Friday, May 6, 2011

Mob Wives: If You Knew Who I Was...

Renee Graziano in the Mobfessional!

VH1 has been kind enough to post another Mob Wives' sneak peak. I have a confession to make; I do not know who Renee Graziano is. Yes, I know who her father is. But I don't know Renee beyond her reminding everyone who her father is. By the way her father is Anthony 'T.G.' Graziano if you've missed her mentioning it. I truly in the beginning thought I'd like all of the ladies. Even as I type I want to like all of the ladies as it pertains to their docu-soap. Karen is still my favorite. Which is shocking to me because I thought Drita was going to run away with my favorite vote.

Enough about my Pollyanna attitude about women. Basically Renee Graziano & Karen Gravano are @ the Z-One Lounge having a drink. I took a look @ Z-One's menu; why didn't they grab a burger or ribs? The food looks yummy.

So basically an unattractive guy seems to approach Karen. Karen seems to be politely laughing at his come on. Renee thinks he wants sex. He says he just wanted a cigarette. I think he wanted a cigarette after sex. Renee basically tells him to step off and that Miss Gravano doesn't want anything he has to offer. She does this by telling him, "If you knew who the fuck I am... watch jerkoff!" He basically shares that he doesn't give a fuck who she is. Then he adds that she's nobody. I disagree. She is somebody to the anonymous Don Juan. A somebody who is cock blocking up the storm, which is a waste of her time. Frankly Karen wasn't going to entertain his advances. There is a dissing session where he tells Renee to lose 30lbs. I have to roll my eyes. Renee's weight is fine. Could she lose 30lbs? I don't know. But she isn't waddling around or having a hard time breathing. Let's be honest she can buy a fur off the rack. So her weight is fine. Ms. Graziano calls her ex-husband Junior to come to the lounge and sports bar to handle the anonymous Don Juan. I am hoping for my own selfish reasons that he does show up to defend her honor. I want to get a kick out of episode 4 of Mob Wives. I definitely enjoyed sneaking a peak or two of 'Do You Know Who I Am?' I hope you do too. We can't wait to read your thoughts Jeanette, Love and you too Gloria.

Some individuals have mentioned Renee's man hands. I looked @ this latest sneak peak offering twice. I don't think her hands are 'man hands'. And trust when I state I've seen man hands on some beautiful not quite ladies. Don't miss Sunday's fourth episode on VH1 @ 8/7 c on May 8. A question just popped into my head. Is there a huge price reduction in furs without sleeves?

Video credit: VH1

Picture credit: Z-One Lounge & Sportsbar


Chiara Soprano said...

I think a case could be made for "manicured man hands" but Renee is probably "big boned" so her hands are proportionate to the rest of her body. I think she could lose a few pounds, if not for appearance sake, for her health. What bothers me is whether or not that guy was for "real" or another "manufactured" situation to add drama. I guess I will assess that better when I see the whole scene. I always get suspicious when I see "coy" smiles on the "actors" faces before something is about to explode. Just can't help my skepticism and cynicism.

Love said...

I dunno, we know it never comes out like they want you to anticipate it.
Hector is out on bail, so I say he talks to him, no fight.

jnettemarie said...

OOh No she dettint!

Ok, Ladies, Are we watch Mobwives on VH1 or a skit on SNL, cause the lines are starting to blurrr. This was a total set up. For one thing, you don't run your mouth in a bar like that advertising who you are. Suppose someone was in there who had a beef with her father, or Ex. Now they know she's in there alone and could follow her out. And what? Everytime some guy comes up to her in a bar she acts like that? Jr. is out on bail, he isn't even allowed in a bar, and he rushes right out like she's some F*ckin damsil in distress. Why would she want him in a situation like this knowing what she knows.

Oh and if my father or Husband her me talk like that or act like that...ummm, let just say I'd be the one they'd be dragging outside.

Thug Life 101...Ladies if you go out clubbin know how to handle your business. If not, stay in the neighborhood where everyone knows eachother and you don't have these issues. Ok, I'm quietly stepping off my soap box.

Anonymous said...

Maybe they homes are sets and like basketball wives they sit down or the bigwigs decide what parts of their lives to put on.