Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Mob Wives: Renee’s Exclusive Interview w/Cherry

We saw the exclusive interview Renee had with Cherry Martinez on her radio show, Lock Down Love, on last week’s episode of Mob Wives. The show is about people who have loved ones who are incarcerated. Now the entire interview has been released for fans to listen to again. Renee talks about her father and her ex-husband Junior.

It’s obvious that Cherry and Renee are good friends and that’s why she feels comfortable talking with her over these sensitive issues. Renee feels that by talking about these issues it will help her let go of what has been holding her back for so long.

Renee explains she met Junior right after he was released from prison. Renee had issues dating at the time because guys would not want to go out with her because of who her dad was, Anthony “T.G.” Graziano. Her dad always told her if they have good intentions they will come back. Junior kept coming back, so she thought he was the right one. He was a strong, handsome man that she saw as a prince, but he ended up being the prince of darkness. It’s difficult for them to get into the story about Junior becoming a “snitch,” because it’s so sensitive. Renee says she is coping the best that she can. She loved Junior more than anyone will ever know. She says she has stopped loving him and has no respect for him. He got many people in trouble, he put her own father in jail. Renee feels if you get caught doing what you do in the street then you take your punishment like a man even if it means dying in prison, with respect. Renee says he is the worst kind of snitch. He put a wire on his watch and went into her father’s house and taped conversations. She says he is no father and he is no man to her and she would spit on him if she could. Renee’s advice to other women who know their man is a snitch is to walk away and move on. Renee says she has a ways to go, but she and AJ are strong and they can handle it.

UPDATE: This morning on Twitter Renee tweets that she is in the hospital having her heart checked. It seems to me that the anxiety she is suffering over AJ’s arrest, on top of everything else she has been through,  is starting to affect her health. We recently posted a blog on AJ’s innocence, however the news media has been sensationalizing the facts and making it sound like AJ had bad intentions when he was just trying to be a good Samaritan. We wish Renee a speedy recovery and hope this issues are resolved soon so she can have peace of mind where her son is concerned.


Anonymous said...

Chiara- This is off the subject of Renne video, sorry! I am wondering and have a feeling that since the girls did the reunion there are problems and divisions. This would be dreadful as the only one who ruined relationships is the "D".. I have not noticed any twitter action between Renee to Karen ( no Birthday wishes??), No tweeting b/w her and Ramona.. But I have seen her communicate with Drita, Carla, and Carla's hubby.. WTH? Renee also made tweet to Joe Ferragamo about " devilish behavior at reunion" and she wanted him to make her beautiful!! This is a major let down if she switched teams to the 2 most unloyal fakes.

Chiara Soprano said...

I'm sure there was plenty of Drama at the reunion taping. I doubt that Renee would "switch" sides because she has a very long history with both Karen and Ramona and they have supported her 100%. I think Karen has been busy with Dave, Renee is worried to death about AJ, Ramona must have her own issues because she hasn't even been on the show much. Try not to worry.

Anonymous said...

Renee isn't as loyal as you people think she is. Whoever tells her what she wants to hear is the side she shall be on. Isn't it hypercritical for her to want Karen to make up with Drita when she bashes a young girl who dated her EX husband?

Anonymous said...

Anon above me: I think you are right! Although I think Renee is entertaining at times and wears her heart on her sleeve, I know what you are talking about. She has done that on both seasons with the "sides". @ the Poconos, the drama with Drita saying/ Ramona saying was exhausting to watch. What I found odd about that was why didn't Renee's sister in law say something? Why did she tell Drita? Maybe fuel to a fire? Who knows. I can't keep up !

Anonymous said...

Love renee! She has great sense of humor, she's bold and straight to the point, she admits when she's wrong and a big heart. Renee is a emotional person, just part of her personality. Many of us would freak out if we were to hear a close friend talk smack in regards to our family. Renee is deep into love with her family, as she has said a lot.Unfortunately she believed ramona, when a person swares on their kids. Most of us woul d like to.believe someone wouldn't lie on that. My heart goes out to her and a.j. Jr. W/ everything they have gone through. She was devastated and renee re acts with her emotions, we have have done or will do at some point in our lives. We all our "wired" (figure of speak) in our brains to react differently through course of our lives. Think of everything she has been through her entire life. I can't imagine! She it has made her a strong woman. It's just the norm we all bury a lot of emotions.The more tragedies we go through our entire lives. The "wiring" in our brains is effected each and everytime we go through just defies who you are and what you care about. Therefore some our apated to reacting with our emotions.Doesn't make someone right or wrong, its just who they are, also makes us a little wiser everytime in different aspects. How would you react if you been through as much as renee, her entire life? I know we can't really say for sure. But it could happen to anyone of us. For renee, her emotions are always a,nonstop race of constant worries, fears and pain. She always wants to fix things, (great quality) , she always want to protect loved ones or think who she be trying to protect. I think it Shows she has huge compAssion and she would give the shirt off her back to someone. Drita n her go back many many years. Of co urse shed be hurt hearing that. Ramona should be ashamed swearing on her kids. That's just a no no in the eyes of a parent as I believe. Ramona plays dirty, she has had it out for Drita since beginning of mankind lol. Renee doesn't hide her past and pResent time. Renee doesn't try and use her last name for fame. She is who she is. Renee has built her own career, she doesn't manipulate or lie to gain rewards in her career because she is intelligent. Look at some of the ladies on show that do it. Renee isn't fake. My opinion, she feels as the mother in a sense to the ladies, cause she loves them. And desires to fix things for loved ones, and wants everyone loving and being happy together as one .

Mob Mistress said...

What the hell does Ramona have to do with this post?

Your facts are a bit twisted, it is Ramona & Renee who go way back. It is their families who have a strong history & ties.

" Ramona should be ashamed swearing on her kids. That's just a no no in the eyes of a parent as I believe. Ramona plays dirty, she has had it out for Drita since beginning of mankind lol. "

Should Renee be ashamed on swearing on A.J. when she is equally telling the truth? Many individuals swear on their kids which means, 'I love my kids more than anything on this Earth. I am telling the truth.' Renee does this too!

Actually we've posted pictures dating back several years with Drita & Ramona posing happily. Ramona admits to not being close friends with Drita. She does not to admit to having it out for her. Beyond a cordial relationship due to their mutual friends Ramona wasn't interested in Drita. Since, you are so in the know allow me to add to your knowledge, IT IS DRITA WHO FEARED RAMONA & COMPLAINED TO VH1 IN AN ATTEMPT TO BLOCK RAMONA FROM BEING ADDED TO THE CAST.

Anonymous said...

Renee's father isn't really famous enough for her to "use his name for fame," but she does seem to like to get to be Queen of the Neighborhood because her father is known there. Remember when she went to the bar and started introducing herself to strangers as Anthony's daughter, while they all looked confused like wondering who that was? So what? None of that makes her a bad person so let's not be hypocritical about it. Renee, Ramona, and Karen all have to deal with both positive and negative attention because of their family associations.

And what has Ramona done to Drita? She obviously doesn't like her because is Drita is always in her lane causing problems with her lies, but she still seems to have less of a problem with Drita has with her.

Anonymous said...

Miss. Mob Mitress

I don't think its necessary to speak .disrespectfull mam. That's my opinion mam. Please kind words. No need to act as if your proving me wrong mam. We are adults, let's get along. So anyone else can speak of the other ladies in post. Yet you rudely speak to me in regards to ramona in pochonos, i used it as an example to discuss how she gets emotional.thought it was a great example to further renee as MY OPINION. I thought it would help support h my explaination mam. Ramona is a liar, she hides the truth. Drita really doesnt fear any person. In fact when ramona came on Drita was kind n they were getting together n she dogged out Drita when she seen her so called bff Karen.

I didn't know ramona was close to renee verse Drita. So OOPS . but thank u mam for letting me know that,honesty.

Kel said...

What post can I find these pictures of Drita and Ramona posing together? Damn it! I could've sworn ivevread just about every blog you guys have posted and now I find out I missed this juice?!!!

Chiara Soprano said...

Kel, Drita knows Ramona from when she used to hang out with her sister Roxanne. Ramona says she never cared for her. Also Drita hung with Karen and Ramona was her closest friend/cousin so you can bet she knows Ramona from way back. Here is a blog where Mob Mistress posted a picture of Drita and Ramona a couple of years ago Frankly I think it's would be hard to believe Drita if her tongue came notarized.