Monday, May 28, 2012

Mob Wives Chicago: Recap “Fight Night” Ep 101

The Windy City Mob Wives

Loved the show! The first episode of season one starts with a bunch of introductions to the cast. My eyes are twitching as my brain is trying to keep them all straight when I write. I think their voices are too similar so I have to keep looking up to make sure I have the right names to go with my recap. Let’s get started…

Renee Fecarotta says Chicago was the playground of the mob. Her uncle John Fecarotta treated her like a princess and gave her the best of everything. He was gunned down by his best friend, Nick Calabrese, who shot him in the back. Renee has two daughters, Giana is 20 and a younger daughter, who is 10.

Nora Schweihs is the daughter of Frank “The German” Schweihs, who is rumored to have had something to do with Marilyn Monroe’s death. Someone actually came up to Nora and said that to her, and she wanted to stab him. Renee says Nora is very sensitive about anyone referring to her father as a hit man. Nora’s father passed away while he was incarcerated and the FBI took his body. She doesn’t know what happened to it, she never saw it. Nora is going back to Florida to find out what happened to her dad.

Pia Rizza is the daughter of a dirty cop, Vince Rizza, who used his badge to sell drugs for the mob and then turned informant. She calls him a rat who sold the mob down the river to save himself and now she has to live with the stigma of having a father for a rat. Pia has an unconventional job, she is a dancer at a trip club to make money to support her daughter and herself. Nora doesn’t approve of this job, she thinks Pia is better than that.

Nora and Pia and their families have been friends a long time. Pia drops by Nora’s place to welcome her back to Chicago. She gives her an “evil eye” bracelet. They are like sisters. Nora says she trusts Pia and wants her help in finding out what happened to her father. They have been there for each other in the past. Nora wants Pia to leave the strip club, she doesn’t approve of her job. Pia gets a bit angry or insulted, she does what she needs to do to take care of her daughter.

Giana meets with her dad in prison

Giana is Renee’s older daughter, she is 20. She is her baby and best friend. Giana’s father is a wannabe mobster who is serving time for murder. Giana went to see her father in prison and tells Renee about it. Renee doesn’t approve at all. Her father’s rap sheet is so long and on top of that he committed a horrible, brutal murder. All of a sudden he wants to be in his daughter’s life? Renee is furious. She worked two jobs to give her daughters everything. Giana wants her mother to have compassion for her father. She feels Renee should know what it means to grow up without a father because Renee’s own father died when she was just a young girl. Renee says her ex-husband is a “manipulating piece of crap.” Renee just doesn’t like her daughter being involved with him at all.

Renee and Nora meet for lunch. They have known each other from childhood. Their father’s worked together. Nora wants to plan a girl’s night out now that she is back in Chicago. Nora invites Renee and tells her Pia will be going. Renee is not happy, but Nora tells her Pia is like family. Renee thinks Pia’s job is degrading and pathetic…”Get off the pole!” and get two or three respectable jobs if need be. Renee says she has heard that Pia is everyone’s “goumada” (mob mistress). On top of that, her father, Vince Rizza, was a rat who caused many people in their circle to go to jail. Renee warns Nora not to tell Pia anything personal because she will not keep her confidences. Nora says she doesn’t trust Pia, but she feels sorry for her. Renee says, her uncle John taught her to keep her friends close and her enemies closer.

Pia gets a call from a cousin of hers. He has some news he thinks Pia should know. Apparently he ran into Nora and she mentioned Pia to him and called her a “whore.” Pia is taken aback because she was just with Nora and everything between them seemed fine.

Christina says she is the average mom. As a kid she was a tomboy on Taylor Street. She got into a lot of fights and was taught to hit first and watch your back. Her father was a burglar for the mob and was always in jail; her mom had to bail him out. He taught her how to open safes by listening for the “clicks,” but she didn’t take over the family business. She recently got divorced, after 10 years of marriage, however her ex-husband is still living in the home. Christina has a nine year old daughter and doesn’t want to hurt her.

Pia meets Christina for lunch and invites her to the girls night out. Christina is happy to be getting out. Then Pia tells her about what her cousin told her regarding Nora calling her a “whore.” Christina says Pia needs to address it and pop her in the mouth before girl’s night out. She shouldn’t have that hanging over her head. Pia says she will address it, but in her own time. Pia says her father taught her to keep information until you need it.

And Leah, She loves those big, fat asses!

Meet Leah! “What you see is what you get!” She says she was always in the dark about what her father did for a living. All she knows is that he drove a truck. When she asked where he was she was told he went to “college.” “College” is the Chicago word for jail. It’s all about keeping your mouth shut. She likes neighborhood guys with nice, fat, round asses. She lives with her father and us she ever marries the guy is going to have to understand they are a package deal.

Leah and Christine go shopping. They are childhood friends from when they were twelve years old on Taylor Street. Christina invites Leah to go out with the girls, Nora and Pia. Leah says she is going out of town and can’t make it. Leah thinks Nora is nuts. Christina tells her that Pia’s cousin told her Nora called her a “whore.” Christina thinks Pia should address it. She is looking forward to a night out and wants to enjoy herself. Leah says it’s best she doesn’t go because if Nora looks at her the wrong way it’s liable to start a fight.

Pia and Nora before fight breaks out

Nora is excited to get out and have some fun with the girls back in her hometown. Renee and Nora go to the restaurant together and Renee tells her she is going just for her. Nora says that Pia and Renee are good people and they can have a good time together. No one knows what will happen. Renee and Nora are there waiting. Pia is usually late. Pia is coming with Christina. Renee says she is going to try to be civil. When Christina and Pia arrive they all say hello and have a shot. They toast to a great night. Pia says she likes Renee. But, Renee thinks Pia has no class. Renee suddenly says to Pia, “a rat is a rat.” Pia doesn’t know what to make of that and says are you asking about my father? Pia explains what her father did and makes it clear that she is nothing like her father. Pia says she was never proud of being his daughter. Renee says she doesn’t associate with rats or daughters of rats.

Nora says she finds dating very difficult, once they find out who her father was, they split. Christina, who has had a few drinks already and isn’t happy that Nora called Pia a “whore,” blurts out, wasn’t your father a hit man? Christina deliberately opens a can of worms, a very sensitive sore spot for Nora. Then Christina adds that she hears that all the time all over town, from different people. Nora remains composed, but her eyes seem to swell up. Christina is trying to piss her off. Nora just wants to have fun, Christina is drinking quite a few shots.

Christina and Renee during fight scene, Nora gets splashed!

Someone is showing of their fancy shoes, and suddenly Nora makes an insensitive remark about Pia. She says something to the effect of, “what am I supposed to look like, a “hooker, like Pia?” Pia decides this is the time to question Nora about what her cousin told her. She relays the phone call she got from her cousin and wants an answer from Nora. Nora asks, “Is it on tape?” She then denies saying it and says if she has anything to say she would say it to her face. Why would she say anything behind her back? They both makeup, it’s over, done, settled. Renee says she wouldn’t blame Nora if she called Pia a “whore.” Christina, who has had more drinks, says they should have addressed this issue the day after it happened. Renee thinks Christina is drunk and won’t stay out of it. Pia says it’s over and Christina is acting crazy. She wants her to shut up. Christina is angry that Pia is disrespecting her. Pia and Christina start fighting. Christina throws a drink at Pia and gets Nora too. FIGHT! Major hair pulling event. Christina is holding on to Pia’s hair and ripping it out. They can’t be separated. Renee says Pia is “a piece of shit.”


First of all, the show is pretty good for the first episode. I have to be honest, when I saw the first episode of Mob Wives I was not impressed and was almost sorry I committed to blogging it. I clearly remember that I dreaded the thought of watching it every week. However, after the next episode or two I got sucked in…and the rest is history. I expect the same thing to happen with Mob Wives Chicago. We had a lot of necessary intros and background information intermingled with a storyline and it was a little overwhelming and hard to keep everything straight. But I think that’s just temporary. In any case, as I figure it out I will share what I know with all of you.

So what are the issues? Pia’s job as a “pole dancer” in a strip club. Both Nora and Renee have expressed their disgust at Pia’s occupation. They think she should go out and get a respectable job or two, in this economy, without skills and high unemployment rates of 8.2%. They seem to be judging her and putting her down. Not only that, they are taking it to another level and calling her a “whore” or “hooker.” There were two times Nora referred to her in that way, one was reported and one we heard. Then there was Renee saying she was everyone’s “goumah.” What I wonder is, if it’s actually her occupation that disgusts them, or the fact her father was a “rat.” She is guilty by association, even though she has no ties to her father and is ashamed of what he did. I find this a bit ironic, and I’ll tell you why. Nora and Renee are related to the two mobsters who, in their VH1 bios, were stated to be alleged hit men for the mob. They don’t have a problem with their relatives allegedly “whacking” people, but they have a problem with Pia for pole dancing? Don’t the mob wives say, they aren’t guilty of their fathers/husbands/brothers crimes? Why should they hold it against Pia that her father was a “rat.” Maybe they should read Karen’s book, “Mob Daughter,” or watch the episodes concerning Renee Graziano, AJ and Junior? Anyway, I am willing to give Pia a chance before judging her and throwing her under the bus for what she does and what her father did.

Christina shouldn’t have that much “fun” in the future. She ended up fighting with her good friend, Pia, because the alcohol clouded her judgment. She begins by trying to defend Pia against Nora’s remarks, and ends up almost pulling all her hair out. Clearly alcohol was to blame for a lot of that fight. Christina may be protective of Pia, but in this case she went over the top. I think, if they are good friends they will get over this incident. And Christina, let Pia fight her own battles.

As for Giana’s visiting her dad, Renee is justified in being concerned for her daughter. The man seems to have no redeeming values whatsoever, if you hear her talk. But, Giana is curious about her father and wants to know who he is. It’s only natural. Maybe she will discover, in time, that her mother was right about him and she will have satisfied her curiosity. It may be an ongoing issue all season because there is the potential for many mother/daughter arguments or more drama.

I wish we had seen more of Leah. I imagine she would have added lots of spice to the fight scene, one way or another. Maybe she would have squashed it before it got out of hand. Maybe she would have put Pia in the hospital for attacking Christina? Leah’s brother tweets that Christina and Leah are very good friends and nothing will come between them…so that’s one pair we know of for sure.

Who are friends and who are enemies?  I need to know! Here is the score card:

Leah & Christina are friends, verified!

Renee & Nora seem to agree on Pia’s job, they went to the dinner together, they think Pia is a “whore,” they don’t trust Pia the daughter of a rat, they know each other from childhood. So far they look like friends to me and enemies of Pia.

Pia & Christina seemed to be good friends, they confide in each other, went to the dinner together and then that fight broke out…what’s up with that?

Nora and Pia seemed to be “friends” for a minute, but it’s clear that Nora doesn’t think much of her and doesn’t trust her. I’m confused. Which is it?

Leah called Nora nuts, so she is not a fan. Christina doesn’t like Nora either, for what she said about Pia. Leah and Christina are enemies of Nora.

That’s the best I can make if it right now. My eyes still hurt from all the watching and writing and blogging. Forgive me if I got anything wrong or forgot to add something.

I don’t know if they will repeat this episode June 10th or we will get a new one. Someone at VH1 is slipping and not keeping us informed. I hope fans didn’t miss the episode of Mob Wives Chicago, but if you did, there’s always the recap. Have a Happy Memorial Day!


Funlady28 said...

Great recap! I enjoyed the show and I look forward to the rest of the season. My favorite so far is Leah...she cracks me up. I'm not that enthused Renee or Nora but especially Nora. One minute, Pia is like a sister to her and the next she doesn't trust her and she's a whore. I would hate to be a family member of hers.

Anonymous said...

Looks like I am the first one to comment but I am not watching MV Chicago. I am sure that you can get along without my comments:)
PS As far as the Reunion 2;
well this is what I giot from it
1) Drita is more 'gangsta than ever'
2) Carla and her husband/boyfriend,
that is simple....'two minds and not a single thought'
3)Renee, willing to be a peacemaker and give everybody a'second chance' no surprises.
4) Angela.....enough said
5) RaMona.....slightly more reserved in reunion 2, nothing new learned
and 6) Karen....also slightly more reserved, maybe because she is now in business and now what ever she says/does also reflects her business partner
Karens boyfriend.....surprising honest and spoke intelligently, seemed liked a 'good' dad.
Twitter Anon

Kel said...

I agree with funlady. I liked Leah's personality so far. She was really funny and made me laugh a few times. As for Nora, I was expecting to like her the most, but the way she was going back and forth about Pia definitely threw me off. One moment she says she trusts her and then when she's with Renee she says she doesn't trust Pia as far as she can throw her bread (or whatever she pointed at while eating). She seems inconsistent and I don't like that. Out of all the Chicago mobwives, Nora was the only one I started following on twitted, a decission a came to regret as she felt it necessary to start retweeting Drita's ignorant posts. Most of you know how I feel about Drita, so in order to save myself from having to read her bullshit tweets, I decided to unfollow Nora. I'm still not sure about the show but will watch a couple more episodes until I'm able to form a decission.

vai said...

First the show was good I enjoyed it somehow lol. Wish we could see more of Leah. One thing I'm always right on is whose my fav mobwives from day 1. Mobwives NY I liked Karen from day 1 till this day and as far as mobwives Chicago goes, I know Leah is definitely my fav. She cracks me up, some said she's like Drita n I said hell to the no. Kel thank God for u lol. I thought I was seeing things but reading your comment I guess I'm not. I saw the same thing about Nora rt Dritas BS so she's out of my fav list. Renee I don't really like her but we'll see. Her saying about a rat is a rat to Pia i didnt like it at all. She needs to read Karens book mob daughter. About Christina n Pias fight, I was like wtf but again there's editing there. Oh n the hair pulling was crazy lol. I can't wait to watch the rest of the show.

Anonymous said...

Nice recap of Obwives Chicago cuz i missed the episode. From what i just read its as exciting as i suspected, lol :). Thank you @Chairasopranao1 for taking the time to blog MOB WIVES CHICAGO!

Anonymous said...

So far do not care at all for Christine Scoleri. She was yuck and acted like an angry drunk. I think Leah good for tv . Pia i Kind of almost feel bad for but in no way would put her down for her job, she kept it real last night. Nora Im kind of on the fence about but I definitely do not think she is a good friend to any one. Renee is a little too highstrung and mouthy so far. Maybe there is a reason for that we will see soon

Nikki said...

My honest review of the first Chicago MV, is that the girls were trying to hard to look cool in front of the camera. It just felt forced to me, especially the "fight" at the end. Come on really! Is it too late for these people to take acting classes? I am going to watch the next show and determine whether I keep watching the whole season. I'm not hooked just yet. Blah!

Carmela Corleone said...

Chiara, The recap was great. I loved the show also. Its very hard to form opionions of the girls from one episode. I look foward to the rest of this season. I do love the different personalities of the girls. Its still a wonder in my mind if Leah was at the girls nite out....which way would of she of went? A fighter or forgiver? Well soon see....

Deana3452 said...

I was in for a treat on Sunday because I thought that it was only going to be a sneak peek--like another trailer. I was excited that it was the whole episode. So far, I, too, am loving Leah. She was hilarious. Glad to see that I am not the only one confused as all get out about Pia and Nora. Thought they seemed to be friends at first--then I was just like WTF? lol

Yorismom said...

I agree 100%. They where kinda fake. Not as natural as the original cast

Yorismom said...

Great recap..but I found them kinda fake.. The original renee is the way she is and you can tell there is no acting as well as the rest of them but this new group did not seem so real. They where trying to hard or something.

leah said...

I was surprised at the Chicago mobwives it was better than what i expected however it would have been better to get a bit more a foundation on how the groups are formed and who is good with was a little confusing keeping track of the relationships a lot of friends and then not friends and the fight scene was quick and unexpected....
the new york girls seem more like made for t.v these seem more like everyday leah, nora undecided, like renee, like pia, christina undecided alcohol is not her friend,
they were all so drunk and slurring!!

Leah said...

These women should really not drink to much alcohol together.....especially was good a litle forced it felt and the women seem more everyday as opposed to the New York ladies who seem made for t.v..
Will be interesting to se the divides Leah seems as though she doesnt get involved in the drama and when she does look out!! The others seem to run there mouths a lot.
I was team Drita and really couldnt stand ramona so we shall see how this plays out

Julie M said...

I was gone for the long weekend so I missed Mobwives Chicago but thanks to your blog I was informed what's going on....DVRed part 2 of Mobwives though! Thank You Chiara you are amazing ox ox

Lucky Luciano said...

So far I am not very fond of Renee. she seems very judgemental towards Pia considering her Uncle was a hit man. I'm not saying I approve of stripping. But It's not my place to judge her. Not very fond of Nora either. Her freaking out when someone mentions her Father being a hitman. gets to me. and also I didn't like the fact that she was talking about her friend behind her back. I think I like Leah so far.

XoxO.C said...

I thought it was boring. I also think these women besides LEah are kind of boring and melowdramatic. I can handle One Renee but a whole show of nothing but Renee type personalities is just boring. I might continue with it or I might just hold my breath for the next season of The real "Mob wives."

keebs said...

I love Mob Wives Chicago so far (i may be biased since I live here tho..but dont judge me lol). I agree that Christine can't hold her liquor but who can when u mix drink like that? She seems like a good friend but over stepped when she out her hands on as for Pia..she's being judged by her father and not her occupation..So what, she's a stripper..who cares. Then there's Renee who says she's Not judging Pia, but she clearly is. She thinks cause she worked 2 JOBS she's better than Pia..well news flash, SHE'S NOT ! Nora, Nora, Nora..come said that shit..u actually admitted it when u said that when u drunk the truth comes out..(I'M SURE PIA DOES NOT Believe NORA IN THE BACK OF HER MIND). Last but not least, Leah...I like her and only saw 5 min of her..Can't wait to see more..Mob Wives and Mob wives Chicago are 2 different shows..I like both..Jenni, Bring on another Mob Wives lol.