Monday, May 16, 2011

Mob Wives: The Readers' Poll - The Oldest?

Sh!t I hate getting old.  I know I promised Chiara that I'd drop a post tonight.  I've truly forgotten what I'm to blog about.  (ten minutes later)  Oh yeah, I was suppose to discuss Carla Facciolo's father.  I don't want to.  It takes all my brain energy to breakdown the information.  I am going drop that blog Tuesday.  It'll give you a reason to come back.

Last week we conducted our first poll here @ the Mob Wives Blogspot.  The question:

Who do you believe is the oldest Mob Wife?

Well the reader's and I disagreed.  However, the readers agreed with Chiara overwhelmingly.  Well in fairness to Chiara she is the one dedicated to giving you something new to read everyday.  If it were left up to me there would be a new post every several days.  The results:

12% of you believe Drita D'avanzo is the oldest of the Mob Wives.  She's a striking woman.  However, the stresses of a husband behind bars for a decade of one's marriage would take it's toll on any woman.

14% of you believe Carla Ferragamo is the oldest.  You and I are in total agreement.  Carla Facciolo is a very attractive woman with a great figure.  However, she is one of the roughest 35 year olds (35 per her @ her birthday party) I've ever seen.  I would guess mid forties.  But hey I never got hired as one of those age guessers @ Six Flags.

16% of you believe Karen Gravano is the oldest.  Well Chiara nor I agree with you.  Though your votes are so very much appreciated.  According to the fifth episode Karen's world seem to come crumbling down @ the ripe old age of nineteen.  In 1992, Sammy the Bull became known as Sammy the Rat for cooperating with the Feds.  She started dating bad boys to show her street cred or something like that.  Seven years of her life were spent with Lee D'avanzo.  19 + 7 = 26 and leads us to 1999.  It's 2011, 26 +12 = 38.  Now this math of mine can only be trusted if one trusts JustJenn's Productions' editing.  In my book, thirty-eight can't possibly be the oldest of this crew.  I'll also add if I saw Karen Gravano on the street I'd guess her to be 35 years old.  So she's holding up all right.

74% of you believe Renee Graziano is the oldest.  Heck, she does have the oldest kid out of the group.  Chiara agrees with the majority of our poll voters.  I think Renee's styling choices are what make her appear the oldest.  However, you all and Chiara most likely know more than I. (Not!)  So hundreds of our readers have spoken.  You believe Renee Graziano is the oldest of the Mob Wives' crew.  Thanks for all the votes!  We truly appreciate your participation.  Chiara has a new poll up for y'all to share your opinion.  It's located to the right, then scroll up.  Who is your least favorite Mob Wife?

Well I am calling it a night.  I just finished painting my toe nails Asphalt.  It's the closest I plan on getting to wearing cement shoes.  I hope you all enjoyed the fifth episode of Mob Wives.  Next Sunday's episode looks like it is going to be on and popping.  I sure hope Drita turns her friend Carla onto Laura Mercier's Secret Camouflage concealer.  It retails for $28; I know she can afford it.  Yes, I am blogging out loud again.


Chiara Soprano said...

I am a little disappointed not to be reading about Carla's father, but your analysis of this week's poll was very entertaining. Regardless of their ages, Renee looks like the oldest. Apparently, her plastic surgery isn't doing her any favors. I think Carla and Drita are right, she needs to get to the gym. By the way, Carla is rpeorted to be 44 years old, while Renee is said to be 41. They claim to have "hung out" together in their teens. If that's true, Renee may well be younger than Carla, but she looks older.

Anonymous said...

At 44, Carla is the oldest.

Mob Mistress said...

Hello Anonymous!

You're blogging to the choir. I agree with you. However, it was an opinion poll and the readers made it clear that Renee looks the oldest to them.

I cannot over rule the majority. Or veto their voice with my opinion or research. I do believe Carla is the oldest from my research. I also believe she looks the oldest.

Thanks for reading and commenting!

Anonymous said...

I think Carla looks real good for her age but i do not believe she is the oldest. I think Renee is. She looks like it.