Friday, December 20, 2013

Mob Wives: Recap “You Smell Delicious” Ep 403

Oh boo hoo, Eddie how could you have lied to me, deceived me, betrayed me, 
cheated on me, and then eat Chinese food with another woman? 
Says the loyal, faithful and ever loving wife.

Drita and Big Ang are out in Drita’s backyard. It’s beautiful, nice pavers! The D”Avanzo’s are renovating and they have to refurnish the whole house. It’s costing lots of money. “New life, new start,” says Big Ang. Lee has his own business, he opened a sports memorabilia store and goes to work every day. Everything is coming up roses for Drita and Lee. Drita loves the normal life. Drita tells Ang that Aleeya is being bullied at school. It’s “annoying” Drita, but she is trying to be “mature.”  She has to figure out how to handle it. What??? I still don’t know what there is to figure out? Maybe I’m missing something? Go to the school authorities and have it documented. If it’s serious, file a police report too. This way you can establish a pattern of behavior in case you have to press charges. Maybe it’s “Just Me?” Then, Big Ang says Alicia is having the girls over. Drita likes the idea because she likes Alicia and needs a night out away from everything.

The one NOTE wonder "Eddie"

This week Alicia is cooking pasta and sauce. It seems like just yesterday she was “cooking the books.” It looks like lasagna is in that big pot. She has a house full of people and everyone seems to be helping with the cooking. Little Carlo is peeling a cumber. She says the kids don’t know what she learned from the wire taps about Eddie. She has to put on a good face for them. And, from the looks of it, she is doing a good job laughing and enjoying her company. Her oldest son, Anthony, has been the man of the house, but he is going West Virginia to college. I guess this is when she asks the judge if she can go to WV to help him set up his dorm and then takes the plane to Las Vegas instead, but I digress. She is going to send him chicken cutlets, meatballs and condoms. Alicia talks to her brother outside, about Eddie’s lies and deceit. She can’t stand talking to Eddie (I wish she couldn’t stand talking about him, because I can’t take it!) and so she sends him emails telling him how hurt she is. Eddie betrayed her, ruined her trust, took her innocence. What??? Her innocence? I have to rewind and hear it again. Yep, she sure did say innocence. I think the last time this chick may have been “innocent” was maybe when she was 11 or 12. Insert a chorus from Poor Poor Pitiful Me here. She is trying to “keep it together for her boys,” and the best way to do that is to lie to a judge about where you are going, go on National television and air all your dirty laundry and make headlines?

Back in Staten Island Renee is talking to her good friend. Nikole. They talk about how everyone dated everyone in SI. Renee is pissed that Alicia interrogated her about the wire taps.  Eddie dated Carla, but he dated Nikole too and five others in between. Renee tells her Alicia heard Eddie and Carla on the tapes while she was 8 months pregnant and Renee’s name was mentioned. She wants Nikole’s advice because Nikole understands the situation. Nikole agrees it was not Renee’s responsibility to tell Alicia anything. Renee says her friendship and loyalty is to Edward, she has no responsibility to Alicia. Her loyalty is crystal clear and Renee is not a rat. Alicia is making it an issue with Renee when the issue should be with Eddie and their relationship. I have to agree with Renee. How the hell does she know what the dynamics of Alicia’s marriage was at the time? Maybe they had an open marriage? All wise guys cheat. That’s a given. As for Alicia not knowing Eddie was in the mob…I don’t think Renee believes that and I sure as hell don’t. Alicia knew Eddie’s father was killed by the mob, wouldn’t that raise anyone’s suspicions at the very least?

Renee is going on a date and has her makeup done at Drita’s store by Drita. She sounds excited and tells Drita they met through a mutual friend. He is the frist man she has dated who hasn’t been in jail. She says she is the one who gave him her number and he called her. Renee thinks he is gorgeous. He is not in the mob and he doesn’t know about her family life, but she intends to tell him. Renee looks fabulous, Drita did an awesome job! Chirp chirp!

Renee is meeting this guy and she is nervous. Her date’s name is Michael and he loves her eyes. Renee does have beautiful, stunning eyes. He likes to take control and order the food. Renee says he is a strong man, and that’s just what she likes. Renee decides to tell him about her lifestyle including her father and her ex-husband. He says he doesn’t care about her past or the two of them, he is there for her. Renee says it’s too good to be true, but she intends to enjoy it for however long it lasts. Renee had a great time on the date, there was conversation and he was attentive. I just have a question? How has this guy not heard of Mob Wives or Renee before this date? It’s all the talk on the street in Staten Island and in the media? Just askin’.

Alicia wants the "TRUTH?" Well seems like Karen has some for her!
I'd love a dish of lasagna with Karen and hear more of this truth!

Back to Philly we go…Alicia’s house. Alicia just wants the truth. The truth always comes out, just ask Karen Gravano! The girls arrive for dinner: Big Ang, Drita and Renee. Alicia says she has a million unanswered questions. She is still turnt up over what she heard on the wire tapped recordings of her husband Eddie. I I hear the name Eddie one more time I am going to be sick! What a broken record! She needs to vent and sound out the other women about what they think about Renee's “involvement.” She tells them she heard Eddie and his ex-girlfriend, Carla, on the tape, along with Renee’s name. Drita is shocked to hear that Renee went to have Chinese food with Eddie and his ex. Drita makes no bones about what she would do if she walked in on Lee and his ex at a restaurant...she would drive right through the window and run them over! Big Ang also seems to sympathize with Alicia's issue, even though she understands it's part of the lifestyle. However, Renee defends Eddie, she didn’t know if Alicia knew about their relationship, and says her loyalty is to him, he has been her lifelong friend. This conversation hits home with Drita who says, "Renee own up to the fact that you were in a shady situaton." Big Ang says, she "doesn't know what Renee was thinkin,' but I don't want no part of this." Ang adds, "How would Renee like it if it was her? She would be f*ckin' pissed." Hey wait a minute, what happened to the Big Ang who said, “Who cares who sleeps with who?” when there was all that talk about good old Carla sleeping with married men? Drita agrees with Ang, Renee would have gone to war if it happened to her. Alicia is most upset about the lies, lies, lies and for what? Chinese food?  I don’t know about you, but it’s going to be a long, long time before I order Chinese food again…I am sick of it. Oy.

Big Ang meets with her son AJ who is out of rehab and she is proud of him. He and his girlfriend are having a baby and Ang is excited to have another grandchild. Ang doesn’t want to upset him by telling him she is thinking of having her own baby. Geez, I think were all upset to hear that. First of all her age is against her and second how stable is her marriage? Is this responsible or reasonable thinking? Please. I think it’s storyline filler.

At Alicia’s house, she gets a letter from Eddie after she sends him an email. She reads “the typed letter” to her friend, Tina and sister, Renee. Let me say, before I go on, that I do not believe Eddie wrote that letter. If I’m wrong, I’ll eat Chinese food. In the letter he apologizes to Alicia and says she is his best friend, he has made many mistakes in their relationship, was a complete failure as a husband and he betrayed her. He is sorry for all he is done. He loves her. Alicia feels bad for him, but she is guarded and doesn’t want to be manipulated again. She would have a lot to get over in order to forgive him. They were a perfect happy family and in love. She doesn’t know if it’s a mistake to be loyal to him now. Her friend Tina says the opposite. She says Eddie has been the primary source of Alicia’s pain since she met her. I’m distracted. I keep wondering if the pension money paid for that house and pool and all the bills? Or maybe it was the designer knockoffs?

Drita takes Aleeya for self defense classes to help her with the bullying issue. Aleeya is looking very beautiful and grown up. Drita is going to pick up a few techniques too. This should build Aleeya’s confidence. I agree with Drita on this. A self defense program should be required of all young girls these days, maybe even put into the school curriculum instead of gym. However, it’s not the solution to her bullying and those kids should be confronted and punished for their behavior. Call the principal!

WHAT'S WRONG??? I was paying everyone a compliment!
The SOUTH Philly way!

Renee and her Boo, Michael, are going to meet the girls at girls night out. Big Ang is giving Natalie a second chance for Renee’s sake, the first time she was whacked. Alicia is fine with Renee, her issue is with Eddie. Natalie is in party mode, as usual, “shooting down the shots.” Even Renee thinks Natalie is out of control…drunk in no time. Drita thinks she isn’t normal…Natalie is calling them “whores” over and over. Natalie thinks that’s a compliment, but Drita is ready to break her face. Renee’s date shows up. Alicia thinks he is cute. Natalie kisses him on both cheeks, hugs him tight and says he “smells delicious.“ Natalie is sweating like a pig and maybe got her sweat on Michael. Disgusting. Renee goes nuts. She can’t believe she heard Natalie call Michael “delicious” and wants to strangle her. Renee wants to leave, she thinks Natalie is making him uncomfortable. Natalie won’t give Renee her bag so she can leave. Ang is totally fed up with Natalie. Renee feels disrespected and won’t talk to Natalie. Natalie has no clue what she did. Alicia is lost because Renee flipped out over Natalie’s comment…but not over Carla going out with Eddie.  Go figure? It’s too late for Renee not to be embarrassed. What a scene to subject a new man to! Now Renee thinks she and Natalie have nothing in common and Natalie isn’t liking Renee too much either.  I say send the Philly chicks back to SOUTH Philly already.

Drita tells Alicia the word “delicious” should have never come out of Natalie’s mouth. That was sick. Drita sides with Renee completely. I have to say, while I am not up on the new lingo, I can see where a comment like that, coming from someone like Natalie, could be taken the wrong way. However, Alicia still doesn’t get it, “it’s just Natalie being Natalie,” she says. She thinks Renee should have let it go. Hello Alicia! Have you ever watched Mob Wives before you actually signed up for the drama? Did you think the show was about having tea, crumpets and Chinese food? Renee joins them. Alicia says it wasn’t a big deal, Renee says no, it’s a matter of respect. Alicia still compares it to her situation, saying Renee has two sets of rules, one for her men and one for other women’s men. Drita doesn’t get Natalie either and is ready to break her face and then say she was joking about it. Drita seems angrier than Renee at this point. Surprisingly for me, is the fact that Renee still wants Natalie to be the face of her brand. So Renee wants to correct her and handle it. Personally, I would not want someone like Natalie, who has no class, no boundaries, no common sense, no sense of professionalism representing my new business. She is going to be the downfall of Mob Candy, she is the weak link! There are plenty of beautiful, aspiring models out there who know how to act in public…plenty! Get a new one, please Renee.

At the same time, Natalie meets with her friend, Amy, and tells her the “delicious story.” How Renee hired her for Mob Candy and brings a guy she started dating to girls’ night. So Natalie meets him and says he smells delicious. Amy says “that’s nice.“ I guess there is a different set of etiquette rules in SOUTH Philly? Natalie feels she was paying him a compliment, but Renee got all bent out of shape. She wants to know why Renee invited her boyfriend if she is that jealous and it was a girls’ night out? Now that comment makes sense and I’m stunned. If I was just dating someone I would not want to bring him around my friends or family too soon. Natalie says Renee doesn’t know her as much as she thought she knew her. Renee gave her a set of rules because she works for Mob Candy. Amy says what does she think, you’re her puppet? Natalie isn’t anyone’s puppet! Natalie says Renee doesn’t trust anyone. She disrespected HER and embarrassed HER and she is not giving her the time of day as her friend, so now she is choosing “d*ck over me?”   Natalie says Renee is dead to her. And this is the person Renee wants to keep as the face of her brand???

This is a tribute to the one NOTE wonder: Alicia


Bonniewill said...

Love your recaps. Renee really didn't need to go into complete meltdown mode over that comment. She made herself look crazy and no man wants to deal with crazy, well at least in the first week or so of meeting someone. I had to agree with Alicia you can't have one set of rules for your man and one set of rules regarding other men. Renee flipped out over the delicious smell comment but she couldn't wrap her head around why Alicia was so upset that Renee would allow herself to get into a shady situation. Let's be real if roles were reversed and Alicia was hanging out with someone Junior may/or may not have been cheating with Renee would've burst a blood vessel.

Anonymous said...

Here's what I think happened. I don't think Renee heard Natalie when she said "You smell" delicious, at first, I think Renee just thought Natalie called him delicious which upset Renee, but even when she realized exactly what Natalie said, she was to far into it & had already worked herself into a frenzy. Watch it over to see if anyone else caught this. To me this episode could have been left on the cutting room floor. Immature high school stuff. I am holding my breath for the next episode, I hope its better than previous ones. If not, well I at least gave it a chance.

T Roman said...

Renee made herself look crazy!
Michael aka "Mike" from the Bronx
Do not like Crazy Women like that.
She needs to stop talking like she gangster. She too old for all that mess!

Anonymous said...

I'm actually happy to see Drita taking Aleeya to self defense classes, I think it was a great solution to the problem. I would find it very hypocritical of Drita and Lee if they reported the bullies to the principal. I mean, if that was my child, I would without a doubt, but for a family who has clearly chose to raise their children no to be "rats," ratting on their daughter's bully would be so hypocritical. Instead, they are making sure Aleeya has the means to protect herself if need be, and I for one, really respect that!

Casey said...

Saying he looks delicious and smells delicious are 2 different things to me. The first one is overtly sexual. The 2nd is flirty, but not over the top. Renee made an ass out of herself, imo. He is history soon if not already gone.

Asha said...

Ok so I just have to say this...I love alicia she is beautiful, sweet and looks amazing on t.v but I just don't buy the 'I was kept on the dark and never knew about her husbands double life' she knew. Eddie got 7 yrs sentence. And just now she is getting all the wire taps even thou he been inside 3 yrs already?
Renee just really made a fool of herself she should have just said ' we r leaving and left without making it such a big deal....also she loves to tell everyone her 'family r gangsters story' so doing it to be respectful I don't buy....she loves it.
This season the drama is a bit over the top I feel over petty things.
I am happy drita is doing so well and lee is out, but he needs to make an appearance the photo glimpse is all we have and it's annoying.
It wasn't a very good episode and I've seen drita fight over less....
Natalie is very full on, at least she laughs at herself, but she is in a different place to the others I thought the show was about women struggling as there partner or dad do time.....has she got anyone inside?

Angela said...

First and foremost anyone that thinks "whore" is a compliment needs to reevaluate their self esteem and their circle of friends. With that being said Natalie needs to check her circle of friends.I have friends from South Philly and they have stated that "whore" is not a form of affection. Call me a whore and I am taking your heart from your chest like Vampire dairies. I am just saying. Renee may have over reacted to the "you smell delicious" comment, but why was Natalie the only female to hug Mike? I would have flipped on her after the party was over because she disrespected me as a woman. Know your place. If you hug and kiss my man I would rip your face off just like Drita. Now on to Alicia: That letter could not have been written by Eddie a day later after the wire taps since she always emails him. What the heck she has 2 hour express mail. please USPS is not catered to her. She knew what her husband was into because she stated in the first episode that she offer to do his books so that they were done right. Sorry you found out that your man cheated on you that way.. Welcome to Good Fellas Boo. It was Carla and not Janet Rossi. Sorry if I have no feeling on cheaters. That is my two cents on the drama of the OG (original gangsters) and the Rookies. Doubles kisses

MiamiGirl said...

Ok, well, while I think Renee acted over the top with the 'delicious' comment, and potentially scared the new guy away, it was a sort-of inappropriate comment. But, then, most everything that comes out of Natalie's mouth is inappropriate or makes her look dumb. I love Renee, I just wish she could've kept it quite in front of the new man and confronted Natalie in private. Oh Renee!
Now, I like Alicia and her story, however, I am missing me some Karen - and I'm even missing Carla! They should've kept them on as 'friends' with just a smaller roles or something. There are things I like and dislike about both Karen and Carla but they are the original girls and I hate that we lost them.
On another subject, I am not surprised that Drita's daughter is getting bullied since Drita has a reputation in SI of being a good fighter and some teenage girls just look for a reason to be mean. She should've seen that coming. Poor Aleeya.
I agree with the above comments, Renee would've had an aneurysm if Alicia had gone to lunch with Junior and one of his exes.

Chiara Soprano said...

Great comments from everyone! I love reading what others think about the show too.