Saturday, May 19, 2012

Mob Wives: Drita Raps With Lil Kim

Thanks to Jennifer Graziano, who apparently accompanied Drita D’Avanzo last night, I found a couple of pictures of Drita with rapper, Lil Kim. I actually saw Lil Kim once, seven years ago, in 2005, when she was coming out of a Brooklyn Courthouse and the media was there in full force snapping pictures. I had no idea what the story was about until I got home and looked into it. Lil Kim was on trial for perjury charges, at the time, regarding a murder.

Missy Elliott, Lil Kim and Drita

Last night Drita rapped “All About the Benjamins,” on stage, with Lil Kim, at the Paradise Theater in the Bronx. According to Jennifer Graziano, “She killed it!” From watching Drita on Mob Wives for two seasons, I have no doubt “she killed it.” I have been looking over some of Lil Kim’s rap lyrics this morning, they are too rough for “lil ole me.”

Lil Kim and Nicki Minaj have issues

However, I found an interesting tidbit. We all know that Drita has some serious issues with Ramona, because she dared to try an intervene and stop the balcony fight and says she respects Drita as a mother and cares for her girls. But, I found out that Lil Kim has some issues with Nicki Minaj for stealing her “vocal style” and “studying her swag.” I can just hear last night’s conversation running through my head now. Lil Kim hatin’ on Nicki and Drita hatin’ on Ramona. Do you think a rap song with be born out of these feuds? If I could imitate rap I’d give it a try! This is the best I could do...

I got a beef with Ramona, 
N’ that’s no lie,
She respects me as a mother
Now she gonna die

(Lil Kim)
Imma’ fight with Nicki
She stole my swag
Next time you see her
She be wearin’ a body bag

Picture Credit: Jennifer Graziano's Twitter, Drita's Twitter,

Video Credit: True



Mob Mistress said...

My stomach hurts from laughter.

It's always great to see someone connect with individuals they admire. It's equally great that Drita's positive dream came true.

Anonymous said...

LMAO c girl, u too can spit out rhymes. Not too difficult, especially when u are just singing a song u have known for years. I know many and can sing em word 4 word. DOES NOT MAKE ME A FREAKING RAPPER. I feel kinda sad for her. It's the dumb Dtita fans that keep tjis HO so gassed.

Anonymous said...

I do not even know what to say or how. Honestly, if Drita was younger and not a "Motha", I could maybe respect this dream , this accomplishment. You fight with Ramona for respecting you being a mother? I still do not understand that. Yet you get on stage and belt out lyrics you shield your daughters from which can be sexually demeaning to women let alone young girls, and often rap violence, you talk violent and you make the nastiest threats to other females to fight. I am confused.Does she not realize that her kids will see this stuff one day?Kids at school will say things to her kids? Of course me being a mom, I want the best for my kiddos and I provide for them, but at what cost are some people willing to get $ and risk what their kids may go through because of it? Hope that makes sense, sorry if it doesn't.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the Colabo! The rap was the hysterical! Again, you have nailed it!
Fashionista betch

Rosey said...

I have to give it to Drita, she nailed it!!! She was good rapping! I admit I you to listen to some rap back in the day but now I am not into none of the rap. Never would go to a rap concert.
I like to hear a person sing not rap. Rap lyrics and videos are demeaning to a lot of women! But she did a great job.

Anonymous said...

Good for Drita that she had the opportunity to do something she wanted to do. Who cares what it is. We all have dreams when we grow up. And what's the big deal if she is a mother and wants to rap is that wrong? So are all the other female rappers that are mothers not good mothers cause of what they do. Basically that's what you are saying or cause its Drita you got something to say!? Even though I love Drita there are times she puts her foot in her mouth and I'm like no don't to it but whatever what could I do. Unfortunate for all the Drita bashers she still is the most popular of all the ladies so she is doing something right!!

vai said...

Anonymous above me, most popular? What shit are you smoking? Others may not rap but they're all popular. They may not have the most fans but everyone knows who the heck they are. She has the most fans because of her violent character. Why not be a good role model to the young generations (most of them are her fans)? All she's showing n teaching them is her violent ways. All I keep seeing is Drita from mobwives is my role model. Really?

And BTW, they're all doing something right that's why they all accomplished so much in this lil time they became stars.

Anonymous said...

Your worried about lil ole Drita and being a role model to the young audience lol when you have jersey shore and hundreds of other reality shows please! Parents shouldn't let their kids watch these shows anyway. I'm a mother of three and I don't let my kids watch any shows like that. There are more issues in this world then Drita. And my point about Drita and doing something right is that all Drita bashers say she looks like an ass and she is a joke well she's a joker making good money!!! And if you look at twitter followers shes got over 314,000. Just sayin! Oh and for the record if Drita is holding out for more money from Jenn Graziano then Jenn wouldnt have bothered to go with Drita last night!! As much as its a reality show many thing are supposed to be done and said so you can watch it!

Kel said...

Lol this was funny... but hey, I have to commend Drita for having the cojones to go up there and rap with Lil Kim. I don't think I would ever have the courage to do something like that. I love Lil Kim! Growing up (when I was like 18 or so), I loved her music. I love hip-hop and can definitely appreciate a female emce as this is a field that is predominately all male. Good for Lil Kim hustling the Drita fans and making a fan's dream come true.

On another note: Why oh why are most of Drita's fans so ignorant and childish? She had an idol of hers make her dream come true... good for her! Be glad for her and keep it moving... instead you take a good thing and turn it into "mah but Drita is so much popular, whine, complain, put others down, blah blah blah". They're all popular, a big twittwer fan base is not < everything. Karen is a New York times best seller... do Drita fans not realize what that means?! LOL! I seriously cannot help but laugh when I read their child-like comments. Get over yourselves and get off Drita's you know what. She hasn't done anything to workship her for, so just take her for what she is: A reality t.v. celebrity. Oh I forgot. some youngsters actually admire that and wish to pursue this as a career. Forget an education and a degree, "I wanna be on T.V. making an ass out of myself". LOL! GTFOH!

Kel said...

Oh and p.s. Chiara, your rap was hysterical ;) thanks for the laugh.

vai said...

Does it makes Karen n Ramona less popular cause they don't have as much followers then Drita? No. And you may not let your kids watch the show but the fact is there's lot of parents that dgaf what their kids watch or listen too. And I didn't say anything about Drita's holding out for more money from Jenn. So ty for replying.

Anonymous said...

So your telling me people can write comments about hating Drita but I can't defend her?? You said taking something nice and ruining it but I'm just defending what was already written. This has nothing to do with the way Chiara wrote her blog. It's a good one I'm just disagreeing with the comments that have been posted. You said to get off of Dritas you know what ok so Drita bashers get off her you know what!!! It's as simple as that. Your gonna bash I'm just gonna make points about her.

Anonymous said...

Why are so worried about what drita does outside the show? If she wants to rap, then she wants to rap. When somebody else does it. it's not a big deal but when it comes to drita you have a problem with.

Kathy Cummings said...

I'm a HUGE mobwives fan as well as a HUGE fan of this blog. I think that this show is a great platform for all of the women and I think they should take advantage of any opportunity they get. I don't think Drita has a career in rap, but I respect that she had the balls to get up there and rap with a legend. And I think it's great she got to fulfill one of her dreams. I don't think that makes her a bad mother. Just because you become a parent doesn't mean you have to forget your dreams. Life is short, check as many things of your bucket list as possible. I Also comenf Karen for living out her dream and writing a book. We all have our favorites, but we need to remember a fee things. 1. We don't all have to agree, but let's be respectful of each other. We can talk about how any of these women are a "bad" example, but that makes us look Just as bad by spreading the hate 2. Unless you know these women personally none of us should be their body guards and fight each other. We only see a small glimpse of each of these women and need to realize that there is more to them then that. 3. It's a show made for enjoyment, don't let it be that serious! Love to all and have a great weekend!

Nina said...

I think Drita is amazingly good!

Anonymous said...

I do not have a problem with her trying to rap someone else's raps! My point because I posted way above and someone wants try and and think they need to defend their idol they don't know personally is she rants raves screams hollers and gets physical. Then turns around to the camera and states that because she is a mother, she has to CHANGE. She has not CHANGED. IDGAF what she does to make $$$$. The point is her twisting and turning her OWN words and her actions are far from what she tries to preach. And no, not all rappers that are moms are bad parents. Again, her own words were all about changing from how she truly acts for the bettering as a role model and example to her own children. Is that so hard to understand? She shields them , supposedly, from Jersey Shore, but hangs out with the cast , she doesn't let them watch the show that she is on, because of the way SHE acts and the others when they fight.. But then says she will eat a person's face , eff them up, punch , knock out whatever! Raps to songs and writes her own lyrics that are not flattering for a kids ear or anyone looking up to a "role model'. Some people will take any opportunity to try and have a blog fight. Im not one of them. But I will come back and post my point again in easier words so some people can understand . Then they will not have to bash and pick apart what I say and turn it into something it never was! And Kel and Vai, loved your comments! Chiara- kudos on your rapping blog debut! MM and Chiara- great blog as always!

Anonymous said...

Oh sweetie she is not my idol. My momma is!! Like I said in my other posts you make your points about Drita and so will I. And like I said before I like Drita but I don't agree with everything she does!

Anonymous said...


I love your site but stop entertaining the morons from the other site. It as clear as a sunny day where some of them are coming from.

Mob Mistress said...

We aren't worried. We just blog about whatever we want to on our site.

Thanks for your continued support.

anon said...

Lil Kim a legend? Lol, sorry... That was funny!

Kathy Cummings said...

Why is that funny? In rap she is. She is one of the first successful female artists of all time. She paved the way for the female rappers that are around now. I'm not talking the Beetles legend, but she's been around for a long time, and regardless, I'm sure it's intimidating to get up on stage with someone you admire and perform their song in front of an audience. That was my point.

Funlady28 said...

Good for Drita! Lord knows I couldn't rap even if Tupac himself came down from heaven and gave me one-on-one lessons.

Anonymous said...


Mob Mistress said...

"Good for Drita! Lord knows I couldn't rap even if Tupac himself came down from heaven and gave me one-on-one lessons."

I couldn't have written it better.

Anonymous said...

popular??? lmfao get the fuck outta here

u wanna talk about popular then lets talk KAREN GRAVANO

the real bitch that came back from arizona
wrote a book about her life
made it to the new york best seller
is opening a second spa which will be successful

shes not a fake ass wanna be rapper
she doesnt even sound good
on the episode shes recording her song for french
montana i kno everyone heard how she sounded
&& her friend added the autone or what ever he did it sounded WAYYYYY different

and i bet french montana && his goons made it sound even better with there sound systems & shit
so dont say shes a rapper because a rapper raps
something she cant do

Mob Mistress said...

I believe Drita is popular & has a large fan base.

Anonymous said...

a fan base full of idiots..

Mob Mistress said...

I'm not a Drita fan. However, she has a lot of great fans. They just interpret people and situations differently than I do. It doesn't make them idiots. Hence my favorite mob wives are Karen & Renee. I also like Ramona & Bigg Ang. Sometimes I even like Carla.

Anonymous said...

How comical. Drita the self proclaimed bully beside that plastic joke of an artist Lil Kim. Drita, so you know Lil Kim will rap besides Toki the chihuahua right about now, her career is over with a bullet. Drita spare us be a role model and stop bragging about the number of ladies you've beaten up in Staten Island. Which is your claim to fame.

Ice said...

Drita is a joke and a sorry excuse for a woman & a mother. Any monkey can get physical, but only mature, wise people know how to control themselves and resolve issues with words.
All Drita talks about is fighting; as if she's so tough.
Give me a break lol.
As for Drita's fans; well the fact that they admire and look up to this trash says a lot about them.

Anonymous said...

It was nice seeing Drita live out a dream and to have Lil Kim say that she swears that Drita raps her song better that she does herself is HUGE!

Drita and Jenn were good friends before the show and they will probably be friends after the show ends so Jenn was there for Drita as friends are supposed to be.

If Drita did ask for more money--Jenn is not personally in charge of that decision but can bring it to "her people" involved with the production for review.

I really enjoyed the fact that Drita and Karen came to a truce as it was a situation that needed a resolution. BUt, for the person who referenced Drita's eye again--it looks like she was poked with something in addition to just being punched and she's very lucky she didn't lose her eye (it is incredibly painful too for one to be poked in the eye).

Again, I haven't examined Drita but that is how her eye appeared after all was said and done but I'm happy that Karen and Drita have decided to move forward because it benefits everyone involved with them.