Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Mob Wives: How Many Season 2 Wishes Came True?

Mob Wives Season Two DVD's 

Last year, on July 11, 2011, I wrote a blog making a few suggestions, of my own, for season two of Mob Wives in my blog Chiara's suggestions. Out of the ten suggestions I made, four of them actually happened in season two and are included in the DVD set above. One was a brief interview with Jennifer Graziano, which happened during the Reunion Show Part 1. Two was an appearance by Joseph Ferragamo, which took place in the last couple of episodes. Three was an appearance by Dave Seabrook, which also took place in the last episodes. Fourth, I suggested that the Mob Wives take a trip to Morocco, of course I was kidding about Morocco, but they did take a trip to the Poconos. They rode horses, not camels! Not bad for shooting a list off the top of my head.

Five, I wished for a picture of Lee D’Avanzo to be shown on the show. We finally got that one by ourselves from Drita’s Twitter account and other sources. We can’t sit around waiting for Jennifer to do everything. Sometimes we have to take matters into our own hands. Six, I asked for a question and answer session between the Mob Wives and fans. Well they sort of did that on the “Sit Down” show when they asked fans to tweet questions to be asked on the air. The “Sit Down” disappeared as fast as it started. It wasn’t very good, even with the Mob Wives on it, they couldn’t get the ratings. Let’s face it, too many things they did were just plain lame. They needed better planning before putting it on the air, and by the time they tried to fix it, it was too late. They should have consulted me and maybe we could have had another hit on the air. 

What didn’t I get from my list? I didn’t get more of AJ on the show. Big mistake. AJ has a lot of fans and is popular with young and older women. I hope they will listen and try to use him in season three. But, please do NOT ask him to sit through more ridiculous scenes, like his sex talk with Renee. And I also didn’t think it was a great idea to discuss his grades and school issues at a bowling alley either. Let’s find a scenario that isn’t too embarrassing for him, so he can be himself, maybe doing something he enjoys?

I asked for less profanities, but as you can see from the Reunion Show, Renee broke the f*cking record with 407 F-Bombs, so maybe the cursing escalated? Oh well, maybe next season when things are a little calmer?

I wanted a tour of Renee’s Jail Mail Inc.’s operations, but I guess it’s not up and running yet. I hope she is still working on it, there was a lot of interest in it when she first mentioned it.

I even got something that I suggested after the season started…anger management for Drita. I thought it might help her resist the urge to fight, but it didn’t make a dent. The therapist and “Rat Machine” couldn’t accomplished anything, but at least they tried. (Chirp, chirp...I'm just a cricket).

One day soon, maybe I will come up with a list of requests for season three. I’ll sleep on it and who knows what I’ll come up with.   


Morris Park said...

What makes MOB Wives genius is that the ladies all have history with each other so things come up - like Drita not wanting Ramona on the show, Carla sleeping with someone's uncle.

With Bravo's housewwibves franchise the new housewives have to fake fight about silly, made up snubs.

Tell us about Drita trying to keep Ramona off the show.

Why if everyone is such good friends with Big Ang, no one knows her husband?

olivia said...

Interesting points and observation. I too, wonder these same things. I hope the truth comes out, it will make for some good entertainment. Drita blocking Ramona from the show, leadd me to believe that Ramona probably has some pretty convicting info. I just wish she could share it. Which also points out that Ramona is a pretty decent person. After all the crude things Drita had said about her, Ramona still chooses to keep it quiet.

Anonymous said...

Love this! I wonder if Renee is abandoning jail mail because of Jr

Monique said...

Chiara, it would take about 40 pages for me to show you how each of your suggestions have surfaced somehow or another in season 2, except for the jail mail part. If I had to say you were 9/10 (90%) on point with your suggestions. The only thing is that you created specific scenerios that can correlate with each of your suggestions and while they did not play out like you said you were on point!! Incredible! yet another reason why this blog is amazing!

I would totally watch a reality show following you and MM just to always make people show the TRUTH!!

I would call it "Oh no she didn't!!"


Mob Mistress said...

"I would totally watch a reality show following you and MM just to always make people show the TRUTH!! "

The title would be: WDGAF -The reality of blogging housewives plus one male.

In all seriousness, I would NEVER do a reality show. I have no interest in appearing on television at all. I have no interest in reality television beyond watching it & blogging about it when my time permits.

Anonymous said...

Mob Mistress, Would you ever consider doing like a you tube live blog once in awhile?

Mob Mistress said...

*considers a live blog*

No offense to those who enjoy live blogging. I don't like a lot of attention. I simply enjoy writing. I have no interest in live blogging.

Monique said...

Thanks for your response MM! It was worth a try :-)