life stable while she was getting the show and book done. Dave tells her Karina wants to come to New York, but she doesn’t want to leave her friends. He talks about being in prison for 10 years and how he and Karen disconnected. He says he misses her. He wants to know what they have planned…Karen says, “wine!”

Drita compares herself to a "leech," ouch!

Drita visits her friend Nicole to talk to her about meeting with Karen. She says she doesn’t trust Karen. Nicole tells her Karen can’t be civil. Drita says she doesn’t want to be Karen’s friend, she is meeting with her for Renee’s sake. Drita says her massive problem is with Ramona. She thinks Ramona manipulates Karen and controls what she says and does. She says, “I’m gonna be chewing on her [Ramona’s] face like a leech.” Nicole says how can you make up with Karen when you want to kill her best friend?

The cousins laugh over pool table sex!

Ramona and Karen are playing pool. Karen mentions she always wanted to have sex on a pool table. Ramona laughs and tells her to tell Dave. Karen says Dave is good looking, has a crazy swagger and he is good in bed. Karen doesn’t know how to feel. She spent the night with Dave, she is blushing. It’s possible that she fears commitment. Ramona thinks maybe because every guy she has dated has let her down and broken her heart. Karen says she enjoyed being with Dave and he gave her an orgasm.

Hmmm do I sense some sexual tension here?

Carla and Joe are working out at the gym (maybe not just their muscles, but some sexual tension too). Carla say she doesn’t trust Joe. She tells him (not very subtly) that Carmen says she doesn’t spend enough time with dad. She tells him that he hasn’t been around much for his kids. He says he has put his time in with his kids, but he spends time with other people too. He has been seeing a girl. Carla says she must be 19, he changes girls like he changes underwear. He tells Carla that he likes her and they have been exclusive. Carla doesn’t like that he has a serious girlfriend after just getting out of jail. It’s too soon. He says he is 42, should he wait until he is 82? Joe isn’t really taking Carla seriously and makes a joke out of the conversation. He tells her the girlfriend met the kids and they get along great.  Carla asks, “She f*ckin’ brings her Barbie collection over?”  Carla has a sour puss. Then he reminds her that he has never said anything about her boyfriends because that’s her business and this is his business. Carla says the kids are her business.

Carla's not too happy with Joe's answers about his new love

Carla and her puppy, Elvis go to meet Drita and Lucky, and Bigg Ang and Little Louis, at the park for a play date. Really Carla just wants to spill the beans of what went on between her and Joe. Bigg Ang loves Lucky and says the dog is Drita’s twin…so cute. Carla tells them that she talked to Joe and asked him where he has been. He told her he has a girlfriend. Drita is shocked that he is seeing someone so soon after getting out of jail. Bigg Ang says that they all jump from girl to girl as soon as they are let out of prison. She is young. Carla says he will get a new one every few months. Carla is upset because Joe couldn’t wait to prove to her he was a changed man and try to work on repairing the marriage. Now she says she is moving on.

Looks like a little rekindling is going on here with Karen & Dave!

At the Lair nightclub, Karen and Dave go for drinks. Karen loves Dave and wants to talk to him about their future and their relationship. He tells her he has been dating. She tells him he better not have had a “b*tch” in her bed. She isn’t surprised about his dating. She doesn’t want to jump into anything. In 2000, her whole family was arrested and she was left to raise Karina alone and work to support her. He doesn’t want to talk about the past, he wants to know where they are going from here. He tells her Karina asked if they were getting back together. Karen is surprised to hear that. He says he isn’t sure if he will move back to New York, his job and life are in Arizona now. She tells him she misses him. He asks how much. They kisssssssssssssssss!

Renee tells it like it is when it comes to Junior!

Renee goes on Cherry Martinez’ radio show “Lock Down Love” to talk about her father and Junior. She says it’s  very personal interview that she will only do with Cherry. She wants to share something and then let it go. She says when she first met Junior, she thought he was her prince. But, he wasn’t, he became a snitch. She says she is coping the best way she can, but she has stopped loving and respecting Junior. She says he is the worst kind of snitch. He wore a wire in his watch and went into her father’s home and taped their conversations. That’s not a man. A man goes to jail and serves his time, not drag everyone down with him. She would spit on him if she saw him. She says a rat is a rat is a rat and if you are going out with a man like that--walk away and move on.

Drita is at her house picking up the mail. There is a letter from Lee. Drita is under the impression Lee is returning to Brooklyn to serve out the last year of his sentence. She is glad the kids can visit him, it means so much to Aleeya. BUT, the letter says he will not be in Brooklyn after all, he is being sent to Pennsylvania. The phone rings and it’s her friend, Jessica. Drita reads her the letter she just got from Lee. He is going to be 7 hours away and there will be no phone calls, just email. Drita is heartbroken for Aleeya. She says every time she has to tell her something about her father it’s always sad news. Drita is pissed because she knows his lawyer asked for him to be sent to a facility closer to home to be able to see his children. Drita feels they did this on spite and it’s the children who are being punished for his mistakes.


I have my work cut out for me this morning. I think it’s best and less confusing if I take this mob wife by mob wife.

Bigg Ang had a few cute scenes, nothing earth shattering. A trip to the jewelry store, some homemade sauce for AJ’s birthday, a little word to the wise for Carla about Joe and men in prison. 

There is not enough of Ramona in the last two episodes! I enjoy Ramona. Ramona basically wants to see Karen happy and if that means her getting back together with Dave, she seems to be supporting that. However, Ramona is not supporting the “sit down” Karen wants to have with Drita, under any circumstances. Ramona is right to believe that things will quickly flare up and Karen will be attacked again. It almost seems inevitable. If not, why make it a finale? No one wants to see Drita and Karen have a nice chat over tea and crumpets. I’m not saying I want to see a brawl either. What I want to see is a serious discussion, some ownership and taking responsibility for what happened in the past, some honesty and some apologies. Now when you mix that list with Drita’s temperament, it’s like pouring gasoline on a fire. What can I say except good luck Karen?

Renee is still working out her issues with Junior. They are huge. It’s a good thing she has a lot to keep her busy and she is surrounded by people who care about her. If it was me, I don’t think I could handle it as well as she has. This is her third “tear-free” week! Renee basically goes on Cherry’s radio show to tell the world exactly what she thinks of Junior and that she is done with him. Maybe it’s another step towards freeing herself from the hurt and the past and healing. I hope so. She also has to deal with AJ, who may not talk about how he is feeling about his father and grandfather. Teenagers rarely talk. Instead, Renee says his school work and grades are suffering and, she has every reason to be concerned, because AJ should be starting college this fall. I think going to college would be good for AJ right now because the work will keep him distracted from his family problems and he will be moving forward in a positive direction.

Speaking of moving forward in a positive direction, Karen says that a lot. It dawned on me last night that of all the women on the show, Karen has made the most strides forward. I believe that talking about being positive and thinking positive thoughts really moves people in that direction. It’s working for Karen. She’s made the most of her being a cast member on the show, she has published her book and made the best seller’s list, she has partnered with Dr. Fiorillo in the Luminique Spa, her relationship with Dave maybe a romance waiting to blossom, she is bringing her daughter back to live with her…all the pieces of the puzzle in her life are really falling into place. And I give her credit for agreeing to meet with Drita to try and eliminate that “negative” aspect from her life…”IF” it can be done. And I say "IF" because...

...Drita is as negative as Karen is positive. When Karen spoke of meeting Drita, she didn’t say negative things like she didn’t trust her and doesn’t want to be friends with her, the way Drita did. Karen seems to be hoping for a positive resolution because they have to work together and for Renee‘s sake. Drita is starting out with a very negative attitude, big surprise! She doesn’t trust Karen and doesn’t want to be her friend, but she wants to sit down with her? Please someone tell me how this is supposed to work? Oh, let’s not forget she wants to “chew Ramona’s face like a leech.” Even her friend Nicole asks how can she say she wants to talk to Karen, and “be friends,” when she wants to kill her best friend? I’d like to know that too. Always negative, always fighting, always aggressive. 

I also noted that Drita complains and cries a lot about how far away Lee is, and that’s why she can bring the kids for a visit. Really? I can’t help but notice she does plenty of traveling to see fans, some in fairly distant locations. I don’t say they should go every weekend, but if it’s so important to Aleeya, why can’t they go every other month? Even once every three months? Last night she was in North Carolina at Club Barcelona, for example, and that’s further away than Pennsylvania. Just sayin’.

Now for my “favorite” [insert sarcasm] mob wife, Carla! Carla can’t make up her mind about Joe and his “19 year old girl friend.” Our sources tell us she is more like 23, half Carla’s age, but maybe she looks 19 to Carla, who is old enough to be her mother. That must sting, especially knowing how sensitive Carla is about her age. Carla says she just wants Joe to spend more time with the kids, that’s why she is pissed. But, at the dog park, she actually reveals, to Bigg Ang and Drita, that she is mad because he didn’t make an effort to show her he had changed and wanted to reconcile with her. I think she fantasized about the two of them getting back together. We all saw the look in her eyes when he returned home this season. She lit up like a Christmas tree. But Joe went his own way and it is his business. I’m sure he knew about Handyman, because everyone in Staten Island talks. Carla is the first to know about the “word on the street." We’ve even had sources tell us they saw Carla with Handy.  She was allegedly in the Drunken Monkey with him, after she claimed they had broken up. (There is an interesting blog on Carla’s Handyman if you missed it.) So maybe Joe got wind of it and maybe he didn’t like it, but he minded his own business. Maybe Carla should too? Carla’s reaction was pretty strong for someone who doesn’t care. It sounded a lot like jealousy to me. Good luck to Joe and his new girlfriend!

And, now we KNOW there will be a sit down next week. The glimpse I saw was Karen trying to clarify something that was said and Drita holding her head like it was going to explode. I hope they hired security for this scene.

Let me know what you thought of the episode and if I missed anything. It’s hard to write and watch and glance at the tweets! 


Anonymous said...

Wow, epic recap! :)

If Drita weren't illiterate, she could just put all this ish in a letter, then Karen could just throw it away and nobody would have to waste their time going to a sit-down where she's just going to look slagged and not even talk. What's the point? I hope Renee watched this and got it despite her problem with loyalty this season.

Dear Karen, I don't want to talk. I don't want to work things out. I don't care. I don't want to be your friend. I'm doing this for Renee and to show my kids I can act like an adult by, like, not acting like an adult. You and Ramona ganged up on me, uh, I mean Ramona is one who won't let us make up. If you won't make up with me you are weak-minded and being controlled. I don't care. You're probably wondering what my point is. I don't know either. It's hard being stupid. My friend says you can't be in the same room with me and I know that's true because the last two times we were, you were either nice to me or you ignored me before I started panic punching so this is obviously all your fault. I don't want to hear it. I don't care. Let's make up! Drita

Love love love Joe. He's so sweet and patient and seems like such a gentleman. Get rid of Carla and Drita and make his gf a new cast member. :)

Anonymous said...

Excellent recap Chiara, your recaps and this site adds to the Mob Wives experience. Keep doing what you do, many of us love this site as much as the show itself.

Chiara Soprano said...

Thanks for a good laugh and a great letter!

Chiara Soprano said...

The second Anon, thank you so much for your appreciation of our site. A lot does go into it and we love the show, the cast and our readers...the blog must go on!

Mob Mistress said...

We love some of the cast, just for clarification.

Anonymous said...

Chiara- great 2 cents! Agree! Karen has clearly become standout and I am happy for her! Drita is still crazy. All she does is talk and talk and talk, moving forward, make good examples, then boom! She goes back farther then where she started. Who says on CAMERA as a WOMAN they will chew someone's face? Sick. She just traveled to NC for fans, but won't go to PA for her kids? I am glad you brought that up. Not enough Ramona for me lately, I enjoy her because like Karen, she keeps it real and is down to earth, not faking or phony. Bigg Ang has been boring so I wonder what her own show will be? Carla has become this season the QUEEN of Double Standards and Hypocrisy- wear your crown girl!

Anonymous said...

The only thing I see left out was. AJ said he wanted Big Ang to cook Pig Balls. Big Ang got a sour look on her face and the sales man got grossed out. It was after Big Ang put the $1,000 down.

Lady EL said...

Chiara, love your recaps and especially your 2 cents! We agree on many levels albeit you are much nicer with your words than I tend to be. ;) My take aways this week are as follows.. Drita is a neurotic, narcissistic mess! Always with the fighting and boo-hoo'ing. She fluctuates up and down more than my weight! And that IS saying something. Love how you mentioned she thinks pa is too far to travel yet she is constantly on her twitter trying to sell people into coming out to see her in every club/back alley bar from NY to now-whereville USA. I suppose there isn't enough money in it for her to go to pa. Just sayin. Carla, carla, carla.. Hmmmm jealous much?! I read that to be jealously right from the start. Another woman takes away from her ME ME GIMMIE GIMMIE persona. She is her OWN crown of thorns. Run Joe! Run! It was nice to see Renee not crying but getting stronger! Kudos Renee, now teach Carla and Drita how to own it. ;) Need more Ramona, love her straight talk. Big Ang must be saving all her good comments and such for her own show.. Oh well, love her anyway. :) Karen is such a star on the rise! A bit awkward for me this week on the whole sex talking make-out session but hey, the girl was due I suppose. She seems focused and happy. Good for her! I wish her and her family all the best! This sit-down coming up could be really something.. I am of course team Karen on this one! Can't wait to see what happens!

vai said...

Great recap chiara. Renee looks great no more crying, it's like I see a different person. Ramona can't say anything about the girl, she's the real deal. We need more of her n less of carla. Carla's boring as fuck lol. No wonder why Joe cheated on her, she's boring that I fell asleep when she's on lol. Big ang, she's alright. Karen, what can I say? The girl stole last night's episode again. Her n Dave make a cute couple. Drita, I got nothing nice to say to the leech queen lol. She even looked like a leech when she's pissed lol.

Anonymous said...

I don't know why people have to make rude comments about Drita's intelligence because the truth is that she is a very bright individual.

Part of the reluctance to see Lee so far away is because he has betrayed her trust repeatedly in the form of going back to jail after going back to his band burglar ways and by having an affair.

I'm not in her situation but I would imagine having one daughter who already dislikes visiting him because of the previous long drive and sad atmosphere as well as the other who has zero desire to see this unknown dad further complicates things.

Rosey said...

Hey everyone, last nights episode was great. Loved the recap as always Chiara! No crying/sad Renee (even tho she was justified). Karen and Dave lighting up the screen with those passionate kisses! OMG! They both look like their scared to say, lets try again to make this work. Big Ang is crazy as ever with her son buying jewelry. Drita sad because I think shes still in love with her husband and is said she can't see him as she thought. Carla JEALOUS big time of Joe's new younger woman!!!

Anonymous said...

People make cracks about Drita's intelligence because she comes off as an idiot and an illiterate wannabe thug most of the time. Plus, most of the drama on this show is a result of her not being able to read a few paragraphs. Most people don't have the vision to look past all of her on-screen stupidity to the truth of her great hidden intelligence.

Anonymous said...

Did one ever think that Drita is sometimes getting edits that may put her in unfavorable lights? And, with that, I'm sure that the fact that Renee is the producer's sister leads to her having good edits.

If she didn't want to read the first chapter then that is her business. But, is it at all possible that she was instructed with the loose scripts that all reality shows have to say that she didn't read it to start another storyline?

I am certain all of the harping on Lee by Karen was also done at the request of the show during the first season because it was getting to be a wee bit too much.

Chiara Soprano said...

I'mm sure editing plays a part in everything we see, but there is too much consistency with Drita and for them to do that much editing. When something is inconsistent, like Karen's 360 degree turn with Carla at dinner, you can bet that was editing.

Speaking of Carla I negelected to write that she isn't ok with Joe bringing a 23 year old "playmate" girlfriend around her kids, but she is ok with her bringing an "inmate" boyfriend around them? What's up with that...asks the clown?

Anonymous said...

If the producers of this show can take a normal, mature, intelligent, articulate, well-adjusted person and turn her into a dumb-seeming hyperviolent maniac, they're wasting their time in reality TV. That's not editing, that's magic.

If she's being ordered by the producers not to read a few pages, then what? Also ordered to show up at the rooftop and try to commit an assault that could actually get her thrown in jail (ask Amber Portman)? That doesn't say a whole lot for her intelligence either. It's like our choices are 1) she's illiterate b) she's legit stupid or 3) she's a total puppet of the show's producers and will do any ish they tell her no matter how stupid. Either way.

Anonymous said...

Something tells me that Carla's children have been surrounded by former inmates for most of their lives (and this includes their great-uncle and now their own dad).

In all fairness, I was a little surprised when I heard that Renee first met Junior when he had come out of prison but the heart has it's own reasons to love someone that the rational reasons cannot justify.

I'm all for giving someone a second chance but a man coming out of prison would be a bit of a "dealbreaker" in the possible potential for romance.

I still feel so very bad for Renee and her family and I wish them nothing but strength and good things.

Kel said...

I think it's sad that Lee is a 7 hour away drive and Drita doesn't go to visit him or takes the girls to see their dad. Guess what Drita? You're an accomplice to his crimes. You stood by his side and benefitted (and still do) from his bank robberies, but you can't use his money to go see him? That's pretty messed up. I know Dritas little gangster wannabes are going to say "but he cheated on him, he doesn't deserve for her to go". Well, to that I say: Drita found out about his cheating fairly recently... why didn't she go all the years prior? She spends money in expensive parties, professional photographs, personal trainers, spa treatments, and designer clothes/ accessories but she can't take her daughter to meet her father and get a sense of what a father is? How convenient. My husband is in Afghanistan and even though our resources are limited, if the military allowed it, I would go see my husband at least every other month!! Regardless or the 18 hour flight. Lee may not have been a great husband, but that's the man she chose and it's the father or her kids...TAKE THEM TO SEE THEIR DAD FFS!!!!! She's so full of excuses and her followers seem all too happy to drink her kool-aid. As for Karen, good job girl!! You have turned your life completely around and decided to be a real role model for your daughter and lead a life free of crime. That's called living, learning, and growing up! Success comes to those who put in the hard work.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure that we only get a glimpse of what actually goes on in Drita's family and private life when she is on the show and it is her business to only show us what she wants to show us.

Drita has also worked hard to become a makeup artist and she had a very good job where she was sometimes hired to do makeup for celebrities so she didn't exactly stay home and benefit while her husband was away.

And, I have issue when it comes to just pointing Drita out as the only person who possibly benefitted from a loved ones illegal activities because all of the people on the show have but Renee said it best on last year's reunion show when she said "Don't count my money" and she was right!

Drita was also furious for her husband going back to jail and that sure is a long drive to make with a then-newborn.

If her girls don't want to go she also has to respect their feelings and I think that she is doing that.

Mob Mistress said...

Interesting perspective, you are exactly right the viewer only gets a glimpse. However, it's the production's decision on what they film & what we get to ultimately see. Once those aspects of Drita's life are shown they are no longer private they become public and available to all who pay their cable/internet bill. She is paid to share parts of her life. So in essence she sold parts of her private life.

If one receives an engagement ring appraised @ $100,000 from a man who is a thief, I believe she has benefitted. I've listened to her on the show share how Lee (a thief) spoiled her & brought her anything she wanted.

If you have an issue with what we blog about you should not visit our site in the future. Your issue will no longer exist. No one has counted Drita nor Renee's money. However, if we choose to share public information we shall.

Drita knowingly married a criminal. Any intelligent individual who marries a criminal should expect one day they may get caught & have to do time. The only one Drita should be furious with is herself. She decided to marry a criminal. She then decided to have children. I'm not in her head. Maybe she thought about the possibility of Lee doing time and having to raise the kids in his absence. I do not know. However, after his 1st stint in prison during their marriage she had another beautiful child.

In closing, I've driven far more than seven hours to visit family with young children. Watching a woman who knowingly married a thief complain about a seven hour drive is hilarious to me. She has stated several times Aleeyah wants to see her father & misses him. As a parent, I have put whatever my personal feelings aside & assisted my child in seeing her father. Somethings aren't just about me & my feelings.

Kel said...

You're on to something. Drita is not the only one who has benefited from illegal funds. I agree with that. I have never and would never disagree with that point. However, as far as I have seen, Drita is the only one who has benefited from illegal funds and has chosen to not support him emotionally. It is a HUGE difference between Ramona who takes her kids to see her man because the want to, Karen who visits her dad continously and Renee who also is a HUGE supporter of her father and had also stood by JR in the past. I can't say much about Carla because what we saw of her and her support toward her husband during his stint in prison was quite limited. I think that for as much as Drita choses to complain and "cry" that her daughters miss their dad or that one of them doesn't even understand the concept of what a father is, she doesn't do enough to bring closure to her children. If she was to bring her girls to visit Lee regularly, then maybe they wouldn't miss him as much or not understand what a "father' is. Why cry and complain about it if you're not doing anything to change it? Again, I never said Drita was the only one from all the ladies to benefit from her husbands stolen money, but I do stand by my argument that she's the only one who took it while it was there and didn't bother to support him after he was gone. Sure, he is a criminal and an obviously abussive man who has no respect for women. I would never be with a man who talked to me in the way that he talks to her-- yet she KNEW he was like that (as her friend Karen had dated him for 7 years prior to her hooking up with him, and let's face it, when our friends have problems with their man they usually give us the dirty details of what's goin on), so Drita KNEW the type of man Lee was and STILL chose to hook up with him (and have children with him) and now that the man needs emotional support (let's face it, anyone in his position needs a LOT of love and emotional support), she choses to toss him to the side? Really? 7 hours is nothing. Considering how much money she seems to have she should be able to afford a flight which if scheduled in advance would be a lot more cost and time effective than driving. There's no excuse. She just doesn't want to be bothered, and that's ok. That's her prerogative-- but she should be honest and say she doesn't want to be bothered instead of playing the poor "omg my children miss their dad but it's such a long drive QQQ" oh please.

Anonymous said...

I was the one that wrote about all of the Mob Wives benefitting from illegal activities and I will stand by it.

Again, I brought it up previously and I will again that in the same episode where Drita got brought her engagement ring in for a valuation--Renee and Junior spoke of the bag of diamond rings that Renee's dad came to him with to choose from when he asked permission from him to marry Renee.

I do find some possible parallels in both scenarios as well as Ramona's jewelry now being held by the Feds but I don't know the entire stories so I will refrain from judging.

Ms. Mob Mistress--I never wrote about the blog in particular as something I have issue with and I was actually commenting on the comments of another commenter on here. If I ever do have such an issue that may cause me distress, which I do not see happening in the forseeable future, I know I may exercise my free will and stop reading.

Again, this place an entertaining place that I come to for just a few minutes a day to take a break from my reality.

I do not know if Lee was arrested before Drita got married because she got pregnant and then married with her husband getting arrested shortly after so I do not know if she married a criminal knowingly. I believe, without a doubt, that Drita knew he may have had a questionable past but she has mentioned that he had his own legitimate business (a car wash I believe) when they got together.

Also, I do agree with what you wrote Mob Mistress about the parts that anyone has shared on a reality show becoming not as private anymore but they are still sometimes distorted (I knew someone on a reality show who was portrayed to show up late to a wedding for the sake of filming arguments but was actually on time).

As for Aleeya--she may want to see her dad but she also mentioned in season one that she really wasn't up for the drive and how the whole experience upset her.

I do admire you Mob Mistress for driving long periods of time to see family and I've flown halfway across the world the do the same with a total of 25 hours in transit.

Kel--I agree with many of your points as well but it may be possible that problems were preexisting between Lee and Drita before the show aired which also contributes to her being unwilling to make the drive. After all, the man did cheat on her and that causes much anger and hurt for any human being with less of a likelihood for the hurt human being to go above and beyond for the adulterer.

I'm uncertain exactly about where Lee's is located and if there is a nearby airport but even going to the airport and then the prison is a long and stressful process which can easily also add up close to being the same as the 7 hour drive.

For instance--one can drive from New York City to Boston in approximately 4 hours with fairly good traffic but may be in flight for about an hour. However, one must also arrive at the airport about an hour before the flight, possibly be subjected to flight delays, deplane, and then look into getting a car which can take very similar amounts of time (if not more).

I just know that I don't envy her situation because it's a difficult one and I may be very reluctant to make that 7 hour drive as well for a multitude of reasons if I had her history with him.


Kel said...

I disagree. I think mostly on common sense. Drita and Karen were friends for years while Karen and Lee where dating. No one can tell me that Drita did not know of Lee's criminal activities (as she herself described him as the biggest bank robber in the country during her interview when she was contemplating the pardoy of her playing the getaway driver in the rap video).It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure it out. In that lifestyle, they don't hide their criminal activities but rather boast about it. Furthermore, Drita lived with Karen for some time, during that time Karen herself was involved in illegal activities so again, Drita as wise as her fans desrcribe her to be can't be so blind that she can't put one and one together. They are all from the same circle, she (Drita) knew the type of people she was surrounding herself with.

Another point-- Drita had already admited to not visiting Lee for YEARS before she found out about his cheating so you cannot cite the 'cheating' as the reason why she stopped seeing him. She herself argues that this is the one time she found out about him cheating on her so her lack of visits couldn't have been due to a prior cheating incidient as Drita fervidly states that cheating is the one thing she could never get past.

If we go with what Drita says, then your argument of her not visiting him because of other prior problems between them doesn't seem to add up.

Again, if she is going to cry and say that she is sad or heartbroken that her kids haven't seen Lee in a long time then a 7 hour drive should not be a reason. Where there is a will there is a way. If she WANTED to be a stand up gal and do right by her provider and her children she should take them to see him.

You can't continue to complain about something and not solve it. He is not in another country, so her crying that her girls need to see him but still not taking them to see him is stupid to me as I am a problem solver not a complainer. My husband is halfway across the world and I would GLADLY make the trip as many times as money would allow it to see him if it were at all possible.

I don't understand why people defend things that are so obvious. Provided, I understand you might like her, she might be your type of person, whatever whatever and if that's the case then that is fine, but to attempt to cover the sun with one finger seems quite futile to me. Her inconsistencies are there and they are obvious to me. If you can't admit them then I am not sure what to think of you. However, if you see them and just chose to say, "meh, I don't care. I still find other great qualities about her" then that's fine, but it seems unwise to sit here and fool ourselves.

As for the money situation, I'm confused. I suppose I might have misunderstood you. I thought you were saying that I was only talking about Drita benefiting from illegal funds while I didn't question the other ladies as well. I was trying to clarify that I realize they all benefit from illegal monies. I'm sorry if I misunderstood that.

Anonymous said...

Kel--there are three sides to every story--his side, her side, and the truth.

Again, I try not to get too wrapped up in the show as I like to watch it strictly for entertainment value (the very same idea goes behind reading this blog as well).

I did not read Karen's book so I don't know what illegal activities she may have been involved in while in NY as the ecstasy arrest was while she was in Arizona.

I am also female and if a man I was just impregnated by and married to was then arrested and went off to prison--it would be an extremely difficult thing to cope with. I too may may unwilling to make the drive, especially once I had the baby, and I would also be contemplating divorce.

Drita has admitted to having a temper and being an angry person at times so I can see her harboring much anger at her husband for going to jail twice.

I'm a fairly calm individual but I think I would also be extraordinarily angry and be cursing my husband if he did to me what Lee did to Drita.

Again, it is highly probable that she knew some of the things that Lee did when he was younger as not being exactly aboveboard but she may have had a reasonable expectation that he had matured and changed his ways when they decided to settle down.

Again, this is just a speculation but the fact that Lee wanted to embrace the role of becoming a father and settling down with Drita may have also been a signal to Drita that he was turning over a new leaf in his life because he may have stated that he never wanted to do so before.

Drita has also mentioned that she has many friends from all different backgrounds that she has surrounded herself with her entire life and she is usually filmed with her family members or friends that are small business owners on the show when she is away from the cast.

Again, love in]s an involuntary emotion which is why she ran off with Lee despite her family's objections.

The "biggest bank robber" or "bank burglar" comment during the video shoot may have been an exaggeration for comedic value because of the irony of the situation in that the video would be about a bank robbery.

Thank you for sharing your opinion as I will always respect it while I share my own as we both sit back and continue to enjoy the same reality show.


Kel said...


I think I just give up with you. It is my opinion that you seem a bit too deludional and all too willing to make wild and far out speculations that do not even add up in order to defend Drita. You're obviously a fan of hers and all too willing to add up things that aren't even there in order to excuse her behavior/ actions perhaps so you can continue to allow yourself to continue to like her. That is fine, that is your right and your prerogative. If you chose to make wild extreme speculations to feel better about liking her that is fine. I chose to base my opinion on facts and what I can readily obsersve. You really concern me with some of your speculations and arguments.

Example: Albenians are good chess players, Drita is a albeninan therefore she must be a good chess player. That sounds as crazy as me saying: Some Mexicans do landcape work. Mexicans are good with landscape work, Mexicans are hispanics; therefore, all hispanics are good at landscape work. ---Do you realize how crazy that sounds?

Drita attended colllege, she must have a high I.Q. ----This is not true as Drita did not attend college. Furthermore, just because you attend college it does not mean you have a high I.Q.

Physical fighting between couples leads to a more intense sex life between them. --- The fact that you would even say this blows my mind away.

You sound like you are very much in denial and attempting with all your might to make up excuses for Drita that she has proven on the show do not apply to her.

I chose to end this discussion with you now because I do not see that anything you write will educate me in anyway shape or form as it sounds very speculative, misguided and ignorant in many ways.

I am glad that you watch the show and hope that you continue to do so as it ultimately benefits me because I enjoy the show too and the more viewers it has the lower the chances of it being cancelled.

Anonymous said...

Excuse me Ms. Kel (I think you are a female as you have spoken about being married with children but in this age you do not know so I will apologize if you are not female).

I did not insult you nor did I call you names and I would greatly respect that you did the same.

I'm not delusional and I'm a fan of almost everyone on the show. It is very disrespectful for you to call me delusional since my education and professional practice of medicine leaves me highly educated in the field of mental illness along with the many other illnesses that treat.

Your observations and opions are your own but they are on a television show that may carry the tag of being "reality" but it's only as real as the audience would like to believe.

I also never wrote that Drita attended college but that she was offered a college scholarship which she has often stated that she has regretted not following up on. But, I am of the opinion that it is never too late to go back to school but that is my opinion. However, please quote me accurately when nit-picking previous posts.

Did I not write about my comment that I did not want to generalize about Albanians? However, in studying the mental capabilities of the mind in INTELLECTUAL tasks--there is heavy psychological research into various backgrounds how they score on psychological tasks with certain trends.

Now, could you kindly tell me where I wrote ANYTHING about physical fighting? I wrote about arguing because physical fighting is something that I would never, ever even think should be allowed in today's world but it is a harsh reality that it continues to exist today and I often work with battered women and it is a heartbreaking situation.

You interpret my post the way that you see fit and that's fine but please do not distort my words.

Also, you may think of me whatever you want and "give up" on me because you because I assure you that after I'm done with any post to you I thank you and I move forward and leave it behind in my thoughts.

But, I assure you that if we were ever to meet and/or speak--I would treat you with the mutual respect and courtesy that all human beings deserve.


Anonymous said...

Has my last comment been approved yet in response to Kel?


Mob Mistress said...

"Has my last comment been approved yet in response to Kel?"

If you don't see your comment at the time of your question it has not been approved.

All that education is really working out for you.

Anonymous said...

Mob Mistress--there have been times that I have made posts that you particularly have mentioned were never received and then I made similar posts again that were then seen online.

So, the above reason is why I asked the question.

Computers and the internet make our lives convenient but there are times that malfunctions may occur.

My education is NOT in computer programming or in being a blog moderator but in medicine.

Mob Mistress said...


I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to go anon MM but my husband was away with lee and dita knows me. I don't want to get too involved cuz you know if you catch her in a lie she panic punches I just wanted to say that its only 5 hrs from SI to where they were and my kids went every month and sometimes twice a month, Drita NEVER brought her children at all, I even offered to drive her that if all the kids were together it would be easier for Jezell. Lee even tried to hired driver to take Drita so she would at least bring Aleeyah ,Jezell has never seen the man and there is not 1 single photo of him in Drita Selmani's townhouse! I mean not 1! for her daughters too see at all. Poor little Jezell will be so frightened when she first meets him.Does anyone know if carla had brought her children to visit Joe. She is not from around here we only met her when Ramona couldn't do season 1 and they hired her to fill in.

Mob Mistress said...

You don't need to apologize for protecting your identity. You live within the community, I think anonymity is your BEST BET. Thanks for commenting!

We wish all the Mob Wives children the very best.