Sunday, May 22, 2011

Mob Wives: You Deserve Better! Sneak Peak Episode 6

Yes, I am hell of wrong for the picture.  I couldn't resist.  The expression on Renee Graziano's face says it all, "Is this b!tch for real?"  Now look I haven't seen epidode 6 of Mob Wives.  So I don't know what the hell is going down.  I will be watching tonight with the rest of you all to find out! What I am guessing is that the mob wives are discussing a situation outside of Carla Facciolo's boyfriend's come on or joke attempt during Drita D'avanzo's birthday party.

Here's my take on the showdown:

We see the 44 year old Carla Facciolo telling Renee Graziano that she thinks it's funny.  Renee tells her that she respects Carla that's why she's telling her.  We all know who this is about: Carla's nameless, blurred out boyfriend.  To all productions teams, if they are not willing to share their names and faces, the viewer does not want to see them during the episode.  Okay, so Carla is defending her boyfriend by accusing Renee of not being honest about the situation.  Renee as a whole Hector and A.J. on her team.  Why does she need to make up sh!t about Carla's blurred boyfriend.  Carla goes too far by calling Renee a bitch as she is playing hostess to all the ladies.  Holy moly spaghetti sauce & meatballs!  Once they are face to face it starts to go down.  Based on the edited version I am Family Renee all the way on this one.  You watch and see for yourself.

Now that you've seen for yourself whose family are you trying to earn for Family Renee or Family Carla?  Let's us know, also the chat box will be up and running a little later today.  If you want to stop by and chat up a storm before, during and after the show we will be here.  Do NOT miss tonight's episode of Mob Wives on VH1 @ 8/7 PM Central.  It's going to be a pasta fight without the noodles!

Credit: VH1 & JustJenn Productions


jnettemarie said...

Carla is...well she try very hard to come across as...A TOTAL BITCH.

I wanted to slap the shit out of her when she said "no you dit ent" 4 times while flipping her hair.

As this progresses I'm liking WHO Renee is, and what she's about. Even thou her typical is "do you know who I am" it's her. And we all come with flaws.

Mob Mistress said...

Hello Jeanette!

The world has not changed as I know it beyond Renee growing on me. I am really startingn to understand her. And the more and more I understand her I LIVE HER!

I am looking forward to the show tonight!

Chiara Soprano said...

Jnette, I am with you 100% again. Carla is making me like Renee more and I hated when she said that 4 times. Her accent is the absolute worst! She makes me cringe!!