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Mob Wives: Recap “Omerta” Finale Ep 217

OMERTA...The code of silence

Renee meets Drita at Cebu for lunch to discuss the meeting between Drita and Karen. They start with some small talk. Drita says Lee will not be in a nearby prison. Renee tells her that her father took a plea deal for 30 months. Then they get down to brass tacks, the meeting between Drita and Karen. Renee says they have picked out the perfect location. Drita says she will go, but she wants Renee to tell Karen she does not want to discuss the past. Renee says, so no rooftop and no party. But, Renee knows that is exactly what Karen wants to talk about. Drita also mentions her issue with Ramona.

Bigg Ang and AJ go to the tattoo shop. He is getting a Mother Mary Tattoo and Bigg Ang is getting the Omerta.

Karen tells Ramona her two issues with Drita

At Karen’s house, Karen and Ramona talk about Karen’s “one on one meeting” with Drita. Karen wants to address the past and has two issues, the friendship issue and Drita’s putting her hands on Karen, which is a bigger issue. Ramona says Drita is schizophrenic or bi-polar, she can’t admit she was wrong. She won’t own up to her lies. Karen will not allow her to get physical and she thinks things can never get back to the way they once were.

Ramona says, Drita is either Schizophrenic or bi-polar!

Ramona sees a psychic for guidance, as she has done in the past. The psychic says she is worried about a troubled male who cares for her, but he doesn’t want her waiting around for him. That just makes her love her boyfriend even more. The psychic tells her that her grandfather is looking down on her and is very proud of her. Ramona says, he always taught her that family is most important. Ramona asks about her dad, she feels bad that her children don’t have a relationship with their grandfather. The psychic says that he wants to be close to her again, but he doesn’t know how to go about it. She more or less gives her hope it will happen.

Renee and Carla meet. Renee asks Carla if she is still in love with Joe. Carla answers no. She tells Renee he has a young girlfriend. Renee says the girlfriend has to go. Renee then tells Carla she is having a spiritual healer come to her house to get rid of the negative energy. Renee says she thinks that Karen and Drita will make up. Renee thinks Carla will be upset if they do make up, but Carla says she wants them to make up so she doesn’t have to worry about a fight breaking out all the time.

The "rat machine" doesn't lie!

Drita goes to see her anger management therapist before meeting with Karen. She wants to get her anger in check so she doesn’t start swinging. He hooks her up to a bio-feedback machine that records how she reacts. As she talks, the line on the machine starts going up, indicating her anger is rising. She calls it the “rat machine” because it reveals her inner feelings. The therapist suggests role play, and wants Drita to talk to him like she would to Karen. Her anger is an issue as the machine records it going up a second time. He tells her if she really didn’t care about Karen she wouldn’t get so angry. He believes she is offended so much because she misses the relationship. He tells her this meeting is going to be hard, but she has to take her power back and not let Karen get to her.

Karen walks in for the sit-down

THE BIG SIT-DOWN: Karen and Drita are finally meeting at Macelleria. Drita is waiting at a table for Karen to show up. Karen says to herself, as she walks in, that she is afraid Drita will get physical again. Karen arrives and there is an awkward, tense-filled moment between the two of them. Then Drita asks Karen if she wants to go first. Drita says she doesn’t want to talk about their past fights. Karen tells her that when she is someone’s friend, she is a friend for life. Her issue with Drita was never about Lee, it was always about their friendship. Drita cannot believe Karen is talking about this again! Drita explains, that in her mind, when you stop talking to someone and don’t keep in touch, that means the friendship is over. Karen feels that as long as there was never an incident, the friendship is never over and people can pick up where they left off.

Drita asks Karen if she wants to go first...

They discuss some of their issues, including chapter 1 of Karen’s book and the rooftop fight. Karen tells Drita that Renee was on top of her during the fight and Drita had on knee on Renee and was kicking Karen with her other foot, saying “I’ll kill you, you mother f*ckin’ b!tch!” Karen says she want to clear the air, but Drita doesn’t want to talk about the rooftop. Karen brings up the fact that Drita told people she put Karen in the hospital. Drita swears she never said that, it’s not something to brag about. Karen wants to know how the rumors got started. Drita says that a nurse, that Carla knows at the hospital, started the rumors. Karen pulls out paperwork from 1996 showing Drita the last time she was in a hospital was for an ear infection. Drita can’t believe Karen brought f*ckin’ paperwork!

Karen says their argument about friendship got crazy when it got physical. Drita still says she and Karen weren’t friends when she hooked up with Lee. Karen says she will concede to Drita the fact that she did get up on the rooftop and understands how Drita took that to mean she was going to fight her. It could have looked like that. In the end, they are both ready to bury the hatchet, call a truce and let this all go. They are both sick of the fighting. They make peace.

At Renee’s house, Mama Donna, the spiritual healer drops by to remove the negative energy that Renee senses in the house. Renee points to an “eye” she sees on the counter top pattern. “Empty eyes.” Mama Donna spreads some smoke around the house with a feather and then takes out some blue balls to help soak up the negative energy. AJ and Sydney walk in and see Renee getting blessed by the healer and laugh. Renee feels the session is already working and then thinks all the girls should have some negative cleansing.

Bigg Ang and Drita meet and Drita tells her the meeting with Karen went well. Drita feels a burden has been lifted off her shoulders. She is proud of herself for keeping her cool, even though Karen dredged up the past again. Drita admits she was wrong for getting physical. She says she felt bad that Karen says she was hurt when Drita took it to that level. Bigg Ang decides that this would be the perfect time to throw a family dinner party and invite all the women and their children. Drita asks if Ramona is going, and then makes a face. Drita says Ramona is a massive hater, Lucifer, a big piece of ice and she wants to chop her up with an ice pick!

Del Monico’s is a nice, old school, classy steakhouse. This is where Bigg Ang decides to have her dinner party and invites all the mob wives and their children. Carla hopes this is going to be a new beginning for all of them. All the girls arrive, except for Drita. Karen shows up with Karina. Ramona says it’s about showing respect for Bigg Ang for inviting them. Drita is late and Ramona wants to eat. Then Drita shows up with her two girls. Karen and Drita hug. Now they all sit down to eat. Everyone is worried about Ramona and Drita because there is clearly some tension there. They all toast to having a good time. Ramona says she is keeping an eye on Drita. Renee asks Karen and Drita about the sit down. Drita says it didn’t go well (joking). Renee is shocked and then Karen and Drita laugh at the joke. Drita says the meeting was awesome. Renee is very happy. Drita says it’s just a truce, they aren’t exactly friends. Drita and Karen laugh about an old story from their past that they tell to the other women. Carla thinks Ramona is mad because Karen and Drita made up.

Bigg Ang thanks everyone for coming. They all raise their glasses and “cheers.” Karen announces that Karina is moving back to New York. Renee takes a moment to sum up their roller coaster friendships. Karen says they will all always be connected like family. They start dancing. Bigg Ang says women stand stronger; stronger than men.

Drita says Karen has a good heart, BUT Lucifer is a devious b!tch!

Tune in to the REUNION shows on May 20th and May 27th! 


Well that was unpredictable! I don’t think anyone can really understand what happened to bring about a truce between Drita and Karen. I have my thoughts on that and I will get to them later.

First there are a couple of scenes to get out of the way. Ramona sees a psychic. It’s clear to me that Ramona is troubled by the three most important men in her life. It’s all very sad. Her future is in jeopardy because her boyfriend has some serious legal matters that aren’t going away. While she still visits him when she can, she has to consider the fact he may be gone for years and she has her children to consider too. Then she thinks about the grandfather she loved so much, who is a big part of her past. She clings to his memory, maybe even more so because her present relationship with her father is still severed. Ramona is looking for answers that none of us can get in an earthly way. She needs to know what will happen with her boyfriend, she wants to know that her grandfather is watching over her and she desperately wants to believe that she and her father will make up and he will be part of her life again.  I hope the session gave her a little hope, if not the answers she was looking for.

Drita returns for some quick-fix anger management before meeting Karen, but it doesn’t seem to be working! She can’t even role play without getting worked up. The “rat machine” doesn’t lie. She still harbors a lot of anger towards Karen, so how is it she is willing to sit down and talk it out. Do you think she might have other reasons for wanting to move past this issue with Karen? For one, maybe she realizes she misinterpreted the situations at the rooftop and Renee’s party and perceived a physical attack was coming, when it wasn’t? Maybe Karen knows a lot more about Drita than she has said, since they have a long history, and Drita doesn’t want certain things to come out? Maybe that’s why she freaked out about Karen’s book? It would be nice for Drita to kiss and make-up and be able to relax knowing that her dirty little secrets are safe thanks to a “truce” with Karen. All I know is that there is still a lot of anger, that comes immediately to the surface, when Drita talks about Karen to anyone.

Drita tells therapist, "I don't want to spend my life arguing and fighting!" 

Let’s get to the “sit down” shall we? Drita does NOT want to talk about the past, just kiss and make up. Karen feels it is necessary to resolve the issues about the past in order to move forward. Which plan makes the most sense? Karen’s, of course. Drita sent her message, through Renee, that there should be no talk about the physical altercations. If Karen actually got that message I do not believe she would have even showed up. That was Karen’s main reason to agreeing to the sit down in the first place. Once they start talking, Karen brings up her two issues. First the definition of “friendship,” and when does a friendship end. According to Karen, a friendship doesn’t end unless two people have a major falling out, otherwise they are friends for life. According to Drita, friendship ends when you are “out of sight, out of mind.” You don’t see someone or speak to them, they cease being your friend. On this point Karen has to accept that there will never be a meeting of the minds. Their definitions of friendship are not the same.

Issue two, the physical altercations. Karen tried to explain her point of view. On the rooftop, Karen could not defend herself because Renee was on top of her, yet Drita kept kicking her. Drita herself says she had one knee on Renee so she couldn’t get up. Drita admits she was wrong for getting physical. Karen concedes that, knowing Drita as she does, she can understand how her getting off her chair on the rooftop may have signaled that she was going to fight Drita. PLEASE! STOP! Everything is a signal for Drita to get physical, the rat machine said so. Karen is practically giving Drita a free pass. Nothing has changed in this conversation. Nothing was resolved! It’s a truce! They both feel the same way as before. The only difference is that Drita wants to move past this because it’s like an albatross around her neck. She can’t avoid Karen for all of season three. Something has to give. To be honest, I think Karen “threw the fight” as boxers say. Right was on her side. Common sense was on her side. Karen either wanted to get rid of the one negative thing in her life and move past the “BS,” OR she was asked to do anything she could to make peace for the sake of the show and end this storyline. This issue between Karen and Drita has been beaten like a dead horse and it’s time to move on.  All fans would agree to that, though some of us may not be too excited about how this “sit down” actually “went down.”

But wait! There is a family dinner orchestrated by peacemaker, Bigg Ang. All the women and their children are going to meet, now that they are all on “friendly terms” (if you can call a cease fire friendly). So the first hint at new drama is when Bigg Ang tells Drita about the dinner and Drita makes a face when she hears Ramona is invited. That’s called foreshadowing in literature. Then, when Drita is late getting to the restaurant, Ramona thinks they should all eat without her. Ramona’s facial expressions, as her eyes follow Drita, are priceless. She is almost like a cat watching a mouse. Yet, the dinner goes off without any drama and the season has a peaceful ending…or does it?  Drita’s parting remarks, that the “Lucifer b!tch is devious,” indicates the passing of the “Drama Torch!”

Bring on the coming attractions for the Reunion Show! Now, we get a little preview of what is in store for us next season. Looks like Drita and Ramona are going to be the new feuding wives of season three. Gotta have drama! Ramona has been totally consistent with her feelings towards Drita. Drita has known Ramona a long time. She was friends with Ramona’s sister. I think there was bad blood between them even before Ramona became a cast member, and it goes deeper than just being Karen’s friend. Ramona is not Karen when it comes to communicating how she feels and her mind is made up on Drita.

Where else would drama come from? Bigg Ang is leaving for her own show, though she could make an appearance, she will not have a storyline. Carla is afraid to fight, but I would love to see her confront Joe’s girlfriend (hello Jennifer, please make a note). Renee is still going to have several surgeries and can’t afford to waste any of her energy on fighting with anyone. She has had two seasons of high drama and “enough is enough.” Karen is bringing Karina back to New York and needs to spend time with her and her family, as well as work at the spa. Then there is also that pending movie deal on her book. She has no time to fight with Drita. So where does that leave us? Right! Drita and Ramona in the ring. Do you think all the things they have said behind each other’s back this season is going to fuel season three? Some pretty nasty things have been said. I will say that Ramona’s negative comments towards Drita, calling her a psycho for her explosive temper, lying and denial issues, seem to make sense to me. They are based on Drita’s behavior, which many of us see in a negative light. However, check out the things Drita recently said: “I want to chew her face like a leech” and “I want to chop her up with an ice pick.” Do those words make sense? It sounds like comments a psycho would make. Well, it’s no secret I dislike violence and appreciate logic and common sense, so I am placing my bets on Ramona to win in season three!

But first, let’s make sure to DVR the Reunion Shows because I think we will want to, even NEED to, watch them again! Will poor Joy ever be the same? Maybe she is not as tough as we thought? Please enlighten me with your comments on the show and if you want to see them published, please be respectful! Thanks!


Deana3452 said...

I was surprised at the outcome, but happy with the way the finale ended. I thought it was a good ending.I thought both Drita and Karen handled it well. Just want an opinion, Chiara, since you don't agree with Karen saying she understood Drita thinking she was going to get violent when she (Karen) got up on the rooftop---maybe Karen wasn't going to get physical, but why do you think she got up when she did? I am only asking out of curiosity...people have different opinions. My opinion is Karen got up either to a. get physical or b. create distance between them...or maybe something I haven't thought of yet. In any event, I thought Karen had a lot of class dealing with the sit down part last night. You hit the nail on the head though--the drama is going to have to come from somewhere!

Chiara Soprano said...

Deana I can't read Karen's mind, but she has never initiated physical contact in two seasons, she doesn't brag about fighting, ice picks, wrenches, and leeches. Drita has a propensity for violence, even the way she reacted to the therapist was over the top. Why did Karen get up? She didn't go to the rooftop angry, Drita did. If I was to say why, I would say Drita made her angry and she couldn't sit there any more because she was agitated. I don't think she was going after Drita except to try and make her point.

Anonymous said...

Its Twitter Anon here.(not to be confued with other 'Anons') My comments have really nothing to do with the content of last night’s season ending episode. There all friends now (well not everybody) but for the most part yes. My comment is the arrogance of this Jenn G. Now I know that you are a friend of hers but I only offer my opinion as you do every week. I know that there is really no such ‘thing’ as a true reality show. As long as there is a ‘director’ and Exec Producer listed in the credits, they ultimately call the shots to a lesser extent perhaps but they give the show its direction. Last night’s episode was so blatantly arranged. I mean, all the children present, everybody toasting, the laughter even the ‘corny’ music………’I’ll be there’. C’mon! Where was ‘You’ve Got to Have Friends’? Jenn G must actually believe that all of her viewership can’t form a coherent sentence. This is my interpretation. I guess she realized that the Drita vs Karen storyline should come to an end after two seasons. At the same time she also understands very well that she needs ‘anger’ in the storyline’ to retain her ratings so she immediately begins the Drita vs RaMona battle as per the reunion promos ran last night and as obedient employees, they apparently deliver. It will be interesting to see if Karen defends RaMona or remains silent. This is the simple ‘formula’ Jenn G uses and I assure you, it will be very much the same for ‘Chicago’. I Twitted Jenn G and asked her if she is concerned at all about ‘saturation’ with the new show not to mention Angela’s new gig (which I predict will fail after one season) but she did not respond and I was not surprised as she does not want to bring attention to this topic. Karen and Drita I believe understand that Mob Wives is not forever and are securing their futures with other interests. It will be interesting to see the ratings for Chicago. I do not believe that it will draw as much as Mob Wives over the long haul. You cannot exploit a good thing. People grow tired of a duplicate product. Changing the name and location but offering the ‘same old’ may prove to be the beginning of the end.....we will see, maybe I am wrong. Again, it’s only an opinion. What say you Chiara?

Deana3452 said...

That's a good point....I don't think she got up to start swinging because if she wanted to, she probably would have just done it right away. But like I said, I really do think Karen handled this matter in the show last night with a lot of class. From what we saw, she seemed like she really took the time to listen.

Funlady28 said...

I am glad that Karen took some of the responsibility in the roof top fight. When you are arguing with someone and you jump up in the midst of yelling that is a sign of aggression. I can't fault Drita for thinking Karen was going to get violent because I thought the same thing watching it. I'm glad that they were able to work things out and can be in the same room without all the violence.

Anonymous said...

Romona's has a lot of issues. She needs to let it go and think about her family.

Chiara Soprano said...

Twitter Anon, I really do appreciate your well thought out commentary and, as usual, I agree with most of it, if not all. I can't read Jenn G's mind, but after trying all season to figure out how to get Drita and Karen together, I suppose this was the best she could do...a truce. It did look well orchestrated and forced. Nothing was really resolved either. We cannot predict how Chicago will do until we see what issues they have between them and the dynamics of the personalities. They may have petty issues or significant issues, time will tell. Jenn G isn't going to want to follow up this show with an inferior one if she can help it. The Bigg Ang show? I have to say that while I find her funny at moments, I'm not sure how her show will fare, but it's probably comedy not drama. Carmela will be covering it and I do look forward to seeing how it will play out and the premise for it. And let's not forget that Bravo has several lame housewives shows on the air from different cities and people are still watching! I am going to cover the What The Hell moments of the New York wives if I can sit through the show LOL

Anonymous said...

You make valid points Chiara and also have a good sense of humor! The 'Housewives' shows I know little about and thats how I will keep it! I watch Mob Wives as I was born and bred in Brooklyn NY and grew up with within an Italian American community so I can relate (lol) I am defintely NOT a typical Mob Wives viewer (I think! lol)I'll be seeing ya!

lilolme said...

I would not consider myself a hard-core fighter, but I have fought and was raised in an area where there was alot of fighting, as these women have been. The reason Karen said she could understand how Drita might have thought she was getting up to fight, and how if the tables were turned she would have thought the same thing, is the same reason Renee apparantly thought when she got up that a fight was about to ensue, therefore stepping in between the women and grabbing Karen. When people who have a fighting mentality, or are used to violence being used to solve conflict, are sitting and arguing and one person stands up that is OFTEN an indicator that that person is about to get physical. Not saying its right, but I know its true.

Chiara Soprano said...

Everyone has such good observations! I do not have a street fight mentality, so I guess that would affect the way I see things versus someone who does. Funlady tried to explain it to me on another blog. I guess it's one of those things you have to experience to know. If I was arguing with someone and I got up it would be because I would be in a more comfortable position to scream. It's hard to be angry and argue sitting down LOL

Anonymous said...

If it was a forced truth you could of fooled me. They sat at the table talking about their good ole times together. Karen does not seem the type to do that if forced into a truce. I think Renee was so funny last night. It was great to see her in a good place. That scene with all the mobwives at dinner was priceless. I felt like I was watching Good Fellas. All the ladies with their minks and jewelry and the kids dressed like its Easter. Lol that was good. As far as the new war between Drita and Ramona they really just need to fight it out. I'm sorry but that clip from the reunion where Ramona questions Drita's mothering is so wrong especially with all the choices Ramona has made for her kids. And again the truth about Drita!!! For gods sake Ramona tell us at least one truth about Drita already. It's ridiculous. But anyway great blog again Chiara your eyes and mind probably need a vacation. But not until after the reunion, chicago and big Ang. Lol

vai said...

I loved the ending of this season finale however I agreed with you the sit down. I think Karen gave Drita lot of passes. I kinda understand why Drita didn't want to bring up the past but there was so many things Drita actually did that I got why Karen wanted to discuss it before moving forward. I noticed the big changes in Dritas face after the sit down. If they didn't sit far away from each other, Drita wouldve sucker punch Karen again. I thought the paper work was hilarious, but I give applause to my girl KG for proving that she was not in the hospital.

Drita vs Ramona now. That is some serios drama right there. I'm so dying to know what's behind it. Why it all started cause I know its more then being Karen's friend. The reunion looks very good and like Chiara I will dvr it. Somebody Tweed team ramona if someone got smash in the head or face and she Tweed she got nothing to say lol. Im not sure if it was about Renees party or the reunion but I'm dying to find out.

Anonymous said...

Karen has jumped up other times without panic punching, when she's mad she seems to want to move. And since Drita spent years grooming her and sponging off her for whatever reasons, probably including getting close to her bf, she'd know that.

I feel bad for Karen because you can see on her face sometimes that she still cares about Drita and can't accept the fact that they were never really friends, but hopefully hearing Drita say the same things she said before and not mean them again, she'll cut her losses with both Drita and Carla and just avoid them as much as possible. If Karen takes on Renee's role of being disloyal to Ramona, this show should just head straight to re-runs.

Chiara Soprano said...

I'd be willing to bet Karen would never be disloyal to Ramona even for a story line because it would discredit their relationship and they are very close. That's like selling your soul to the devil.

Anonymous said...

OMG Chiara! great 2 cents as always. So much to say and think! Im proud of Karen, she handled herself quite well amongst the constant drama. Ramona is definitely not a liar, 100% realness and you know what people say about that? At the end of the day some people cannot handle the truth or realness! I think that is why people hate so hard on her! I happen to like her and appreciate what she brings. Ugh Drita- NEVER gonna get it, NEVER gonna change. Have people FINALLY seen the flip flopping hypocrisy???? I like Renee but more and more this season her wishy washiness came out when it came to the girls and I really think there has been division since reunion. I mentioned that in another blog on here! Drita brags every episode how she is better andchnaged- yeah um, more psychotic and violent? Not to be bragged about! Now that she is a thug gangster/ Mom rapper, I guess hits ok to stick with that theme? Carler will always be the bump on the log I think. Looks like she grew a pair at the reunion and that will give me my chuckles I guess!

Anonymous said...

I kind of loved how the sit-down went. You're right that Karen gave Drita free passes, but that's what I liked about it. Karen knows what Drita's like, she's not smart and has trouble even following a conversation (like attacking Ramona when Ramona says something nice about her parenting). So she went way out of her way to be fair to Drita, even making Drita's arguments for her because she knows Drita's too dumb to do it herself, she took responsibility for everything she did that could have hurt Drita without any of the disrespectful I don't care, if it affects you I don't want to talk about it bs. Karen laid it all out there calmly and maturely to work through it, and still Drita whined and acted immature and disrespectful. Then Drita goes and whines to Ang about how she could have brought things up from the past too but Karen would have lost it. lol Even in the interviews that are filmed later, Karen was smart and mature and Drita was stupid, childish and whiny. I just loved the contrast between the two of them.

Funniest line of the night, Renee to Drita, "You mean you didn't read the newspaper?" LOL

Chiara Soprano said...

To the Anon above, that is a very insightful take and if that's all true and it's quiet possible it is, Jennifer needs to give Karen a big raise LOL

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the finale, look forward to the reunion show, but like another poster mentioned... The "sit down" seemed very staged or contrived. I don't know, maybe it was just the poor editing this time.
I was reading Drita's Face Book fan page and she says "what until you see the reunion show, it was crazy lol". She also mentioned she isn't sure she would come back next season. I really think she has some major skeletons in her closet! She is avoiding something, not sure what it is, but there is something there. Who is THAT angry and defensive all the time for nothing?

Tedesca said...

First of all I never understood why all this badmouthing, attacking, misunderstanding each other took so much room in the series, since this behaviour ist imho not something which is very typical for women with mafia-relations.
So yes, I am glad the big beef between Karen and Drita seems to be over. But I am glad for another reason: I keep reading comments from Mobwives-Fans on Twitter and Facebook. And they seem to become more hateful and aggressive every week, so I would not have been surprised if one of the Mobwives would have been physically attacked by an so called fan. I dont wanna discuss whose fans write more aggressive stuff, but I would like to get your impression: Even if its nonscripted reality, shouldnt the makers of a show try to calm down things earlier?
(as always: I am not a native speaker, sorry for my not so good english)

Anonymous said...

I have been trying to find the right words...and I cant.
So I'll just say this,
I agree with alot of what Twitter Anon said.
But Never the Less I Cant wait 4 Season 3!!!!!!!!!!!:-)
And Thank U Chiara 4 always taking the time 2 blog about the show,
U and Mob Mistress are #Priceless!:-)

Chiara Soprano said...

Tedesca, your English is very good. There have been times when things have been stopped, but the fights are a big part of why the show is such a success. Karen has said many times that when they all get along on a show, people find that boring. It's the conflict that gets the ratings and I haven't seen people comment that they refuse to watch because of the violence.

Anonymous said...

I wish when Drita was saying she would never brag about sending someone to the hospital, that's not something to be proud of, they cut to the clip of her crying all night after being pasted in the eye, then to the 5000 clips of her saying that Ramona can't ever get over Drita hitting her in the face.

JW said...

Great recap - loved your comments Chiara.

I'm glad these two came to a truce and I sensed this is where we were heading as Renee's personal life began to explode/implode. In that regard, I think the truce was the result of an unexpected, real-life event. The producers got really lucky at the expense of Renee's unexpected pain.

I really like and respect Karen. I was touched when she said what bothered her most was that Drita - as a friend - would put hands on her. I think Drita did herself a huge favor by saying that it bothered her that she would do that as well. I thought Drita's time with her anger management counselor was quite telling. I've suspected all season that some of her pain is from the loss of Karen as a friend - Drita just has a way of showing it that is unlike anyone I've ever seen.

All that aside, here's what grinds my gears . . .

The continued shit talking on Twitter. I did not think it was over the top for Karen to bring proof that she was not hospitalized. Whether Drita agreed with it or not, she should have accepted that it meant something to Karen. I think that is way more rational than wanting to take an ice pick to someone in anticipation of seeing them at dinner. When that scene came on, Carla was shit talking on Twitter and Drita was retweeting and responding to people bashing Karen for bringing the papers. For the sake of their truce, they should have both remained silent on the issue. Especially Carla. What the hell did she have to do with any of it? Oh, that's right it was HER friend that started the rumors about Karen - so actually she should receive the paperwork so that her friend can shut the hell up. I wish just once someone would take Carla to task for her role in the events that led to the rooftop fight.

I still don't understand why Carla would not accept Karen and Ramona's attempts to befriend her during the rift. Her constant accusations that they were setting her up because she was friends with Drita were simply unfounded bullshit.

This truce is clearly not going to hold because of the Drita/Ramona issues. I'm less interested in this conflict because whatever is at the root of it happened off screen and very likely sometime in the past. My impression is that it has very little to do with Drita and Karen - that was simply fuel to the fire.

Although I liked the finale - it was very Goodfellas-like - I kinda wish the sit down would have happened after filming wrapped and the season aired. As I've said before, social media is such a game changer. I was really annoyed when Drita said that she was not the type to go around boasting about hospitalizing someone. Ummmm....can we get a rewind of this entire season? Can someone pull up her Twitter timeline? Her Twitter feed is largely a celebration of her violent one-liners and her "alleged" ability to cause bodily harm. I'm sure Karen knew that was bullshit but it was really the one moment during the show where I found myself talking back to the television. Drita would probably say that she did that to keep up appearances until the truce aired but I don't think that had anything to do with it at all.

Anonymous said...

and another thing is....
Sorry i 4-got something

I wonder how long this peace is going 2 last?

If Drita hates Ramona so much, and Ramona feels the same way about Drita there is probably going to be another fight.
And when the fight happens...wont Karen take up 4 her cousin????
@_@ Lol and then that starts the fight all over again??? @_@ im confused.

I know...I know..This is just a TV Show and they all have past lives b-4 we ever knew them,and maybe they know things that we don't know....
And that's why nothing in my eyes is making sense. @_@

Twitter Annon is right someone told me that Drita said she might not be coming back 4 season 3....
Bless her little heart...if she's not coming back, WHAT THE H** was ALL of this For?!!??@_@
i am so confused..not 2 mention the other 100 billion things that i'm not even getting into.

Well i guess we'll have 2 tune in 2 Season 3...@_@...2 find out whats going 2 happen.@_@...

Chiara Soprano said...

JW thanks for taking the time to comment. I learn a lot from our readers. I was not aware of what Carla and Drita were tweeting during the show. First because I am taking notes and second I am blocked, of I surely would have included that in my blog or created a separate blog for it all. That would be grounds for a truce breaking for me. There was no sincerity during Drita's anger management, obviously the machine doesn't lie, but Drita thought she could "act" her way through it. I don't blame Karen for being sick of arguing for 2 seasons and passing the ball to Ramona. AND as for Drita saying is doesn't want to spend her life arguing and fighting and wouldn't be proud of saying she put people in the are so right! I should have included that, but sometimes there is just so much I forget everything I want to say! Thank you for making those points, because we have ALL seen her in action!

Chiara Soprano said...

If Drita says she may not be coming back it may be a ploy to get more money and renegotiate her contract. She should be careful though, because if she is playing games someone might call her bluff. Oh well.

Anonymous said...

Karen did her share of bragging about what she did to Drita's eye and how she'll black both her eyes if given the chance in the future too.

I did like the fact that Karen and Drita were able to have a truce.

JW said...

Thanks Chiara! I think your post was perfect as-is. If you were really going to tackle all of the inconsistencies and hypocrisies, you'd easily have a post that would go on for several pages (and that's just season 2).

Sadly, I'm addicted to watching reality shows while following Twitter on my iPad. It's not always that exciting but the Mob Wives are usually good about live-tweeting. I stopped following Drita but I do follow Carla. I peeped over at Drita's page to see how she handled the episode and was disappointed to find her engaging in more of the same crap, which is why I stopped following her in the first place. I'll definitely be watching the reunion live with iPad in hand - I'll tweet you if I see anything interesting.

Ramona seems to have way too much on her plate for this non-sense so I'm not sure how much they're going to get from that story line. As a viewer, I'm not sure I even want to see any more of that. It will be interesting to see if they resume filming shortly after the reunion like they did last year. I think that was also to blame for the continued tension - those women seriously needed a break from each other. They went from airing the fight (which I don't think was taped that long before it aired) to the reunion to filming again. They needed some serious breathing room.

Funlady28 said...

I completely agree! I have seen some of the most rage filled responses lately..and all are from fans that have nothing to do with the people on the show. There have been times where I would quit reading a blog(not this one) because I would get digusted by all the hatred and name calling.

Anonymous said...

Funlady--I must write that Chiara has done a very nice job of keeping this blog a respectful place and she is respectful to everyone in her responses.

She cannot control the actions of other people but that is understandable but I am so grateful that she makes this blog such a fun place to visit.

Funlady28 said...

I was not referring to this blog or any of the bloggers associated with it.

Anonymous said...

Funlady--I know that you weren't referring to this blog and I was backing you up on your previous comment of how in the past you would have stopped reading a blog because of hatred or name-calling (but not this one).

Funlady28 said...

I wasn't sure...but I agree. I may disagree with the bloggers when it comes some of the mob wives cast but I have nothing for respect for the way they run this site. I have gotten into a couple of verbal scuffles on another blog and it got really ugly there for a minute because I don't like being called out my name. I apologize if I came off defensive. :-)

Anonymous said...

The narrative of season two proved quite lucid. The fighting is so petty on all sides that its kind of ridiculous, but yet I find myself drawing sides. I find the least intelligent person on the show as a whole to be Karen. The way she plays on screen is very two-dimensional, and her constant clammering about the past leads me to believe that she is one to hang on to the past at all costs.
Drita, on the other hand, is certainly no angel. She does have a quick temper, but I think that Karen gave her so many passes because she feels that there might have been some justification for Drita's behavior in hindsight. The best part of the episode was when Drita explained to Karen that she had pinned in order to continue attacking Karen. Let's not forget that all this started sort of when Drita found out Lee had been cheating and Karen wouldn't stop bringing up her relationship with Lee.

Ramona...she is the flattest character of them all really, all rage and no back story. Hopefully they flesh her out more in season three...cause I don't really feel as though I know anything about her other than the fact that she really seems to hate Drita. Maybe she resents Drita for becoming Karen's friend all those years ago. In any case, next year she needs to be more than just an attack dog. heart just goes out to her. Glad that she is doing better.

Leah said...

thanks for the blogs and comments and everyone does view the show differently which is great it helps us to see it from all angles!
However i am happy Drita and karen made up but i also read that the 'real makeup' they didnt allow the cameras to come close at all and that sit down we saw was more for the cameras...what do you think??
I think Ramona is just so negative and a deeply unhappy person or she wouldnt feel the need to always be talking crap about others and i agree we all see Ramona talking tough and saying Drita lies but ramona never backs up the stories with facts and i think she is all talk. A very manipulating person.
Karen could move much more freely amongst her friends if she didnt have ramona in her ear and i think ramona just wants karen all to herself hence the Drita drama she fuels.
I hope the show doesnt get more scripted i do prefer season 1 to 2 so hoping season 3 is good.
As for big and show i dont think it will be as successful but i wish her all the best.
I know your team karen but Drita is not a bad person she gets jumped on whenever she talks bad but when the others do it you say bravo to that!
As i mentioned its other opinions that hekps you to see it differently

Anonymous said...

"Let's not forget that all this started sort of when Drita found out Lee had been cheating and Karen wouldn't stop bringing up her relationship with Lee."

Actually it all started when Drita ordered Karen not to write about Lee and Karen brought her a chapter as a peace offering to show that her intentions were good and even though Drita had no right to tell her what to write about, she respected her feelings. Then Drita refused to read it and started creating crazy drama in her head based on whatever she imagined it might say. Drita didn't find out Lee had been cheating until right before she attacked Karen on the roof, which was long after Karen had stopped bringing up Lee.

Kathy Cummings said...

Wow, it was quite the episode! I am thankful that they made a truce. The show was becoming too much about their fight. The drama was definitely played out. I think that they both had valid points and I think a lit of it was misunderstandings on both ends. I also think that all the "talk" around town and people talking in both their ears really fueled the fire. Like a bad version of the game telephone. I will say that thru season 1 and even more so in the beginning of season 2 I really didn't care for Karen, but as the season went on she became more genuine. I dint agree with Drita being violent or talking about beating people up. I think that is what the show wants as her "character." I do however like Drita. My favorite parts of her are when she is with her children and when she's relaxed, laughing and haveing fun. I wish they would show more of that. I think they were both right and both wrong. I understand that Karen felt betrayed that Drita didn't call her about Lee. But on the sane note I read Karen's book and got the impression that her and Drita didn't hang out for awhile before she moved to AZ for good. And if I was Drita and found out she moved to AZ and was pregnant with someone else's child Im not sure I'd call to talk about her ex-boyfriend because that could cause issues with her new man. And if Karen was really so upset why wouldn't she have called Drita out on it in the last 10 years before the show? I also feel like Drita really cared about Karen and was genuinely happy she was back. I think that the anger about the book came from Drita having to listen to Lee flip out about not wanting to be in the book and Karen in Drita's house saying she didn't give a shit what they wanted she was gonna write it anyway. I thought that was kind of disrespectful. She could have said I'm still going to write about him, but I will change the name out of respect for his wishes. Drita should have read the chapter, but like she has said many times, they were watching episodes while they were still filming and was angry and hurt by a lot of nasty things Karen had said. Drita defended Karen and her family in the beginning. She even went to bat for her with Renee and fought with her over it in the beginning. Then Karen turned around and caused drama with Renee and Drita by reminding Renee what was said at the party and said she would side with Renee, but the whole time was acting like best friends with Drita. I think the whole fight was petty. I think they both have bragged too much about physical violence and I hope they can really move on. I love all the mob wives except Ramona. She drives me f-ing crazy! She talks about Drita being a flip flopper but she's one as well. The whole show she talked about how she knew nothing about this lifestyle growing up. It was all kept secret, but then she turns around and says Drita wants to be apart of OUR lifestyle. Then she gets on about Drita not being Italian, but hello, Ramina's not full Italian, AJ and Karina and her own kids are not full Italian! And she was talking about how she never wanted to be apart of this lifestyle and that's why she left her husband, but then turns around and dates a guy who is obviously apart of the lifestyle. And she talked about Drita using her kids on the show to gain sympathy. But she had her kids on the show to tell them that her boyfriend was in jail and then brought one to the jail to see him. And she keeps taking about the truth about Drita and her past, but never says anything to back it up. If there's something else up I want to know what it is, otherwise don't mention it. It makes you look obsessed.
Well on that note, another great blog and I wish more success for them all. Hopefully they can truly cut the bullshit!

Anonymous said...

Oh my Kathy Cummings you hit the nail on the head. I 100% agree with you! You said everything I want to say but better!

Chiara Soprano said...

Kathy, I really enjoyed reading your take on everything and you do make some very valid points throughout. It just goes to show you how different people can see the same things. And I loved that you gave examples to back up what you said! Thanks for taking the time to comment!

Kathy Cummings said...

Thank you Chiara! And thank you for writing such wonderful blogs. I know you pit a lot of time into them and I truly enjoy reading them. Though we done always agree on every aspect I respect your opinions and I appreciate that you respect mine as well. It is amazing how different we can all see things. Again, I am not trying to scream Team Drita. I DO NOT condone violence at all unless it is pure defense. I just know from my own life experiences as well as from watching all the episodes repeatedly that it takes two to tango. I just wish that this feud hadn't gone so far and for so long because it is obvious that these women really had a great friendship at one time and I got the feeling that they both missed that relationship. I wish them all the best and I cannot wait for the reunion shows! I think they're gonna give you lots to write about!

Monique said...

WOW! Great recap and great comments from everyone. It is true, we are all WATCHING the same thing, but SEE it way different..LOL

This new Ramona v. Drita feud better get resolved in episode 1 of season 3 (highly unlikely). It gets old. I actually think they should bring up some new story lines like having the women interact with more men especially normal ones. I love all the women, I do. I think they are all genuinely good people, but bat shit crazy (I think we all are in some way -LOL!!) and I really enjoy the few scenes we have seen in the past episodes where they interact with men and freak them out.. Very entertaining (ie. Drita saying she can't date these men, they have alarm clocks at the speed dating- LOL!!!!)

They can also introduce some more friends and family, like when they brought in Big Ang. Who knows what other great diamonds in the rough are hanging around their circles which we haven't met yet!!

I love this show and love the Blog!!

Anonymous said...

Kathy--your words could have been my very own and I thank you for writing them.

I will also continue to write about how wonderful Chiara is with all that she does on the blog and how she shows respect to those who visit.

Does anyone think that Drita has now read Karen's book since they have come to a truce?

Janna said...

I agree that part of the reason Drita got so mad about the book was bcuz of how Lee reacted, but that's one of the reasons I don't really like Drita. She acts like she's so tough, but then she acts like Lee's puppet half the time.

Drita was the one who planted the idea of Lee being in the book in his head the first place. She didn't know anything about it, but instead of asking, based on nothing she decides to tell Lee he "might" be in there, making him freak. Then he starts acting like the book is all about him and he has say over it and cursing Karen out. Saying way nastier stuff than Karen ever said about them while Drita giggled, so it's kind of hypocritical for her to use Karen saying something mean as an excuse. They're both guilty there, the only difference is Karen was actually mad at Drita, Drita was being rude before she even had a beef with Karen.

And yeah, Drita made a big deal about being disrespected in her house, but that's where it came up. You could also say if someone is a guest in your house don't get heated but expect them to just sit there. There are ways to approach things that work better than others. Taking a hostile stance will usually get someone's back up because nobody likes being told what to do. I would not like to see how Drita reacted if anyone came at her like that trying to interfere with her business. Don't think it would matter whose house it was.

Anonymous said...

Ramona said Drita COACHED her kids to gain sympathy. She never said it was wrong to have kids on the show, she said she didn't believe things like "Mommy, what's a rat?" were coming out of a 7 year old's head without Drita putting them there. Unless you think Ramona coached her kids because she thought it would look really good for her to have her daughter asking to go to the pen to visit her drug dealer quasi step daddy, that's not really flip floppin. Of course her family hid the truth from her. No one in their right mind would say
This is Grandpa Lefty, he kills people for a living, keep it quiet at preschool. I'm sure Renee didn't know what her father did for a long, long time either. That doesn't mean they don't know anything about the lifestyle they grew up in. Once you realize what's up, a lot of things you didn't get start to make sense. I think Ramona's point on that is, in her opinion, Drita represents herself as something she's not and doesn't know what she's talking about because Lee isn't in the mob (according to Ramona) and she didn't grow up with it either. That might be right or wrong but it's not really flip-floppin IMO. As for her boyfriend, who knows if he's an actual mobster or just a criminal, but who knows what she knew or when, either. She keeps saying she's the last person she ever thought would end up in this position so she probably didn't place a personal ad for a criminal so she could get back in the lifestyle. Renee hates rats and married the biggest one of all, Ramona married someone to get away from the lifestyle and he wanted to get in, sometimes things don't work out and life sucks.

Janna said...

Also, I forgot that Lee was saying horrible stuff about Karen and her father to other people in SI at the time and Karen was angry about it. So that was not the time to ask her to give a damn about his wishes, especially being demanding and aggressive about it. Drita may be like "Lee's word is law" but Karen's entitled to answer "Lee's word is shit."

Mob Mistress said...

Anonymous directly above,

Ramona's boyfriend is definitely a mobster.

Anonymous said...

Drita's daughter was about 10 or 11 when she was asking that "rat" question.

Also, even though Ramona's daughter spoke from the heart about telling her boyfriend that they loved him--the scene was certainly staged and I remember her son kind of looking a little uncomfortable as he was standing in the place where he was told to stand (he appeared a little restless too).

Anonymous said...

I think she was more like 8-9. This is a reality show. All scenes are staged in the sense that they have cameras that need to go here and everybody needs to stand in front, not behind, the cameras, over here, not there, and all that. Nobody starts talking until they yell action. Ramona's point is that she thinks Drita tells the kids what to say and how to act in front of the cameras so she'll come off in a certain (positive) way and she gets to talk about certain things she wants to talk about on-camera by having the kids bring them up. I have no idea if that's true or not, a lot of kids are natural performers and love to show off for the cameras with no coaching, but if that's what Ramona's doing too she needs to step it up. Stop telling your son to look uncomfortable and restless and feed him funny, smart lines, Ramona.

Kathy cummings said...

I agree that Ramona's family wouldn't tell her when she was A kid about what her family was involved in. My issue is that she went on and on about how much she tried to get away from it and not have any part of "the lifestyle", but then then wants to claim it as if it's her own when it comes to Drita. I don't think I've ever heard Drita say Lee was in the mob, just that he was a bank burglar. I think it's a play on the title of the show that Ramina May be reacting to. Just like when people were going off because most of the women weren't wives. Jennifer Graziano said it herself that it's just a vague title about a lifestyle and the women who have to live thru their husbands and fathers in jail.
I also want to comment to Janna. I agree that Karen was upset that she heard Lee was talking badly about her, but again, that was heresay. And I'm sure Drita would have gotten just as heated if roles were reversed, but it was still disrespectful to talk about her husband that way in her home. And I don't get the whole Drita was lee's puppet thing. First off, she probably mentioned it to him to get a feel for how he would react if indeed he was in the book. Secondly, this was before the whole cheating thing. I would ALWAYS have my husband's back! That's what partners should do for each other. And I'm sure there are plenty of things in both their pasts that they wouldn't want their kids finding out about through a book. I understand that they signed up for a reality show, but there is PLENTY of things about all the women that have not Bern discussed that they've allowed to keep quiet out of respect for their families. Lee did not sign up for a reality show and isn't in s position he can defend himself against the stories.
Like Ive said before, I like all of the mobwives besides Ramona. I am curious to see what she has to say at the reunion. The hard thing for her was coming on in season two with people already picking teams and she's bashing Drita left and right without giving us background information on why she personally has an issue with her. Instead it's been played off like she's just defending Karen, which is admirable, but she just looks like she's fighting Karen's fight. I guarantee you Her and Drita's dislike for each other goes much deeper. And if they hadn't brought Karen's best friend on, but Drita's and she acted the same way without more reason I'd feel the same way about her. Ramona kept saying the truth about Drita, well what the Hell Is the truth then Ramona? Spit it out aleady. I'm not saying Drita is 100% honest, but none of them are. If Ramona had given us some dirt on Drita that made me not like her maybe I would have understood Ramina better and hell, maybe even sided with her. And I know Ramona said coached, but her kids looked coached too. And if I recall Aleeya asked Drita what a rat was because Drita said daddy's friend was a rat. If inwas a kid I wouldn't have understood that.

Julie M. said...

Wow alot of great comments some I might not agreed 100% ........any kind of comment i could have made pretty much has been said so i will sayI love the blog thanks to Chiara Mob Mistress and all there time that they put into it.....Can't wait for the reunion recap and 2cents .

Mob Mistress said...

The scenes I recalled was Lee going off the hinges about Karen's book. Drita not asking him to tone it down. Then later Karen coming over to Drita's house. Drita bringing up Lee's wishes in a very aggressive & rude way which I believe included his insults towards Karen. Karen stating it's her book, life & she doesn't give a flying f*ck about Lee's wishes.

Drita chose the time & place. Karen responded accordingly.

I do not know how you all operate. On my personal time if someone chooses or broach a subject with me, I deal with at that time.

Funlady28 said...

I actually agree Mob Mistress. If I am aprroched about a subject, I will deal with it right then and there. If I am approached with respect, you get respect back. If I am approached with an attitude or aggression I will respond in kind regardless of where we are or who's around.

Kathy Cummings said...

I agree MM. I'm simply trying to state that they both had a part in it. I don't agree with how Drita handled any of it, I just think it was a build up over time. Either way Drita should have read the chapter, but I also feel like Karen should have approached Drita long before the show if she really considered her a friend. There was one episode where Karen stated that her and Drita had a falling out because Drita hooked up with Lee. All in all a Petty fight that went too far. I appreciate your perspective though And it gives me other ways of looking at the situation.

Mob Mistress said...

"If I am approached with an attitude or aggression I will respond in kind regardless of where we are or who's around."

I literally laughed out loud. I never doubted from your comments on this page. You've never struck me as a shrinking violent. Thank you for commenting.

Kel said...


Why did Karen get up? I think any answer we give will be complete speculation, we would have to get an answer from Karen herself so we can know for a fact what was going through her mind, but this is what I think...

If I was in a heated discussion with my friend in a public place and I ended up getting super angry, I would get up to say a few last screw you's and then storm out as I do not want to sit there and argue like a lunatic in a public place. So that's my interpretation of why Karen got up.

On a different note, I have to say that seeing Ramona get emotional definitely stroke a chord for me. She is definitely a tough cookie and tries to hold her emotions in as much as possible so seeing her cry like that can only make me imagine how much she must be carying inside.

I feel bad for these women-- all of them. They've all had a very difficult life, but I do enjoy it when I see them rise out of their ashes and make the best out of their circumstances and be good moms to their kids.

Renee, if you read this I want you to know that the part where you were racing cars with AJ was very touching. You were absolutely RADIANT when you were hanging out with him. I also wish Renee would realize how much prettier she looks without all that make up!! And trust me, I'm a girlie girl, I love make up, but wow Renee is so pretty that she actually looks better without it than with it.

If Drita really doesn't come back for a season 3 I wouldn't be upset about it at all. I find her repulsive. Her lies, her hypocrisy, the comfort level she has with being violent. She is truly repugnant to me. So ignorant too to top it off. Ramona was not being disrespectful by saying what I think was that she, Ramona, respects Drita because she is a mother (Ramona has made comments about praising mothers in the past so I know she has a high regard for mothers deserving respect no matter what), and Drita's crazy eyes came rolling in "don't mention my kids". Really? How stupid are you that you can't tell when someone is using something in a postivive light as opposed to taking it as an insult. She is such an insecure being. as a person I cannot stand her, as someone who is studying different personalities I cannot help but think: Drita you need a lot of professional help. You clearly have some serious insecurities that you need to work through. Please work through them so you can attempt to better yourself if nothing else at least for your kids.

Finally, I want to say that man, these girls dads are a tough crowd! I wish they would realize how much they hurt their daughters and grandkids by being as cut throat as they are with their affection. I mean, what is it with all the dads disowning their daughters? Renee's dad had stoped talking to her and Jen because of the show. Drita's dad disowned her, Ramona's dad disowned her and her kids. Geesh seriously? They need to realize already that they are just hurting their daughters and their grandchildren. For a group of men who spend a lot of time away from their loved ones (not includding Drita's father of course), you'd think they'd know that they already miss out on enough time with their loved ones and reduce the time wasted by being angry at their daughters.

Mob Mistress said...

"I also feel like Karen should have approached Drita long before the show if she really considered her a friend. There was one episode where Karen stated that her and Drita had a falling out.."

If a friend of mine starting dating an ex of mine within 2 to 4 months of my moving, I wouldn't call her. Especially if the individual didn't pick up the phone to call me to give me a heads up out of respect for our friendship. There was no reason to call Drita. Karen wasn't sleeping with her ex. There was also no reason to call because I imagine Karen's life moved on and she really thought she'd never have much of an interaction with Drita. A decade plus later, the opportunity for Mob Wives comes up. I imagine Karen thought, "You know I had a lot of great times with Drita. When we get a chance I'll tell her that I think she should've called me instead of mutual friends telling me."

We as we saw it didn't go that way. Drita was very defensive and started lying to the audience saying she started dating Lee a year or two later instead of the few months after Karen moved to Arizona.

We all see, interpret and handle situations differently. It's a great show & I'm still watching.

Deana3452 said...

Kel, you have a good point! I might get up too, just to storm out. In any event, I watched it again the other night because I missed some of it originally....and I am going to say, that while I have usually been a Drita fan (I am REALLY a Big Ang fan), I really do have a new found respect for Karen watching the finale.

Funlady28 said...

Lol...I tried the shrinking violet....I couldn't keep it up. I broke within 20 minutes,lol

Janna said...

It may have been hearsay, but Karen knows Lee and probably knows what a pig he is and how he operates, and then Drita confirmed it anyway. Drita brought the whole thing up. I'm sorry, but if Drita doesn't want her husband disrespected in her home, then don't ambush somebody and tell them her husband (who she knows Karen doesn't like) has all these problems with her and wants to tell he what she can say. Honestly, getting upset about Karen disrespecting Lee in their home was the dumbest thing I've ever heard Drita say. If Karen had knocked on the door and started bashing Lee, then okay fine. But Drita brought the fight and it's totally unreasonable to expect Karen to say oh really? Lee thinks I'm a fat whore who should shut my mouth or he'll shut it for me? Okay then I will go to the prison and give him my chapters and let him decide what he'll allow me to publish.

People roll how they roll. Part of my marriage vows was not have your back when you're being a douche. If he's saying the kinds of things Lee said about my friend, he would get yelled at and told to STFU, not Stepford enabled. Even if it wasn't my friend, I would call him out on saying that ish, if I had daughters no that's not the kind of thing they should be hearing from their father or watching their mother support. And I for sure wouldn't act like his henchman and go get in someone's face and tell them my husband says do this, don't do that. Uh uh.

Lee is a slimeball in 10,000 ways, so I don't feel sorry for him, but Drita did sign up for a reality show. If he has a problem with his privacy being invaded, he should've taken it up with her. I don't think it's legal to put phone calls on the air if he didn't agree to it, either. There's a chance that if had kept himself off the show, the whole story might have been kept off the air and they would've found something else to go with. Whoops.

I get that Drita might have wanted certain things kept under wraps, but go have a discussion about it and ask politely. I don't think there's a lot about Lee or Drita in Karen's book (haven't read it yet) but Drita is lucky because after she created a situation by going to someone she knows is volatile to get a feel for how he 'might' react 'just in case' and the way she handled it, a lot of people would have put things out there just to watch her burn.

Anonymous said...

I think that Ramona's reacting to Drita and her fans always asking why she's on the show and saying she shouldn't be. It really doesn't matter how anybody feels about how they grew up. It's still their life. It's still what they know. Somebody can grow up on a polygamous compound and hate every minute. That doesn't mean they would be okay with somebody they think is a fake, clueless wannabe who didn't grow up like that acting like they know more than they do.

Anonymous said...

Even though Drita's husband may have been far removed from being a mafia bigwig like the other cast members all seem to be related to--I'm sure the bank burglary business that he was involved in had some mafia backing.

I know Junior used to brag about how well he would be paid for his brief appearances on the show in season one so I'm sure that Lee is being compensated somehow for his calls being aired on the show (even if the compensation is in the form of more money to Drita).

Many contracts are involved with reality shows so Lee or someone associated with him signed off on something to have his calls shown and his voice heard on the show.

I also have a strong gut feeling that the whole thing with Karen constantly bringing Lee up as well as the whole book business was something that the producers encouraged the cast members to do in the loosely written script that all reality shows have.

Mob Mistress said...

I do not believe Junior received compensation for appearing in season 1 of Mob Wives.

Thank you for taking the time to comment.

Anonymous said...

I don't have access to Junior's bank records but I do personally know several people that he interacts with and he did make sure to mention that he was compensated well for his brief appearances in season one.

He also made a point to tell these people that he never moved back in with Renee in season one and that is why you never saw him living with her during that period which she ended by packing up some of his things and leaving it in a suitcase by her front door.

Junior has proven not to be an honest person so anything is possible but he is a man motivated by money so it's highly probable that he was compensated in some capacity.

Mob Mistress said...

I don't have access to his bank account either. From reliable sources, it seems he was not compensated.

Thanks for sharing your opinion from your personal interactions.

Mob Mistress said...

"If you don't post this then I will know that you are one-sided when it comes to this show and everyone has a right to think what they want I don't see how you can acutally think ****** is a good person.?!?!"

We like certain Mob Wives more than others. We are entitled to our opinion as you are to yours. It's our site & prerogative. I originally posted your comment in full. However, I never need to prove myself by accepting a challenge. Therefore if you'd like to retype your entry without the challenge you may do so. If not , we do appreciate your continual support of our site by reading it. Thank you and have the most wonderful day.

Anonymous said...

Cast members of a reality show do not usually get paid a whole lot for the show during a first season but they will get a little something as well as their expenses paid for.

Almost every meal that the Mob Wives cast has is paid for by the show or they may be comped or discounted for the free advertising that the restaurant gets.

They always send a car to take any of the girls anywhere and that is covered by the show.

Anyway, it is highly likely that Junior got something for his appearances and the sad fact is that he became more popular and probably became more of a target for the feds because of his appearances on the show.

Anonymous said...

I enjoy this blog and all who contribute with their comments. It does help give another point of view. I have watched the show from the beginning and have watched Drita's behavior and listened to her yammer on and on. At the sit down with Karen (loved that Karen brought proof regarding the hospital)Drita referred to her as DJ repeat. Drita does not like the truth and thrives on being the tough guy.From the beginning she has made comments about putting people in the hospital and calling ambulances. I also recall her talking about her and Lee having knock down drag oust on the front lawn. There is no way her kids are shielded from this. I don't believe for one minute that she is kind and gentle once she walks in the front door.Isn't one of her kids old enough to read her twitter. And wouldn't other parents see what their class mates mother is like..lets not forget the school.
I got curious and read her twitter tonight..her is just one comment as an example..

@DritaDavanzo YOU hit Ramona so what the hell do you expect. You need to apologize to her too! Grow up! Yes! Stay in ur lane!

13 May Drita Davanzo Drita Davanzo ‏@DritaDavanzo

@ImsweetCandi U get in my shit about me your gonna get hit..put some pants on that nasty ass and stop chirpn pig"

What is it she would like for people that count to honestly think ?? Count ..I mean teachers, pediatricians, parents from school..etc.
Just another persons opinion.

Chiara Soprano said...

To the Anonymous above, that is exactly what I and Mob Mistress have been saying. All Drita talks about is fighting. Even if the kids don't watch the show, people around them at school and in the neighborhood do. Things are going to get back to them, plus Aleeya can find plenty online. There is no justification for Drita's behavior AND on top of that, she "inspires" her fans to talk the same "tough talk" fighting jargon. Honestly, what is anyone to think?