Thursday, May 5, 2011

Mob Wives: Where Is The IRS?

Does anyone know if the Mob Wives, on VH1’s new show, pay taxes? They seem to have a lot of money for four women who do not work and whose husbands and fathers spend most of their time in prison. Imagine if neither you or nor husband worked and yet you lived in a million dollar home, had a gym memberships, wore the best jewelry and designer wardrobe, flashed money at clubs, promised your son a new car if he got all 80’s on a report card and even paid five dollars for a pack of gum. Don’t you think the IRS would be raising it’s proverbial “eyebrows” at you?

I know I’d like to know where the money is stashed. The IRS knows where all my money comes from, but are these women getting a free pass? Is the IRS looking the other way? I mean they are even on television flaunting their wealth, which we all know by now, has been gotten through various illegal activities. I decided to add up some of the financial details we know so far.

Renee Graziano Pagan lives in a home in Staten Island, allegedly valued at approximately $850,000. She goes out clubbing regularly with her girlfriends and seems to have a fistful of money for drinks. She, along with her son and ex-husband, Junior, all have memberships to a gym. She gets her hair and nails done, spray tans, and makeup. Her clothing, though not to my taste (as I prefer my fur coats with sleeves) looks expensive. She and her ex, Junior, have no problem promising their 17 year old son, AJ, a new car for a report card that has all 80’s on it. She just took a trip to Florida, got back in time for AJ’s birthday, and I suspect she flew first class. Recently, she got frustrated with her ex-husband’s lack of parenting and decided she needed to go shopping for a new fur coat. She didn’t even blink an eye at the $6,000 price tag.

Carla Facciolo lives in a home in Staten Island that is allegedly valued at 600-650,000 thousand dollars. I also see that Carla allegedly owns a condo in Boca Raton, Florida worth about 100,000. I guess stock fraud pays well. Carla also has a gym membership and will drop everything to go have a drink with a friend when called on. Carla seems to like very nice clothes and getting her nails and hair done too. Carla is, by her own admission on Twitter, starting a clothing line. Now, forgive me if I am wrong, but doesn’t it take “capital” to start a business? Just saw a new tweet from Carla and I quote, “Loved catching all the good sales today! I bought shoes, shoes and more shoes…” Where does all the money come from?

Drita D’avanzo allegedly lives in a home that may be worth 900 thousand to 1.1 million. No wonder she prepares care packages for Lee. Even with him being gone 10 out of 12 years of marriage, he is clearly still providing well for his family. I wonder how many banks he had to rob to be able to afford such expensive digs? For that matter, who among us has given a kid $100 for losing a tooth, like Lee has? According to her VH1 bio, Drita studied to become a makeup artist and works for “various high-end cosmetic companies.“ Can someone fax me her resume, because I’m not buying it. Also, Drita tweets she just spent $5 on a pack of gum and, at those prices, she isn’t sharing any of it with her friends. Drita likes to party, dance and drink and thinks nothing of going out to the club. It’s obvious to me she isn’t living on any kind of budget.

That leaves Karen Gravano. Karen seems not to be as affluent as the other women. Her home in Arizona is allegedly worth 210 to 245,000 thousand dollars. Of course the cost of living could be a lot less in Arizona than New York. I notice Karen’s wardrobe isn’t as flashy either. In her VH1 bio, they say she closed up a “lucrative spa” to return to Staten Island shoot ten episodes of Mob Wives. Sure, that makes sense. On the second episode of the show, Karen says she is moving into her new “apartment.” Maybe JustJenn productions offered to pay for her housing to entice her to relocate to Staten Island or maybe her publisher advanced her some money on her new book, entitled “Shadow of The Bull,” due out this summer. In any case, at least the book and the show are legitimate sources of income.

But, isn’t the IRS interested in how these women have been able to afford to live so affluently, in houses that cost serious money to maintain, while they all seem to be stay-at-home moms? Are we to think Renee’s Greeting Card company for inmates is generating the income for her lifestyle? Do you believe Carla, as the alleged sales rep for a juice company, earns the income that provides for the upkeep of her home, her glamorous outfits, or the start up of a clothing line? I sure don’t.

You would think the curiosity of the IRS would be peaked by all this, because mine sure is.

Picture credit: VH1 and the IRS

Disclaimer: I do not know where these women live, I do not know their addresses. I based these property values based on places and neighborhoods where they may have lived at some point and only to prove a point.


Mob Mistress said...

Well I know where some of them live. LMAO! Due to my trying to find their property values for a scratched blog.

The average single mother or family member with a loved one incarcerated aren't living their lavish lifestyles.

Another blog idea just hit me... I am off to research.

Great post by the way, I am still laughing @ 'I prefer my furs with sleeves.'

Chiara Soprano said...

Are you sure you just didn't run off to rob a bank? I hear it pays well.

Mob Mistress said...

I don't do crime. And years ago I made a decision not to marry into a crime family. The only then I rob is my refriderator @ night.

jnettemarie said...

Hmmm, I'm curious too now. Maybe instead of banks thier robbing Peter. I don't think they would flaunt thier lifestyle on TV if they are being shady with thier finances, Do you?

Chiara Soprano said...

Peter doesn't have that kind of money. I think the money is stashed somewhere. They spend money like it's water and the well will never run dry.

Love said...

I think that Renee would be covered by her ex husband and father - and whatever legal jobs they run (Garbage?HAHA)- but Carla, Drita? I have no clue, esp Drita! Man, She's only been with him for 2 yrs out of 10?
I would say their houses are paid for, although you never know. I never found Renee's home myself.

YOU KNOW there are people lloking the other way.
YOU have to agree, as nice asw those homes are, they are kinda stuck in so so neighborhood, no Soprano nice neighborhood. Those homes have neighbors practically on top of each other.

jnettemarie said...

I've only seen thier homes on TV and Drita seems to have the nicest kitchen anyway. Only a few rooms are shown so who knows what the rest looks like. There is not a lot of money in robbing banks and when they're in jail there is no money. Maybe Drita comes from money. But I'm sure if Uncle Sam wasn't keeping track before he will this year and he isnt letting 4 women flaunting the gangster lifestyle get over on him.

Yea, Peter is like a loan shark and Paul is his muscle. Once in a while they both showed up at my back door collecting. LOL, we use to all stand in the kitchen with the oven door open for heat. That is so ghetto, but hey it was either PECO or PGW and we needs lights. Ahhh, the good old days.

Love said...

"Lee's father, Lewis D'Avanzo, is Mayor Guilliani's cousin! Lewis was killed by the FBI in 1977."

Read more:

Mob Mistress said...

Yes Love, we know! Chiara is writing up the blog now.

Thanks for sharing, we appreciate it.

Chiara Soprano said...

Yep, I am working on the Lewis D'avanzo blog as we speak! Great story there so stay tuned!

Love said...

Great! I hadn't seen it before, you guys are on top of all things Mob Wives!

Anonymous said...

I give my kids $100 from the tooth fairy.. So I don't find that odd that Lee does too. Who cares...worry where your money is coming from and going to. I never count other peoples money and neither should you!

Mob Mistress said...

To the anonymous directly above:

Chiara frankly could give two shits about the amount of money these women spend on a personal level. On a blogging level it is of interest to our readers who view the show and watch these women daughters and wives of those affiliated with the mob.

Many who watched the show and listened to interviews have witness the cast mention how they struggle as many single moms out there. Though I admit to rubbing elbows with many an upwardly mobile single mother. I equally know many, many more who do not live it what appears to be a lavish lifestyle with lavish beds, furs and designer clothes. In the earlier episodes there was no talk of these women's careers. So, people are going to question where is this money coming from. If I were their next door neighbor I would not care. If I were their coworkers I would not care. If our kids went to the same Girl Scouts troop, I would not care. As a viewer, WE DO NOT CARE. As a blogger we still don't fucking care but it's an interesting angle to address.

I could afford to give my kids an $100 per tooth too. However, it's a $1. I am frugal like that. Thanks for reading and you have a kick ass day!

Anonymous said...

I'm not wondering where their money comes from & I have to say as the daughter of a hard working union dad, I've got a good idea whose blood, sweat & tears paid for these Mob Wives lifestyles. It burns me when they bitch about how hard they have it or when they whine about nobody understanding what its like for the kids when the cops bust in at 3 am. How 'bout how its like for the kids whose dad's loose their jobs because they pissed off the wrong wise guy or whose dads never come home period -later to be found in the trunk of a car. And those wives/kids aren't wearing any fur! These girls need to realize the INNOCENT lives that were destroyed so they could live their life style and show them some respect if they really don't approve of it anymore.

Anonymous said...

First I thoroughly enjoy your blog. I discovered it 2 days ago. I started watching MOB WIVES approximately 2 weeks ago online.

I am a single and childless woman who is currently unemployed. I worked as a project manager at a healthcare company. I am using my savings after my unemployment ended. I currently work a part-time retail job between interviewing for positions. I have 2 college degrees. I am struggling like millions of Americans. Like most Americans we also pay our state or federal taxes. I am currently on a payment plan for the next 4 months to pay all of my federal taxes. I am grateful I can pay them even though I will incur some penalties for not paying in full.

MOB WIVES is one of my guilty pleasures like Bravo's Housewives while I search for work and do chores around the house. I wondered how are these ladies able to stay at home. Sure my mother was a stay at home mother but my father was working as a corporate lawyer. Yes, many could have savings but even savings run out.

Did you notice that Renee was the only one who really answered the question about how they earn their income with husbands in prisons. Husbands who no doubt have fines and legal fees to pay.

I wondered is Renee using money from her father's years of stealing the money of others? Even the FBI & IRS can be tricked when it comes to hidden money. Renee was so defensive about that question it is clear she is hiding something. I mean to the manor born Junior is NOT. Her son attends a nice private school.

I do not believe with crimes Carla's husband committed that they have any savings left. Unless her husband also had hidden cash or money for her to use while he served in prison.

And Drita never responded to the question or they cut it out.

I hope these women are not being given a free pass. It is like welfare if they are being given a pass to use money they cannot legitimately account for...


Anonymous said...

To: Anonymous Thursday, June 30, 2011

I agree with you 100%.

I do feel all the women are intelligent enough and have a conscience to realize that people were murdered, cheated, harassed, tortured or bullied for the very things that sustain their middle class lifestyles. I lived in Tribeca in the 1990's. My parents would have been considered upper middle class because my father is a lawyer and my mother was a former investment banker.

I think they use their children as an excuse to look the other way. Renee and Drita do not have any peace of mind. I have compassion for their children but I have more compassion for all the victims of their husbands' crimes. For example. Whitey Bulgar is linked to 19 murders. I think of how long those families have waited for some type of justice while he was living a carefree life with his aging mistress in Santa Monica with over $80K & guns stashed in the wall. And don't tell me that is the remaining winnings from the fixed lottery he won with a friend years ago.

I feel guilty sometimes watching this show.


Anonymous said...

Here's my comment : your blog sucks & it's really none of your business what people do & where their finances come from. Your writing is also boring and generic and clearly you're a jealous cow, who's bored with her own life and needs to rat people out. Get a life.

Mob Mistress said...

Here's my comment: You took the time to read a 'blog which sucks' and comment.

You are the one who is bored with your life or lack effective time management skills.

You are dumb aren't you?

donna said...

Don't forget right now and for the last couple of years they have been paid a bundle from vh1 and associates. When the cameras are,nt Rollin who knows what they are doing. Drita and Carla all the way. My girls. I,m a scrapper too.

Anonymous said...

Drita does not come from the life. She did not come from money. She is Albanian roots. They pay all those people off. The IRS doesn't turn their head they simply close their eyes. If I had the $100 I most certainly would give it to my son for his teeth. Those homes are actually probably equivilant to a $250,000 home in Arizona after doing some real estate research. I do believe that10 years is quite the break for robbing multiple banks and several trafficking charges for Lee's plea deal though. Joe got off pretty good too after reporting making nap early 5 million through stock fraud. I mean Carla worked there too, and that's just they reported so just saying. anyway we end up paying all that money to the banks because theynsurelyndont take the loss, we just get higher fees, more fees and so forth. I loved this post and am so glad I read it. Thanks for taking your time.

Anonymous said...

I am a single mother and I do not have the means that these ladies do. I was just trying to figure out if I had enough to cover my bills this month, that didnt include food shopping. I needed a break from the worry so I started reading this blog.
Great question..where do they get their money from? And to all of those who post about that not being anyone's business..if these ladies didn't want their business and dirty laundry known about..then they should have stayed off TV!
If Carla is living off of the money that was stolen by Joe(and maybe her)..She needs to be put in a small 2 bedroom apartment, with one bathroom and a small amount a month..lets say 1600 and let her figure out how to pay all of her bills. That is what the average single mother lives like! Drita,Renee and Karen the same. These ladies have it easy in my book!

Anonymous said...

Renees old home which was never on the show was bigger but everything inside was outdated mafia type like Victoria Gotti.

Renees home on the show was apparently not hers hence why she moved because tax records show her husband as the payer..

I don't look at what people have though I look at what kind of person they are.......

Anonymous said...

To anonymous. Unfortunately it is every taxpayer in americas business where the money comes from. Every dime my company earns is on the table and reported. It is not rocket science the lifestyle that can be afforded to live by looking at tax returns. These people are unremorsefull crooks. Nothing more needs to be discussed. They didn't earn their lifestyles legally, they or their family members stole it. Bottom line these "ladies" are white trash, their husbands and fathers are proud criminals. They are an embarrasment to hardworking americans. PS just to prove a point: only white trash would explain a "rat" to a 10 year old, and then ask what grade are you in now! C'mon Man: if these are the scum bags that cost legal americans, higher insurance rates, loss of investments, and worse loss of life.

Tiffy Lin said...

Ok, I didn't read every comment because most of what I saw was just more of the same. So here's my comment (lol)... (and hopefully it won't receive as horrid a response as others)

As I watch this show, I do wonder where they get the money to do such and such or to wear such and such, especially after Drita said something about herself wearing a $4000.00 bracelet on the show. HOWEVER, it really doesn't matter. Or, at least, it shouldn't... not to me or anyone else. I do think you are incorrect in assuming that Renee goes clubbing every night because that's how it seems on the show. But the show gets edited, so you're not seeing every day of her life. Nor are you seeing every second of Carla's life, and so you don't really know if she just "drops everything and runs off to have a drink with a friend". So, it really isn't fair to assume. Just like most of the comments are assuming that these houses and things were gotten with wrongful means. Truth is, we don't really know. I mean, it's a tv show. How do we know that most of what we see isn't gilded up to make them seem more... "criminal" "lavish" "worthy of hate"???

And I must confess to wondering, as you did, Dear Mob Mistress, that if you don't like something, why pay attention to it? If you ladies hate the Mob Wives so much, why watch? So many of you "anonymous" people seem to put down these women... but I've seen so-called "good, Christian ladies" in the town I live that make the Mob Wives look like the sweetest things since candy was invented. I'm looking at a post right now that calls them white trash and such, and I'm sorry, but that's pretty ballsy when you hide behind a computer monitor. I'm not a fan of Renee, Carla, Karen, sure as hell not Ramona or Natalie, but I really do like Big Ang, Alicia, and most definitely Drita. I like the way that they handle themselves, instead of being victims or cowards, they stand up and are strong woman, each with their own set of rules for themselves and their lifestyles.

The fact is, I firmly believe this is a prime example of what's wrong with the people in the once-great nation. Everyone ASSUMES it's their job to dictate to others what their lifestlyes should be, instead of just managing their own. Whether it's catty women bitching about some tough "broads" from NYC that have money and, oh no, anything but this, spend it, or if it's other lifestyle choices that people make. It's just not your place to dictate to others how they should live. So calm down the catty-ness, because dear Goddess, you are giving women a very bad name. And try to be more positive... find good things about other people.

Anonymous said...

I hope you see this. I am related to several connected alleged mafia related associates on my side as well as marrying in to a connected family and to be blunt. I live in an area where I was sure my kids would have good schools to go to. The area we live in is so expensive we rent our home. We don't have newer cars Bc im saving for my kids college expenses so my cars are older. I'm home cleaning do laundry and cooking dinner and never have a moment to myself if I'm in my Victoria secret sweats. That's a good day. I don't have the flash and luxe that you're seeing here. I guess in some areas. The cost of living is much cheaper but for us every penny goes to necessities and our kids come first. Not saying theirs don't. I just don't know how they do it. I wish I did. But we struggle and live paycheck to paycheck as many do... If they want to portray the REALITY of it. That's it. Right now. That is the reality. Borrowing from Peter to pay Paul. Healthcare, and bills, groceries, and all that comes extra. Just don't have the room to drop 2 grand on a LV bag or any CLB shoes. Sorry but I prefer sneakers anyway or flip flops. Lol.
And now they're bringing in girls who own funeral homes and aspire to be models and on tv. Real mob associates aren't like that. They live to get thru day by day. I'll always watch the show. But I don't see reality in it.

Chiara Soprano said...

To the last Anon " I am related to several connected alleged mafia related associates on my side . . . " I appreciate your comments. Times have definitely changed where the mob is concerned. This show may not seem "reality" based to you as the Real Housewives of New York are the furthest thing from my reality LOL