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Mob Wives: Recap “Reunion Show Part 2” Ep 219

Joy advises: "Don't get up and fight!"

The fight from part 1 continues…Renee wants them to talk about the party, Drita walks out, Carla tells everyone to talk nice and not be disrespectful. Joy wants everyone to talk and not get up. Talking is not harmful, but fighting is. Drita swears she will never fight on camera again. Ramona says Drita is a misfit who likes to fight. Drita says Ramona is a gang member who stabs people. Karen yells at Renee to keep quiet so Joy can run her show. Joy asks Drita why Ramona couldn’t be the referee during the balcony fight. Drita says it was a bad situation and they weren’t getting along. She felt corned and thought she was going to be jumped. Ramona says regardless o what she thought, Ramona was genuinely trying to stop the fight, she wasn’t there to jump her. Karen says Drita is afraid of the truth so she will change her story or fight.

Joy addresses some “hot topics” that concern all the mob wives. The first issue that comes up is clearing the air about the definition of “friendship,” that has been an ongoing battle between Karen and Drita. Joy wants to know what they mean by friendship? Karen says when people are her friends, they are friends for life, unless there is some kind of falling out or you hurt someone I love. Drita says she and Karen used to be friends, but if you don’t see someone or keep in touch, the friendship is over. Right now they agree they are not friends, by either one’s definition. They have called a “truce,” but they are not hanging out together. They have agreed to a pact, like Carla and Ramona, to call each other if they hear rumors on the street that one of them said something about the other. However, Ramona speaks up and says she heard that, “Carla has been talking smack about her” after they made their truce. Carla accuses Ramona of talking about her off camera. "Roll the tape." They both deny breaking the pact.

Next up is Joe Ferragamo and Dave Seabrook! Joy wants to know what it’s like behind bars. Dave says he went to prison for some bad charges, like attempted murder, and the worst part about being incarcerated is missing his family and loved ones. He says he was a product of his environment. Joe went to prison for wire fraud and tax evasion, in other words white collar crime involving money issues. They all heard that the prisoners love the show, Mob Wives. Joe says he wasn’t too happy when Carla first told him about it, and thinks their behavior and cursing is over the top, but after seeing it he thinks it’s okay.

About the girlfriend's age, Joe says, "I didn't ask for her pedigree."

Cheating issues…they have all had them. Lee, Big Ang’s husband Neil, Joe, Dave’s been dating, and of course Junior. Joy asks Joe if there is anything romantic between him and Carla; he answers no, it’s just a friendship. They are good friends. In fact, he adds that Carla is #1 and his girlfriend is #2 and it’s always going to be that way.  Joy doesn’t buy the fact that Joe and Carla don’t have romantic feelings for each other. Carla says she is okay with the girlfriend, and thinks it won’t be long before she is gone. Carla thought that when Joe came home they could build on their friendship and getting to like each other. Joe says he is 43 and his girlfriend is in her 20’s, he made sure she was of age before he did anything. Carla called Joe “the single man” when they were married because he liked to cheat on Carla all the time, going from girl to girl. Carla says they never had sex after they split up because she didn’t want to bring Joe in and out of the kids’ lives. He says it would not bother him if Carla found another guy. Renee wants them to get back together. Carla still says there is hope for them in the future. "Never say never." But Joy says, “A serial cheater does not change his stripes, remember that.” 

Hmmm, Does she look like a younger version of Carla?
We'll just call her #2, for now.

Joy asks Dave if he is moving back to New York. Dave says no, he has a good job and is doing well in Arizona right now. Karen says Karina, their daughter, is coming to New York to live with her. Dave says for the summer. Karen says no. Joy wants to clear up something Karen said on the show about Dave sleeping with another woman in her bed. Dave said that’s what she said, but that never happened. He added, it would be disrespectful and he cares about Karen too much to do that to her. Joy wants to know what Karen meant when she said Dave put it down in the bedroom. There is some laughter and hesitation and then Ramona says, “he lays the pipe down.” More laughter and they move on. Joy says we have seen two sides of Dave, the “hot under the collar” side and the “sweet” side. Which one is the real Dave? He answers the “hot under the collar” side. Dave explains the reason he and Karen had issues is that he went to prison for 10 years and when he got out he had to restart his life. The time apart created a distance between them. 

Joy says that Ramona’s father will not talk to her because she didn’t marry an Italian, but Karen went outside her culture and her race. Karen explains that she was not taught to be prejudice and she judges Dave as a person, period. Renee wants them to get back together. Dave says he sees a couple of more kids in their future. Drita says her thoughts go back and forth on Lee. She can’t forgive him for cheating, but he is being nice to her and that makes it hard for her to stay mad at him. They are still friends. Everyone on stage thinks that Drita and Lee will get back together. Big Ang married a sanitation worker who is very handsome and looks like Russell Crowe. He cheated on her too.

Ramona says that she visits her boyfriend, Joe, in jail every week and he doesn’t want her to wait for him because he is facing some serious charges and jail time. Ramona says she has known Joe her whole life and that’s how they got together. Renee jokes that she wants a criminal for a mate, so that when they lose their job they still know how to support the family. Everyone laughs.

Big Ang tells the story of when she was in prison. She got in trouble and was charged with the possession and selling of cocaine. At the time she was struggling as a single parent. The outcome was that she was placed on house arrest after spending a day in jail. It turned out that a close friend of hers wore a wire and recorded her.  One day, on her way to meet a date, Big Ang was surrounded by a group of cars. The Feds let her hear the tapes and told her that her friend made them. Big Ang says it’s always the closest friends that do these kinds of things. Big Ang is more upset at the betrayal of her close friend than being arrested. Big Ang says, never be a rat, never forgive a rat. She says the Feds wanted her to rat out other people, but she refused to do it. Karen says she was arrested in Arizona for selling ecstasy, but her father took the brunt of the blame for the family and was sentenced to 20 years.

Next topic, the child rearing challenges for mob wives. They seem to overcompensate because the men are always in jail. The question arises about bringing kids to jail for visits. Is that appropriate? Karen says it doesn’t matter where you bring the child, it matters who they are going to see. Ramona says she wants her kids to know that people who are incarcerated are good people who made bad choices. Renee says that AJ has been going to prisons since he was 5 years old to visit his father and grandfather. Aleeya has been to visit Lee, and Ramona’s daughter has been there to visit her boyfriend, Joe. 

Joy talks about their temper and rage. Aren't they afraid they will turn they children into "rage-aholics?" Drita says she is not that way with her kids. She doesn't ask them to "get a Mother F*ckin' bowl of cereal." Joy asks who has cursed the most in the show. This question is followed by many, many clips of Renee saying the “F” word. The final tally is Renee using the “F” word 407 times and she wins for the dropping the most F bombs. Renee says, “My mother is gonna be really upset now!” None of them curse like that in front of their kids, except Renee.

On to other projects! Drita becomes a rapper. They show clips from the studio. Joy asks if she makes it big as a rapper, will she leave the show? Drita laughs. Karen says Drita nailed it. Carla thought she did a great job. Joy asks if she would write a rap song about her co-stars? Karen says she calls them crickets. Drita says, no, she calls the "real haters" crickets. Those that don't want her to succeed. As for Karen, she published a book. Regarding Karen’s book, Drita says she didn’t read it, but she heard Lee wasn’t trashed in it. Karen says if she wanted to trash Lee she would have done it 14 years ago. Karen adds, the book was about her life and she didn’t feel she could leave out parts of it because she had to be true to her story. Karen also has a spa now.

Ramona says to Drita: "You saw me in LA and took off like a G6!"

Drita counters with: "In LA? You were stalking me!"

On to the Drita and Ramona conflict, which has gone on all of season two. A large number of clips are shown, with both Drita and Ramona saying pretty bad things about each other. Joy wants to know if Drita did say that if Ramona was five feet in front of her she would punch her?  Drita doesn’t want to go there. Drita says she knows Ramona because she was friends with her sister and Karen years ago. The issues between them both started when Ramona came back a couple of years ago. Both Drita and Ramona heard that the other one was talking about them behind their backs. Ramona heard that Drita was trying to block her from getting on the show, Mob Wives. Drita says she heard that Ramona was going to start something about her that wasn't true, on the show, and that she was trying to prevent it.

Carla is cool as a cumber. Joy says she’d rather tangle with the Taliban than with Ramona.She comapres Ramona to the Godfather, quiet, cool and deadly. Another Drita and Ramona issue had to do with what was said about Junior. Drita said that she heard Ramona said Junior only married Renee for her father. Ramona says she never said that. Joy wants to know who Renee believes. Renee says she believes everyone. Renee believes this was some kind of misunderstanding or miscommunication and that all the ladies have her best interests at heart.

Joy wants to know if Drita and Ramona can ever be friends. Drita says there are too many issues between them. Ramona says she can be cordial, but will never forgive her for attacking Karen.


First of all, part 2 of the Reunion was definitely a lot more subdued than part one. I was expecting fireworks and none really took off except in the beginning which continued from last week. It went downhill from there. If I were to give last week’s episode a 10, I would give this week’s episode a 5 or 6. Even the questions weren't intense, they were just so, so. Sorry, I even watched it twice, and that’s the best I can do. It was borderline boring…and so are my two cents.

The fight at the beginning was explosive. I just wish I could have heard every word. Joy looked like a scared rabbit. I don't think she will be doing it again next year. Drita will never accept the fact that Ramona really did go out there to stop a fight from happening. I believe her. She didn't have to say she respected Drita as a mother, and didn't want her to get hurt. Ramona speaks the truth, good or bad, she has nothing to gain or lose. It's clear that she never liked Drita, and if her intention was to attack her, she would have done it instead of saying this is not the time or place.

On the friendship definition, we have heard too much on this already. It's been discussed to death. What I would have liked to get into was what Ramona and Carla had to say about who was saying what behind each other’s backs. That peaked my interest. A lot goes on behind the cameras that we don't see, this might be one of them. There were some strong feelings of “dislike” on both their parts for the breaking of the “pact” they made and I want to know was said. 

Joe and Dave seem like two very likable guys. They have charisma, there’s no doubt about that. Joy was right to call Joe a “serial cheater.” He cheated on Carla many times when they were married. As much as Carla might love to be back with him, I doubt she will ever be able to trust him out of her sight. If they ever get back together, I don’t think it will last. Joe likes young girls, Carla seems to like younger guys. At least that’s something they have in common. Maybe they can arrange a play date for their “side dishes?” Joe’s girlfriend can bring her Barbie Dolls and Carla’s boyfriend, their G.I. Joes. Oh, I almost forgot and maybe Joe did too. Joe didn't mention the stock fraud he committed (unless the catch phrase is wire fraud), swindling many old people out of their life savings by selling them worthless stock...that really irks me to no end. Especially when both Carla and her mother said they didn't consider that a "bad" crime. I wish Joy would have probed into that with Joe. How could he live with himself knowing he made so many old, vulnerable people penniless?

I was hoping that Dave was going to agree to move back to New York. I agree that Karina needs to be with Karen now. She did the right thing, not to turn her daughter’s world upside down, while she was trying to get herself established here in NYC. But now that things are going well, it’s time for mother and daughter to reunite. It will be a big change for Karina, but kids adapt fairly quickly. And, besides that, Karen will be taking Karina back to Arizona often to see her family and friends there. Dave and Karen still have feelings for each other and I hope they get the chance to “rekindle” their relationship and get to know each other as the people they are today. Dave sees more children in their future, so we already know how he feels. 

Ramona might be in over her head with her boyfriend and his serious legal issues. Maybe she is confused about what to do, or is waiting for the outcome of a trial to decide. Hopefully, we will learn more about this in season three. In any case, she doesn't seem like herself the past few weeks and hasn't even been on the show much. I hope she gets more air time next season. I love Ramona.

She did get one thing right, I am a lady!

Joy talks about some of the successes a couple of the mob wives have had outside the show. Drita, for instance, has made her rapping debut. Does she have a potential career as a rapper? Who knows? Anything is possible. However, when Joy asked her to write a song about her co-stars, and Karen mentioned “crickets,” and that hit a nerve. The word, “cricket” is what Drita reserves for her “haters,” (people who don't want to see her succeed) and she counts me as one of her biggest. She tweets that I write about her all the time, which is not true. I don’t consider myself a “hater” because, in my opinion, I am just telling the truth or poking fun at it. It's what all the parodies do. I even make helpful suggestions, like anger management, which the show seems to have taken to heart. I'm happy for Drita's success and wish her nothing but the best. But, you can’t please everyone, so I’m going to please myself! Drita did all but admit she was wrong about Karen’s book. It didn’t trash Lee, or so she heard. She could have settled that issued a long time ago had she taken the time to READ chapter one and the book, but no, that would have been too easy. If I were Joy I would have asked Drita if she feels she owes Karen an apology for jumping to conclusions about the book and what would be in it? (Maybe she owes Ramona one too for jumping to conclusions that she was going to jump her?) I think she does.

The Ramona and Drita storyline is explosive. The clips said it all. These two cannot have a civil conversation if their lives depended on it. Drita, with her extremely short fuse, is ready to misinterpret anything Ramona says and turn it into an insult. Ramona, who says she can be cordial, is carrying too much animosity towards Drita for attacking Karen. If Ramona didn’t like Drita before, she is beyond accepting her now, except for the sake of the show. The show must go on. 

And so ends season two. I can’t wait for season three! How about you?

Picture credit:  Twitter, Drita's Facebook


Nikki said...

Well I agree part 2 was ok. I thought the editing was horrible at one point Drita was talking and they clipped her conversation and then continued with her saying something else. I was like huh? Anyway I don't know clearly Drita and Ramona hate each other but you know I sat for 19 episodes waiting for this big TRUTH to come out about Drita from both Karen and Ramona and all I heard was nothing. If Karen told the truth about Carla why not about Drita. I mean Drita put her hands on her twice and didn't she so call Karen a n-lover which was total BS Dave just wanted to cause trouble he was clearly a shit stirrer. I think EVERYONE is all talk excluding Carla I don't think Drita, Karen and Ramona have anything on each other but just words! All in all season 2 was really good let's hope season 3 they add some surprises! Chiara kudos to another great well said and well written blog!

Elisabeth J. said...

I can't WAIT to watch Season Three!

It'll be interesting to watch Renee settle into a "Life without Junior." Hopefully, she will be as passionate about meeting a new man, as she was about holding on to a man who REPEATEDLY disrespected and cheated on her. He even made a BABY ON HER WITH ANOTHER WOMAN! Right there, she should've been done with him for good. But honestly, I believe that perhaps Renee didn't think she deserved better than Junior. I know that she knows better now though. Renee looks absolutely FANTASTIC too, by the way, so a new boyfriend shouldn't be a long way off at all.

Junior did Renee a favor by showing her, without any doubt that he was a morally-reprehensible individual with no honor and no code whatsoever. The problem is that a lot of people got locked up because Junior, who was riding with all of it, decided that it was better to be a Rat than a jailbird. Now he's both.

I thought it was interesting during Part One of the Reunion when Renee mentioned that Junior had been REJECTED BY Witness Protection (WitSec), for lying. This is Junior's nature. He's also arrogant, and I agree with Ramona who said that "we haven't heard the last of Junior."

I'll make you a bet that when he gets of prison and is finished testifying against the one defendant who didn't take the deal, (who shall remain nameless) that he will attempt to go back and live on Staten Island.

It would not surprise me one bit if he did that either!

I LOVE THIS BLOG and I read it everyday! Thanks so much for writing it!

The truth said...

Very interesting point. However, I believe this whole reunion was manipulated. There's gonna be some truth that comes out about Drita, just like I think its gonna be some truth about Karen. Think about it all season two was,a continuation of season 1. With out the Junior turning rat situation this season wouldv'e been a Drita vs karen for.19 episodes and frankly I'm over it! I wouldnt be surprised if Drita or Karen or both.have another ally on the show next season. I know for sure theres gonna be 1 more person to the show maybe two if Carla doesn't find some.drama or some backstory to keep herself relevant. Because as of now, she's boring. Her feuding with Renee every 2 mins or her talking ish with Drita shouldn't be enough to keep her around.IMO

Anonymous said...

Yea, I think everyone is tired.
(Cast and Fans)
Its getting 2 confusing,
Who doesn't like who, why they don't like each other, and who slept with who.
Its clear that the issues that are coming up now, happened way b4 there was even a Mob Wives Show.

So as a person watching the show,
u feel very confused,
And the more u try 2 figure out Who's right and Who's wrong,
The more confused u become.
Because ...ur missing a lot of pieces to this Big A** Puzzle ur trying 2 put together.

Finally u get tired of trying 2 make sense of it,
And u just start wishing people the best!

but really,on a serious note, i do wish them ALL the best.;-)

Season 2 was CRAZY!!!!
Chiara and Mob Mistress take a bow, this blog and u guys made the show twenty thousands times better!
and get ready 4.....
SEASON 3!!!!;-);-);-)

Mob Mistress said...

I enjoyed the recap as always. Maybe it's old age, I enjoyed part 2 more than part 1. The yelling & screaming over one another gets old. I was open to Joy Behar hosting the reunion. I enjoyed Wendy's style much more.

It is my strong belief VH1/Viacom doesn't want the issues of prejudice behavior to come out. They know there will be serious ramifications. They have no desire to lose a nice chunk of the Mob Wives audience.

Anonymous said...

MobMistress i completely Agree!
Joy did good, but
Wendy would have been better.
With her Glamourous Style
she fits right in with the wives!
Wendy would have known what questions to ask.. and what questions not to ask.
But thats just what i think.
Enjoy Ur Memorial Day!!!

Rose said...

With all the yelling and screaming back and forth, you couldn't make out half the discussions going on! I like Joy Behar but she did not do a good job as Wendy Williams with Season 1 reunion. You heard all the talk and argues. It was a free for all yelling fest. I don't like when they say at the reunion we had a "pact" not to discuss/trash one another! Come on, you've been doing it all season! Talk!!!!

Kel said...

I remember what I believe was a Drita fan tweeting that Joy had said she would rather deal with the Taliban than Drita and Drita was laughing that comment off saying really? Well, now I know the twitter fan was wrong. Joy said that about Ramona not Drita. It's my opinion that Drita really needs some serious professional help. Anyone else notice she had tears while arguing with Ramona? Also, Drita says she'll never fight while being filmed by the snitch cameras... I have to ask, did she decide this after receiving a black eye while she failed to land a single punch? Does she not want people to see how pathetic she is at attempting to fight since she has made it a point to repeatedly state what a badass fighter she is? After all, with so many years of being a badass fighter you'd think she would have mastered the art of aiming. I have to agree with MM. I liked part 2 better than part 1 as I was actually able to understand and keep up with the dialogue; however,, I would really like it if they stoped making deals behind the camera and just gave us the gritty truth!! Renee showed us all the dirty details of her life with junior, so come on Ramona and Karen, tell us what is really up already! I love this show and cannot wait until season 3! Thank you Chiara and MM for making this show that much more fun with your blogs! <3 you guys deserve a hand for also creating a great season with your blogs for us, your reading fans.

Chiara Soprano said...

Kel Joy did say it about Drita on the View, but on the Reunion show she said it about Ramona. Now we know her two favorites LOL

vai said...

It was ok way better then the first season reunion. When Ramona told Joy about one of the reason why shes having an issue with Drita caused Drita tried to block her for getting on the show, kinda explained why Ramona doesnt want nothing to do with her. And I noticed Drita kinda pause there for a min and came up with an excuse for it. What Joy said about Ramona being tough was right. Oh but my fav part when Drita said "that's Carla she's a Sniper". Some people said she's not a sniper at all but I think Drita said it all. She is a sniper caused she shoots from the distance but don't have the balls to shoot u in the face. That's my opinion based on what I saw this past 2 seasons.

Thank you Chiara n MM for this amazing blog. I enjoyed reading it everyday. The one n only blog I read anyway :)

Kel said...

Whoops! My bad then. Thank you for clearing that up.

Paula said...

That sums it up just right. Will miss MOB WIVES. Sorry to say I need a break. I really liked Drita from day one. Now i could not care less if she comes back. If she did not lie so much I might still like her. Loved the addition of Big Ang & Ramona to the show. THE END

Monique said...

I think that they are holding back on all these "secrets" for season 3. They know if they reveal too much it will not leave us wanting more. Hopefully Jenn and the production staff know exactly what they are doing and season 3 will have more revelations about the Drita/Ramona feud because if it's only about them talking smack about each others back then it will be extremely boring.

Chiara- amazing job on your 2 cents and I had no idea that Joe (Carla's Joe) was such a scumbag and swindled money from people's retirement fund etc.. As of now, I too was drinking the "Joe Kool-Aid" and didn't think he was "that bad", but after reading that- he is pretty much dead in my book.

I read a lot of talk of Renee and her being able to find a new boyfriend in no time. My personal opinion is as follows: NO!! Renee does not need to get into another relationship for a VERY VERY long time. At the very least a year. She needs to work on herself, figuring out who she is and what she truly wants to attract in her life and of course AJ. The last thing Renee needs right now is to get close to any man. She is a magnet for shit and I guarantee you that until she doesn't find a place where she KNOWS and FEELS that she doesn't need anyone, she will never ever be happy. Her happiness depends too much on outside influences when it needs to really come from within.

I must also add KUDOS to Chiara for getting under Drita's skin! LOL!! Just that fact that she took the time out to hate on you is actually a compliment. When I hate someone I completely ignore them which is truly the highest insult. Her immaturity never ceases to amaze me and she is basket case as always and for that we thank her (as Tosh.O would say-LOL!!)

Chiara and MM you rock!!

Anonymous said...

Chiara I always love your recaps and 2 cents!! Thank you for those. Ok, I thought last night was blah. It was a walk down the never ending hallway. I love how Drita goes right into saying Joy doesn't know anything, and insults Chiara! 2 ladies who are not known to be liars calling it as they see it, but of course they are wrong! Everyone who does not kiss Drita's ass is wrong I see. Moving on. Love Ramona. Carla is still an idiot who should not be on this show. Ok so in twitterverse Carla and Dri and their fans are in agreeance that Karen and Ramona are haters of someone's rapping. I do not see that. I see they think its fraud and phony like the longtime dreamer of everything! I also caught that during the reunion BIGGANG was the one shaking her head, almost in disgust with the rap!!!! Am I the only one who saw that? Im glad the show is done for now/ Im hoping when it comes back some people will decide to keep it real and less screaming. I hope that Drita takes a permanent break to get her stories straight and figure out what exactly she has been doing since she was born and solves her identity crisis!!!!!

Chiara Soprano said...

Monique if you are more interested in Joe's background read this blog There you will find his criminal resume on stock fraud, Carla may have taught him a few things too. They met at "work" and she was training him. They were both fired from one place within a couple of days of each other, if I remember correctly. ;)

Nikki said...

Your recap is right on, I agree with many of your points. What I don't understand is, these women all agreed to go on a reality show to show them in their daily lives and all the glitz, glamour, fighting, etc... Why so many secrets that are being talked about but not revealed? It's pretty annoying, these ladies signed up for this! It's a reality show, start spilling the beans or it will go stale. There is only so much smack talking one can take, I am almost at my threshold before I find a new guilty pleasure.

Chiara Soprano said...

Thank you for all of your comments. The truth should come out on everyone, it would be nice, but there are reasons that we cannot not know involved that may ruin the show. All I know is Karen put a lot of her life out there, past and present. I give her a lot of credit for that. That being the case, I have never found her to lie, she says she hates liars and lying, so if there are two stories about anything, I'm going with hers.

Anonymous said...

Chiara I forgot to add that to my post above! I forgot Karen. Love her. She has to be the most genuine and authentic and true to herself on the show. I grew fond of Ramona and like her swagger also but I think she put more energy in being mad at Drita for herself and Karen. Which by the way I totally understand as Ramona is very real and a loyal friend! Im also glad Drita FINALLY somewhat admitted on reunion that she did know Ramona from her past and hung out with her sister. You would not believe how many times I have had to clarify that on other blogs with fighting commenting animals who only love a certain liar on the show.I was hoping Roxanne would have came on stage and hit Drita with some reality just to shut her face up.They all have made mistakes, they are human. But they are all not fake liars either =Only 2/6 of the cast ! Renee has her moments of unnecessary antics but she does her best to remain an open book and I can't fault her for that.

Anonymous said...

It was interesting to see Joy put the paper up to her mouth to cover her laughter when there was talk of fighting and also asking each of the wives if they have been ever arrested.

Carla's husband Joe admitted to money crimes and it's not right to swindle anyone out of cash but corporations and banks have done the very same thing (and they are continuing to do it).

David being charged with "attempted murder" as well as the drugs and so much more is frightening but I give him credit for turning his life around.

In regards to Drita reading the first chapter of Karen's book--Lee was not mentioned in it so how could possibly know if he was going to be mentioned in future chapters and if it was going to be a positive mention?

Also, people agree to be on a reality show but everyone has control over how much "realness" that they want displayed. But, Jenn Graziano is doing a very good job of maintaining the drama on the show.

Monique said...

Whoa Chiara! That was some serious info on Joe. I read the comments that people mentioned under that post and some mentioned that they think Carla is still living off of that money. If he was caught by the Feds I am sure they did their homework quite intensively and confiscated all the funds/properties that could have been attained with his unethical practices (or so we hope). But then again, I have no clue what it is that Carla does for a living and she does show she lives quite well.

I can tell you Joe is no dummy, working in that field you have to have some sort of certain level of inteligence and what I am afraid of is that I don't see him going to do any blue collar work. Let's just hope he doesn't go back to his old (despicable) ways.

Carla has always came accross very shady to me. You can also tell she is extremely insecure (especially about her age). There is absolutely no reason for her to continously say that Joe is running around with "little girls" and that they will be gone in no time. She would be much more mature and show class if she said, I hope you and your girlfriend are happy and just tell Joe that she wants her children to be around women that are respectable. Her constant belittling of others only displays her own issues.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't it sais somewhere that Carla worked for a juice company as a salesperson or something before "Mob Wives" first aired?

I think that Carla is secure in her relationship which Joe and her security was validated when he said that she always comes first in the reunion.

Anonymous said...

Excellent recap! I was really hoping that we would FINALLY find out why Drita and Ramona do not care for each other.In the last episode so many things were said that we couldn't hear or understand over all the screaming.Anyone decipher anymore ? I agree with the editing snafu.
When I heard Drita rapping without the technical assistance..I had the same laugh,maybe a little harder...ok ok it was a belly roll,out right crying fit of laughter..I think if Drita can rap can I..rofl! Gotta give her kudos for letting it air with out the technical assistance.
When Joe was talking he said that Carla told him that she was going to be on a prison wives type show and that he was released from jail before MW aired..did I hear that correctly ? How long ago were these filmed?
I hope that season 3 shows us a different story line.. :)

Anonymous said...

This is my first time commenting so i just wanted to say hi!! and that i love this blog i agree with the authors views on Drita I personally don't like her personality the way she contradicts her stories her wack rapping skills is annoying she needs to stop rapping i grew up in the 90s and to me that was the best time for female rappers like (foxy brown, missy elliot, MC lite, etc ) she will never be them or like them she has no skills and people need to snap out of it if they think other wise !! and i didn't like the part when Joy was speaking about Ramona and how she views her and then Drita's like oh don't sleep on Carla we call her a sniper ... i was like wtf?!!?! sniper really? Carla ..??? please i don't think so I love Karen but I didn't get a chance to understand why she was telling Renee to be quiet Some one feel me in on that please Well I hope drita doesn't get her own show cause it will be wack and i really don't wanna have to see the advertisements for that bull

Anonymous said...

great review !
i also love ramona...

The truth said...

To the first time blogger, I agree with your opinion 100%! Especially on that part about Drita calling Carla a sniper, pulleeeeese(lol)!!! It came across as if she was subliminally trying to start a fued against Carla and Ramona. Carla best bet was to use that signature smirk grin cuz she can not handle the Rizzo! Btw, did any one peep Karen's facial expression when Drita tried to tell her that she knew she always rhymed. Nothing worst than a liar whi distorts the truth even when they know you know better. I must say this also, kudo's to Karen because I can see in her face that she practiced a ton of restraint when it came to Carla and Drita at the reunion. Renee....dnt even know where to begin with her. I felt bad for everything she's been through this
season however, too much flip flopping with her. I forgave her during the season taking into consideration that she has been through alot but she adrressed her faults prior to the reunion yet, I saw it again. I was mad that the situation with her Drita and Ramona was swept under the rug. I would had rathered Renee say lets drop it because Junior is a scumbag instead of " I believe them both." When she said that I don't know if it was just me, but I saw a sign of relief on Drita's face because she about to be exposed as a liar again. I think season thre is gonna be the finale season and its gonna be like those trilogies where all truths will be exposed. Even though I hope it doesn't end I just don't see yrs if keeping up with these same women. Some re-casting must be done

Anonymous said...

How come you don't see it lasting long? What's the difference between Mobwives and Housewives? I have never seen any episode of the housewives and that's why I'm asking. And I'm wondering if housewives lasted this long why wouldn't mobwives?

Deana3452 said...

I, too, would like this big truth. In any event, if it is something that VH1 doesn't want out, then none of them should have brought it up at all because now we are left wondering what the heck they are talking about. I do think Ramona went over on the balcony to just be there for Karen, but it's just my opinion that she should have never thrown in there that Drita should say everything that she has said about her in the past two years. I think that fanned the flames....all that said, I don't think violence is the answer either. Now, on to Chicago Mob Wives for something different! :)

vai said...

I know people laughed and don't agree about carla as a sniper but I looked at it this way like a mentioned on my comment above. A sniper shoots from distance right? Don't come up to u n shoot u in the face. That's what Carla is, she flap her gums behind kg n rr back but never had/has the balls to take it up to their face. Don't sleep on Carla, I see it like don't ever trust Carla. Since Drita comes up with that sniper bullshit so I rephrase it like that caused we all know she has so many saying that means something else. But we all know she's not anything close to a sniper, Rizzo will beat Carla's ass down with her eyes close.

The truth said...

I don't wanna offend the house wives shows as I do not watch them all but....the difference I see btwn this show and the house wives I watch is, that I just see everyone on MW's moving on to big and better ventures. Ex. Karen seems to already be shying away from the drama as it may be harmful to all the wonderful things she's acomplishing. Trust me I can watch mobwives all day but I just feel like we already heard them tell their story, and forsee season three as an end to all drama and drama is the main ingredient for reality shows. I could be wrong though

Anonymous said...

I have a question about Ramona's jewelry being confiscated by the authorities. The episode where Drita finds out about Lee cheating on her she goes to a jewelers to have her rings appraised. Why is it that she was able to hold on to her possessions and Ramona's were seized?
Sometimes the circumstances that we view are mind blowing! We know that Lee was a thief(as well as Joe) and Drita and Carla never mention that their possessions were seized.

Monique said...

Your best friend one day can be your WORST enemy tomorrow..On that note... who would love a...


for the last anonymous.. I guarantee you when Lee got busted, Drita and her jewelery was nowhere near it.. it must have been in a safety deposit box under Drita's friend/cousin/ parents name etc., no paper trail following Lee and I will bet you everything I have that Drita's 100,000K + engagement ring was stolen at some point.. what, do you see Lee walking into a jewelery store and putting a down payment and making monthly payments on a ring for Drita or better yet pay cash!??!!??! HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA

Chiara Soprano said...

Love you Monique! I am in on the Carla/Drita feud LOL!

Monique said...

Love you too Chiara!!

Note to Jenn: Mob Wives will conitnue onto season 3 and beyond if you can have Carla call out her BFF Drita on everything!!