Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mob Wives Chicago: Mini Video Cast Profiles

Jennifer Graziano predicted Renee F. would be my favorite, time will tell.
Have I ever told y'all, I love VH1?  To be honest, I'm a flip flopping blogger when it comes to VH1.  I will share today I love them.  Why?  Well because they put up the video cast profiles of the Chicago Mob Wives.

I had chills shoot through my body, I'm that excited!  Months agos I spoke to Jennifer Graziano.  She predicted Renee Ferracotta Russo would be my favorite.  Of course the secretive Mob Wives executive producer didn't mention the blonde by name at the time.   I tell you that woman holds out on me big time. Renee F. shares, "I'm about class, respect and loyalty.  And if you don't show me that then we're gonna have a problem." I have to share my favorite cast profile was Pia's.  It stirred me.  She shared she had to grow up with the stigma of her father being a rat.  We get a glimpse of a dancer working a pole.  We hear Pia Rizza say, "I do what I need to do to take care of myself and my daughter."  I f*cking loved the gritty & dark feel of her clip.  EXCUSE ME JUSTJENN PRODUCTIONS the clips weren't long enough.  15 seconds, really?  Yes I was type yelling at the production team.  I have to concede they are brilliant teasers.

As my husband walked out the door he said, "Hold up let me see that... Christina is the prettiest."  All I can do is shake my head.  Back to the clip, we see an older gentlemen looking like he ate the canary & no ones knows.  I think it's Christina's daddy!  We equally get a glimpse of Nora the daughter of "The German".   I hear Nora is sensitive when it comes to her father & his alleged reputation of being one of Chicago's notorious hit men for the mob.  There is also Leah,  who I refer to as MobSquatch.  I can't help it.  Someone pray for me.  Leah shares, " What you see is what you get."  I see a lot of hair and a tall healthy woman who looks like she's ready to open a can of whoop @ss.

Private note to Leah: Please do not kick my @ss.  I'm a blogger and an @sshole.

The real Bo$$ Lady Jennifer Graziano should be truly proud of her accomplishments.  Of course number 1 on her list should be her cutie pie son Justin.  Number 2 having the ability to remain the eye of the storm amongst chaos.  Number 3 having the balls to produce Mob Wives featuring her family, dear friends & Carla too.  I am so excited about a summer watching Mob Wives Chicago.  Chiara will be recapping.  We may even get a male perspective from Tha Underboss.

Mob Wives Chicago allegedly premieres Sunday June 10 on VH1 @ 8 PM.  However, I went to their site and there is a listing stating there will be an airing of Fight Night on Sunday May 27 @ 9 PM.  Nora Schweihs returns home to learn the whereabouts of her father's remains.  For all our diehard Mob Wives readers don't worry your mafia little heads the original Mob Wives series isn't done with us yet.  We have the reunion of all reunions to watch in two parts coming up.  Part 1 of the Mob Wives Reunion season 2 airs Sunday, May 20 @ 8 PM on VH1.

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Kel said...

Amazing!!! I got goosies watching the clips. I cannot WAIT for this show!! I know Jen is working up something for Miami... being from that area, I cannot WAIT to see who she is lining up for that show. This woman is a freaking genius.