Friday, May 18, 2012

Mob Wives: Carla and Joe Visit The Bronx!

Carla and Giovanni enjoying cannoli

It’s no surprise to my readers that I'm a big fan of the Bronx. It’s not only because of the Mama's Boys show, but because that’s where my roots are. Even before Giovanni, from the Mama's Boys, put Arthur Avenue on the map, it’s been my favorite place to shop and frequent restaurants. For those of you who don't know, Arthur Avenue still consists of mom and pop stores. They have some of the finest Italian foods available. So it’s no surprise that another Mob Wife has been here visiting.

Carla with Paulie of La Casa Grande Cigars

Yesterday, Carla and Joe, of Mob Wives, paid a visit to the market. They  met up with Giovanni, the cannoli king. Giovanni says she "loved" his cannoli. Did she eat the whole thing? I heard the day was filled with Giovanni's typical “ball-breaking” antics and a great lunch. I hope Carla took advantage of stocking up on some of the great Italian foods. It looks like Carla enjoyed herself and had some laughs.

Carla with Dave Greco of Mike's Deli


Joe with his paesan, Giovanni

Picture credit: Carmela Corleone

Written by: Carmela Corleone


Emmarinda said...

OK, as a displaced Italian living in the cultural wilderness of southern Virginia, I am being slowly driven insane by all the great restaurants and great food I see these gals enjoying, including our beloved Big Ang's home-cooked meals!!! I wish I was on the show just to eat with them!! Btw, congrats on this blog, it really adds a lot to the enjoyment of the show. P.S. I hope Renee knows that folks are out here praying for her and AJ, and we wish her the best.

Anonymous said...

I am a displaced Italian as well due too the military lol! Luckily I have some of my Grandmother's recipes to help me out ( just do not always have time to make them myself) I hear ya though seeing all of these shops, delis, etc.. such a tease! Joe is a little hottie Carla. I can see why she got a tad worked up about him having a little girlfriend