Sunday, May 22, 2011

Mob Wives: Renee & Carla Get It On!

Wow is about all I can type.  Episode 6 of Mob Wives was full of action.  First, Carla Facciolo put her hand on Renee Graziano's neck (Carla's 35th 44th birthday party) and then she smooshes her in the face in tonight's episode.  Renee pounced on her like a lioness on a deer.  If I were Carla I would've left if I were so offended by Renee's accounts of her lover boy's behavior.  What is Carla mad about?  If Carla has faith in who she's laying up with then shrug it off and hit up a drive-thru on the way home.  Hell she could've easily told Renee that she is standing by her man #2 and to hush up.

I respect all woman who try to tell their friends the real deal about their men.  And if the cat has been texting or tweeting about A.J., I totally understand Renee being fired up.  I mean what grown @ss man has sh!t to say about a kid  not his?!  Well if you missed the fight or just want to see it go down one more time, here you go!

What's your take on episode 6, the fight and the Mob Wives in general?  We'd love to know.  We have a poll to your right and a quick scroll up.  So please take a second to vote.  If your Monday permits do come back to read Chiara's review of tonight's show and the get down.  Jennifer Graziano is one smart cookie.  I hope she's laughing all the way to the bank.

Credit:  VH1 & JustJenn Productions


jnettemarie said...

I just watched the clip again when the fight first started. If you look in the back round as Karen and Drita get up from the table it looks staged. They both reacted too slow, karen fixing her skirt and renee following. Maybe its me but when a fight starts don't you rush up? Like when instincts take over?

Love said...

I liked this ep. better. I really enjoyed Drita's part with Gizelle. That's the type of stuff I like, so much more real than then end, and yikes- if my body looked like that again, I'd take pics too! Funny when it did in college, I would of never ever done 'em. I can't wait till you all get a pic of Lee on here- is the guy worth it?
A little plug for Renee's new business interest I didn't even mind.
The fight UGH! I need slow mo closed captioning. But then again, I am from TN.

First of all, Carla's boyfriend, I call him BubbleHead b/c he had no face on camera, and still no name? My cat would "more respect". He sent a text to Renee to shut the F% up. Her son wouldn't of been involved if Renee didn't let her son get in on it. But then again, there might of been an episode where Renee didn't say - "my son" or "my fathers son" which are her two favorite lines in the WORLD!!!
Now, if she decides to allow her son direct access to her phone, I doubt that's the first time she's got a text that told her to shut up!! But, Renee doesn't want a nice dinner, the script call for a fight!
So, Renee brings up BubbleHead, and get the others in on it, "oh, he grabbed me too!!!" for revenge. Renee doesn't care about Carla's well being, she's pissed. So, on to the fight we go. Although I must say two OTHER things should of happened. 1. Renee, drop it and not bring it up tonight, you tried to tell her, or 2. Carla, politely get up and leave, and not call Anthony Graziano's daughter a bitch. But, that would of not made up the 42 minutes they needed.
So, OFF we go!!! Hair pulling, pushing, poor Drita's vein popping out, the works! And, no resolution, so we can see the scene again 5000 times next week before they end it.
Are these women really mothers? i can't believe they can't just be sniping bitches behind their backs like the rest of dignified people.

Chiara Soprano said...

Great review Love, I hope people read the comments because you captures a few details I left out and added your own take on it. I think Carla has made me too subjective, she is pressing some irritating button in me and I hope she stops. It was a great episode, over all, for reality tv.

Jeanette I caught the same thing, Drita and Karen were preparing themselves for what they "knew" what about to happen. But hey, Renee got a fistful of Carla's hair so I don't care what they have to do to arrange that! LOL. By the way, I borrowed your "commissary chic" phrase for my blog today! Thanks.