Thursday, May 19, 2011

Mob Wives: Sexy Salvatore Gravano

Yes, I am embarrassed.  However, I am around here to blog about my opinion.  I know. I know.  Sammy the Bull was a murderer among other things.  I can't help it that the man was sexy back in the day.  Sammy the Bull was one HMMMPH, HMMMPH, HMMMPH fine.  You can argue with me in the comment box if you want.  I am sticking to my opinion.  Even as he was aging and allegedly going under the knife he could have starred in one of my naughty dreams.  I'd play cop.  He'd play robber trying to steal my goodies.  Okay, I know too much information.  I am just keeping it real.

However, as life proves to me as I get older than Donald Trump's bad hairdo, aging is not kind to everyone.  Some sexiness comes to an end.  We all don't age like fine wine without the help of botox, juvederm, face lifts, acid peels, cheek implants and teeth implants.

           Mister Salvatore Gravano still had sex appeal.

          Sammy getting caught up.  The life of crime has takened it's toll.

 Man, crime doesn't pay in the end. 
I have to wonder who Salvatore could have been if he had gone straight long ago.  By all accounts Salvatore "Sammy the Bull" was extremely smart. I have to also think of his 19 victims and pain of their loved ones because he didn't.  So what's your take on Mr. Gravano?


Chiara Soprano said...

My take on Gravano is that he was (is) a real, old fashioned, mobster. The kind they made movies about. He believed in all the rules and followed orders without batting an eye. He had a keen business sense and maybe if he had applied it to legitimate enterprises, he and his family could have had a decent life. But he got into the Mafia at a young age and they do not let you "retire" when you have had enough. I do not think Gravano would have turned on Gotti, if not for those FBI tapes where he actually heard Gotti setting him up to take the fall for everything. He thought about it and I think Gotti's betrayal, after all he did for him, pushed him over the edge. I will be curious to see how Karen portrays him in her book!

Mob Mistress said...

You know I am going to be waiting in line for Karen's book right?

I know. I know. I should be ashamed. But I like her and her Daddy (no disrespect to Mrs. Gravano).

Anonymous said...

Wow! I can't believe how unhealthy he looks. Does he not have any hair (eyebrows)??

Nancy Gonzalez said...

Yes in the day Sammy was handsome. However, I am wondering this. His wife Debra Gravano. Does she really love him for him in the money. Im not saying nothing negative. But does she really care enough for him.

Nancy Gonzalez said...

I read that Sammy has thyroid issue that causes the hair loss